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Boys Varsity Swimming and Diving

Boys’ Swimming and Diving Achieves All-American Standard in New Haven

At Hopkins on February 11, 2017 at 1:00 PM

19 season-best Times in win against Hopkins

(New Haven, CT) The Andover Boys’ Varsity Swimming & Diving team trekked through the snow on Saturday to face the Hilltoppers of Hopkins. With a variety of great in-season performances—among them surpassing the All-American standard in the 200 Medley Relay—the Big Blue is positioning itself for a strong championship season.

200 Medley Relay

1st Jack Warden ’19, Neil Simpson ’19, Arnold Su ’20, Christian Alberga ’17: 1:35.34**

**This achieves the All-American “consideration” time standard

2nd Sam Donchi ’20, Jacob Hudgins ’19, Adam Vlasic ’20, Will Kantaros ’18: 1:41.63

4th Nate Smith ’18, Jonathan Xue ’17, Anthony Minickiello ’20, Harvey Zheng ’19: 1:48.09

200 Freestyle

1st Nick Isenhower ‘18: 1:47.17

3rd Lance Freiman ’19: 1:52.37

4th Dan Tran ’17: 1:54.65

200 Individual Medley

1st Arnold Su: 1:59.75

3rd Jacob Hudgins: 2:06.47

5th Rick Ono ‘19: 2:10.95

50 Freestyle

1st Jack Warden: 22.11

2nd Neil Simpson: 22.66

4th Will Kantaros: **timing error


1st Matt Grottkau ’17: 198.95

100 Butterfly

1st Sam Donchi: 54.50

2nd Lance Freiman: **timing error

4th Harvey Zheng: 59.17

100 Freestyle

2nd Nick Isenhower: 48.66

4th Dan Tran: 52.13

5th Will Kantaros: 52.65

500 Freestyle

1st Anthony Minickiello: 4:58.18

2nd Adam Vlasic: 5:03.11

3rd Riku Tanaka ‘20: 5:10.72

200 Freestyle Relay

1st Christian Alberga, Neil Simpson, Arnold Su, Nick Isenhower: 1:28.23

3rd Lance Freiman, Rick Ono, Jonathan Xue, Will Kantaros: 1:33.87

100 Backstroke

1st Sam Donchi: 56.25

2nd Nate Smith: 1:00.30

3rd Riku Tanaka: 1:00.84

With the score 106 to 46, Andover swam non-scoring exhibition the rest of the meet.

100 Breaststroke

1st Jacob Hudgins: 1:01.07

2nd Jack Warden: 1:02.64

3rd Jonathan Xue: 1:05.85

400 Freestyle Relay

1st Christian Alberga, Adam Vlasic, Nick Isenhower, Arnold Su: 3:18.86

2nd Anthony Minickiello, Lance Freiman, Neil Simpson, Harvey Zheng: 3:22.51

3rd Sam Donchi, Rick Ono, Dan Tran, Riku Tanaka: 3:31.75

Next week, Andover faces Exeter at home as a final rehearsal for both the Eastern and New England Championships.