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International Students

Phillips Academy welcomes inquiries and applications from international students studying abroad and in the United States. Andover has a current enrollment of approximately 1,100 young students from 46 states and 36 foreign countries. It varies from year to year, but at present, eight percent of the total student body is made up of international students.

The school’s beautiful 500-acre campus is set in the town of Andover. Andover is reminiscent of a New England village with old homes, tree-lined streets, a country inn, coffee houses, small shops, and municipal services. Residents are active in Andover activities, and there is an easy, friendly relationship between town and academy. The city of Boston is 21 miles to the south of Andover and has an international airport servicing most major airlines.

Application Process

The application process for all students who apply to Andover is the same. Please visit "How to Apply" for information about how to complete the application process.

English Proficiency & Testing Requirements 

All students are required to submit standardized test results as part of the application process. Students should submit SSAT scores (or SAT scores for older students.) It is recommended that all non-native English speaking candidates submit the results of a TOEFL examination in addition to the required SSAT test results.

Each year we receive questions about the level of English language proficiency required to gain admission to Phillips Academy. We offer the following information to non-native English speakers who are in the process of finalizing their school lists.

Phillips Academy does not offer instruction in English as a foreign language during the academic year. Furthermore, the Andover academic program is extremely rigorous. As such, students who enroll at Andover must be highly proficient in the English language prior to entrance. If an international applicant has not attended a school where English is the primary language of instruction (and/or he/she is a non-native speaker of English), he/she should complete, if at all possible, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in addition to the required standardized test for the grade to which he/she is applying. Students who are admitted to Phillips Academy typically have TOEFL scores in the 100-120 range. It is very rare for a student with a TOEFL score lower than 100 to be admitted to the Academy. Our goal is to admit students who are prepared to succeed in our program. Phillips Academy is certified to issue the Form I-20 for incoming international students, which grants them to obtain F-1 visa status. 

We hope you find this information helpful. We sincerely appreciate the efforts students and their families make to apply to Andover, and wish all students who consider Phillips Academy the best of luck in the secondary school application process.

On-Campus Support

International Student Coordinator

Meet AndoverSusanne Torabi, PA’s international student coordinator, serves as an advisor for international students in the Phillips Academy community and works to promote understanding and appreciation of foreign cultures and languages. She also assists international students and their families with all aspects of their life here at Phillips Academy, serves as an academic advisor to the one-year international seniors, issues I-20 forms, and organizes a special two-and-a-half day student orientation prior to the beginning of school to help new international students start their experience with confidence.

In addition to her role as international student coordinator, Torabi serves as the advisor to the International Club. Club meetings, which are both educational and social, take place on Wednesday evenings. During the meeting students share customs, describe holidays, explain educational systems, try to find solutions to cultural incidents, and talk about their country. Occasionally, the club invites speakers to talk about current events or global issues. In early November, just around the time of the anniversary of the United Nations, the club sponsors the International Festival, which includes an international talent and fashion show and an international food festival prepared entirely by the students.

Torabi is also faculty advisor to the following clubs: Non Sibi Society (NSS), a club that organizes and hosts the yearly Swim-A-Thon, and the Global Nomads, an affinity group for students who identify as Third Culture Kids (TCKs) because they have lived and studied extensively outside their parents' passport culture(s). NSS aligns with Phillips Academy's Non Sibi spirit of community service and awareness, thinking globally and looking for opportunities to raise money for people in need locally and globally.

Clubs and Organizations

Among the other cultural and religious organizations with an on-campus presence are: AfLatAm, Alianza, Andover Korean Society, Andover Japanese Connection, Asian Society, The Mission of Andover’s African Student Union, Catholic Student Fellowship, Christianity Happening in Living Life, Chinese-Taiwanese Student Association, Gay-Straight Alliance, Hindu Student Union, IndoPak, Interfaith, International Club, Jewish Student Union, Mosaic, Muslim Student Union, and Women’s Forum.

With the support of the CAMD office (Office of Community and Multicultural Development), these groups will be responsible for pursuing a number of on-campus initiatives such as: International Festival, Gay Pride Celebration, International Women’s Day, International Day of the Girl, International Education Week, Latino Arts Celebration CAMD Scholar Program, Community Service Public Service Speaker Series, Black Arts Weekend, Jewish Cultural Weekend, Muslim Student Union, MLK Day programming, and many more.

International Students

Phillips Academy's first class, in 1778, enrolled 13 boys.

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