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Interviewing Off Campus

Students who cannot make it to campus for an interview may interview off campus with one of our of Alumni Admission Representatives. We have over 550 Alumni Admission Representatives (AAR) who interview for us around the world. Please feel free to contact an AAR located near you to set up an appointment for a local interview. If you cannot find an AAR listed in your area, please call the admission office for assistance at 978-749-4050.

Emily Busse 1996
Cell: 202-422-2148
Lindsay Ferrer 1997
Richard Shin 1977
Work: 202-833-5225
Cell: 703-625-9298
Bree Ermentrout 1982
Home: 703-416-4101
Joy Joung 2007
Cell: 310-706-8989
Lindsay Ferrer 1997
Matthew Harris 2007
Cell: 571-244-5398
Caroline Kane 1996
Home: 703-763-1787
Cell: 202-321-1254
Anant Raut 1992
Home: 703-248-8857
Lindsay McLellan 2006
Cell: 978-764-6076
Robert Ramsey 1999
Cell: 415-342-7308
Falls Church
Kathy Lett 1995
Cell: 703-869-2205
Andrew Joel 1989
Home: 703-903-9009
Work: 703-717-4200
Cell: 703-517-0321
Marlene Laro 1989
Home: 703-903-9009
Cell: 703-517-6449
Walker Teele 1990
Cell: 917-940-2474
Michael Bor 1992
Cell: 804-399-0600

Phillips Academy has had a student-run FM radio station, WPAA, since 1966.

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