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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover lets this one slip away; congratulations to Nobles

At home on October 26, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Janneke Evans (12) and Serena Liu (9) earn today's honors of most service points.

In the first set Andover was trailing Nobles 5-10, caught up to 9-10,9-13,11-14, 16-14,25-15 mostly on Anezka Kuncova's 4, and Janneke Evans's 10 service points. In the second set Andover led 10-5, Nobles stormed back to tie it at 12-12. Thereafter Andover could not organize a sustained attack, merely forcing side-outs. At 16-17 Andover's Claudia Leopoldo came down on Noble middle blocker's foot and sprained her ankle: Chioma Ugwonali subbed in and did a remarkable job for the rest of the match. Nobles took this set tying the match at one set a piece. In the third set Nobles took the advantage at 10-6, but Andover clawed its way back on Serena Liu's 5 consecutive service points pulling ahead 12-10. Tied at 14-14 Andover forced a side-out, let Nobles gain some momentum for their lead 16-15. Andover again managed a side out and reclaim the lead at 17-16, but then lost communication in the back court to los 18-25 second set. The fourth set had Nobles leading the entire time. Nobles had a lead at 12-6, but Andover shortened that to 16-14. Though Andover made a run at it a couple of times with the occasional great smashing hits, especially down the line, our mistakes outnumbered our great plays and Nobles takes the fourt set for a win. Andover, now seeded #6 with a record of 6-5 ahead of Nobles at #7, prepares to host Deerfield (#13) on Saturday, and travel to Saint Paul's (#3) next Wednesday, host Milton (#14) on Saturday Nov. 5th and host Exeter (#5) for A/e day on Nov.12. Four games left in the regular season with the goal to stay above .500 and seeded in the final top 8 to make the play-offs. Happy 15th birthday to Brooke Fleming. Many thanks to the loyal fans who support us through thick and thin.