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What is the Andover academic program like?

Andover's curriculum is designed to provide every student with a strong and broad foundation in the arts, humanities and sciences. During their years at Andover, students develop a wide range of basic skills and, with the advantage of flexible planning and much choice, are able to reach as far as their strengths and talents will carry them. The courses and diploma requirements are described fully in the Course of Study.

How many new students join each class at Andover?

Every year, more than 200 new ninth graders, or juniors, begin their journey at Andover. They are joined by an average of 85 new peers in the tenth grade, or lower year, and 20-25 new eleventh graders, or uppers. A total of 30-35 new seniors and postgraduates round out the graduating class.

What is the average GPA of applicants that are offered admission to Andover?

Although the Andover admissions committee has no minimum grade or score requirements for acceptance, the average Andover student maintained an "A" average at his or her previous school.

What is a typical day like at Andover?

Students are typically in academic classes from 8 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Three days a week, the schedule offers a 30-minute conference period after the first two classes, in which students may meet with teachers and seek extra help. This 30-minute time block is used for academic advising on Fridays. The Wednesday schedule is condensed to allow for interscholastic athletic contests in the afternoon. Because there are seven periods in a day and students, on average, take 5 classes, they have ample time for lunch. Certain classes meet for double periods one day a week.

Andover students are involved with athletic commitments in the afternoon immediately following classes. Interscholastic teams practice four days a week and generally compete on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Many community service projects also take place in the afternoon and early evening. After dinner, students attend theatre and music ensemble rehearsals, club meetings, study groups, and tutorials. On nights before classes, formal study hours begin at 8 p.m., at which time students must be signed in to their dormitories or an academic area on campus. By 10 p.m. (9:30 p.m. on Sunday and Thursday), students must be studying in their dormitories and signed in for the night.

Does Andover have classes on Saturdays?

There are no Saturday classes and no classes on any Sunday.

What is there to do on weekends?

Social events during the week are limited by the demands of the academic program, but the weekend program on campus is exciting and varied. Weekend activities include theatre and musical performances, dances, concerts, coffee houses, lectures, movies, art exhibitions, plays, and informal activities.

Is there a dress code at Andover?

Andover does not have a formal dress code, but students are expected to be neat and clean and to dress appropriately for each occasion.

How is technology a part of the Andover experience?

A fiber-optic computer network provides high-speed computer access to more than 75 academic, administrative, and residential buildings on campus. A wireless network is also available in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, in all academic buildings, and in some selected administrative buildings. In addition to individual e-mail accounts and private, in-dorm phone lines with voice mail, each student has high-speed Internet access from his or her dormitory room. Network access is available as well through public Technology Learning Centers (TLCs) with more than 200 computers. Andover's online intranet community, PAnet, allows students, faculty, and administrators to share ideas and work, to participate in online discussions, and to post schedules. A personalized, password-protected parent portal is also available to parents to provide a convenient way to stay abreast of their child's activities as well as general school events.

How does academic advising work?

Every Andover student has an individual adviser who helps design the student's course of study and extracurricular program and follows up with weekly meetings. For ninth-grade boarding students, advisers are assigned by dormitory. When the ninth-graders move to upper-class dorms, they are assigned permanent advisers. For ninth-grade day students and for all students who enter in grades 10-12, permanent advisers are assigned. The permanent adviser and student are paired until graduation, so their relationship grows as the years go by.

What college counseling resources are provided for students?

The College Counseling Office carefully guides uppers (11th graders) and seniors through the college admission process. Counseling begins in the winter of the upper year and continues through the fall and winter of senior year. Each student meets with one of the six college counselors individually to discuss his or her own academic profile and school search. The College Counseling Office maintains a comprehensive web site.

Where do Andover graduates go to college?

Andover students attend a variety of colleges and universities all around the country and the world. Please browse our college counseling matriculation page for more specific information about the colleges that our graduates select.

How are roommates and dorms chosen for new students?

In the spring after a student's acceptance and matriculation, he or she will receive a roommate questionnaire, which asks about preferences, habits, and activities. Over the summer, the Dean of Students and the admission committee collaborate and make roommate and housing assignments based on the information provided.

What is Andover's policy on rules and discipline?

Offenses involving a student's integrity, social offenses that threaten the well-being of other individuals or the school community, or continued infractions that indicate an unwillingness to come to terms with the demands of the school all may lead to dismissal. Andover takes special care to address issues associated with alcohol and illegal drugs, both of which are forbidden. All incoming students receive a copy of the school's rules, published in The Blue Book, and are responsible for knowing and complying with its contents.

Is student safety a priority at Andover?

Phillips Academy Public Safety (PAPS) officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They patrol the campus in cars, by bicycle, and on foot to ensure the safety of Andover students. Every dormitory is locked from the outside and each dorm room has an individual lock. As a result of these precautionary measures, issues of security on the Andover campus are kept to a minimum.

How do Andover students do their laundry?

Andover students may use the coin-operated washing machines and dryers located in each dorm to wash their own clothes, or they may sign up for the E&R laundry service, which returns cleaned, ironed, and folded clothes to students once a week.

Are fee waivers available?

An application fee of $40 ($70 for international students) is required with the Candidate Statement (Part 1). Additionally, all applicants to Grade 9, 10 or 11 must register for either the SSAT or ISEE standardized tests ($74 for SSAT, $65 for ISEE). Registration for these tests is handled through the respective testing agencies. Please note: Late registration charges, which are substantial, are not covered by the fee waiver. It is important to refer to the student guides for the SSAT or ISEE to determine the test dates, times and sites in your area and to encourage the student to meet the stated deadlines.

A fee waiver should be requested from the Phillips Academy Admission Office if the student's family gross income falls below $30,000 and/or the family believes payment of these fees will create a hardship. To request a fee waiver, a third party, who is familiar with the family's financial situation (a guidance counselor, clergyman, principal, etc.) should write to the Admission Office on behalf of the family to explain the hardship. The Admission Office will contact the family if further information is necessary.

For further information or to request a fee waiver please contact the Admission Office at 978-749-4050 or at

What services are available for students with disabilities?

The Student Disability Services/Accessible Education Office (SDS/AEO) coordinates services and accommodations for students with long-term or temporary cognitive, psychological and/or physical disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities who are otherwise qualified for admission to Phillips Academy are guaranteed certain protections and rights to equal access to programs and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In order to access these rights, a student must present documentation indicating that the disability substantially limits some major life activity, including learning. (Documentation guidelines are posted on the Educational Testing website at Students who present the Academy with appropriate documentation will be granted those requested academic accommodations that are supported by the documentation and considered reasonable in this educational setting. Students should submit documentation by June 1st in order to receive accommodations at the start of the fall term. Students who are diagnosed with a disability during the school year should provide the above-mentioned documentation to the SDS/AEO coordinator on the second floor of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library in order to arrange for accommodations.

What health services are provided for Andover students?

The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center offers a variety of services to address the overall wellness of the student body. As a few broad categories, the RMSWC offers medical care, counseling, nutrition, and health education. We focus on holistic and preventative care to reduce stress and optimize the performance and success of our students. Please visit the RMS Wellness Center website for more information.

What services of worship are offered at Andover?

The interfaith ministry of Andover seeks to be responsive to the spiritual needs of the school community. The Chaplaincy consists of clergy from Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish traditions and also assists students from other backgrounds to meet their religious needs. Each week, the religious communities gather for worship and fellowship. In addition, Andover celebrates major occasions of the various religious calendars as well as common heritage and values in services and celebrations.

Can Andover students have cars on campus?

While boarding students may not keep motor vehicles in or near Andover, day students, who are licensed to drive, have the privilege of driving cars to campus. A boarder may ride in a day student's car with the permission of his or her parents and house counselor.

Is it possible to apply as either a boarding or a day student?

The decision to apply as a boarding or day student is a one-time only choice. Students residing in Andover or North Andover must apply as day students. Applicants from the following Massachusetts cities/towns have a choice: Boxford, Bradford, Dracut, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynnfield, Methuen, Middleton, North Reading, Reading, Tewksbury, Topsfield and Wilmington, and also Atkinson, Pelham, Plaistow, Salem, and Windham New Hampshire.

There are roughly 60 to 70 student and faculty concerts held on campus each year.

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