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Girls Varsity Volleyball

PA finds its form again

At NMH on October 22, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Today was a team effort; although there were hiccups and plays that could have gone better, today Andover made judgement mistakes as opposed to lack of effort mistakes AND a plethora of superb attacks, either hard hits or well placed balls. Thanks to fans

In the first set Andover held on for a small lead until the team supported Anezka Kuncova to aerve 5 straight to take a 13-7 advantage. The Hoggers brought it to 15-16 when Claudia Leopold served 4 straight to give PA a 22-16 lead which was enough to secure the first set. The second set was all in Andover's favor: down 1-3 PA caught up 4-3 and did not look back, 7-4,13-5,14-11,23-11,25-14. In the third set NMH found theit groove. Tied at 7-7 NMH went ahead 13-9,17-10. - although there was a kill by Janneke Evans that both teams' coaches saw as dropping on NHM court the play was called in favor of NMH and halted the PA comeback at 17-14 in favor of NMH. PA fought back to 21-18 and yet NMH held firm to firce a fourth set. In the fourth Serena Liu served PA ahead to 7-3, Brooke Fleming followed to further the lead to 11-5. After that the two team traded side-outs and spectacular saves and aggressive hits. Anezka Kuncova furthered the lead serving 2 consecutive points for a 17-8 score. Thereafter PA only scored side-out points until Anezka served again for a 24-17 lead - enough to close out the win. Kudos to NMH - always a good/fair fun match - it was not their best day, and Andover found a groove we have not seen in two weeks. Looking ahead to host Nobles and Greenough on Wednesday and Deerfield on Saturday. Thanks to all parents and fans that travelled to support PAVB - what a great family.