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Suzanne C. Enzerink

Name: Suzanne C. Enzerink
Title(s): Teaching Fellow History, House Counselor, Coach
Department: History
PA start date: 2012

MA American Studies University of Groningen, The Netherlands / Brown University (2012)
BA American Studies, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (2010)

My academic interests include U.S. history, critical race theory, 1950s literature, world history, and popular culture. More specifically, I focus on periods in which modifications in thinking about the imbrication of race, class, gender, and nationality are discernible, often in response to a major external event, i.e. the Civil War or the Cold War.

I'm from the Netherlands but came to Andover from Providence, RI. I enjoy playing squash and have fortuitously been assigned to coach that as well. I live in a ninth-grade dorm with seventeen great girls and one fantastic other house counselor. I greatly appreciate the proximity of the White Mountains, as I cannot think of a better way to spend a beautiful day than traversing its green expanse.