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Boys Varsity Squash

Secrets to Our Success

  1. Offer a Seasonal Menu: carefully select and vary your serve: low box the sagger, jam the drifter and clinger, body the mooner, lob the crowder, mix it up against the good returner.

  2. Return all Favors: carefully select and vary your return and read the server/serve: volley drop the loose high box serve; blast back the hard serve; crosscourt kill or boast the SWF’ers (side wall facers) and the FBTers (front box twisters), top 4, or body the FBC’ers (front box crowders)

  3. Home for “T”: return to the “T” zone quickly and under control

  4. Split the Scene and Lift Off to Space: split step and immediately bring your racquet arm up and back as you leave the T zone to create space

  5. Stay Out of Jail: use the volley and half-volley to keep the ball from hitting the back wall after a bounce

  6. Earn Your Salary and Cash In: force a weak reply with a well chosen serve, return, or length drive that puts your opponent in jail, then go short on T-ball setups and on loose cross-courts, or boast from ‘the front of the line’

  7. Go Straight for the Kill: hit low, hard, and straight out of front corners

  8. Jailbreak by ‘climbing the wall’ (with a lob), executing a ‘boost and run’ (a high boast for good defensive position), or ‘getting the drop on the jailor’ (by dropping from the back)