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Programmatic Goals

Our list of programmatic goals reflects our ideas about how best to engage our students in reflection on fundamental questions of meaning, justice and the foundations of knowledge as they arise in the contexts of various philosophical and religious traditions and in their own lives.

  • to give students a choice of a range of age and ability appropriate courses
  • to offer students the opportunities to understand and critically examine core texts of philosophical or religious traditions
  • to develop in students an awareness of the importance of cultural context and of issues of interpretation
  • to include more than one philosophical or religious tradition where appropriate
  • to promote a cooperative effort on the part of students in the classroom to
    • clarify key concepts
    • to achieve empathetic understanding of unfamiliar dimensions of experience
    • to support their views of the meaning of a text by identifying key issues and responses offered in ways that reflect the complexity of the material
    • to explore their own responses to the issues and the texts in a searching, non-dogmatic way
  • to encourage students to explore fundamental questions in the context of their own experiences
  • to enable students to write papers that translate the fruits of scholarship and classroom explorations into clear, insightful prose
  • to prepare and inspire our student to continue their searches for meaning, justice and the foundations of knowledge after the term ends.