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Other Resources for Parents

As you embark on this school search, take the time to explore the many exciting options. We know you will have questions along the way and encourage you to seek answers to those important questions as you try to find a school that feels right for your child and for you. To help parents gain a more complete understanding of the many educational options available, we hope you will find the following websites helpful:

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)
The Association of Boarding Schools Web site offers an on-line directory including over 300 boarding schools grouped by location, size, and type of program.
To gain a more comprehensive understanding of modern-day boarding schools and the relative value of the boarding school experience, TABS commissioned Art & Science Group, a market-research and consulting firm based in Baltimore, to study the subject. The results of this detailed assessment, titled “The Truth About Boarding Schools,” debunk many of the misperceptions about boarding schools and offer new insight into the strengths - and advantages - of boarding schools today.

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
The National Association of Independent Schools represents over 1,100 independent schools and associations in the United States and abroad.

The Ten Schools Admissions Organization (TSAO)
Founded more than forty years ago on the basis of a number of common goals and traditions, The Ten Schools Admissions Organization is a group of distinguished college preparatory institutions that collaborate in their outreach to prospective students and their families. For information on TSAO receptions this fall, go to the Andover travel calendar.

Other TSAO members: