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The Curriculum

The curriculum of Phillips Academy comprises a required core of studies believed to be fundamental to a liberal education and elective courses designed to fit the interests of the individual student. Instruction is given in all subjects usually required for entrance to higher learning institutions.

The diploma requirements, chosen by and voted on by the entire faculty as essential elements of the academic program, are designed to ensure that Phillips Academy graduates successfully complete a course of study in a broad range of disciplines and skills that, in the judgment of the faculty, provides the appropriate foundation for a liberal education. The requirements are further specified as to skill level and content by the academic divisions and departments, with the oversight of the Academic Council. Certain requirements vary in keeping with the length of time a student attends the Academy.

Classroom groups are small enough to permit individual attention, and students are placed in sections fitted to their skill levels. Accelerated sequences and advanced courses offer particularly able and well-prepared students opportunity to progress at a rate commensurate with their ability and ambition. Most departments offer courses beyond the level of preparation for college.

Topics, texts, and materials occasionally may not win the full approval of all students or parents. However, they will be selected carefully and thoughtfully within our academic departments, then presented and considered in managed contexts. Parental objections to course materials will not affect student placement in sections or courses.