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Girls Varsity Volleyball

Andover pulls out a win against a strong SPS squad

At St. Paul's on November 2, 2016 at 3:30 PM

Both teams had exceptional plays, offense and defense, interspersed with gifts to the opponent hitting the balls long and or letting a ball drop. A spirited match that today went Andover's way.

In the first set SPS gained an early advantage of 5-1. Andover pulled even at 9-9, took the lead at 13-10 and kept a 4-point cushion throughout the rest of the set. SPS put up some exceptional effective blocks, and Andover had to find its way through or around them. In set #2, it was essentially a repeat of the first set: first SPS took a lead of 6-1,8-4 when Andover pulled even and ahead at 12-10, and kept a 3-point cushion through the end of the set. The third set had SPS find a groove, going on a couple of 4-point service runs, that and siding out Andover's attempts had them successfully force a 4th set. The fourth set had SPS take an early lead at 4-2, Andover tied that, had SPS go up 6-4, Andover matched that, had SPS go up 10-8, Andover tied that. At this point SPS pulled ahead 14-10 in a momentum swing for the match, went up 17-12, 19-13, but Andover closed the gap to 18-19, to 19-21 when Andover grabbed control to go ahead 23-21 and to 25-22. Thanks to the parents who traveled to NH to support the team, thanks to SPS for hosting us, thanks to the managers who make it all happen. Andover (8-5) prepares to host Milton this coming Saturday (5-14).