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Emma Staffaroni

Title: Instructor in English, House Counselor in Paul Revere Hall, Advisor to Women's Forum
Department: English
PA start date: 2013

BA, Boston College
MA, Sarah Lawrence College

As a teacher I am driven to make students question their assumptions and imagine alternatives. I gravitate toward texts that explore identity, particularly that of girls and women throughout history. In my own intellectual work, I've used oral histories to tell stories of immigrant young women breadwinners.

I grew up in Connecticut with a blasé basset hound. Prior to teaching at PA, I lived and taught in Besançon, France. When school's out, I'm eating stinky cheeses, playing board games, riding my bike, or wandering around in museums. And no, I haven't yet made up my mind on the Amazon vs. bookstores dilemma, but yes, sometimes I feel guilty for using the former.