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Girls Varsity Soccer

Andover girls drops hard-fought game to defending Class A champions Loomis Chaffee

At Smoyer Field on September 23, 2017 at 2:30 PM

Player of the Game Emily Hardy had nine saves to keep the game tight as the Big Blue fell short on Smoyer Field. The entire bench contributed with important minutes gained by Rachel Chang, Kylie Quinlan, Karoline Conte and Isobel Glass.

We fell short at home against defending Class A champions, Loomis Chaffee, on Saturday afternoon. Despite the hot weather and the enormous width of the field, the Big Blue had a fantastic game, perhaps our best yet. The team played with lots of heart and determination and never gave up until the final whistle. In minute 13, an attacking midfielder beat the Big Blue back line at the 18 and struck an untouchable ball past Player of the Game Emily Hardy. After that moment, Emily gave a fabulous performance with nine saves and incredible distribution. We are also grateful to the team for their flexibility and "Whatever It Takes" attitude. Isobel Glass played in every third of the field, Anna Hurley moved from the edge to the midfield, and striker Krys Swain found herself as an outside back in the final ten minutes of play. Kylie Quinlan provided us with some solid minutes up front and Rachel Chang also helped with some good moves and great runs. The team worked hard all week to attack and defend more cohesively through our midfield and their efforts paid off. We saw great midfield play from Blakeley Buckingham, Elise Macdonald, Isabella DiBenedetto, and Karoline Conte. While the team came up short in the final result, the Andover girls were proud of their intense and focused level of play from the first to the last whistle against a formidable opponent. Once again, a huge thank you to all supporters: parents, faculty and students alike and a warm welcome home to former GVS captain (and currently Loomis faculty member!) Julie Wadland '06 and to our trainer Amy Wiggins for doing so much to keep us healthy and happy every day. We are also grateful to Isabella’s parents for providing refreshments and delicious cupcakes.