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Regional Leadership Teams

Looking to reconnect with fellow Alumni and parents in your region?  Alumni across the globe are available as a resource to keep you connected and active in your area.  We have asked a team to step forward in regions where we have a large volume of Alumni. This team is your Regional Leadership Team. 

These Regional Leadership Teams facilitate new and continuing connections for the school and with one another. Programs may include social, cultural and educational events, community service projects and networking opportunities.  Check out what is happening in your region by visiting the Alumni Events Calendar!

New energy and ideas are always welcome! Interested in becoming an RLT in your area? For more information, please contact Jenny Savino in the Office of Alumni Engagement, (978) 749-4278.

California (Northern) Regional Leadership Team

 Jonathon Adler '02
 Sarah Lau '02
 Janis Rice '03
 Nathaniel (Nate) Cartmell '69
 Murrey Nelson '80
 Tom Rodgers '88
 Aimee Jamison '87
 Margaret Ramsey '03

California (Southern) Regional Leadership Team

 Christina Erikson '88
Johnson Lightfoote '69
 Katie Schellenberg '01
 Andrea Feldman Falcione '83
 Kevin Sinclair '01
 Bruce McWilliams '77
 Ellen Harrington '81
 Steve Matloff '91  Brandon Stroman '97
 Marc Hustvedt '97
 Jennifer Meacham '06  Yalda Tehranian-Uhls '82
 Blair Lawson '91
 Mara Raphael '91
 Steve Zubkoff '84

Carolinas (North & South) Regional Leadership Team

 Erin Chantry '02
 Joe McGirt '63, P'94, '02
 Matthew McGirt '94
 John Stubbs '94

Chicago Regional Leadership Team

 Warren Baker '66, P'05, '08  Ashley Foster Sellers '01
 Micheal Meiners '91
 Jerry Bramwell '96
 Jessica Gonzalez '91  Margaret Stineman '92
 David Daskal '79
 Katherine Hunckler '05
 Melanie Davis '65
 Sara Su Jones '91
 Ashley Fischer '92  Susan Lyons '84

New England Regional Leadership Team

Andrew Ang '09 Benjamin Prawdzik '10

Jesse Bardo '03 Franklin Schwarzer '94

John Greco '87
Dana Seero '71

Mike Koehler '94
Chris Suh '92

Kathleen LeMaitre '80
Christina Weaver-Vest '89

Jackie Lender '11
Ruth Weiner '66

Natasha Sinha '08

New York Regional Leadership Team

Amanda Adams '93 Michael Marrus '81 Alexandra Rosen Gourvitch '03
Christopher Auguste '76 Hailee Minor '08 Stefanie Scheer Young '81
Christopher Barraza '95 Laura Mistretta Kirk '00 Justin Turner '96
Tiffany Chanel Corley '91 Misty Muscatel Davis '01 Anna Valeo Haffner '00
David Herrington '82
Douglas Pirnie '65
William Kummel '81
Katharine Planitzer Harper '02

Washington D.C.  Regional Leadership Team

Douglas Adler '70
Kerry Lanzo '11
Elizabeth Powell '90
Amy Appleton '79
Gary Lee '74
Nicholas Sims '88
Adam Berg '99
Creence Lin '98
James Sonne '02
Darryl Cohen '92
Rafael Lorente '86
Mike Spiak '06
Beth Crowley '94
Courtney McBride '03
Jon Talcott '80
Bree Ermentrout '82
Madeleine O'Connor '08
Willie Tate '90
Patrick Holkins '04 Libby O'Hare '96 Daniel Taylor '06

Lucy Thomson '66

Amanda Zhu '13

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, once lived on campus and is buried in the school’s cemetery.

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