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Girls Varsity Volleyball

#4 Andover - #5 Milton

At home on November 12, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Andover fans practically filled the east side bleachers for this quarterfinal match, the last home match for Andover of the season. THANKS for the support :)  This win means PAVB will travel to #1 Choate for the semifinal match on Saturday. 

Our first set started really slow for us. Although we had some really flashy plays in terms of a spectacular hit or ridiculously good up, Milton's defense limited us to only 4 service points in the whole first rotation. Erica Shin stepped to the service line for 3 consecutive serves to tie the game up at 9-9. Milton sided out and then their libero Marina Fleites flummoxed Andover with her side-wind-up serve for a 19-10 lead.  Down 13-23, substitute Darcy Burnham stepped to the service line and brought Andover to 17-23. We switched sides with Milton ahead 1-0 because they played consistent volleyball well.
Janneke Evans started the second set at Opposite in the front row, Darcy Burnham taking over the back row for her.  Isabel Taylor served Andover ahead 3-0 with her trademark laser serves, and Fran Trautman followed up with three of her own.  Andover finally ahead 7-3 and gaining confidence, supported its server so we would score multiple points on each rotation, limiting Milton to scoring points on the side-outs. Andover found a better rhythm and Nette Bell spread the attack with her spot-on sets. Even though Alex Becker and Fran Trautman had combined for 8 kills in the first set, they only scored 3 total in the second.  Isabel Taylor and Evelyn Mesler combined for a set-high 3 kills.  No flashy results in the second set, and much better team work had Andover even out the sets 1-1 with a 25-14 win.
In the third set and another side change, it seemed that the south side was favored to win today. Milton quickly pulled ahead 4-1, 10-7, 14-9 after one complete rotation on the court. This is where Alex BEcker's serves and her team supporting this run led the team to a 17-14 advantage, turning the table and setting the tone for the rest of the match. 19-16, 21-17, 21-20 Milton was inching back  Eden Livingstion served Andover ahead 23-20 though Milton fought back to 23-22. CRUCIAL side-outs and concentration had Andover win the third set 25-23.
In the fourth set Andover took the lead 5-3, but Milton stormed back 8-5. Andover tied it at 9-9; Milton sided out.  Now 9-10 Andover again fielded the rotation of Alex Becker serving, this time putting PA ahead 17-10. That lead was extended by Isabel Taylor's 3 laser service points and Andover earns a semifinal berth on Saturday, closing out the match at 25-15.

Today's stats leaders:
Fran Trautman 14 kills, hitting 24 of 27, serving 11 of 12
Alex Becker 13 kills, hitting 27 of 33, serving 18 of 20
Isabel Taylor 5 kills, hitting 12 of 14, serving 5 aces 12 of 16; 3 stuffs blocking 6 of 6.
Evelyn Mesler 3 kills hitting 7 of 7; i stuff, blocking 8 of 8.
NETTE BELL 38 assists, 1 ace serving 8 of 8, AND 2 stuffs, blocking 9 of 10 !!!!
Erica Shin digging 24 of 26, and serve receiving 26 of 29.

I am incredibly proud of this team for digging deep into energy reserves when their attention has been hijacked by math and science exams, English and history papers, and language tests preparing for the push to finals starting next Monday.
Many thanks to the whole support team, starting with the Svec men, Howie, the three managers, Kenny the athletics technician, Tony the equipment manager, the whole training room staff, Lisa, Tina, and Karen in the athletics office. Without all their support we would not have a program. Most of all thanks to the parents and families of the players who have sacrificed their time at home with them so that they could attend Andover, and a small time of that be vital participants of the volleyball program.

One more Friday team dinner! On to the semifinals in Wallingford, CT.