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Resources & Tools

The College Counseling Office is comprised of seven college counselors and four assistants. Counselors meet with students for individual conferences and group meetings. The office conducts focus meetings throughout the year on a variety of topics including essays, arts, engineering, athletics, campus visits and interviews, British universities, financial aid and scholarships.

Several hundred representatives from college admission offices visit our campus every year to lead group information sessions, conduct interviews and participate in college fairs in the fall and spring.

Print, video and online resources are available to students to inform their research and planning. Weekly newsletters, catalogues, admission prospectuses, DVDs, scholarship and financial aid information all help students to discover their correct path. Students also have access to Naviance Family Connection, a web-based program for creating, analyzing and monitoring college lists while linking to college websites and scholarship programs. Students also are able to review and practice for SATs using the College Board’s online test preparation program.


Our parent communication program consists of a “Kickoff” weekend in the winter term of 11th grade to welcome and inform parents at the beginning of the college counseling process. Admission and financial aid panels are held during Parent’s weekend, and six parent newsletters are mailed during the 18-month college counseling cycle.

We are assisted in our program by adjunct staff members who coordinate the standardized testing program (PSAT, SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement) and counsel students with respect to summer opportunities and gap year programs.