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Distinguished Service Award

The Andover Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by decision of the Academy Resources Committee of the Board of Trustees to volunteers whose services to Andover have been distinguished by commitment, uniqueness, and effectiveness. Their efforts on behalf of their school provide an inspiring example for all Andover volunteers. In recent years, these awards have been presented during Leaders Weekend in early November.

2016 Recipients

Lawrence H. & Marla G. Curtis, P’04, ’07, ’11, ’15, Charles E. Dean ’79, P’10, Rejji P. Hayes ’93, Leslie K. Hendrix ’73, Nikki M.H. Ng ’98

2015 Recipients

Douglas O. Adler '70, Mae Concemi Bradshaw '62, Kate Sides Flather '59, Lisa and Thomas Rauh P'07, '10, '14,  and Mimi Won Techentin.

2013 Recipients

Henry K. Cho ’83 , P'17
Susan Urie Donahue ’73, P'05, '08 
John C. Kane Jr. ’63, P'96, '99, '03
Kuni S. and Michael Schmertzler ’70, P'05, '07 
Constance Wright and David Stoldt, P'07, '09, '12
Yichen Zhang ‘82


2012 Recipients


Blakeman Hazzard Allen ‘66
Alfred A. Blum, Jr. ‘62
Peter T. Hetzler, M.D. ‘72, P'10
Byung-Pyo Kim ‘79, P'05, '13
Judy P. & Toomas J. Kukk ’59, P'86, '88


2011 Recipients


Elizabeth Artz Beim ’58, P’88
Robert J. Campbell ’66
Tristin Batchelder Mannion ’82
George S.K. Rider ’51, P’86
Sandra L. and Michael L. Terry, P’11

* Pictured with Barbara Chase and Oscar Tang '56

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