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Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving

Girls finish in great fashion with over 17 personal records across 31 swims and 3 relays

At Hotchkiss on March 4, 2017 at 1:30 PM

An awesome year came to a great end with a 4th place finish at New Englands this past weekend.

The 44th season of Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving wrapped up their year in amazing fashion at the New England Prep School Swimming and Diving Championships this past weekend at the Hotchkiss School. The times and scores listed below show only a part of what our team accomplished this season. We finished with the 4th highest point total out of 12 teams; finishing ahead of Choate who defeated us on the first weekend of the season and behind Deerfield whom we defeated when they came to Andover. Exeter was 6th. What was most impressive this season was the high level of team spirit and support for each others’ swims and diving. We lost Nastia to injury at the opening of the season and Reese recovered for most of the season from a leg fracture. Through it all, though, we supported each other through tough days of colds, flu and upper year workload! We persisted day in and day out and it showed at the end of the season – both at Easterns and at New Englands. We wish the seniors, Katherine Sweetser and Gwyneth Wei, the very best in college next year. We will miss their fun style of leadership and their constant care for each member of the team. The uppers will rise up next year and lead this team. The ninth graders will keep improving as lowers and we will welcome some great new swimmers and divers as new students to the school. This is a program with a history of awesomeness that was preserved this season in so many positive ways. We also have our parents to thank for their always cheering from near and far! 200 Medley Relay A Relay Emma Donchi ’18 (27.46), Allyson Ty ’18 (30.63), Elizabeth Tran ’19 (27.49) and Jackie Rossi ’20 (25.32) 1:50.90 4th place B Relay Macey Mannion ’19 (30.35), Emma Chatson ’18 (33.53), Sarah Zhao ’18 (28.09), Angelreana Choi ’19 (26.17) 1:58.14 4th place [prelim/final or, if > 16th place, seed/prelim] 200 Free Katherine Sweetser ’17 1:55.99/1:56.84 8th place Jess Gearan ’18 1:57.53/1:57.96 11th place Macey Mannion ’19 2:03.83/2:01.58 17th place Grace Hitchcock ’20 2:05.28/2:03.16 21st place 200 IM Elizabeth Tran ’19 2:11.44/2:11.04 5th place Emma Donchi ’18 2:11.96/2:13.94 8th place Lindi Schroeder ’20 2:23.89/2:18.90 23rd place Angelreana Choi ’19 2:24.90/2:22.67 25th place 50 Free Amy Xia ’19 26.43/26.05 23rd place Jackie Rossi ’20 26.68/26.30 28th place Kathleen Ty ’19 26.82/26.41 30th place Juliette Farmer ’18 26.84/27.27 36th place Diving Reese Pelletier ’20 363.50 points 7th place Ora Cullen ’19 203.50 points 16th place Claire Davis ’20 201.65 points 17th place Emelie Eldracher ’18 123.55 points 23rd place 100 fly Sweetser 59.00/58.85 5th place Sara Zhao ’18 1:03.68/1:03.13 19th place Amy Xia 1:05.45/1:04.87 21st place Gwyneth Wei 1:08.42/1:06.56 24th place 100 Free Allyson Ty 52.58/52.98 5th place Jess Gearan 54.87/55.01 15th place Jackie Rossi 57.20/55.53 21st place Angelreana Choi 57.39/57.04 30th place 500 Elizabeth Tran 5:09.35/5:07.90 4th place Grace Hitchcock 5:26.19/5:22.01 10th place Sarah Choi 5:48.22/5:45.19 27th place 200 Free Relay A relay Rossi (26.17), Xia (25.24), Sweetser (24.75), Gearan (24.84). 1:41.00 B relay Zhao (27.35), Farmer (26.48), S Choi (26.81), Schroeder (26.17). 1:46.81 100 Back Donchi 58.42/58.78 7th place Anna Lang 1:00.95/1:00.30 12th place Gwyneth Wei 1:01.40/1:01.52 16th place Macey Mannion 1:04.76/1:03.87 25th place 100 breast Allyson Ty 1:07.06/1:06.90 5th place Kathleen Ty 1:11.18/1:11.43 13th place Emma Chatson 1:16.81/1:13.80 24th place Lindi Schroeder 1:16.64/1:13.82 25th place 400 Free Relay A Relay Tran (55.50), Sweetser (54.05), Gearan (54.07), Ally Ty (52.61) 3:36.23 B Relay Schroeder (57.95), A Choi (56.46), S Choi (58.95), Mannion (58.04) 3:51.40 Team Scores Greenwich Academy 419 Deerfield 263 Suffield 262 Andover 225 Choate 205 Exeter 195