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Boys Varsity Squash

Pre-Season Training


  1. Aerobic Fitness
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility
  4. Racquet Skills
  5. Movement

First 4 weeks/per week as time and interest permit, 3-4 hours total

1. (3) 20 minute sessions on bike and/or stairmaster
2. (2) 20 minute sessions on weight machines

  • Squat thrusts
  • quad
  • hamstring
  • upper body machine
  • butterfly
  • pullover

For each establish 100% each week then:

  • 10x 40%
  • 10x 60%
  • 10x 80%

3. (1) 30 minute solo session

  • high/low to box, 25 each side
  • continuous behind box, 25 each side
  • toss tight to back corners, 25 each side
  • short to long continuous volleys, 25 each side
  • figure 8 drill, 25 times
  • continuous drops, side to side, 5 minutes
  • hit high to self on T, for the nick drill, 25 each side
  • star drill, 3 in a row x5, alternate with 250 rope jumps (4x)

Solo Practice Schedule


200 Drives, Each Side

High on front wall
Behind red line--short line

  • 100 Fade in Back Court
  • 100 Hit Back Wall

100 Chips Into Service Box, Each Side


100 Volleys, Each Side

Just behind short line

50 Volleys Deep, Each Side

Just behind service box

50 Drops Off 3-Wall Boast

Front wall, side wall push

50 Drops Off Side Wall Hand Feed, Each Side

Feed from behind service box

50 Working Boasts Off Hand Feed, Each Side

Recover, recover, recover each time

5 Ghosting Star Drill with Racquet

Solo and Pair Drilling for Squash

Remember to practice good form!

I. Solo Drilling

1. Toss/Drive (15 each side). Stand beside the service box. Focus on good racquet preparation and follow through, avoid hitting side wall, hit above the service line to good length--place target at back of service box.

2. Toss/Straight Drop (15 each side). Stand in front of service box. Aim 2 feet above tin to bounce hugging side wall.

3. Continuous drives to service box. Alternate high/low. (30 each side)

4. Continuous drives of back wall. (30 each side)

5. Continuous volleys. Start close to front wall and work your way back to behind service box, then back to front. (5 min. each side)

6. Figure 8 drives. Add occasional straight drop. (5 min.)

7. Figure 8 volleys. Add occasional straight volley drop (5 min.)

8. Serves. 15 each side to target on side wall. Finish on T.

* Run a 5x10 point start drill under control ghosting straight drives, cross courts, drops, boasts and lobs.

II. Pair Drilling

1. Rail Rotation. Add conditions as you go. Alternate sides.

  • add crosscourt option from behind
  • add box boast with crosscourt lob reply
  • add crosscourt volley to length on loose rails
  • add volley drop to loose crosscourts

2. Add serve and straight to rail rotation pattern

3. Play English Rules (deep=deep, service box=boast, short of line=straight drop, with crosscourt lob reply to an boast or drop shot)