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Fuess Award Winners

Named in honor of Phillips Academy’s 10th headmaster, Claude Moore Fuess, the Fuess Award, which acknowledges distinguished contribution to public service, is Andover’s highest honor.

 1967 Joint award to the 65 Andover alumni who were serving or had served in the Peace Corps
 1968 Harlan Cleveland '34, U.S. ambassador to NATO
 1970 William S. Moorehead '41, U.S. congressman from Pennsylvania
 1972 William B. Macomber Jr. '40, deputy undersecretary of state
 1973 Gerhard A. Gesell '28, U.S. district judge for the District of Columbia
 1974 William Davis Taylor '27, publisher, the Boston Globe
 1977 Herbert Scoville Jr. '33, nuclear physicist, chief scientist, and assistant director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1961-1968
 1978 (Andover Bicentennial) Joint award to "unsung heroes"--eight alumni for their unpublicized contributions to public service
 1979 Joint award to eight alumni for distinguished contribution to public service through art
 1980 Joint award to seven alumni for distinguished contribution to public service through health services
 1981 George H.W. Bush '42, vice president-elect of the United States
 1982 John U. Monro '30 of Tougaloo College in Mississippi and Elizabeth C. Watts 1908 of the Hindman Settlement School in Kentucky
 1983 James Michael Shannon '69, U.S. congressman from Massachusetts and attorney general of Massachusetts
 1985 Georgy Bundy Smith '55, justice of the Supreme Court of the state of New York
 1987 A. Bartlett Giamatti '56, president of Yale University, 1978-1986
 1989 Robert Conover Macauley '41, founder of AmeriCares
 1991 Joint award to five alumni for distinguished contribution to Asia-America understanding and to Asian studies at Phillips Academy
 1996 Daniel R. Pinkham Jr. '40, composer and musician and director of music at King's Chapel, Boston
 1997 Donna Brace Ogilvie '30, distinguished volunteer for Girls, Inc., Stamford Hospital, Abbot Academy, and Phillips Academy
 1999 Theodore R. Sizer '81(Hon.), 12th headmaster of Phillips Academy, 1972-1981, a national leader for educational reform
 2000 Fitzgerald B. Bramwell '62, Louis J. Elsas '54, and Mary Wilkes Eubanks '65, in recognition of their lifelong work in science and education
 2003 David M. Underwood '54, president of the Phillips Academy Board of Trustees, in recognition of his volunteer leadership and philanthropy in support of health care in Houston
 2004 The Reverend William Sloane Coffin '42, peace and social justice advocate
 2006 Sarah P. Chayes '80, former journalist and current advocate for social change in Afghanistan
 2009 Bill Drayton '61, a pioneer in social entrepreneurship
 2013 Robert Darnton '57, cultural historian, Harvard University Professor, and director of Harvard University Library; George Whitesides '57, chemist and Harvard University Professor
 2016 Ai-jen Poo ’92, American labor organizer and activist; founder, National Domestic Workers Alliance