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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Exeter bests Andover today

At Exeter on October 19, 2016 at 3:15 PM

three quick sets in which Andover had the lead in the early stages and then let one service rotation get the better of them. Kudos to Exeter, and we will look for revenge when hosting them on Nov. 12

Andover came out decently strong at 5-1 in the first set, 5-5, went up 9-6,10-10, and then Exeter served 6 straight for a 17-10 lead and the first set. In the second set Andover served for a 2-0 lead then let Exeter serve 10 straight for a 2-11 deficit which determined the second set. The third set had Andover in the lead at 2-0,4-2,6-4,8-6,,11-12, at which point Exeter found their serving groove for another 10 straight service points, and the outcome was quick thereafter. Glad to see that our friends in the north found their groove, just too bad that Andover could not put up a better fight. On to NMH this weekend.