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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover 3 - NMH 0

At NMH on October 18, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Andover (7-3) travelled to the Hogger's Family Weekend for the second of two matches this season.  What was especially gratifying today was to watch the sportsmanship extended by both teams, calling touches and nets on themselves.  Thanks to NMH for hosting and best of luck to them for the remainder of the season.

In the first set NMH jumped ahead 6-2, 8-3 on Andover's sluggish receiving.  Eden Livingston's serve finally sparked the Anodver team to tie the set at 8-8, and Erica Shin's serve took us to 15-9.  Although NMH got a run on their own to 14-15, Andover took the first set at 25-16.  Nette Bell setting, Isabel taylor and Evelyn Mesler playing middle, Fran Trautman and Alex Becker hitting outside.
At the start of the second set Alex Becker served Andover ahead 11-0, which set the tone for the 25-9 win. Darcy Burnham (OH) and Janneke Evans (MH) scored some playing time.
In the third set Tiffany Bauman set, Janneke Evans and Claudia Leopold blocked middle, Fran Trautman and Darcy Burnham hit outside, Sydney Baumgardt played opposite, Erica Shin anchored as libero.  NMH played the squad even at 6-6, and erased a 6-10 deficit, went ahead at 20-19, and 21-20.  Erica Shin and Fran Trautman served out the set for a 3-0 win for Andover.

Andover (seeded #4) has a week to prepare for back-to-back days, playing Milton (seeded #6) on Friday and Deerfield (seeded #7) on Saturday for Family Weekend.

Today's stats leaders are:
Fran Trautman 9 kills, hitting 14 of 18, blocking 2 of 2
Nette Bell 23 assists
Alex Becker 2 aces,  serving 11 of 11
Erica Shin digging 27 of 28.