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Name Class Areas of Note

Winona Keith Algie

1900 Headmistress, Charles River School [1917-47]

James R. Bloomer

1900 Yale All-American tackle [1900]

Frederick L. Collins

1900 Publisher & editor, McClure’s Magazine [1911-29]

Dwight T. Farnham

1900 Economist; specialist in applications of technology to industry & labor efficiency; author, “Scientific Industrial Efficiency” [1917], “Executive Statistical Control” [1920]

Frances Howard Fobes

1900 Rhodes Scholar [1904]; professor of classics, Union College [1920-48]; author, “Aristotle’s Meteorology” [1919], “Theophrastus’ Metaphysics” [1929]

Joseph W. Holley

1900 Founder & president [1903-43], Albany [Georgia] Bible & Manual Training Institute, developed by Holley into a 4-year college; now Albany State University; 1st African-American elected to the Presbyterian Church National Board

Rose Anne Day Keep

1900 Co-principal, with her husband, Robert Porter Keep Jr., of Miss Porter’s School [1917-43]

Charles D. Rafferty

1900 Yale football captain & All-American end [1903]

Thomas D. Thatcher

1900 Federal district judge [1925-30]; US solicitor general [1930-33]; backer of NY Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia; lead commission that drafted a new NY city charter [1938]; NY Corporation Council [1943-]

Alden Brooks

1901 Author, World War I short stories and memoirs; “The Fighting Men” [1917], “As I Saw It” [1929]

William Clarence Matthews

1901 Outstanding shortstop for Andover & Harvard, barred from Major League baseball because he was black; as an attorney, associated with Booker T. Washington & later Marcus Garvey; a Republican, Matthews served as a US Attorney [1913-] & was appointed to the Justice Department by Calvin Coolidge [1925]; presented a list of demands for the “recognition of colored Republicans”; namesake, Ivy League Baseball Championship Trophy [2006]

Carl Rust Parker

1901 Landscape architect; with Olmsted Brothers [1901-10, 1919-61; partner 1950-61]; in independent practice [1911-17]; major projects include Boca Grande Land Company, FL [1910-15]; Maine Statehouse grounds [ca.1915]; George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, VA [1931]; Kohler Village, Wisconsin [1940s-50s]

William Anthony “Bill” Schick Jr.

1901 Sprinter at PA, Harvard; winner, 4 intercollegiate titles; US Olympic Team [1906]

Claude C. Washburn

1901 Writer; author, “Pages from the Book of Paris” [1910], “The Lonely Warrior” [1922]

Alexander Bannwart, aka Al Winn

1902 Swiss-born player/owner/manager Lowell Tigers, New England League [1906-09]; played under the name Al Winn; secretary & prime mover behind the short-lived Federal League [1912-15]

Miriam Carpenter

1902 Dean of Wheaton College [-1944]

F. Abbot Goodhue

1902 President, International Acceptance Bank, New York [1921-31]; president, Bank of Manhattan [1931-48]; chairman, board of trustees, NYU-Bellevue Medical Center

John Nesmith Greely

1902 Brigadier General; member, Pershing general staff & commander, 1st Division, WWI; chief, military mission to Iran, WWII; attaché & diplomat, Geneva, Brazil; military analyst, author & journalist; editor, Artillery Journal

Rose Greely

1902 Landscape architect [ca.1920-]; member, Colonial Williamsburg Advisory Committee; Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects [1936]

Edward W. Kellogg

1902 Acoustical engineer & inventor; joint inventor, dynamic cone loudspeaker [1925] & the magnetic pick-up for phonographs; 1st director, GE Advanced Technology Laboratory

C. Ward McLanahan

1902 US Olympic Team [1904], pole vault; coal mine owner & civic leader, Hollidaysburg, PA
Wilder P. “Monty” Montgomery 1902 1902 Educator; biology instructor, Dunbar High School, Washington [1906-31]; chairman, Board of Admissions, Washington African-American schools

Frank O’Brien

1902 4-year All-American shortstop, Yale [1903-07]

Howard Phipps

1902 Philanthropist & horticulturalist; president, Phipps Houses [1919-59], non-profit builder of model, middle-income housing & garden apartments in New York; hybridizer of rhododendrons

J. Frank Stimson

1902 Anthropologist & ethnographer, specialist in Polynesian cultures; author, “Songs & Tales of the Sea Kings: Interpretations of the Oral Literature of Polynesia” [1957], “A Dictionary of Tuamotuan Dialects” [1966]

William W. Thayer

1902 Rhodes Scholar [1905-07]; attorney & banker; member, US Trade Board & Paris Peace Conference staff [1918-19]

Edwin J. Beinecke

1903 Chairman, Sperry & Hutchinson [1923-67]; German glass collection donated to Corning Museum of Glass [1958-]; with brothers Frederick & Walter, donor of Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale [1960] & Beinecke Foundation [1966]; bibliophile, creator of Robert Louis Stevenson collection donated to Yale [1963]

John M. Cates

1903 Coach, US Naval Academy football team [1905-07]; Yale athletic director [1927-1932]

William H.H. Cranmer

1903 Prospector & geologist - “the grand old man of uranium” - pioneer of uranium mining industry; president, New Park Mining Company [1935-1962]

Edward T. Hall

1903 Founder & director, Universal School of Handicrafts, NYC [1936-53]

Harold Orville Mackenzie

1903 US ambassador to Thailand [1927-30]

Samuel F.B. Morse

1903 Grandnephew of namesake, the telegraph inventor; real estate developer; founder, Del Monte Properties Company, developer of Pebble Beach, CA [1919-ca.1950]; owner, Hotel Del Monte, Monterey; “the Duke of Monterey”

Waldo Peirce

1903 Painter & illustrator; famed practical joker; friend of Ernest Hemingway, George Bellows et al

John Gould Fletcher

1904 Poet, author; twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry [1939, 1946]

Franklin Mott Gunther

1904 Diplomat; US ambassador to Egypt [1928-30] & Rumania [1937-41]; president, American Institute for Iranian Art & Archeology [1930-37]

Julio Madero

1904 Mexican diplomat, served as Mexico’s ambassador to Sweden, Italy, San Salvador & Columbia; director, State Lottery of Mexico [1938-]

Franz Schneider

1904 President/CEO/chairman, Newmont Mining [1930-53]; developer of the natural gas industry following WWII; director, Federal Reserve Bank of New York [1952-58]

George H. Townsend

1904 Powerboat racer; winner, American Power Boat Association Gold Cup in “Greenwich Folly” [1926, 1927]; president, APBA [1932-34]

Paul Veeder

1904 Yale quarterback & punter [1904-06], All-American [1906]; in 1906 Veeder threw the 1st forward pass in a major football game, to beat Harvard 6-0

William Kay Wallace

1904 Member, US Peace Commission [1918]; political theorist & author; proponent of radically revising the US Constitution [1932]

Harold E. Webster

1904 President, Pratt & Lambert [1930-], chairman [1952-]

Frederick W. Beinecke

1905 Chair, Executive Committee, Sperry & Hutchinson [1953-66]; bibliophile specializing in Western Americana, specialist in Lewis & Clark material, collection donated to Yale; with brothers Frederick & Walter, donor, Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library [1960] & Beinecke Foundation [1966]; donor of teaching foundations, Phillips Academy

Francis Hardon Burr

1905 Football All-American at Harvard [1905], captain, Harvard team [1909]; Francis Hardon Burr Award [1913] goes to an outstanding Harvard scholar-athlete

Edward Dillon

1905 Princeton football player, All-American back [1906]

James M. Howard

1905 One of 5 founding members of Yale singing group, The Whiffenpoofs [1909]

Alfred Lee Loomis

1905 Physicist, investment banker & philanthropist; financier of electric utilities; inventor, Aberdeen Chronograph [1918]; founder & funder, Loomis Laboratory, Tuxedo Park [1926-40]; director of WWII radar development; “father” of ultrasonics; inventor of the LORAN navigation system; developer, ground-controlled approach technology for aircraft; Franklin Roosevelt described Loomis as second only to Churchill as the civilian most responsible for Allied victory in World War II; recipient, Presidential Medal of Merit [1946]

Elmer Thompson

1905 Cornell All-American [1906]; captain, Cornell football team

Katherine Woods

1905 Translator of “The Little Prince,” author of mystery novels, travel articles & books, “The Other Chateau Country” [1935]

Hamlin Andrus

1906 Yale All-American in football [1908, 1909]

Walter Beinecke

1906 With brothers Frederick & Walter, donor, Yale’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library [1960] & Beinecke Foundation [1966]; world-ranked contract bridge player

Elizabeth Deeble

1906 Relief work volunteer & correspondent, Spanish Civil War [ca.1936-39]

Arthur Benson Gilbert

1906 Minnesota political activist [1917-48] in support of farmers; advocate for protective tariffs on agricultural imports

Robert Hallowell

1906 Editor & publisher, “The New Republic” [1914-25]; artist/watercolorist [ca.1925-39]

Sarah Hinks

1906 Headmistress, The Gordon School, Providence [ca.1937-]

Frank T. Leighton

1906 Rear Admiral; commander of Navy ships during WWI, served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, WWII

Robert C. McKay

1906 Harvard All-American tackle [1907]

Robert B. Stearns

1906 Founder, Bear, Stearns & Company, investment bank & brokerage house [1923-]

Edward L. “Eddie” Farrell

1907 Member, US Olympic Track Team [1912]; coach, US Olympic Track Team [1924, -28, -32]

Meigs Frost

1907 Crusading New Orleans investigative reporter, helped bring down Huey Long & his machine [1930s]

John Reed Kilpatrick

1907 Yale football All-American [1909, ’10] & captain, Yale track team; brigadier general, [1942-49] in charge of ports of embarkation; president, Madison Square Garden [1933-60]; president, NY Rangers hockey team [1933-59]; member, Hockey Hall of Honor [1960]

Paul Piel

1907 New York sculptor & designer; graphic artist for Piel Brothers Brewery

Bernard “Barney” Reilly

1907 Chicago White Sox 2nd baseman [1909]

Ethel Arens Tyng

1907 Missionary, Changsha, China [1913-49]; operator of sandal, soap & clothing factories to boost employment opportunities [1937-]; author, “Letters to My Grandchildren” [1963], “Gate of the Moon” [1967]

Robert Fisher

1908 All-American football player, Harvard [1910, ’11]; coach, national championship Harvard football team [1919], Rose Bowl winner [1920]; Harvard football head coach [1919-25]; member, NCAA Football Hall of Fame

Robert A. Gardner

1908 US Amateur Golf Champion [1909 & 1915]; member, US Walker Cup team [1922, -23, -24, -26] & captain [1923, -24, -26]; national doubles champion in racquets [1926 & -29]; pole vaulter @ Andover & Yale, briefly held world pole vault record @ 13’ 1” set June 1, 1912

Katherine Butler Hathaway

1908 Author of children’s books, “Mr. Muffet’s Cat...” [1934], “The Little Locksmith” [1943]

Vincent Lawrence

1908 Playwright & screenwriter [1920s-40s], primarily of comedies

Washington Platt

1908 Intelligence officer & secret agent; 2nd in command, G-2 spy network in France & Germany; later with CIA; author of treatises on military intelligence

Frederick Louis Riefkohl

1908 Rear Admiral, recognized for distinguished service, WWI & WWII

Elizabeth Watts

1908 Teacher / director / trustee, Hindman Settlement School, Kentucky [1909-93]; “Kentucky Colonel” by vote of state legislature; recipient, Fuess Award [1982]

Bartlett Beaman

1909 Air Force brigadier general, World War II; chief of intelligence division; chief of staff, 1st Air Division, European theater

Madeleine Burrage

1909 Modernist jewelry designer [1930s-40s]

Alonzo “Zo” Elliott

1909 Songwriter; ’There’s a Long, Long Trail” [1914] an international hit during World War I

Edward Woolsey Freeman

1909 Donor of the historic Wave Hill estate overlooking the Hudson to the New York City to become a park [1960]

Carl W. Hamilton

1909 A laborer’s son from Hollidaysburg, PA; organizer of Philippine Refining Company [copra]; collector of early Renaissance paintings & sculpture

Daniel Needham

1909 Brigadier general, commander, Massachusetts National Guard [1934-39]; Massachusetts director, civilian defense, WWII; head Massachusetts State Police

A. Wells Peck

1909 Retailing innovator; as president & later chairman of Peck & Peck stores [ca.1930-70], pioneered marketing of women’s sportswear & creation of upscale New York-based, nation-wide retailing in suburban locations [1930s-1960s]

Walter “Wally” Snell

1909 All-American baseball player at Brown; Boston Red Sox catcher [1913]; botany professor & coach, Brown [1920-59]; authority on forest plants & diseases; author & illustrator, “The Boleti of Northeastern North America” [1970]

Herbert H. Vreeland Jr.

1909 Brigadier general; chief, US military intelligence, China [1944-45]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Benjamin F. Avery

1910 General manager & later president, KVP forest products company [1948-58]; president, Canadian Forestry Association [1958-59]; recipient, CFA Forest Conservation Award [1964]

James Phinney Baxter III

1910 Educator, historian, author; President, Williams College [1937-61]; deputy director, OSS, WWII; winner, Pulitzer Prize in history, “Scientists Against Time” [1947], an account of the War Department’s Office of Scientific Research & Development

Lindsay Bradford

1910 President, City Bank Farmers Trust Company [1936-51], now Citibank; president, New York War Relief Fund during WWII

Charles T. Donworth

1910 Jurist; Washington State Supreme Court [1949-69], chief justice [1956-57]

Negley Farson

1910 Foreign correspondent in early Soviet Russia, pre-independence India, Nazi Germany, London during WWII; adventurer & fisherman; author, “Sailing Across Europe” [1926], “The Way of a Transgressor” [1936], “Bomber’s Moon” [1941], “Going Fishing” [1946], “The Lost World of the Caucasus” [1958]

Henry Wise Hobson

1910 Episcopal bishop, Southern Ohio [1930-59]; dubbed “the fighting bishop,” Hobson was a decorated veteran of World War I & the leader & spokesman for Fight for Freedom, Inc. [1939-41], a national organization advocating US entry into World War II; president, Phillips Academy Board of Trustees [1947-66]

Alexander Lewis Jackson

1910 General manager, The Chicago Defender [1925-], the nation’s most influential black weekly; president, board of trustees, Provident Hospital, Chicago’s 1st hospital run by and for African-Americans

Robert N. Kastor

1910 Stockbroker & civil libertarian; Instrumental in publication of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” in the United States

Scott H. Paradise

1910 Rhodes Scholar [1914-]; war relief volunteer in Belgium [1915-16]; Andover English instructor [1924-56]

Lucy Porter Sutton

1910 Pediatrician & medical researcher; professor of pediatrics, NYU Medical School; specialist in heart disease & rheumatism; author, “Heart Disease in Infancy…” [1930]

Mira Bigelow Wilson

1910 Professor, religious work & social service, Smith College [1920-]; headmistress, Northfield School for Girls [1928-52]

Edwin Cohn

1911 Biochemist & medical researcher, specialist in chemistry of proteins & human blood fractionation; developer of practical cure for pernicious anemia [1928] based on research begun by George Whipple [PA1896]; developer of systems for the utilization of all components of blood for medical transfusions, work of critical importance during World War II; coauthor “Proteins, Amino Acids and Peptides” [1943]

Charlotte Gowing Cooper

1911 WPA Art Ohio program [1930s]; chief, GI recreation facilities, Southwest Pacific, crafts section [ca.1945]

Norman Donaldson

1911 Managing director, treasurer, president, chairman, Yale University Press [1950-1964]; 1st president, American University Presses Association [1939-]

Joseph Garland

1911 Pediatrician; editor, New England Journal of Medicine [1947-67], transforming it into an international leader in medical journalism

Roy Hilton

1911 American Scene artist [ca.1920-50] known for realist paintings of Pittsburgh; instructor, Carnegie Mellon [1928-ca.1955]; Andy Warhol drawing instructor [1945-46]

Elizabeth Hinks

1911 Psychologist; director, children’s study clinic, Detroit Juvenile Court

Alexander Royce

1911 Director, United States Commercial Co., London [1943-45], an economic warfare agency; co-chair, with Harold MacMillan, North African Economics Board, Algiers; attorney for US airlines seeking international routes & chairman, Airlines Committee on United States Air Policy [1945-]

Alfred Hugo Schoellkopf

1911 Utilities owner/executive & public welfare leader during the Depression; President, Buffalo, Niagara & Eastern Power [1929-33] and Niagara Hudson Power [1933-42]; Chair, NY State Board of Social Welfare [1933-35]

Harold Crawford Stearns

1911 Poet

Richard Kerens Sutherland

1911 Lt General, World War II, Chief of Staff to General MacArthur; oversaw Japanese surrender [1945]

Norman L. Torrey

1911 Voltaire scholar, professor of French literature, Columbia

Daniel C. Elkin

1912 Pioneering cardiologist; Chief of Surgery, Emory School of Medicine; president, American College of Surgeons [1957]; recipient, Rudolph Matas Award in Vascular Surgery

Adam Gimbel

1912 Retailer; as president of Saks Fifth Avenue [1926-69], created the nation’s largest specialty chain

Edward “Eddie” Mahan

1912 All-American half-back at Harvard [1913, ’14, ’15] & captain, Harvard football team

Frances Sheldon

1912 Art collector, donor of the Mary Frances Sheldon Museum, University of Nebraska [1950/1963]

Winthrop H. Smith

1912 Stockbroker; managing director, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith [1940-1961]

Henry W. Clune

1913 Columnist [1914-69], Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, chronicler of Rochester life

Edgar G. Crossman

1913 Attorney; legal aide to Henry Stimson, governor general of the Philippines [1928-29] & to General McArthur [1944-45], presidential envoy to the Philippines & co-chairman, Joint American-Philippine Finance Commission [1947]

Donald H. “Don” Dickerman

1913 Nightclub entrepreneur; creator of “atmospheric” nightspots in New York, Miami Beach, Washington & LA [ca.1918-48], including Hollywood’s “Pirate’s Den”

John D. Hamilton

1913 Speaker, Kansas House of Representatives [1927-29]; chairman, Republican National Committee [1936-40]

Frank “Kooch” Hogg

1913 Football All-American & captain, Princeton [1916]

Dorothy Perkins Estabrook

1913 Namesake, the Dorothy Perkins rose [1901]

Helen Danforth Prudden

1913 Organizer of relief work in Illinois during Great Depression

Archibald Roosevelt

1913 Third son of Theodore Roosevelt; decorated officer in WWI & WWII, only serviceman classified as 100% disabled in both wars; founder, Roosevelt & Cross [1946], New York brokerage house specializing in municipal bonds

William A. Sullivan

1913 US Navy Commodore, WWII; the Navy’s salvage & port restoration expert, “the Commodore of Sunken Ships”

Philip D. Woodbridge

1913 Anesthesiologist & inventor of medical instruments; president, American Board of Anesthesiology [1945-46]

Knight Woolley

1913 Banker; authority on bankers’ acceptances; managing partner, Harriman Brothers @ time of merger, creating Brown Brothers Harriman; general partner, Brown Brothers Harriman [1931-82]

Howard Malcolm Baldridge

1914 Intercollegiate heavyweight wrestling champion @ Yale [ca.1918]; Nebraska Republican congressman [1931-33]

Harvey P. Hood

1914 Donor, Hood Museum, Dartmouth [1978; opened 1985]

Woodland “Woody” Kahler

1914 International Vegetarian Union leader, president [1960-71] & Marquis de St Innocent

James Knowles Jr.

1914 World War I ace, US Army 95th Aero Squadron; recipient, Distinguished Service Cross

Leo T. McMahon

1914 Brigadier general, WWII; North Africa campaign [1941-42]; commander, 65th “Battle Axe” Division Artillery [1943]; Battle of the Bulge [1944-45]

Dudley Poore

1914 Poet; translator, interpreter & anthologist of Latin American literature

Winnifred Warren Porteus

1914 Fruit farmer, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia [1930s-]

Kenneth A. Reid

1914 Conservationist; executive director, Izaak Walton League; crusader for federal water pollution controls

Jerry R. Beach

1915 Veterinarian, medical researcher at UC Davis [1915-51], pioneered study of poultry pathology

Russell H. Bennett

1915 Mining engineer, minerals prospector & rancher; author, “Quest for Ore” [1963]; recipient, William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal [1978]

Bessie Gleason Bowen

1915 Owner, Comacrib Press, Shanghai [ca.1925-]

Robert T. Bushnell

1915 Attorney; crusader against censorship; attorney general of Massachusetts [1941-45]

Frederick G. Crane II

1915 Conservationist, livestock & tree farmer [1925-78]; put 1900 acres of family land under conservation easement, the largest single tract of land protected in perpetuity in Massachusetts [1972]; Massachusetts “Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year” [1976]

Allan Vanderhoef Heely

1915 Headmaster, Lawrenceville School [1934-58]

Esther “Ted” Kilton

1915 Architect; editor & director, “Home Builders Service Bureau,” House Beautiful Magazine [1932-]

William Alexander Kirkland

1915 Houston banker & civic leader; 1st National Bank of Houston [1920-63], latterly as president and chairman; president, Texas Bankers Association [1947-48]; chair, Harris County Board of Park Commissioners, credited with envisioning & implementing construction of the Astrodome [1965]

Alice Frye Leach

1915 Painter

George Peter Murdock

1915 Anthropologist & innovator in cross-cultural research; chair, Yale Anthropology Dept; chair, National Academy of Sciences, Behavioral Sciences National Research Council [1964-]; founder, Ethnology Journal; author, “Social Structure” [1949], “Ethnographic Atlas” [1967], “Atlas of World Cultures” [1981]; recipient, Viking Medal [1949], Huxley Medal [1971]

J.P. Stevens Jr.

1915 President, J.P. Stevens Company [1942-]; President, Edison, NJ Board of Education [1942-59]; leader in effort to make New Jersey’s Great Swamp a National Wildlife Refuge [1959-60]; a founder, Outward Bound USA [1961]; president, Phillips Academy Board of Trustees [1966-68]

Royal V. Thomas

1915 Aviator; set world solo endurance record [1928]; killed during test flight for Atlantic crossing

Elliott Thorpe

1915 Brigadier general; attended signings of the treaties ending both WWI and WWII; chief of counterintelligence under Douglas MacArthur, WWII; December 1941, as military attaché in Java, sent word of impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; founder, Army Language School, post WWII; author

Muriel Baker Wood

1915 Corporal, Women’s Army Corps [WAC][1944-]

Philip K. Wrigley

1915 President, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum [1932-61]; owner, Chicago Cubs [1932-77]; founder, All American Girls Softball League [1943-]

Laurence Wellman Beilenson

1916 Attorney, Screen Actors Guild [1933-60]; chief US liaison officer to Chinese Army, WWII; author of neo-conservative tracts, including “The Treaty Trap” [1969], which substantially influenced the views of his friend Ronald Reagan

John T. “Tim” Callahan

1916 Yale football captain & All-American guard [1920]

Ralph Hanes

1916 Historic preservationist; founder, Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC [1940]; trustee, National Trust for Historic Preservation [1961-71], vice chair [1962-65]

Walter Hochschild

1916 President & chairman AMAX (American Metals Climax) [1950-80]; active in Council on Foreign Relations & an advocate for understanding and analysis of international business issues

Robert B. Williamson

1916 Jurist; justice, Maine Supreme Court [1949-70], chief justice [1956-70]

C. Harvey Bradley

1917 Chairman, P.R. Mallory & Company [1964-72]

Harold R. Buckley

1917 World War I ace; captain, 95th Aero Squadron; recipient, Distinguished Service Cross; screenwriter, 1930s, including “Air Devils” [1938]

Donald F. Carpenter

1917 DuPont engineer & executive; chairman, US Munitions Board [1948-49], championed stockpiling of strategic materials

Frances Gere

1917 Author & illustrator, children’s books; “Once Upon a Time in Egypt” [1937]

Powers Hapgood

1917 Labor organizer, United Mine Workers, CIO, etc. [1922-35]; socialist candidate for governor, Ohio [1932]

Tsing Lien Li

1917 Physician, Beijing, Shanghai [ca.1925-]

James Pickering

1917 Popularizer of astronomy as lecturer, author & TV host; assistant astronomer, American Museum of Natural History, NY [ca.1951-65]

Raymond T. Rich

1917 General Secretary, World Peace Foundation [1927-]

Reginald Smithwick

1917 Surgeon; pioneered treatments for vascular disease & hypertension; Harvard Medical School faculty [1928-46]; chair, department of surgery, Boston University School of Medicine [1946-65]

Robert T Stevens

1917 Secretary of the Army [1953-55], period of the Army-McCarthy Hearings; president & later chairman, JP Stevens & Company [1929-69]

Jack Morris Wright

1917 WWI pilot & author; “A Poet of the Air” -- a compelling portrayal of life in French & US Army -- published posthumously, 1918

Lawrence Allen Abercrombie

1918 Much-decorated WWII Navy captain; commander, US Pacific Fleet destroyer Drayton [1940-43]

Ned Bliss Allen

1918 Rhodes Scholar [-1923]; English professor & department chair, U. Delaware; author, “The Sources of John Dryden’s Comedies” [1935, -67, -73]

Bromwell Ault

1918 President, Episcopal Church Foundation [1961-69]; president, Board of Governors, St. John’s College, Annapolis [1968-70]

John Porter Carleton

1918 Rhodes Scholar [1922-23]; US ski jumping record holder [1922]; captain, 1st US Olympic Ski Team [1924]

Norman Dodd

1918 Leading McCarthy-Era conspiracy theorist; as research direct, US House of Representatives Reece Committee [1953-54], wrote and testified about “un-American activities” of major tax-exempt foundations & their alleged efforts to shape thought in America in favor of socialism, collectivization & internationalism

Mitchell Gratwick

1918 Headmaster, Horace Mann School [1950-68]

Charles Carroll Griffin

1918 Latin Americanist; history professor; dean of faculty, Vassar [1934-67]; 1st exchange professor under the Buenos Aires Convention [1936]; author, “The United States & the Disruption of the Spanish Empire, 1810-1822” [1937], “Latin America: an Interpretation...of its History” [1944]; managing editor, Hispanic American Historical Review [1950-53]; general editor, “Latin America: A Guide to the Historical Literature” [1971]

Van Campen Heilner

1918 Sportsman, author & filmmaker; authority on hunting & fishing; field representative, American Museum of Natural History; “Salt Water Fishing” [1937] a classic in its field

Walter Higley

1918 Episcopal Bishop, Central New York [1960-69]

Cargill MacMillan Sr.

1918 President, Cargill, Inc. [1957-60]

Singleton Moorehead

1918 Architect & architectural historian; researcher & designer for Colonial Williamsburg [1928-63]; author, treatises on Virginia architecture; Fellow, American Institute of Architects

Robert G. Page

1918 Attorney; 1st NY Regional Director, Securities & Exchange Commission [1935-]; president & later chairman, Phelps Dodge [1947-69]; recipient, Charles F. Rand Gold Medal [1967]

J. Hall Paxton

1918 Diplomat, representing the US in China, Iran [1925-52]; evacuated from Nanking & survivor, the Panay Incident [1937]; recipient, State Department Superior Service Award for leading refugees on 2000 mile journey over Himalayas from China into India [1946]

Emanuel J. “Mannie” Rosenberg

1918 Creator & producer, radio soap operas & serials, including “Sam Spade” & “The Fat Man” [1946-51], & television series including “Texaco Playhouse” and “The People’s Choice” [1955-58]

Margaret Bailey Speer

1918 Dean of Women’s College, Yenching University, Beijing [1925-42]; headmistress, Shipley School [1944-65]; early advocate for the ABC [A Better Chance] scholarship program [1960s]

William Edwards Stevenson

1918 Rhodes Scholar [1922-]; Olympic Gold Medal, 1600 meter relay, setting world record [1924]; organizer, American Red Cross operations in the UK & North Africa, WWII; president, Oberlin College [1946-59]; chair, National Fulbright Selection Committee; ambassador to the Philippines [1962-64]; head, Aspen Institute [1967-70]

George Clapp Vaillant

1918 Archeologist, museum administrator, teacher; specialist in Mexican archeology & pre-Columbian cultures; director, University Museum, University of Pennsylvania [1941-45]

Franklin G. “Fritz” Clement

1919 Chicago investment banker; Senior Amateur Golf Championship winner [1957], member, US Senior Golf championship team [1964]

Minot “Minnie” Dole

1919 Founder & 1st chairman, National Ski Patrol [1938-]; instigator of special training for mountain forces during World War II, later the 10th Mountain Division [1939-]; namesake, Minnie’s Mile ski run, Vail, CO

Thomas W. “Tim” Durant

1919 Screen actor, including “Red Badge of Courage” [1951]; steeplechase champion, Del Monte Cup Race, Grand National [1966, -67, -68]

Doris Knights

1919 Lt. Col. United States Army Nurse Corps; chief nurse, 6th General Hospital, WWII

Elisabeth Luce Moore

1919 Leader in social service agencies, educational institutions & philanthropy [1930s-90s]; Henry Luce Foundation Board of Trustees [1936-99]; chair, USO National Council, WWII; president, United Board for Christian Education in Asia; chair, US Institute of International Education; chair, YMCA foreign division; chair, Institute for International Education; chair, Board of Trustees, State University System of New York [1968-78]; namesake, Elisabeth Luce Moore Library, Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong [1971]

Gordon Morris

1919 Author of popular fiction, playwright, screenwriter [1920s-30s]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Harold Homer Anderson

1920 Psychologist & researcher; specialist in child development & creativity; chair, Michigan State University Psychology Department [1946-]

Calvin Bartlett

1920 Defense attorney & civil libertarian; defender of alleged communists in trials proceeding from interrogations by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s

Humphrey Bogart

1920 Actor best known for his film work, including “Petrified Forest” [1936], “Maltese Falcon” [1941], “Casablanca” [1943], “The Big Sleep” [1946], “Treasure of Sierra Madre” [1948], “The African Queen” [1951]; Best Actor Academy Award [1951]; per the American Film Institute “Hollywood’s greatest male film star” [1999]

Thurston Chase

1920 Headmaster, Eaglebrook School [1928-66]

Paul C. Daniels

1920 Diplomat; ambassador to Honduras [1947], ambassador to OAS [1948-50], ambassador to Ecuador [1951-53]; Department of State director of American Republic Affairs [1947-49]; as US special advisor on Antarctica [1957-59], negotiated the Antarctic Treaty [1959]; namesake, Daniels Range, Antarctica [1963]

Edward J. Hanley

1920 President/CEO/chair, Allegheny Ludlum Steel [1951-72], then the world’s largest producer of stainless steel and titanium

Allen Keith

1920 In 1922, as a Yale undergraduate, Keith was the hero of the Rialto Theatre Fire in New Haven; Keith died from the injuries he received rescuing women & children trapped in the building

David W. Kendall

1920 Asst. Secretary of Treasury [1955-57]; special counsel to President Eisenhower [1958-60]

Jean Lyon

1920 Foreign correspondent covering the “fall of China” [ca.1945-50]; author, “When the communists took China” Harper’s February 1950, “Chester Bowles, new-style diplomat” Harper’s November 1952; author “Just Half a World Away: My Search for the New India” [1954]

Milton Steinbach

1920 Philanthropist; 1st president, Mt Sinai School of Medicine; recipient, Yale Medal [1965]

George B. Wells

1920 President, American Optical Company [1936-46]; founder & part donor, Old Sturbridge Village [1936]

Henry Cutler Wolfe

1920 War correspondent, author & lecturer on foreign affairs, influential during the early years of WWII; recipient, Order of the Southern Cross [Brazil, ca.1945]

Lloyd Brace

1921 President/CEO/chair, Bank of Boston [1947-66]; director, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston [1951-56]; chairman, Dartmouth Board of Trustees [1967-70]; Rockefeller Foundation Finance Committee chair; recipient, Harvard Business School Business Statesman Award [1968]

Carlton Coon

1921 Physical anthropologist, archeologist, spy and diplomat; author, especially on the anthropology of race; president, American Association of Physical Anthropology; professor @ Harvard [1928-48], U Pennsylvania [1948-63]; OSS secret agent, North Africa [WWII]; panelist on Peabody-Award winning archeology quiz show “What in the World?” [1949-64]; author, “A North Africa Story: The Anthropologist as OSS Agent” [1980]

Joseph Cornell

1921 Surrealist artist & filmmaker; noted especially as an assemblagist & creator of shadow boxes [active 1930s-60s]

Philip Eiseman

1921 Banker; president, Bay Banks [1948-66], chair, Bay State Corporation [1948-69]; leader in developing concept of bank holding companies

Walter J. Kohler Jr.

1921 Governor of Wisconsin [1950-54]; chairman, American Cancer Society [1953-56]

Alfred Lindley

1921 With PA classmates & Yale teammates Benjamin Spock & Alfred Wilson, member of the Yale 8 that won Olympic Gold Medal in rowing [1924]; member, US Olympic Ski Team [1935]; leader in US competitive skiing [1935-50]; mountain climber

Donald Loker

1921 Boxer turned screen actor under the name “Don Terry” featured in movie serials of the late 1930s & early 40s; later executive with wife’s family business, the French Sardine Company - Star-Kist; the Lokers became benefactors of USC, Harvard, etc.

Raymond Otis

1921 Regionalist novelist based in Santa Fe; “Fire in the Night” etc.

Irving E Rogers Jr.

1921 Publisher, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune [1982-98]; recipient, Pulitzer Prize for General Reporting [1988]

Edward S. Skillin

1921 Editor & publisher, Commonweal, oldest Catholic journal of opinion in US [1938-98]

Mom Luang Chiew Snitwongse

1921 First Thai student at Andover

Benjamin Spock

1921 Pediatrician, influential author and authority on child rearing, “Baby & Child Care” [1946 et seq.]; social activist; member of the all-Yale crew team that took gold at the 1924 Olympics; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

Arthur Walworth

1921 Pulitzer Prize winning biographer, “Woodrow Wilson, American Prophet” [1958] & other studies of Wilson & his era

Alfred Wilson

1921 With PA classmates & Yale teammates Benjamin Spock & Alfred Lindley, member of the Yale 8 that won Olympic Gold Medal in rowing [1924]

Robert Gray Allen

1922 New Deal Democrat; Pennsylvania congressman [1937-41]

Peter Capra

1922 Italian immigrant who came to Andover as a World War I veteran; director, New York Boys Club [1939-62], chairman, Yale University Enrollment & Scholarship Committee [ca.1950]

Donald E. Carr

1922 Environmental activist & author, “The Breath of Life” [1965], “Death of the Sweet Waters” [1966]

Charles A Clough

1922 Episcopal Bishop of Springfield [1948-62]

Ralph M. Crowley

1922 Psychoanalytic pioneer; president, William White Institute, New York; president, American Academy of Psychoanalysis; recipient, William V. Silverberg Award [1980]

Benjamin C. Cutler

1922 Popular New York “society” band leader & singer [1920s-70s]

Walker Evans

1922 Photographer & photo essayist; best known for “The Crime of Cuba” with Carlton Beal [1931], work with Farm Security Administration [1935-38], “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” [1939] with William Agee

Robert R. Hannum

1922 Social worker & author; Children’s Village [1929-40]; director, Osborne Association [1941-67]; president, International Prisoners Aid Association

Bartlett Hayes

1922 Museum curator & arts administrator; director, Addison Gallery of American Art [1940-69]; secretary, College Art Association [1959-64]; director, American Academy in Rome [1969-73]; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

H. Mansfield “Jack” Horner

1922 President & later Chairman, United Aircraft [1943-68]

John R. Kimberly

1922 Chairman & CEO, Kimberly-Clark [1953-68], transforming it into a global manufacturer of consumer products

Phillips Lord

1922 Creator of popular radio dramas, “Sunday at Seth Parker” [1929-33], “Gang Busters” [1935-57]

Stanley Osborne

1922 President/CEO, Olin Mathieson Chemicals [1957-64]

Joseph Verner Reed

1922 Theatre producer, real estate developer & conservationist; developer of Florida’s Jupiter Island [1931-]; a founder & later president & chairman, American Shakespeare Festival [1955-73]; Florida conservationist

Robert P. Anderson

1923 Judge, Connecticut Superior Court [1953-54]; US District Court Judge for CT [1954-62], chief judge [1960-64]; US Court of Appeals Judge, Second District [1964-71]

Gardner Cox

1923 Artist best known for portraits of government, business and cultural leaders, including Dylan Thomas, Earl Warren, Robert Kennedy, Henry Kissinger & Robert Frost

George Bapst Darling

1923 Public health authority; Yale professor of human ecology [1946-74]; director, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, National Academy of Sciences [1957-72]; recipient, Supreme Golden Orchid Award, Japan Medical Society [1967]

Frederick Thayer Merrill

1923 Diplomat; expert on Eastern European affairs & narcotics trafficking; secretary, US Delegation, Paris Peace Conference [1945], director, East-West contacts, Dept. of State [1956-60];

Charles B.G. Murphy

1923 Mental health philanthropist; major donor to medical education, psychiatric research & treatment, development of chemotherapy to combat depression [ca.1940-1977]; founder, Social Research Foundation [1949]

Macauley Smith

1923 Athlete & conservationists; US Olympic Team distance runner [1928] donor, Blackacre Conservancy [1979], 1st nature preserve in Kentucky state system

Benner C. Turner

1923 Law School Dean, North Carolina Colored Normal College [1940-]; President, South Carolina State College [1949-68]; president, Conference of Land Grant Colleges

Alan Barth

1924 Editorial writer, Washington Post [1943-72]; as “the liberal conscience of Washington” advocated for civil rights & civil liberties; opponent of segregation and McCarthyism; author of “The Loyalty of Free Men” [1951], “Price of Liberty” [1961], & “The Rights of Free Men” [1984]

Walter R. Bearsley

1924 President/CEO/chairman, Miles Laboratories [1947-73], producer of multivitamins, Alka-Seltzer

Philip D. Block, Jr.

1924 Chairman, Inland Steel [1967-71]; philanthropist, Art Institute of Chicago

Mark DeWolfe Howe

1924 Legal historian, authority on constitutional law; professor, Harvard Law School [1945-]; biographer, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

C. Terry Sedgwick Keep

1924 Rhodes Scholar [1928-]; president, Previews, Inc.

“Prince” Serge Mdivani

1924 Polo player & socialite, one of the “Marrying Mdivanis” whose well-publicized marriages & divorces from film stars and heiresses titillated the public [1920s-30s]

Frell Owl

1924 Member, Eastern Band, Cherokee Indians; Bureau of Indian Affairs official [1928-1961]; superintendent, Crow Creek Sioux Agency, South Dakota; superintendent, Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho; author, “Who and What is an American Indian” [1962]; namesake, Frell Owl Award

Thomas L. Perkins

1924 President & chairman, American Cyanamid [1951-60]; trustee, the Duke Endowment [1948-73], chair [1960-73]

Roy “Red” Randall

1924 All-American football back at Brown [1926, ’27]; leader, Brown’s “Iron Men Team” [1926]

Ernesto Samper

1924 Columbian aviator - “The Lindbergh of Columbia” - cofounder, Columbian airline SACO [1933-], merged to form Avianca [1940]

Charles H. Sawyer

1924 Arts administrator; museum director [1931-41]; during WWII, with OSS, documenting art looted by Nazis; dean, Yale Division of Arts [1947-56]; director, U Michigan Museum of Art [1957-72]

George F. Vanderschmidt

1924 Journalist; managing editor, Newsweek [1942-46] & London correspondent [1946-52]; author, “What the English Think of Us” [1948]

Winslow Ames

1925 Art & architectural historian, connoisseur, museum director; authority on Old Master drawings & Victorian aesthetics; author, “Prince Albert & Victorian Taste” [1967]

N. Philip Bastedo

1925 Attorney; president, board of trustees, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York [1958-], chair, United Hospital Fund [1978-84], the nation’s oldest federated charity

Charles Borah

1925 Champion sprinter; twice tied world record in the 100-yard dash [1926, ’27]; US Olympic Team [1928] Gold Medal, 4x100 relay

Lilian Grosvenor Coville

1925 Traveler in Manchuria [1920s]; author, National Geographic articles on Manchuria [1930s]

Cornelius Crane

1925 Explorer & archeologist, funder, Field Museum Pacific Expedition [1928-29]; Chicago philanthropist

Douglas C. Fox

1925 Anthropologist & art historian, Forschunginstitut Fur Kulturmorphologie, Frankfurt; expert on cave paintings & African folk tales

Theodate Johnson

1925 Classical singer; later, as Theodate Johnson Severns, owner of Musical America [ca.1960-]

Ralph Delahaye Paine Jr.

1925 Publisher & managing editor, Fortune [1941-67]; vice-president, TIME, Inc. [1953-]; publisher, Architectural Forum [1954-63];

Robert Rylee

1925 Novelist, “Deep Dark River” [1935]

James Ramsey Ullman

1925 New York theater producer/director; producer of “Haiti” with the Federal Theatre Project [1938]; author, “The White Tower” [novel 1945, film 1950]

Frederick M. Alger Jr.

1926 Michigan Secretary of State [1947-52]; Ambassador to Belgium [1957-59]

Charles A. Bovey

1926 Montana rancher & collector of Gold Rush-Era buildings & artifacts; founder, Montana Historic Landmarks Society [1944]; owner & restorer, 1860s boomtown Virginia City, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961

Homer M. Byington II

1926 Diplomat; director, State Department Office of Western European Affairs [1950-54]; 1st American ambassador to Malaysia [1957-61]

Duncan Emrich

1926 Folklorist & diplomat; chief, Library of Congress Folklore Collection [1945-55]; US cultural attaché to Togo, Greece & India [ca.1955-65]; folklorist with United States Information Agency [USIA]

Suzanne Loizeaux

1926 Publisher & editor, Plymouth Record, New Hampshire; member, New Hampshire General Assembly [1952-]

Beaumont Newhall

1926 Photography historian & curator; author, “The History of Photography” [1937]; founding curator, Department of Photography, Museum of Modern Art [1940-48]; curator & later director, George Eastman House Museum of Photography [1948-71]; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

Fletcher E. Nyce

1926 Swimmer; set interscholastic 100 yard record, breast stroke [1926]; president/CEO/chairman, Central Trust Company, Cincinnati, & Central Bancorporation [1964-73]

Gretchen Vanderschmidt

1926 President, Altrusa International [ca.1954] social service & grant-making organization

L. Metcalfe Walling

1926 New Deal labor lawyer; administrator, Fair Labor Standards Act [1942-47]; director, US aid mission, Cambodia [1957-60]

Frederic P. Bartlett

1927 Diplomat; 1st US ambassador to Madagascar [1960-62]

John M. Bennett

1927 South Texas rancher, banker, civic & political leader; WWII bomber pilot, commander, 100th Bomb Group [“The Bloody Hundredth”], leader, 1st daylight bombing raid over Berlin [8 March 1944]; Major General, Air Force Reserve

Emilio Collado

1927 Economist, Treasury & State departments [1934-44]; member, American negotiating team, Bretton Woods Conference [1944]; 1st US executive director, World Bank [1947]; chairman, Americas Society, New York; chairman, Center for Inter-American Relations

Richard Stanley Merrill Emrich

1927 Episcopal Bishop of Michigan [1948-73]; civil rights activist; Bishop Emrich integrated all Michigan Episcopal parishes and institutions in 1948

Chester L. Harding

1927 Rear Admiral, US Coast Guard; commander, 3rd Coast Guard District [-1965]

Marshall MacDuffie

1927 Chief, UN relief mission in the Ukraine [1945-]; friend to Nikita Khrushchev; author of books & articles on the Soviet Union, including “The Red Carpet: 10,000 Miles through Russia” [1955]

Robert Maes

1927 Surgeon; president, American College of Surgeons; president, the Independence Foundation, Philadelphia [1959-91] which supported education, especially private secondary education

John B. Martin Jr.

1927 Rhodes Scholar [1930-31]; attorney & Michigan Republican politician; Michigan Auditor General [1951-54]

Ruth Nash

1927 Composer; Department of Agriculture film scores [1940]; director, Music Education Program, WPA [1942]

Charles C. Stelle

1927 Diplomat; member, “Dixie Mission” observing Communist Chinese forces and government operations, Yan-an [1944-]; US negotiating team, Atomic Test Ban Treaty [1963]; head, US delegation, US-Soviet Hotline Agreement [1963]; chief US delegate, Geneva Disarmament Conference [1964]

W. Davis Taylor

1927 Publisher/chairman, The Boston Globe [1955-81]; recipient, Fuess Award [1974]

Sydna White

1927 Collector of folk music, Indian subcontinent; performer

John W.M. Whiting

1927 Anthropologist; researcher on child development & learning in diverse societies; Harvard professor [1949-78]; author, “Becoming a Kwoma: Teaching & Learning in a New Guinea Tribe” [1941], “Child Training & Personality” [1953], “Culture & Human Development” [1994]

James Barr Ames

1928 Attorney & civic leader; vice president and later president, Massachusetts Historical Society [1967-78]; president, Boston Athenaeum [1968-81]; president, Greater Boston Hospital Planning Council

Hubert C. Barton

1928 Economist; director, Office of Strategic Services Presentation Branch, [1942-45], presenting wartime military information, organizing the San Francisco UN Conference [1944] & the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials [1945]; economic development planner for Puerto Rico’s Operation Bootstrap [ca.1948-60]

Sumner McKnight Crosby

1928 Art historian, authority on French medieval architecture; Yale professor [1941-78], chair Yale Department of Art History [1947-53, 1962-65]; director, International Center of Romanesque Art [1956-]; president, International Center of Medieval Art [1966-]; author, “The Abbey of St. Denis…” [1942], “The Royal Abbey of St. Denis” [1987]

Philip Dey “P.D.” Eastman

1928 Cartoon writer & story boarder, Walt Disney [1935-41], Warner Brothers [1941-43]; with the Frank Capra Signal Corps Unit [1943-45], writer for the “Private Snafu” training film series; with UPA Pictures, adapter/writer, Mr. Magoo cartoons & “Gerald McBoing-Boing” - winner Academy Award, Best Animated Short [1950]; during 1950s, on Hollywood Blacklist; author & illustrator, children’s books - “Sam & the Firefly” [1958], “The Best Nest” [1968]

Gerhard Gesell

1928 Washington attorney & judge; chair, presidential Committee on Equal Opportunity in the Armed Services [1961-67]; US district judge, Washington, DC [1967-93]; presided in high-profile trials relating to publication of the Pentagon Papers [1971], the Watergate break-in [1972-73], the Iran-Contra scandal [1986]; recipient, Fuess Award [1973], Edward J. Devitt Distinguished Service to Justice Award [1989]

Walter Gubelmann

1928 Yachtsman; winner, Southern Ocean Racing Championship [1950], Queen Elizabeth II Cup [1958, -65, -68]; America’s Cup challenge financier, Constellation Syndicate [1964]; president, Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach [1966-88]; US Croquet Hall of Fame [1987]

Basil Duke Henning

1928 Historian; honored by British Parliament for his 3-volume history of Parliament in the 17th century; master, Saybrook College, Yale [1946-75]

Franz J. “Inge” Ingelfinger

1928 Gastroenterologist, medical educator and journalist; editor, New England Journal of Medicine [1967-77]; creator of the “Ingelfinger Rule” [1970] regarding biomedical publishing; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

Daniel James

1928 Playwright, screenwriter & novelist; communist [ca.1930s-1948]; “Winter Soldiers” published in “Best Plays” [1942-43]; on Hollywood Blacklist [1950-]; social worker [ca.1948-68]; wrote under pseudonyms [1950-85]; as “Danny Santiago” won awards, then opprobrium for “Famous All Over Town” [1983]

Donald McLean

1928 Chief assistant to John D. Rockefeller III; founder, International House, Japan; recipient, Fuess Award [1991]

Thomas Mendenhall

1928 Rhodes Scholar [1932]; history professor [1937-59]; President, Smith College [1959-75]

James O. Moore Jr.

1928 Solicitor General, New York State [1955-57]; Justice, New York Supreme Court

Lois Dunn Morse

1928 Nurse, administrator & educator, New York, Boston & Hanover, NH; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

Roger F. Murray II

1928 Pension expert, banker, economist; professor, Columbia Graduate School of Business; originator, Individual Retirement Accounts [IRAs], approved by IRS 1974

Eliot Noyes

1928 Modernist architect & industrial designer; chief designer for IBM [1956-], including IBM’s revolutionary Selectric I typewriter [1961]

Alfred Ogden

1928 New York attorney; chairman, board of trustees, Robert College, Istanbul [1955-63]

Norman Pearson

1928 Yale English professor, author; authority on the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne; explorer, Viking ruins, Greenland

Paul C. Reardon

1928 Jurist & judicial reformer; chief justice, Massachusetts Superior Court [1955-62]; a founder & 2nd president, National Conference of State Trial Judges [1957]; author, the “Reardon Report” on fair trials & free press [1964, 1968; recommendations adopted in all 50 states by 1973]; associate justice, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court [1962-76]; founder & 1st president, National Center for State Courts [1971]; recipient, Award of Merit, North American Judges Association [1972]; honored for work in court reform by the ABA [1975]; namesake, Reardon Award of the NCSC; chairman, Harvard Board of Overseers Executive Committee [1966-68]

Roland Burnett Sundown

1928 Seneca Indian, noted as a traditional chanter

Horace G. Torbert Jr.

1928 Diplomat; US ambassador to Hungary [1961-62], Somalia [1963-65], Bulgaria [1970-73]

Willis Armstrong

1929 Diplomat & international trade expert; official, Lend-Lease Administration [1941-45]; deputy director, Division of Commercial Policy [1952-54]; assistant secretary of state for economic affairs [1972-74]

Johnny Broaca

1929 NY Yankees pitcher [1934-37]

Charles W. Buek

1929 Banker, with United States Trust Company [1933-76], ultimately as president, CEO & chairman

Newton K. Chase

1929 Headmaster, Thatcher School [1949-63, 1968-69]

Sherman Chickering

1929 Attorney & conservationist; a founder, Sugar Bowl Ski Area, Norden, CA [1939] & namesake, Sugar Bowl’s “Chick’s Challenge” ski run; president, California Fish & Game Commission; chair, California State Wildlife Conservation Commission; trustee, California Academy of Sciences [1972-93]; donor & namesake, Chickering American River Reserve [1975]

Richard Jackson

1929 Assistant Secretary of the Navy [1957-61]

Alfred Kidder II

1929 Archeologist, author; panelist on the U. Pennsylvania-based-based archeology quiz show, “What in the World?” [ca.1950-65], winner Peabody Award

John Lardner

1929 Sports writer, war correspondent; author “Southwest Passage: the Yanks in the Pacific” [1943]

Thomas M. Lasater

1929 Rancher & cattle breeder, Texas & Colorado; developer of Beefmaster cattle [1931-], recognized as a distinct breed by the USDA [1954]

Despina Plakias Messinesi

1929 Editor, Vogue magazine [1941-92]

J. Quigg Newton Jr.

1929 Activist mayor of Denver [1947-55]; president, American Municipal Association [1949-50]; president, University of Colorado [1956-63]; president, The Commonwealth Fund, New York [1964-75] with special interest in health-care delivery and creation of HMOs; Denver’s municipal auditorium named in honor of Quigg Newton [2003]

Kennett Longley Rawson

1929 Explorer, author, editor & publisher; as a PA student, participated in MacMillan Arctic Expeditions [1925-29]; navigator, 2nd Byrd Antarctic Expedition [1933-35]; post-WWII, president, David McKay & Rawson, Wade [publishers]; author, “A Boys Eye View of the Arctic” [1926]; namesake, Rawson Plateau, Antarctica; recipient, Navy Cross [1935]

Peregrine White

1929 Attorney for the Manhattan Project; worked on Fermi patent for first nuclear reactor [1942-55]; post WWII, R&D general council, Dept. of Defense; research editor, National Academy of Sciences [1969-77]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Jane Goodell

1930 Red Cross officer, WWII, in charge of GI recreation facilities, Iceland; author, “They Sent Me to Iceland” [1943]

Donald B. Jones

1930 New Jersey conservationist, historic preservationist & philanthropist; president, NJ Conservation Foundation [1980-83]; namesake, annual NJCF Donald Jones Hike

Edith Keller

1930 Private, Women’s Army Corps [WAC][1944-]

John Usher Monro

1930 Director of Financial Aid, Harvard [1950-57]; pioneered need-based financial aid and expanded educational opportunities for African-Americans; dean of Harvard College [1957-67]; director of freshman studies, Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama [1967-77]; recipient, Fuess Award [1982]

John Newell

1930 President, Bath Iron Works shipyard [1950-65]; in retirement, a nationally prominent opponent of nuclear power, proponent of solar power

Donna Brace Ogilvie

1930 Chair, National Board, Girls Inc. [1972-]; benefactor, Girls Inc., Stanford Hospital, Yale University, Abbot Academy & Phillips Academy; recipient, Fuess Award [1997]

Richard H. O’Kane

1930 Outstanding WWII submarine commander in the Pacific theatre [1943-44], sinking 24 enemy ships & rescuing dozens of downed pilots; prisoner of war [1944-45]; recipient, Medal of Honor [1947]; Rear Admiral [1957]; namesake, USS O’Kane [1998]

Helen Ripley

1930 Ensign, US Navy WAVES [1944-]

William L. Sachse

1930 Rhodes Scholar [1935-]; history professor, U Wisconsin; author, “The Colonial American in Great Britain” [1978]

Roul Tunley

1930 Journalist & author focused on social policies issues; author, “Kids, Crime & Chaos” [1962], “The America’s Health Scandal” [1966], “To Be a Journalist” [2005]

Keith Brown

1931 Pole vaulter, Andover & Yale; set world record [1935]

John L. Cooper

1931 Chairman, Massachusetts Financial Services [-1978]; chair, Mount Holyoke College Board of Trustees [1971-79]

Augustus Heckscher II

1931 Cofounder, Yale Political Union [1934]; New York City art commissioner [1957-62]; special consultant on the arts to President Kennedy [1962-63]; director, 20th Century Fund [1957-67]

James Lardner

1931 Herald-Tribune Paris reporter covering Spanish Civil War; joined the Lincoln Brigade; killed in action [1938]

Max Franklin Millikan

1931 Cofounder, Yale Political Union [1934]; professor of economics & director, Center for International Relations, MIT [1952-69]

Arthur Murray Preston

1931 World War II torpedo boat commander; recipient, Medal of Honor for gallantry in battle [1944]

Russell B. Roth

1931 Physician and advocate on behalf of the medical profession; vice speaker, American Medical Association House of Delegates [1966-68], speaker [1969-72], AMA president [1973-74]

Lyman Spitzer

1931 Leader in space astronomy, plasma physics; chair, Princeton Astrophysical Sciences Department [1947-]; founder & director, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory [1951-1967]; designer, first telescope-bearing satellite; champion of what became the Hubble Space Telescope [1946-1990]; recipient, National Medal of Science [1979]; namesake, Spitzer Space Telescope [launched 2003]

William S. Vickrey

1931 Economist; winner, Nobel Prize in Economics [1996] for economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information

Stewart Wolf

1931 Physician & medical researcher; pioneer in study of stress & hypertension; supervisor of clinical research & head, Department of Medicine, University of Nebraska [1953-67]; president, board of regents, National Medical Library [1967-69]

Isabel Arms

1932 Ensign, US Navy WAVES [1944-]

John P. Austin

1932 Member, US Olympic Rowing Team [1936]

William S. Beinecke

1932 President/CEO/ chairman, Sperry & Hutchinson [1960-80]; chairman, Yale Development Board [1969]; founding chairman, Central Park Conservancy [1980-85]; chairman/chairman emeritus, Hudson River Foundation [1980-]

Norman Cahners

1932 Founder, president & chair, Cahners Publishing [1946-86], leading trade magazine publishers; a hammer-through champion at Harvard, Cahners refused to try out for the Berlin Olympics [1936]; philanthropist & trustee of many colleges, hospitals & civic agencies; president & then chair, Boston Museum of Science [1972-86]; recipient, Harvard Business Statesman Award [1977], American Business Press Honor Scroll Award [1984], Annual Award, National Conference of Christians & Jews [1986]

John M. Cates Jr.

1932 Diplomat; State Department expert on the UN & Latin America [1947-70]; president, Center for Inter-American Relations [1971-75]

Robert H. Cory Jr.

1932 Founder & director, William Penn House [1966-], Washington, a Quaker center promoting peace & justice; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

Raymond Dennett

1932 Expert on treaty negotiations; director, World Peace Foundation [1946-54], president, American-Scandinavian Foundation; author “Negotiating with the Russians” [1951]

Neison Harris

1932 Founder & president, Toni beauty products [1944-62]; transformed Pittsburgh Railways into the diversified Pittway Company [1960s]; president/chair, Pittway [1962-]

Gladwin Hill

1932 London-based AP war correspondent [1942-45]; 1st NY Times LA bureau chief [1946-68]; author, “Dancing Bear: an Inside Look at California Politics” [1968]; first national environmental correspondent, NY Times [1969-79]

Miye Hirooka

1932 Translator, Tokyo [ca.1940-]

Adrian C. “Ace” Israel

1932 Investment banker; president, Bache & Company [1965-66], chairman, People’s Drug [1975-]; founder & CEO, ACLI International, commodities trading firm [-1981]; vice chair, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Oliver Jensen

1932 Cofounder, American Heritage Magazine [1954] & Horizon Magazine [1958]; editor, American Heritage [1959-76]

Ring Lardner Jr.

1932 Screenwriter & author; screenwriter, “Woman of the Year” - winner, Academy Award for best screenplay [1942], “Laura” [1944], “Brotherhood of Man” [1946], “Forever Amber” [1947]; a left-wing activist in the 1930s and 40s, Lardner was one of “The Hollywood Ten” blacklisted & fired by studios [1947]; moved to England, wrote under pseudonyms; comeback as screenwriter for the movie “M*A*S*H” - winner, Academy Award, best screenplay & Cannes Best Picture [1970]

Richard A. Moore

1932 Attorney & diplomat; CEO, Western Broadcasting [1951-62]; special counsel to Richard Nixon [1971-73]; a founder, “The McLaughlin Group” political commentary TV show [1982-] ; Ambassador to Ireland [1989-92]

Wingate Paine

1932 Commercial photographer, specialist in fashion & illustration work; author, “Mirror of Venus” [1967]

Lovett C. Peters

1932 Founder & chairman, Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research [1988-]; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

Henry S. Robinson

1932 Archeologist; director, American School of Classical Studies, Athens [1959-69]

Dorothy Rockwell

1932 Journalist; Washington Bureau, Transradio Press Service [1942], Philadelphia Inquirer [1945-]; president, Newspaper Guild of Washington [1945-]

Alexis Thompson

1932 Member, US Olympic Men’s Field Hockey Team [1936] & US Bobsled Team [1948]; owner, Philadelphia Eagles [1940-49], winner NFL championship [1948 & ’49]

William L. Veeck Jr.

1932 As owner of the Cleveland Indians [1946-49], helped to integrate Major League Baseball; owner, St. Louis Browns [1951-53] & Chicago White Sox [1959-61, 1975-81]

John Horne Burns

1933 Novelist; author of “The Gallery” [1947]

Louis J. Hector

1933 Rhodes Scholar [1938-40]; OSS officer operating in China, WWII; attorney; outspoken chair, Civil Aeronautics Board [1956-59]; instrumental in creation and, as chair, administering the Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust supporting science research

Robert Ingersoll

1933 CEO Borg Warner [1958-72]; ambassador to Japan [1972-73], Assistant Secretary of State, East Asian Affairs [1973-74], Deputy Secretary of State [1974-76]; recipient, Fuess Award [1991]

Sargeant Kahanamoku

1933 Hawaiian swimmer & surfing legend [1930s-40s]

Robert H. Krieble

1933 Chemist & industrialist; cofounder & product developer, Loctite Corporation [1953-], president/CEO/chair [1964-86]; vice chair, Heritage Foundation [1985-96]; founder, Krieble Institute [1989], promoting democracy, economic freedom & education in the former Soviet Union & Eastern Europe

William Nute

1933 Medical missionary, Turkey [ca.1945-65]; director, Christian Medical Council, National Council of Churches [1960s]; Regional Health Director, New York Public Health Service [1970s]

Gerard Piel

1933 Publisher Scientific American [1947-84], transforming magazine, widening its appeal & influence; president, American Association for Advancement of Science [1985-86]; author, “Science in the Cause of Man” [1962], “The Age of Science” [2001]

Herbert Scoville Jr.

1933 Nuclear physicist, Defense Department Special Weapons Project [1948-55]; CIA deputy director, research & technology [1955-63]; director for technology, Arms Control & Disarmament Agency [1963-69]; a founder & president, Arms Control Association [1979-85]; author, ’’Missile Madness’’ [1970] & ’’MX: Prescription for Disaster,’’ [1981]; recipient, Fuess Award [1977]; recipient, Rockefeller Public Service Award [1981]; namesake, Scoville Peace Internships Program [1987]

Albert O. “Scoop” Vorse

1933 World War II flying ace; Rear Admiral; chair, US Navy capital ship committee [1950s]

Abbot McConnell Washburn

1933 Deputy director, USIA [1953-61]; responsible for American National Exhibition, Moscow, & Nixon visit to Russia [1959]; FCC commissioner [1974-82], advocate for cell phone communications & public television

C. Francis “Foochow” Belcher

1934 Executive director, Appalachian Mountain Club [1956-75]

Harlan Cleveland

1934 Rhodes Scholar [1938-39]; assistant secretary of state for international organizations [1961-65]; US ambassador to NATO [1965-69]; president, University of Hawaii [1969-74]; director, Aspen Institute Program in International Affairs [1974-80]; founding dean, Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota [1980-90]; recipient, Fuess Award [1968]

Donald Redfield Griffin

1934 Zoologist; co-discoverer of echolocation in bats [1944]; founder of cognitive ethology [1978], the study of animal thought processes; professor of zoology successively @ Cornell, Harvard, Rockefeller [1953-86]

Roderick S.G. “Steve” Hall

1934 OSS agent in the mountains of Italy, WWII; killed 1945; diary & letters recount life as a spy

William H. Harding

1934 Intercollegiate pole vault champion [1936, -37 & -38], qualifier for the cancelled 1940 Olympic Games; headmaster, the Pike School [1956-]

Marion Harper Jr.

1934 Advertising leader, developer of advertising research & the competitive agency system; president/chair, McCann-Erickson [1948-60]; founder, president & chairman, Interpublic Group [1961-68], world’s largest P.R. firm

Gardner Middlebrook

1934 Medical researcher, Rockefeller Institute; co-developer, hemagglutination test for TB [1948]; recipient, Pasteur Medal [1954]

Katherine Damon Reed

1934 Cofounder & business manager, Carroll Reed Ski Shops [1950-69], pioneer in up-market catalogue sales

Frank W. Rounds Jr.

1934 Journalist & diplomat, expert on Russia; author, “A Window on Red Square” [1953]

Robert A. Uihlein Jr.

1934 President/chairman, Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company [1961-76]; polo player & promoter in the US; namesake, Robert A. Uihlein Memorial Trophy, US Polo Association; part-owner, Milwaukee Brewers

John M. Woolsey Jr.

1934 Attorney & conservationist; prosecutor, Nuremberg war crimes trials [1945-49]; president, Trustees of Reservations [1977-80]; recipient, Massachusetts Audubon Society Allen Morgan Prize for land conservation

Alexander B. Adams

1935 Conservationist & author; president & later chairman, the Nature Conservancy [1960-69]; author, “Thoreau’s Guide to Cape Cod” [1962], “The Disputed Lands” [1981]

Newell Brown

1935 Assistant Secretary of Labor [1955-61]

James S. Copley

1935 Chairman, Copley Press & Copley News Service [1949-73]; as editorial page editor, San Diego Union, an influential conservative; philanthropist, educational & cultural institutions; major collector of American historical documents

Robert Cushman

1935 President, Norton Company [1971-], transformed Norton into world leader in manufacture of abrasives; advocate for corporate philanthropy

Don Henry

1935 Yale All-American, lacrosse [1939]; Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient for service as Lieutenant and PT boat commander, WWII; lawyer and bank chairman; avid mountain climber who was once the oldest person to ascend 20,000’ Denali/Mt. McKinley at age 71 [1988]

Albert Kerr

1935 Headmaster, Berwick Academy [1957-64], Peddie School [1964-77]

William Knowles

1935 Chemist; Nobel Prize, chemistry [2002] for development of catalytic asymmetric synthesis; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2012

Richard Lederer

1935 Historian & etymologist, author “Colonial American English” [1985]

Charles Appleton Meyer

1935 Sears, Roebuck [1939-80], retiring as senior VP; Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs [1969-73]; chair, Board of Trustees, Lake Forest College

Henry Salomon

1935 NBC documentarian; conceived, wrote & produced “Victory at Sea” [1952-53], widely acclaimed battle-centered history of World War II, recipient, Peabody & Emmy awards [1954]; director of NBC special programming projects

Robert W. Sarnoff

1935 Television executive [1948-75]; president, RCA & NBC [1956-75]; commissioned Gian Carlo Menotti television opera “Amahl & the Night Visitors” [1953], 1st color broadcast

James W. Swihart

1935 Diplomat; 1st secretary, US Embassy, London [1956], director, Department of State Office of Eastern European Affairs [1989-91], Ambassador to Lithuania [1994-97]

M.C. Chakrabandhu Pensiri Chakrabandhu

1936 Prince Chakrabandhu Pensiri Chakrabandhu, Minister of Agriculture & Cooperatives, Thai Government [1974-75]; namesake, Chakrabandhu Pensiri Building, Kasetsart University, Bangkok

Cleve Gray

1936 Painter, art critic & author; known for large, abstract color-field canvases, including the 14-canvas “Threnody” series [1972-73]; editor, writings of David Smith [1968], John Marin [1970]

Cranston Edward Jones

1936 Journalist & magazine editor & author focused on American architecture, “Architecture Today & Tomorrow” [1961], “Marcel Breuer” [1963]; recipient, awards for excellence in architectural journalism, American Institute of Architects [1956, ’58, ’59, ’60]

Robert Huntington Knight

1936 Attorney, banker; advisor to Eisenhower & Kennedy administrations; deputy chairman/chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York [1976-83]

John J. McLaughry

1936 All-American full back, Brown [1938, ’39]; player, New York Football Giants [1940]; head football coach, Amherst, Brown [1950-66]

Willis A. Trafton Jr.

1936 Speaker, Maine House of Representatives [1955-56]

Robert T. Bower

1937 Sociologist & opinion researcher; founder/director, Bureau of Social Science Research, Washington [1950-81]; president, American Association of Public Opinion Research; author, “Television & the Public” [1973], “Ethics in Social Research” [1978]

Vincent L. Broderick

1937 Attorney, judge & police official; New York Police Commissioner [1965-66]; judge, Federal District Court for the Southern District, New York [1976-94]; chairman, criminal law committee, Judicial Conference of the United States [1990-93]

Bertram Davis

1937 English professor & authority on Thomas Percy & Samuel Johnson; leader, American Association of University Professors [ca.1960-2001], general secretary [1967-74]

L. Douglas Heck

1937 Diplomat; opened 1st US embassy in Nepal [1959] as chargé d’affaires; deputy chief of mission, Tehran [1970-74]; ambassador to Niger [1974-76], Nepal [1977-80]

Henry Hornblower II

1937 Stockbroker, amateur archeologist, founder, chief sponsor, president & board chair, Plimoth Plantation living history museum, Plymouth, MA [1947-85]

Joseph P. Lyford

1937 Pioneering journalist on urban affairs; author, “The Talk in Vandalia” [1964], “The Airtight Cage” [1966]; journalism professor, UC Berkeley [1966-83]

Torbert MacDonald

1937 Captain, Harvard football team & roommate to John F. Kennedy; member, National Labor Relations Board [1948-52]; congressman from Massachusetts [1955-76] specializing in campaign finance legislation, communications [cable television] & energy

Howard A. Reed

1937 Professor of history & intercultural studies; authority on Islam, Middle Eastern history, Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill

Edward A. Robie

1937 CARE executive board member [1979-96], chair [1986-89]

Reed Whittemore

1937 Poet & publisher; founder of poetry magazines Furioso [ca.1940] & Carleton Miscellany [ca.1960]; critic & biographer; English professor, Carlton College [1947-66], U Maryland [1966-84]; Library of Congress Consultant in Poetry [1964-65, 1984-85]; author, “The Mother’s Breast & the Father’s House” [1974], “Six Literary Lives” [1993]

L. Stanton Williams

1937 Chairman & CEO, PPG [1979-84]; YMCA national board of trustees treasurer [1959-64], chairman [1983-85]; donor to medical, historical & educational institutions

Orlando S. Barr III

1938 Theologian; chair, New Testament Studies, General Theological Seminary; author, “The Apostles Faith,” “The Christian New Morality”

William Copley

1938 Surrealist painter, art dealer and collector; supporter of artists through the William & Noma Copley Foundation [1953-]

Richard FitzHugh

1938 Biophysicist; research, National Institute of Neurological Disorders [1956-85]; primary developer of the FitzHugh-Nagumo model fundamental to neuroscience

George W. Goethals II

1938 Psychologist & educator focused on youth and schools; Sarah Lawrence & later Harvard faculties [1952-95]; author “The Role of Schools in Mental Health” [1962], “Experiencing Youth” [1986]

Jules Gregory

1938 Architect & planner, best known for suburban modernist houses [1950s-60s]

John Leggett

1938 Novelist, biographer & educator; director Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa [1969-87]

Donald Montgomery Reynolds

1938 Microbiologist & educator, UC Davis [1948-74]; UNESCO volunteer in Africa; founder, Hammarskjöld House, UC Davis & Oversees Blind Foundation; author “The Teacher as Servant”

John R. Stevenson

1938 Attorney, chairman, Sullivan & Cromwell [1979-]; president, American Society of International Law [1966-68]; US member, Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague [1969-79]; Assistant Secretary of State [1969-72]; delegate, Law of the Sea Conference [1973-75]; board president, National Gallery of Art [1978-83]

George C. Tooker

1938 Painter, active ca.1950-

Jordan “Jordy” Whitelaw

1938 Pre-eminent producer of symphonic music on radio & television [1953-81] for WGBH Boston & PBS

John M. Blum

1939 Yale history professor, political biographer; author, “Woodrow Wilson & the Politics of Morality” [1956], “The National Experience: A History of the United States” [1977]; recipient, DeVane Medal for Distinguished Scholarship & Undergraduate Teaching

Francis L. Broderick

1939 Peace Corps director in Ghana [1964]; history professor; 1st chancellor, University of Massachusetts, Boston [1968-72]

Harold Chase

1939 Major General, Marine Corps [ca.1975-]; deputy assistant secretary of defense [1977-80]; professor of political science, U Minnesota; namesake, Marine Corps’ Major General Harold Chase Prize, honoring challenges to “conventional wisdom” in Corps policies

Mary “Maria” Curtis-Verna

1939 Dramatic soprano; Milan debut [1949], US debut [1950], Metropolitan Opera debut [1957]; recipient, Hollins University Alumnae Medal [1968]

David Cuthell

1939 Diplomat [1947-75]; director, Office of Southwest Pacific Affairs [1962-66]; chargé d’affaires, US Embassy, Turkey; authority on Turkey & Islamic law;

Henry Loeb III

1939 Mayor of Memphis [1960-63, 1968-71] during the Memphis Sanitation Strike [1968] & assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

George Parker Jr.

1939 Attorney & oil executive; director, Texaco [1961-93]; founder, Western European Architecture Foundation & the Gabriel Prize for study of French architecture & landscape design [1991]

Holt W. Webster

1939 Pioneer, commercial airfreight; founder, Pacific Air Freight [1951]; founder, president & later chairman, Airborne Freight Corp / Airborne Express [1968-1984]

Thomas J. Whelan Jr.

1939 Major General & army surgeon; specialist in trauma surgery; chief of surgery, Walter Reed General Hospital [1959-62, 69-73]; chief of surgery, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu [1965-69]; chairman of surgery, University of Hawaii Medical School [1973-]

Walter C. Wicker Jr.

1939 As a volunteer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Wicker was the 1st Andover graduate killed in action during World War II [April, 1942]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Robert Anderson

1940 Diplomat [1946-88]; ambassador to Dahomey [1972-74], Morocco [1976-78] & the Dominican Republic [1982-85]

John B. Arnold

1940 President, GTE International [-1978]

Frank C. Carr

1940 Founder & director INROADS, an international, non-profit career-development program for minority students through corporate internships [1970-83]; Roman Catholic parish priest [1986-96]

Walter J. P. Curley Jr.

1940 Ambassador to Ireland [1975-77]; Ambassador to France [1989-93]

Marietta Meyer Ekberg

1940 Principal owner & chair, Meyer Broadcasting, television pioneer; owner KFYR-TV, Bismarck, North Dakota [1953-98] & affiliated stations

Robert Neville Ginsburgh

1940 Air Force major general; defense analyst & information officer, US Air Force [1944-71]; director, Air Force information [1972-74]; editor in chief, Strategic Review, Joint Chiefs of Staff [1975-76]

Frederick Goerner

1940 German exchange student @ Andover 1938-39; German U-boat commander, WWII

Nicholas M. Greene

1940 A founder of modern anesthesiology, medical researcher; founder, Department of Anesthesiology, Yale Medical School [1955-87]; editor-in-chief, Anesthesiology, and Anesthesia & Analgesia; recipient, American Society of Anesthesia Distinguished Service Award [1989]

Nancy Harrison

1940 Head nurse, Jimmy Fund [ca.1950-]

Townsend Hoopes

1940 Principal deputy secretary of defense, international security affairs [1965-67], under secretary of the Air Force [1967-69]; co-chair, Americans for SALT; author, “Townsend Hoopes on Arms Control” [1987]; “The Life & Times of James Forrestal” [1992]; president, Association of American Publishers [1973-86]; recipient, Bancroft Prize in History for “The Devil & John Foster Dulles” [1973]

William B. Macomber, Jr.

1940 Asst. secretary of state [1957-61, 1969-73]; ambassador to Jordan [1961-63]; ambassador to Turkey [1973-77]; President Metropolitan Museum of Art [1978-86]; recipient, Fuess Award [1972]

Hugh Masters

1940 Yachtsman; winner, King Edward VII Gold Cup [1961]

James J. McCaffrey

1940 cofounder & chair, McCaffrey & McCall [1962-73] ad agency representing Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Tiffany & Company

Daniel Pinkham

1940 Organist, choral conductor & composer; named Composer of the Year, American Guild of Organists [1990]; recipient, Fuess Award & Alfred Nash Patterson Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Choral Arts [both1996]

Mary Spaulding Powell

1940 Red Cross worker with American troops in the Southwest Pacific, WWII

Robert K. Barron

1941 First Andover student to leave & join war effort during World War II; volunteered for the Royal Canadian Air Force March, 1941; killed in action February, 1944

Frederick G. Crane III

1941 Conservationist; cofounder [1967] & president, Berkshire Natural Resources Council

Richard L. Gelb

1941 President/CEO/chairman, Bristol-Myers Squibb [1967-95]; director & chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; chair, Sloan-Kettering Board of Managers [1983-2004]; philanthropist; recipient, Yale GHW Bush Lifetime of Leadership Award [2003]

Thomas B. Hartmann

1941 New Jersey public official & political advisor; media/journalism professor, Rutgers; recipient Rutgers Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service [1992]

Harvey Kelsey Jr.

1941 Princeton sprinter; intercollegiate champion, 100-yard & 220-yard dashes [1943]

Robert C. Macauley

1941 Founder, AmeriCares [1982] international relief agency, which has provided more than $7 billion in aid; recipient, Fuess Award [1989]; recipient, US Government Jefferson Award for Public Service [1991]

William S. Moorhead

1941 Democratic congressman from Pittsburgh [1959-80]; key legislative backer for the establishment of the National Endowment for the Arts & the National Endowment for the Humanities [1964]; also key to NYC fiscal bailout, freedom of information legislation and funding for development of synthetic fuels; recipient, Fuess Award [1968]

Theodore H. Shepard II

1941 Pediatrician & authority on teratology - the study of abnormalities of physiological development; author “Catalogue of Teratogenic Agents”

Arthur Upton

1941 Pathologist, director, National Cancer Institute [1977-80]; director, Institute of Environmental Medicine, NYU [1980-93]; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

H. Donald Wilson

1941 Peace Corps director, Ethiopia [1964-66]; database pioneer & entrepreneur; as 1st president of Mead Data Central, made LexisNexis a successful technology [1970-]; involved in many other tech startups from the 1960s into the 21st century

Jerome M. Ziegler

1941 Educator & public policy expert in education; Pennsylvania Commissioner of Higher Education [1972-75]; dean, College of Human Ecology, Cornell [1977-88]; founder, Cornell Leadership Institute for School Principals [1995]

Thomas D. Barrow

1942 Oil geologist & wildcatter; president, Humble Oil [1970-72]; senior VP, Exxon [1972-78]; chairman & CEO, Kennecott Corp. [1978-81]; president & chair, Houston Grand Opera; recipient, Heroy Award, American Geological Institute [2007]

James J. Beggs

1942 Cox, US Olympic Crew Team [1952]; coach, gold medal winning US Olympic Crew pair [1956]

George H. W. Bush

1942 World War II Navy torpedo bomber pilot, Pacific theatre, shot down and rescued [September 1944]; Texas Republican congressman [1967-71]; United Nations ambassador [1971-73]; chairman, Republican National Committee [1972-74]; chief, US Liaison Office, People’s Republic of China [1974-76]; CIA director [1976-77]; vice president [1981-89]; 41st President of the United States [1989-93]; recipient, Fuess Award [1981]; coauthor, “A World Transformed” [1998]; author, “All the Best” [1999]; namesake, aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush [commissioned 2009]; recipient, Medal of Freedom [2011]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2012

James H.H. Carrington

1942 Six-time, three-sport Naval Academy All-American in football, swimming & lacrosse [1946-48] winner, World Masters Doubles title in squash

David Chavchavadze

1942 US Army liaison officer, Soviet Union, World War II; CIA officer [1947-74]; researcher & author on Russian nobility; author “The Grand Dukes” [1989], “Crowns & Trench coats: a Russian prince in the CIA” [1990]

William Sloane Coffin Jr.

1942 Protestant minister, civil rights & peace activist; chaplain, Phillips Academy [1957-58], Yale [1958-75], senior minister, Riverside Church, New York [1977-87]; recipient, Fuess Award [2003]; author, “A Holy Impatience” [2004]

Helen Craig

1942 PFC, Marine Corps [1944-]

Gordon Elliot

1942 Initiator & organizer of magnet school programs, Boston; teacher, Boston English High School; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

Saul Horowitz Jr.

1942 Builder; president and later chairman, HRH Construction, New York [1965-, 1972-75], builders of the Whitney Museum, United Nations Plaza, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital; president, Associated General Contractors of America [-1975]

Rowland P. McKinley Jr.

1942 Headmaster, University School, Cleveland [1963-88]

Ivan Morris

1942 Linguist, specialist in Asian languages & cultures; Columbia Department of East Asian Languages faculty [1960-73], chair [1966-69]; translator, “The Temple of the Golden Pavilion” [1959]; author, “The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan” [1975]; a founder, American section, Amnesty International & chair [1973-76]

Godfrey Rockefeller

1942 A founder & 1st executive director, World Wildlife Fund [1972-79]; chairman, Chesapeake Bay Foundation [1981-991]

Paul Schumacher

1942 Historic archeologist, principally with the National Park Service; excavator & interpreter of Franklin Court, Philadelphia [1953-55]

Frank Strong

1942 Captain, Harvard Crew [1947] & member Harvard Eight which set world record @ 2000 meters; national champions [1947]

Manuel Enrique Tavares Espaillat

1942 Dominican Republic political leader & diplomat; triumvirate member [1963-65]; foreign minister [1980s]

David Ammen

1943 Race car driver [1962-]; president, Road Racing Drivers Club

Clarence M. “Mort” Bishop Jr.

1943 President [1969-89] & co-chair, Pendleton Woolen Mills [1969-2007]

Robert Coulson

1943 Attorney & arbitrator; president, American Arbitration Association [ca1975-95]; author “How to Stay Out of Court” [1968], “Fighting Fair” [1983]

Dick “Dude” Duden

1943 All-American end & captain, Naval Academy football team [1945]; New York Football Giants team [1949]; a football coach for Navy [1951-73]; member College Football Hall of Fame [2001]

Craig Gilbert

1943 Television writer, director & producer; conceived, produced & directed 12-part PBS documentary “Am American Family” [1973], the most discussed documentary of the 1970s

Thomas J. Hudner Jr.

1943 Navy aviator; recipient, Medal of Honor for extraordinary bravery, Korean Conflict [1950]; commissioner, Massachusetts Dept. of Veterans Services [1991-99]; namesake, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Thomas Hudner

Jack Lemmon

1943 Movie actor, comedian best known for roles in “Mr. Roberts” [1955], “Some Like It Hot” [1959], “The Apartment” [1960] & “Save the Tiger” [1973]; Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor [1955], Best Actor in a Leading Roll [1973]; Cannes Film Festival, Best Actor Award [1979, -82]; Golden Globe Award, Best Comedy Actor [1959, -60, -72]

Roger H.V.C. Morgan

1943 Librarian, House of Lords [1977-91]; appointed Commander of the British Empire [1991]

Stuart Johnston Northrop

1943 Chairman & CEO, Huffy Corporation [-1984], in the 1960s & ’70s, world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles

Pierre Birel Rosset-Cournand

1943 French parachutist, WWII; killed behind enemy lines [1944]; recipient, Legion d’honneur

Julio Mario Santo Domingo

1943 Columbian industrialist & financier; Columbian ambassador to China, Australia, New Zealand

Thomas Sarnoff

1943 Television executive, producer; head, NBC West Coast & president, NBC Entertainment [ca.1965-1975]; chairman, Sarnoff Entertainment [1981-]; chair, board of trustees, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences [1973-74]; recipient, ATAS Syd Cassyd Award [1997]

Bardwell Smith

1943 Professor of religion & Asian studies; dean, Carlton College [1967-72]; author, “Narratives of Sorrow and Dignity: Japanese Women, Pregnancy Loss, and Modern Rituals of Grieving” [2013]

Dwight Stuart

1943 President/CEO, Carnation Company [1973-83]; founder & funder, Dwight Stuart Foundation for Youth [2001]

Samuel P. “Sam” Arnold

1944 Chef, founder & operator, The Fort [1963-], an “Old West” themed restaurant outside Denver, a freely adapted invocation of Colorado’s 1st fir trading post, Bent’s Fort [1834]

William W. Boeschenstein

1944 President/CEO/chairman, Owens-Corning Fiberglas [1971-90]

Carleton S. Coon Jr.

1944 Diplomat; ambassador to Nepal [1981-84]

William A. Graham

1944 Television & film director; recipient, Emmy Award “Leonard Bernstein & the New York Philharmonic” [1960]; feature film director including “Change of Habit” [1969] starring Elvis Presley & Mary Tyler Moore

Frederick D. Greene II

1944 Chemistry professor, MIT; editor, Journal of Organic Chemistry [1962-88]; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science [2000]

Heyward Isham

1944 Authority on the Soviet Union & Vietnam; US-North Vietnam peace negotiator [c.1969-71]; US Ambassador to Haiti [1974-77]; director, State Department Office Combating Terrorism [1978-]; author, “Remaking Russia” [1995]

Victor Kiam

1944 Entrepreneur; part owner & CEO, Benrus Watch Corporation [1968-]; owner, CEO & TV promoter, Remington Electric Razor [1979-2001]; owner, New England Patriots Football Team [1988-92]

Elihu Lauterpacht

1944 Founder & 1st director, Research Centre for International Law [now the Lauterpacht Centre], Cambridge University [1984-95]; specialist in inter-state litigation before the International Court of Justice; QC [1970], Commander of the British Empire [1989], knighted [1996]

Mason Lord

1944 Pioneer in geriatric medicine, laying foundations for long-term geriatric care at Johns Hopkins & Baltimore City Hospitals [1963-]; namesake, Mason Lord Building, Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus & Mason Lord Professorship, Johns Hopkins

Thomas R. Morse Jr.

1944 Judicial administrator & reformer; associate justice, Massachusetts Superior Court [1974-83], chief justice [1983-88]

J. Gilvert “Gib” Reese

1944 Licking County, Ohio philanthropist; backer of Newark, Ohio campus of Ohio State & Central Ohio Technical College

William Kelly Simpson

1944 Egyptologist, Yale [1965-2003]; author & editor, “The Terrace of the Great God at Abydos…” [1978]

Whitney Stevens

1944 President/Chairman, J.P. Stevens Company [1969-89]

Julia Tavares de Alvarez

1944 Ambassador & Alternate Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations [1978-2001], known as “the Ambassador on Aging;” recipient, Duarte Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the Dominican Republic

Wheelock Whitney

1944 Investment banker, philanthropist & politician; a founder, Johnson Institute, combating chemical dependency [1966]; Republican candidate for US senator from Minnesota [1964] & governor [1982]; “Investment Banker of the Year” [1971]

William Scovill Anderson

1945 Classicist specializing in Latin poetry; professor, UC Berkeley [1960-95]; president, American Philological Association [1970=-73, 1977-]; author, “Essays on roman Satire” [1982], “Ovid’s Metamorphoses” [1998]

Meridan “Med” Bennett

1945 Peace Corps staffer & evaluator; Peace Corps program director, Cyprus; coauthor, “Agents of Change: A Close Look at the Peace Corps” [1968]

Broughton H. “Brot” Bishop

1945 Chairman, Pendleton Woolen Mills [1969-]

Robert Skinner Boyd

1945 Journalist; Knight-Ridder Washington bureau chief [1967-86] & chief correspondent [1995-]; science & technology editor, McClatchy Newspapers [ca.200-]; recipient, Pulitzer Prize [1973] for Thomas Eagleton investigation

Hilary Paterson Cleveland

1945 Professor of political science, Colby-Sawyer College [1955-90]; president, New Hampshire Historical Society; in the 1990s, US representative, International Joint Commission, United States/Canada [1989-]

Robert C. Dean Jr.

1945 Engineer, inventor & entrepreneur; engineering professor, Dartmouth [1961-84]; expertise in fluid mechanics, plasma-arcs, biomechanics; founder, Synergy Innovations & other high tech firms

Donald Dunbar

1945 All-American in soccer at Amherst [1949]

Bruce Gelb

1945 Chairman, Choate Rosemary Hall board of trustees [1982-85]; director, USIA [1989-91]; ambassador to Belgium [1991-93]; president, American Council of Ambassadors [ca.2004-]

George D. Gould

1945 Chairman, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities [1974-]; president, Madison Fund [1976-]; chairman, NY Municipal Assistance Corporation [1979-]; as Under Secretary of Treasury for Finance [1985-89], a proponent of deregulation of financial industry

Peter M. Grosz

1945 Aviation historian, authority on WWI aircraft; executor and authority on the work of his father, Expressionist artist George Grosz; recipient, Germany’s Commander’s Cross of Merit

George F. “Fritz” Jewett

1945 Chair, 5 America’s Cup syndicates [1973-2000], winning with “Freedom” [1980] & “Stars & Stripes” [1987]; Chair, San Francisco Asian Art Commission [1967-] San Francisco Asian Art Museum

R. Crosby Kemper Jr.

1945 President & later chairman, UMB Bank of Kansas City [1959-2004]; founder, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City [1994]

Harry Koepke

1945 Interior designer responsible for more than 800 Florsheim shoe stores in the US, Canada, Mexico & Australia [1952-91]

Lawrence Kohlberg

1945 Psychologist & theorist on moral development; creator, “Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development” [1958]; professor, U Chicago, Harvard [1961-87]; namesake, Kohlberg Memorial Lecture [1988]

James Lebenthal

1945 Chairman, Lebenthal & Company; through creative advertising, creator of the Lebenthal “brand” in municipal bonds [1960s-90s]

Edward Madeira Jr.

1945 Attorney & a national leader in promotion of judicial independence; chair, Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements, member, Presidential Commission on the Separation of Powers; recipient, ABA John Marshall Award [2009]

Richard H. Masters

1945 Member, Bermuda Olympic Sailing Team [1960]

Harold A. B. McInnes

1945 President/CEO/chairman Amp, Inc. [1981-93]; first recipient, Spirit of Philanthropy Award, Foundation for Enhancing Communities [2008]

Marvin Minsky

1945 Authority on artificial intelligence, computers, robotics; MIT faculty [1958-] & co-founder, MIT Artificial Intelligence laboratory; inventor, confocal scanning microscope [1961]; author, “The Emotion Machine” [2006]; recipient, Turing Award [1969], Joseph Priestly Award [1995], Frontiers of Knowledge Award [2014]

G. David Schine

1945 Anti-communist associated with Roy Cohn in the Army-McCarthy Hearings [1954]; entertainment industry entrepreneur; music publisher, movie producer [including Academy Award winning “The French Connection,” 1971], promoter of high-definition television

Anthony Towne

1945 Poet; with the Berrigan brothers and partner William Stringfellow, anti-war activist during the Vietnam era

Sam Bass Warner

1945 Urban historian; president, Urban History Association [1990-]; Guggenheim Fellow [1976]; author, “The Exploding Metropolis” [1958], “Streetcar Suburbs” [1962], “The Urban Wilderness” [1972]

William H. Wilbur Jr.

1945 First of 8 PA alumni killed in the Korean Conflict [1950]

Edward C. Wilson

1945 Chairman, Chicago Board of Trade [1970-71]

Louis B. “By” Barnes

1946 Professor of organizational behavior, Harvard Business School [1968-ca.2008]; pedagogue; authority on the dynamics of family-owned businesses & the case method of teaching; president, Iran Center for Management Studies, Tehran [1975-77]

Jeffrey D. Bush

1946 Rhodes Scholar [1950-]

Dick Carter

1946 Designer & owner of racing yachts; winner Fastnet Race [1965, 1969]; designer, North American 40 [1977]

Otis Chandler

1946 Publisher, Los Angeles Times [1960-80], winner, Pulitzer public service prizes [1966, ’69, ’71, ’76, ’78]; called “the last great 20th-century newspaper publisher”

Marian “Mickey” Friedman

1946 Gerontologist; contributing author, “Our Bodies Ourselves” [1984, 2005]

John D. Macomber

1946 Senior partner, McKinsey & Co. [1954-73]; CEO/chairman, Celanese Corporation [1973-86]; chairman, US Export-Import Bank [1989-92]; chairman, Council for Excellence in Government [1993-]

Richard J. Phelps

1946 Founder, Superior Brands/Phelps Industries [1966-]; philanthropist in support of educational institutions & educational opportunity through financial aid

Henry A. Rentschler

1946 Member, Princeton national champion lightweight crew [1948], Henley Thames Challenge Cup winners [1948, 1949]

Jonathan W. Rogers

1946 Chair/CEO, Mortgage Investment Company of El Paso [1963-84]; mayor of El Paso [1981-89]

Philip W.K. Sweet

1946 Chair/CEO, Northern Trust, Chicago [ca.1980s]; chair, Chicago Zoological Society [ca.1990s]

Gustavo Arturo Tavares

1946 Chair, Tavares Industrial, Dominican Republic [1950-95], Maritima Dominicana [1971-95]; founder & president, Accion Para La Educacion Basica

David Thaw

1946 Opera singer, tenor; member, Bavarian State Opera [1963-2006]

William M. Van Cleve

1946 Attorney; managing partner/chairman, Bryan Cave LLP [1973-94]; chairman, board of trustees, Washington University, St. Louis [1993-95]

D. Michael Winton

1946 Minnesota investor, civic leader & architectural patron; Winton Guest House [1983-87] designed by Frank Gehry became an international sensation; Northwest Center designed by Cesar Pelli [1989]

John B. Addison

1947 Chairman, UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics [1973-]; specialist in Tarski’s Undefinability Theorem

Alexander Blackburn

1947 Author & editor; founder & editor, Writers’ Forum magazine [1974-1995] showcasing writers of the western US

Donald L.M. Blackmer

1947 Political scientist, MIT, specialist in comparative politics, focus on communist regimes; author, “Unity in diversity: Italian Communism” [1968]; chair, Council for European Studies

Carol Bly

1947 Short-story writer & writing instructor; author, “My Lord Bag of Rice: New & Selected Stories” [2000]

Warren “Archie” Brown

1947 Yachtsman; competitor in Fastnet & 18 Bermuda races; recipient, Cruising Club of America Blue Water Medal

Edward C. Carter II

1947 Librarian, American Philosophical Society; editor-in-chief, “The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe” [1995]; director, National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial [2003-06]

Edward H. Carus Jr.

1947 Owner/commander, research vessel Aeolus, taking botanical expeditions in search of new plant species, Marquesas Islands for Bishop Museum, Smithsonian Institution, etc. [1988, 1997]

Joseph Champlin

1947 Catholic priest, authority on Catholic liturgy & pastoral subjects, syndicated columnist & radio commentator; author, including “What it Means to be Catholic” [1986]

Martha Abbot Comstock

1947 Lay leader, Episcopal Church; assistant presiding officer, Triennial Meeting

Harry M. Cornell Jr.

1947 President/CEO/Chairman, Leggett & Platt [1960-2002]

Peter E. Fleming Jr.

1947 Defense attorney representing high-profile clients including Attorney General John Mitchell, fugitive financier Robert Vesco, attorney Anita Hill & fight promoter Don King

Mary Lee Peck Garfield

1947 Attorney, domestic policy advisor, Reagan Administration [1981-]; breeder of champion Weimaraners

Frederick “Fritz” Ingram

1947 Chair, Ingram Industries [1963-89]; chair, board of visitors, Tulane University [1972-79

Warren Kiefer

1947 Screenwriter & novelist; author, “The Lingala Code” [1972], recipient, Edgar Award

David Nathan

1947 Medical researcher specializing in bone marrow disorders, medical administrator; president, Dana Farber Cancer Institute [1995-2000]; recipient, National Medal of Science [1990], American Pediatric Association John Howland Medal [2003], Kober Medal, Association of American Physicians [2006]

David T. Owsley

1947 Arts curator, collector and donor to museums at Ball State & Dallas

J. Mark Rudkin

1947 Artist, landscape architect, philanthropist; designer, gardens at the Palais-Royal, Paris, American Museum, Giverny; philanthropist in support of Egyptian antiquities & 20th-century American art; Chevalier, Légion d’honneur [2005]

Marion White Singleton

1947 Renaissance poetry authority; English professor, Dartmouth; author, “God’s Courtier” [1988]

James Marshall Tory

1947 Canadian lawyer & QC; specialist in corporate law; recipient, University of Toronto Law School Gold Medal [1952]; namesake, Tory Chair, Dean of Toronto Law School [2000]

Alexander B. Trowbridge

1947 Secretary of Commerce [1967-68]; President, the Conference Board [1970-76]; president, National Association of Manufacturers [1979-89] & namesake, Sandy Trowbridge Award for Community Service

Victor M. Tyler II

1947 Founder/CEO, Concord EFS, computer software & financial services company [1970-89]

Peter J. Urnes

1947 Rhodes Scholar [1951-]

Frank Wille

1947 Banker, attorney; chair & CEO, New York Savings Bank; superintendent of banks, State of New York [1964-70]; chairman, FDIC [1970-76]

Thomas Wyman

1947 CEO, CBS [1980-86]; chairman, S. G. Warburg & Company [1992-95]; chairman, Amherst College Board of Trustees [1986-92]

Merrill Orne “Bink” Young

1947 Episcopal priest; Freedom Rider jailed in Jackson, Mississippi [1961]; professor of church history, St. Lawrence University [1970-95]

Russell T. Barnhart

1948 Gambling expert; author “Beat the Dealer” [1962], “Casino Gambling” [1978], “Beating the Wheel” [1992]

Charles Rowan Beye

1948 Classicist; author, “Ancient Greek Literature & Society” [1987], “Ancient Epic Poetry…” [1993], Odysseus: a Life” [2004]

Piya Chakkaphak

1948 Free Thai commando & OSS radio operator, World War II; director, National Security Agency of Thailand [1980-87]

Floyd Downs

1948 Arizona math instructor & coauthor, influential “new math” high-school textbook “Geometry” [1964]; namesake, Floyd L. Downs Teaching of Mathematics Fellowship, Arizona State University [2008]

Glen S. Foster

1948 Yachtsman; bronze medalist, Tempest Class, 1972 Olympics; winner, 5.5 worlds [1995]; holder, Scandinavian Gold Cup; member, US Olympic Yachting Committee; collector of marine art

John Geyman

1948 Physician, professor of Family Medicine, University of Washington; founding editor, Journal of Family Practice [1973-90]; national health insurance advocate; author & blogger

Steve Gilbert

1948 Medical illustrator, tattoo artist; author, “Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat” [1987], “Pictorial Human Embryology” [1989], “Tattoo History Source Book” [2001]

Andrew P. “Andy” Ireland

1948 Banker; Florida congressman [1977-93]; initially a Democrat, became a Republican [1984]

Sidney R Knafel

1948 Venture capitalist; founder/chairman, Vision Cable [1971-81]; chair, Insight Communications; philanthropist; chair, Harvard College Visiting Committee [1987-92]; founder, Center for Government & International Studies, Harvard [1996]; chair, board of governors, Addison Gallery of American Art [2004-]; recipient, Harvard Medal [2006]

Paul McHugh

1948 Psychiatrist/Behavioral Scientist; psychiatrist in chief, Johns Hopkins Hospital [1975-2001]; a founding member, President’s Council on Bioethics [2002-]

Michael MacDonald Mooney

1948 Member, US 6-meter sailing team, gold medal winners, 1948 Olympics; cultural historian; author, “George Catlin…” [1975], “Evelyn Nesbitt & Stanford White” [1975], “The Ministry of Culture…” [1980]

Preston H. Saunders

1948 President, Appalachian Mountain Club [1965-66, 1991-93]; chairman, Massachusetts Trustees of Reservations

Alan G. Schwartz

1948 Tennis entrepreneur; member, International Tennis Federation, Davis Cup Committee; president, US Tennis Association [2003-04]

John M. Steadman

1948 Dean, Georgetown Law School [1979-89]; associate justice, DC Court of Appeals [1985-]

John P.B.C. Watts

1948 Lieutenant-General; British special forces commander [1970-79]; Chief of Defense Staff, Oman Land Forces [1984-87]; knighted [1987]

Genevieve Young

1948 Editor; managing editor, Harper Brothers [-1970], vice president & executive editor, J.B. Lippincott [1970-]; Independent Editors Group; president, Women’s Media Group [1981-82]; president, Youth Counseling League [1989-96]; with her mother & sisters, a refuge from war-torn China in the late 1940s

Paul Brodeur

1949 New Yorker staff writer, investigative reporter focused on environmental hazards; author, “Outrageous Misconduct: The Asbestos Industry on Trial” [1985], winner, American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award; recipient, American Association for the Advancement of Science Journalism Award

Dana Ripley Bullen II

1949 Journalist; Washington Star Supreme Court reporter & later foreign editor & syndicated columnist [1960-81]; executive director, World Press Freedom Committee [1981-96]

William Byler

1949 Executive Director, Association on American Indian Affairs [1962-80]

Prabhas Chakkaphak

1949 OSS-trained Thai resistance fighter, World War II; economist; Thai transportation official; chairman, Union Bank of Bangkok

Paul Matthew Cleveland

1949 Diplomat; US ambassador to New Zealand [1986-89], Malaysia [1989-92]

Justin Dart

1949 ADA & civil rights activist, recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom [1998]

Peter C. Dorsey

1949 US district judge, Connecticut [1983-], chief judge [1994-98], senior judge [1998-]

Malcolm W. Gambill

1949 President/CEO/chair, HARSCO Corporation [1985-94]

Patricia Bleecker Jones

1949 Executive director, St. Nicholas Society of New York; president general, Colonial Dames of America [1988-91]

Winthrop D. Jordan

1949 Historian and professor of history; author, “White Over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550-1812” [1968], winner Parkman Prize, Bancroft Prize, Emerson Award and National Book Award for History [1969], Jules & Frances Landry Prize [1992]

Louis Kane

1949 Cofounder Au Bon Pain, Inc. [1981]; Boston civic leader & philanthropist

John W. Kimball

1949 Educator; leading author of biology textbooks, print & online, since 1965

Masaaki Kubo

1949 Classicist, University of Tokyo [1969-91]; founder & president, Tohoku University of Art & Design [1991-]; president, The Japan Academy [2007-]

James “Jimmy” McLane

1949 Olympic swimmer; winner, gold medals, 1500 free & 4x200 [1948] & 4x200 again [1952]

Edward Packard

1949 Author of children’s books & pioneer of the second-person fiction style in “The Adventures of You on Sugarcane Island” [1969, published 1976] & made famous by his “Choose Your Own Adventure” series [1979-]

George Preble Pierce

1949 Episcopal canon; missionary, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Namibia, Nepal; negotiator, Wounded Knee Standoff [1973]; chairman, Episcopal World Mission [1980s]; national director, Episcopal Church Army [1985-]; author, “Ritual & Crisis: Lakota Religious Response to Two Crises” [1992]

Alan C. Purves

1949 Educator, specialist in literacy education; head, University of Illinois Laboratory School [1970-86]; professor of education, University of New York at Albany [1986-96] & founder, UNY Center on Writing & Teaching Literature; president, National Council of Teachers of English; chairman, International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement; editor, Research in the Teaching of English; author, “Literature & the Reader” [1972], “How Porcupines Make Love” [1995], “Portfolios for the English Classroom” [1997]; namesake, Alan C. Purves Award

Anthony Robinson

1949 Novelist & short-story writer; creative writing professor, SUNY New Paltz [1964-2000]; author, “A Departure from the Rules” [1960], “Home Again, Home Again” [1969], “The Member-Guest” [1991]

Neil Rolde

1949 Historian, specialist in Maine history; chair, Maine Public Broadcasting; author, “Sir William Pepperrell…” [1982], “The Interrupted Forest: A History of Maine’s Wildlands” [2001], “Continental Liar from the State of Maine: James G. Blaine” [2007]

John Spencer

1949 Professor, African Studies, Middlebury [1974-98]; author “The Kenyan African Union” [1985]; namesake, John Spencer Chair in African Studies, Middlebury

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

1949 Anthropologist specializing in African tribal societies & author on diverse subjects, including “The Harmless People” [1959], “The Old Way: A Story of the First People” [2006], “The Hidden Life of Dogs” [1993]

James Floyd White

1949 Authority on Protestant liturgy, the sacraments & church architecture; professor of theology, Notre Dame [1983-99]; president, North American Academy of Liturgy; recipient, NAAL Berakah Award [1983]

C. Dickie Williamson

1949 Chairman & CEO, Williamson-Dickie Corporation, apparel manufacturer [1972-90]; director, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas [1989-90]

Harvey Zarem

1949 Cosmetic plastic surgeon; professor & head, Plastic Surgery Division, University of Chicago Medical School [1966-73]; professor & head of Plastic Surgery Division, UCLA Medical School [1973-87]; featured practitioner, “Extreme Makeover” ABC Television series [ca.2004]

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Name Class Areas of Note

George S. Abrams

1950 Collector of 17th-century Dutch drawings; donated to the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard [1999]

Lloyd Aiello

1950 Ophthalmologist; co-developer, laser treatment of diabetic retinopathy; director, Beetham Eye Institute; recipient, David Rumbough Scientific Award, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Outstanding Physician Clinical Award, American Diabetes Association

Anthony C. Beilenson

1950 Democratic politician; member, California Assembly [1963-67] & Senate [1967-76]; congressman [1977-97]; member, House Rules & Budget Committees; congressional environmental activist; leader, campaign finance reform

James Brodhead

1950 Character actor, journalist & atheist activist

Gordon Chase

1950 National Security Council White House staff; special assistant to the president for national security affairs specializing in Cuba & Latin America [1962-66]

Ivan Chermayeff

1950 Graphic designer, illustrator & artist; cofounder, Chermayeff & Geismar [1957-]; recipient, Fuess Award [1979], Yale Arts Medal, AIA Industrial Arts Medal, American Institute of Graphic Arts Medal [1979]

Constance Corey

1950 Psychotherapist; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

William Crozier

1950 CEO & chairman, BayBanks-BankBoston [1974-99]

Richard Gray Eder

1950 Literary critic, Los Angeles Times [1984-2000]; recipient, Pulitzer Prize for criticism [1987]

Pardee Erdman

1950 Rancher & vintner; owner Ulupalakua Ranch, Maui [1963-] & Tedeschi/Maui Winery [1977-], producer of pineapple & grape wines

Dorothy Lambert Feigenbaum

1950 President, Lady Finelle Cosmetics

Barry Campbell Good

1950 Securities analyst [1953-88], named #1 oil stocks analyst by Institutional Investor

Byron S. Harvey III

1950 Anthropologist; collector/scholar, Native American art & artifacts; donor to major museums, including the Heard Museum, Phoenix; author, “Ritual in Pueblo Art: Hopi Life in Hopi Painting” [1970]

Eddie Higgins

1950 Jazz pianist & recording artist [1956-]

Elizabeth Bradley Hubbard

1950 President, League of Women Voters of New York; executive director, Fund for Modern Courts; member NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct [2008-]

Howard B. Johnson

1950 President/CEO/chairman, Howard Johnson restaurant & motor lodge chain [ca.1961-85]

Nora Johnson

1950 Author, “The World of Henry Orient” [1958], “Coast to Coast” [2004]

Stephen Joyce

1950 Executor of the literary estate of his grandfather, James Joyce

Carl Knight

1950 Sailboat racer; Sunfish North American Champion [1969, -73, -74]

Norman S. Matthews

1950 Retailer, Federated Department Stores [1978-88], vice chair/president [1984-88]

J. Kenneth McDonald

1950 Chair, Strategy Department, Naval War College [1970s]; CIA chief historian [1981-95], general editor, CIA Cold War Records

James Clare Miller II

1950 Sailboat racer; national champion, Thistle Class [1969]

Harry A. Miskimin

1950 Economic history professor, Yale [1960-95]; author, “The Economy of Early Renaissance Europe” [1975], “The Economy of Late Renaissance Europe” [1975], “Credit & Crisis in Europe, 1300-1600” [1989]

John Ottenheimer

1950 Architect & inventor; Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice [1953-59], collaborator on Wright’s late work [153-70]; designer of 100% solar-heated houses; inventor, Crossflow Wind Turbine

David Pingree

1950 Chair, Brown Department, History of Mathematics [1986-2005]; authority on the exact sciences in antiquity, especially ancient India; recipient, Guggenheim Fellowship [1975], MacArthur Award [1981-86]; author, “Census of the Exact Sciences in Sanskrit” [1970-], “Babylonian Planetary Omens” [2005]

Charles A. Platt

1950 Architect [1963-]; president, Augustus St. Gaudens Memorial National Historic Site [1979-84]; commissioner, New York Landmarks Preservation Commission [1979-84]; chair, New York Municipal Arts Society Historic Preservation Committee [1985-]; recipient, American Institute of Architects National Honor Award for Excellence in Architectural Design [1969]

John Clark Pratt

1950 Author, “The Laotian Fragments” [1974], “Reading the Wind: Literature of the Vietnam War” [1987]; “Vietnam Voices” [1999]

Malcolm J. Rohrbough

1950 Historian, University of Iowa; authority on the American West; author, “The Trans-Appalachian Frontier…1775-1850” [1978], “Days of Gold: the California Gold Rush & the American Nation” [1997]

Benjamin F. Schemmer

1950 Military analyst; owner & editor, Armed Forces Journal International [1968-92]; editor in chief, Strategic Review [-2001]

Thomas E. Springer

1950 Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory [1960-96]; specialist in electrochemical systems, polymer electrolyte & methanol fuel cells for mass transit

Allan Stone

1950 Art dealer & collector, expert on Abstract Expressionism emerging artists, tribal & primitive art [1960-2006]

Edward Durrell Stone Jr.

1950 Landscape architect & planner; founder/chair, EDSA, specialists in corporate headquarters landscaping & resort & leisure facility planning, including the PepsiCo world headquarters, Purchase, NY, recipient of the American Society of Landscape Architects/National Trust Landmark Award; member, US Commission of Fine Arts [1971-83]; recipient, American Society of Landscape Architects Medal [1994]

Edward B. Thornton

1950 Chair, National Parks Centennial Commission [1972-], Illinois & Michigan National Heritage Corridor Commission [2000-]

Chris Weatherley-White

1950 Plastic surgeon, Operation Smile volunteer performing reconstructive surgery in Third World nations [1990-]; recipient, Operation Smile Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award [2009]

Bill Wright

1950 Nevada cattle rancher; world-record hay stacker [1971]

E. Everett Anderson

1951 Duke Lacrosse All-American [1954]

Timothy Anderson

1951 Architect; cofounder, Anderson Notter [later Anderson Notter Finegold]; noted for adaptive reuse of historic buildings; Fellow, American Institute of Architects [1985]; namesake, National Housing & Rehabilitation Association Anderson Award [2002] for historic rehabilitation

Ronald M. Ansin

1951 Philanthropist; recipient, National United Way Alexis de Tocqueville Award [1999]

E. Osborne “Ozzie” Ayscue Jr.

1951 Attorney; president, American College of Trial Lawyers [1998-99], member, ABA Standing Committee on Federal Judiciary [2001-04]

Stephen Booth

1951 Professor of English literature, UC Berkeley; specialist in Shakespeare; author, “On the Value of Hamlet,” in “Reinterpretations of Elizabethan Drama” [1969], “Shakespeare’s Sonnets…” [1977]; “King Lear, Macbeth, Indefinition, and Tragedy” [1983]; recipient, Berkeley Distinguished Teacher Award [1982]

Frederick P. Brandauer

1951 Specialist in traditional Chinese vernacular fiction & modern Chinese literature, U. Washington; author “Imperial Rulership & Cultural Change in Traditional China” [1994]

Clemency Chase Coggins

1951 Archeologist, specialist in Ancient Mesoamerica; professor, Boston University; advocate for archeological preservation; coauthor, “Cenote of Sacrifice: Maya Treasures from the Sacred Well of Chichen Itza” [1984]

Alexander deLahunta

1951 Neuroanatomist, clinical neurologist, neuropathologist; author; James Law Professor of Anatomy, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine [1992-]

Robert W. Doran

1951 Chair/managing partner/CEO, Wellington Management [-1999]

Anthony Averell duPont

1951 Aircraft engineer; owner/president/CEO, DuPont Aerospace, developer of vertical-lift aircraft

Walter Goffart

1951 Historian, specialist in Late Roman/Early Medieval history; author “Barbarians & Romans, AD 418-584” [1980]; “Barbarian Tides” [2006]; subject of a festschrift, “After Rome’s Fall…” [1999]

Frederick M. Kimball

1951 Actor, director, playwright; cofounder, Theatre Company of Boston [1964-]; co-screenwriter, with Al Pacino, “Looking for Richard” [1996]

William Ming-Sing Lee

1951 Founder, The 1990 Institute [devoted to economic & social development in China]

Rosamond Peck

1951 Crusader for strip mining environmental reform [1970s]; president, Countryside Conservancy, Pennsylvania

Anthony Quainton

1951 Diplomat [1959-97]; ambassador, Central African Empire [1976-78], Nicaragua [1982-84], Kuwait [1984-87] & Peru [1989-92]; director general, US Foreign Service; head, State Department Office of Counter-Terrorism; author, “Moral and Ethical Considerations in Defining a Counter Terrorist Policy” [1982]; diplomat in residence, American University [2003-]

Klaus Francisco Sengelmann

1951 Minister of Agriculture, Nicaragua [1975-79]; rice farmer

Robert Farris Thompson

1951 Yale art history professor [1969-], specialist in African art & dance; master, Timothy Dwight College [1978-]; author “Black Gods & Kings…” [1971], “Flash of the Spirit” [1983], “Face of the Gods” [1993], “Tango: the Art History of Love” [2005]

Richard Ullman

1951 Rhodes Scholar [1955-57]; professor of international affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton [1965-]; director of studies, Council on Foreign Relations [1973-77]; chairman, World Peace Foundation [1995-2004]; author, “Intervention & War” [1961], “Securing Europe” [1991]; honoree, “The Real & the Ideal, Essays in Honor of Richard Ullman” [2001]

David A. West

1951 Zoologist, Virginia Tech [1962-]; specialist in butterflies; biographer of 19th-century naturalist Fritz MŸller

Frank Yatsu

1951 Chairman emeritus, Department of Neurology, University of Texas Medical School; specialist in stroke, Parkinson’s Disease & dementia; recipient, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Case Western Reserve Medical School [2002]

Shirley Young

1951 Advertising Woman of the Year [1988]; head, GM joint venture development, Shanghai [1988-99]; founding chairman, Committee of 100 [1990, Chinese-American leadership organization]; with her mother & sisters, a refuge from war-torn China in the late 1940s

Robert Anderson

1952 Attorney, QC [1977]; general counsel, Proctor & Gamble Canada [1963-96]; member, Competition Bureau Canada

James E. Baker

1952 Diplomat; US Foreign Service [1960-80]; 1st African-American diplomat posted to South Africa [1973-75]; supporter of black South African artists during apartheid; director, UN emergency relief programs [1980-95]

Henry S. F. Cooper

1952 New Yorker features writer [1958-93], specialist on space programs; author, “A House in Space” [1976], “Before Liftoff...” [1987], “Thirteen: the Apollo Flight...” [1995]

Steven I. Davis

1952 Investment banker & London-based banking consultant; author, “Investment Banking” 2002]

Helen Neisser de Modenesi

1952 President, Junta de Obras Sociales de Chaclacayo, Lima, Peru [1969-]

James W. Dow

1952 Anthropologist; specialist in Otomi Indians of Mexico & the spread of evangelical Protestantism among indigenous populations in Latin America; co-editor, “Holy Saints & Fiery Preachers...” [2001]

Edward E. Elson

1952 Chairman, Georgia Advisory Committee, US Commission on Civil Rights [ca.1975]; 1st chairman, National Public Radio [1977-80]; Rector, University of Virginia [1990-92]; ambassador to Denmark [1993-98]; recipient & namesake, NPR Distinguished Service Award [1979]; recipient, Denmark’s Grand Cross of the Order of Dannebrog [1998]

Ruben F. “Ben” Gittes

1952 Urologist; innovator in surgical techniques; chair, urology, UC San Diego [1969-75], Harvard [1975-87]; chair, Dept. of Surgery, Scripps Clinic [1987-98]

Donald A. Gordon

1952 Headmaster, Abbot Academy [1968-73]

Charles R. Greene

1952 Acoustician; specialist in underwater sound measurement & sound impacts on marine life; Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station [1958-59]; namesake, Green Ridge, Antarctica

James A. Kern

1952 Founder, Florida Trail Association [1964-] the 1300 mile Florida Trail; founder, American Hiking Association [1978]; inner-city youth Big City Mountaineers [1989]

Donald Langmuir

1952 Geochemistry professor, Colorado School of Mines [1978-]; author, “Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry” [1997]; presidential appointee, United States Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board [1989-97]

Gordon Lish

1952 Founder of literary magazines; fiction editor, Esquire Magazine [1969-76], Knopf [1976-95]; author, “Krupp’s Lulu” [2000]

William J. Poorvu

1952 Real Estate investor & expert; adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School, teaching real estate; author, “Real Estate Challenge” [1995], “Creating & Growing Real Estate Wealth...” [2008]

Anthony Potter

1952 Television documentarian; executive producer, “NBC News White Paper” series,” including “The Man Who Shot the Pope” [1982] & “Vietnam: Lessons of a Lost War” [1985]; “Between the Wars” series; recipient, screenwriters’ Humanitas Prize [1985]

Fredrick J. Seil

1952 Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University; founder, biennial symposium on neural regeneration [1985-]; editor, 10 books from "Nerve, Organ & Tissue Regeneration" [1983] to "Neural Plasticity and Regeneration" [2000]; author, multiple research articles and reviews.

Edward I. Selig

1952 Rhodes Scholar [1956-]; attorney specializing in mediation of commercial & environmental disputes; adjunct professor of city planning, BU

Frederic A. Sharf

1952 Art collector, researcher; author “Future Retro” [2006], “Art of Collecting” [2008]

David Slavitt

1952 Poet; translator, Latin & Greek classics; author & critic; “Falling from Silence: Poems” [2001];“Re Verse” [2005]

John P. Wright

1952 Cattle rancher, Marys River Ranch, Nevada; aircraft racer

Paul K. Alkon

1953 English professor, authority on Samuel Johnson & his times; author, “Samuel Johnson & Moral Discipline” [1967], “Science Fiction before 1900” [1994]

Carl Andre

1953 Minimalist sculptor [ca.1960-], 1st major one-man show @ Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum [1970]; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

Edmund N. Ansin

1953 South Florida media and real estate entrepreneur; president & owner, Sunbeam Television Corporation [1971-]

Martha Gross Boesing

1953 Playwright & director; artistic director, At the Foot of the Mountain Women’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis [1974-84]; author of 40 plays, including “River Journal” [1975], “The Web” [1982], “After Long Silence” [1999]

Michael Chapman

1953 Cinematographer & film director; cinematographer, “Jaws” [1975], “Taxi Driver” [1976], “Raging Bull” [1980]; director, “All the Right Moves” [1983]

Peter Chermayeff

1953 Architect, most notably of the world’s most famous aquariums of the late 20th century, beginning with the New England Aquarium Boston [1962-69]; National Aquarium, Baltimore [1975-81]; Osaka Aquarium [1987-90]; Genoa Aquarium [1989-92]Lisbon Oceanarium [1994-98]; filmmaker; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

Pierre Clavel

1953 Professor of city & regional planning, Cornell; author “Opposition Planning in Wales & Appalachia” [1982], “The Progressive City” [1986]

Herbert M. Cole

1953 Art history professor, UC Santa Barbara, specialist in African art; author “Igbo Arts: Community & Cosmos” [1984] “Ideals & Power in the Art of Africa” [1989]

Roger Donald

1953 Editor-in-chief, Little Brown & Co. [1970s-1991]

Patricia Earhart

1953 Leader of treks in Nepal; activist on behalf of Tibetan refugees

Ruth Fleischmann-Colgan

1953 Executive director, Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation [1982-2006]; recipient, Lena Gantt Distinguished Community Service Award, Girl Scouts Career Achievement Award

Peter C. Harpel

1953 Harvard All-American, hammer-throw [1957]; medical researcher specializing in hematology; chairman of medicine, Weill Medical College, Cornell University

Alden D. “Denny” Hatch

1953 Direct-mail advertising expert & newsletter publisher; author, “Million Dollar Mailings” [1993], “Direct Marketing Success” [1999]

Carol Hardin Kimball

1953 Connecticut environmental & land conservation activist [ca.1960-200]

Florentius Willem Kist

1953 Grand Master, Netherlands Royal Household [ca.2000]

Raymond A. Lamontagne

1953 Chair, City Center for the Performing Arts, New York [1999-]; chair, Association of Hole in the Wall Camps [2001-]

Antonio Lopez

1953 Associate director, FEMA [1989-92]; commissioner, American Battle Monuments Commission [2001-2005]; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

DeForest Mellon

1953 Zoologist, professor of biology, University of Virginia; specialist in sense organ brain processing of crayfish

Richard L. Morse

1953 Physicist, Los Alamos weapons laboratory [-1976]

Raymond Oliver

1953 English professor, UC Berkeley; specialist in medieval literary history; poet; coauthor, “Beowulf, A Likeness” [1990]; author, “Raymond Oliver: His Book of Hours” [2009]

C. Carson Parks

1953 Singer & songwriter, including “Something Stupid” [1967], Frank Sinatra’s 1st gold single

Robert H. Pelletreau Jr.

1953 Ambassador to Bahrain [1979-80], Tunisia [1987-91], Egypt [1991-93]; assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs [1994-97]

John Poppy

1953 World War II refugee; senior editor, Look magazine [1962-70]; free-lance journalist; coiner of term “The Generation Gap” [Look, 1967]

John Ratté

1953 Headmaster, Loomis-Chaffee School [1976-96]

Haze Richardson

1953 Founder, builder & later owner, Petit St. Vincent Resort, St. Vincent & the Grenadines [1962-2008]

Henry E. Riggs

1953 Professor of engineering, Stanford; founder, Stanford Institute for Management of High-Technology Companies [1975-83]; president, Harvey Mudd College [1988-97]; founding president, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences [1997-2003]

G. Kendall Sharp

1953 Judge, US District Court, Middle District, Florida [1983-]

Joseph W. Shaw

1953 Classical archeologist, University of Toronto, excavating & publishing prehistoric Minoan site @ Kommos, Crete [1976-]; coauthor “Kommos…” volumes I-V [1996-]; author “Kommos: A Minoan Harbor Town…” [2006]

Shelby Tucker

1953 Travel writer, political commentator; author “Among Insurgents: Walking through Burma” [2000]

Fred Wardenburg

1953 Filmmaker; civil rights [“The Streets of Greenwood”, 1964], Sesame Street film segments [“Milk”, 1975]; namesake, Wardenburg Scholarship, Earshot Jazz, Seattle

A. Bernard Ackerman

1954 Dermatopathologist & educator; director, dermatopathology, U Miami, NYU, Jefferson Medical College [1969-99]; founder & director, Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology [1999-2008]

Les Blank

1954 Documentary filmmaker, especially known for films documenting American Roots music; Museum of Modern Art retrospectives [1979, 2011]; recipient, Robert Flaherty Award & British Academy Award for “Burden of Dreams” [1982]

John A. Bloom

1954 27th Headmaster, Worcester Academy [1974-85]

William W. Blunt Jr.

1954 Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development [1969-74]

William F. Dove

1954 Medical researcher, professor of Oncology & medical genetics, University of Wisconsin [1977-]; director, Dove Lab studying familial colon cancer in mice & rats

Mortimer L. Downey

1954 Executive director, New York Metro Transportation Authority [1986-93]; deputy secretary, US Department of Transportation [1993-2001]

Louis J. Elsas II

1954 Director, Division of Medical Genetics, Emory University School of Medicine; president, Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics; chief, gender verification, Atlanta Olympics [1996]; recipient, Fuess Award [2000]

Jonathan L. Foote

1954 Montana restoration architect; recipient, Montana State University honorary doctorate [2006] for contributions to Montana art and architecture

Hollis W. Frampton

1954 Experimental filmmaker; leading exponent of abstract expressionism in film [1962-76]; author & critic

Joseph W. Goodman

1954 Electrical engineering professor, Stanford [1967-99], department chair [1989-96]; specialist in optics; author, “Introduction to Fourier Optics” [1st edition 1968]; “Speckle Phenomena in Optics” [2006]; advisor to high-tech, start-up companies; recipient, Society of Optical Engineers Gold Medal [2007]

Thomas H. “Mike” Harvey Jr.

1954 Major general [-1991]

Lucy Lippard

1954 Art critic; author, “The Lure of the Local” [1998], “Mixed Blessings: New Art in a Multicultural America” [2000] ; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

Joseph A McPhillips III

1954 A fixture in the Moroccan expatriate literary and artistic community [1960s2007]; headmaster, American School of Tangiers [1973-2007]

Robert J. Neviaser

1954 Orthopedic surgeon, specialist in shoulder & elbow surgery; chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, GW Medical School [1987-]; editor-in-chief, Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery; recipient, Distinguished Alumnus Award, NY Orthopedic Hospital, Columbia/Presbyterian Medical Center

Frederick E. Pearson

1954 British tourism executive; president & owner, Take-a-Guide Ltd; creator, “Three British Gentlemen” ad campaigns [1980, -81]; recipient, British Tourist Authority Golden Jubilee Award [1979]; chairman, Worshipful Company of Saddlers [1995-2007]

Kenneth B. Pyle

1954 Professor of History & Asian Studies; founder & editor, Journal of Japanese Studies [1974-86]; director, Henry Jackson School of International Studies, U Washington [1978-88]; founding president, National Bureau of Asian Research [1989-]; chair, Japan-US Friendship Commission [1992-95]; author, “The New Generation in Meiji Japan” [1969], “The Making of Modern Japan” [1996], “Japan Rising: The Resurgence of Japanese Power & Purpose” [2006]; recipient, The Order of the Rising Sun [1999]

Frederic A. Rzewski

1954 Pianist & composer, cofounder, Musica Electronica Viva [1966]

Larry Sears

1954 National, 65-and-over tennis champion [2002]

Robert B. Semple, Jr.

1954 Journalist; New York Times London bureau chief [1975-77], foreign editor [1977-82], editorial page editor/associate editor [1982-88, 1988-]; recipient, Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing [1996]

Samuel Wood Smith

1954 Organic farmer, mentor, teacher, Caretaker Farm, Williamstown, Massachusetts [1969-], community supported farm [1991-]

Frank Stella

1954 Painter, printmaker & sculptor [1950s-]; recipient, Fuess Award [1979], National Medal of the Arts [2010]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2013

Audrey Synnott

1954 Sister of Mercy [1960-], high-school English teacher; coordinator, Sisters of Mercy Associates Program

David M. Underwood

1954 Director, & past president of the board, Methodist Hospital, Houston; president, Texas Medical Center [2002-]; trustee & board president, Phillips Academy [1983-2004]; benefactor, educational & medical institutions; recipient, Fuess Award [2003]

Mary Woolverton

1954 Medical social worker; Denver General Hospital [1963-67], Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center [1967-91]; pioneer of therapeutic techniques using animals with patients; president, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

Robert M. “Bobby” Zarem

1954 Inveterate show business publicist [1960s-]

William C. Agee

1955 Museum curator & director, art historian; curator, director, Pasadena Art Museum [1970-74], Museum of Fine Arts, Houston [1974-82]; coauthor, “Coming of Age: American Art: 1850s-1950s” [2008]

David Batchelder

1955 Physicist; grower, world’s first Argon crystal; professor of physics, University of Leeds [1990-2008]; co-developer, Raman microscope, Renishaw plc [1992]; Prince of Wales Award for Innovation [1993], Annual Achievement Award, Worshipful Company of Instrument Makers [1994]

Peter Briggs

1955 Headmaster, Greenwich Country Day School [1976-92], Greenhill School, Dallas [1992-2000]

Thomas R. Burns

1955 Sociologist; specialist in the sociology of power, rules & institutions, social structure; professor, Uppsala University, Sweden [ca.1980-2004]; founder, Uppsala Theory Circle & the actor-system dynamics [ASD] social systems theory; visiting scholar, Stanford University [2004-08]; author, “Man, Decisions, Society” [1985], “Societal Decision-Making: Democratic Challenges to State Technocracy” [1992]

W. Dilworth Cannon

1955 Orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine, specialist in knee & ACL surgery; president, Arthroscopy Association of America [1993-94]; co-editor, Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Review

Raymond Clevenger III

1955 Judge, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit [1990-2006]

Frederick A. “Fritz” Cooper

1955 Art history professor, U Minnesota [1970-], specialist in Greek & Roman art & architecture; editor & contributor, “The Temple of Apollo Bassitas” vols. I-V [1992-2002; recipient, Distinguished Teacher Award [1972, 1990] Archeological Institute of America Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award [1996]

Chester Danehower

1955 Dermatologist & advocate for free-market medicine; president & spokesman, Association of American Physicians & Surgeons [2003-]

David Gunn

1955 President, New York City Transit Authority [1984-90]; general manager, Washington METRO [1990-94], president, AMTRAK [2002-05]

Thomas Hale Jr

1955 Medical missionary in Nepal [1970-]; author, “Living Stones of the Himalayas” [1993], “On Being a Missionary” [1995], “On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain” [2000]; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

William P. Houley

1955 Submarine commander, rear admiral; commandant, US Submarine School; US sea power advocate [ca.2009]

Eli Jacobs

1955 Owner, Baltimore Orioles [1989-93]

Gerard E. “Gerry” Jones

1955 Yale All-American hockey goalie [1958-59]

Maitland Jones Jr.

1955 Experimental chemist, Princeton [1964-2007]; specialist in reactive intermediates; author, “Organic Chemistry” [1997]; recipient, Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize, Princeton [2004]

Robert A Nordhaus

1955 Attorney specializing in energy law; member, Energy Policy & Planning Office, Carter White House; assistant administrator, Federal Energy Administration [1975-76]; author “Designing a Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program for the US” Pew Center for Global Climate Change Report [2003]

Jay A. Precourt

1955 CEO/president/vice chair, Tejas Gas Corporation [1986-99]; chair, Hermes Consolidated [1999-]; donor, Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency, Stanford [2006]

George Bundy Smith

1955 Jurist; associate justice, New York Supreme Court [1980-86], associate justice, New York Court of Appeals [1992-2006]; author, Appeals Court decision in “People v. LaValle” [2004] which terminated the death penalty in New York State; recipient, Fuess Award [1985]

David W. Steadman

1955 Art historian & museum administrator; director, Toledo Museum of Art [1989-99]; author, “The Graphic Art of Francisco Goya” [1975], “Abraham Van Diepenbeek” [1982]

David J. Steinberg

1955 Historian & academic; author, “Philippine Collaboration During World War II” [1969], “The Philippines: A Singular & Plural Place” [1982]; vice president & university secretary, Brandeis [1977-]; president, Long Island University [1985-]; recipient, University Press Award [1969]

Bardyl R. Tirana

1955 Director, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency [1977-]; president, China/USA Education Fund; recipient, Fuess Award [1991]

Wallace E. Tobin III

1955 Yachtsman; navigator aboard America’s Cup challengers [1958, 1967, 1970]

Beth Chandler Warren

1955 Abbot Academy’s 1st African-American graduate; Assistant Commissioner of Social Services for Massachusetts [1975-]

Jonathan Weisbuch

1955 Physician & public health official; director, Massachusetts Correctional Health Services [1974-76]; director, Wyoming Department of Health & Social Services [1987-89]; medical director, Los Angeles County Department of Health [1989-95]; chief health officer & director, Maricopa County [Phoenix] Public Health Department [1997-2004]; recipient, Andrew Nichols Award for Public Health [2003]

Charles G. “Terry” Zug

1955 Professor of folklore, UNC Chapel Hill [1969-]; author “Turners & Burners: the Folk Potters of North Carolina” [1986]

Thomas C. Bagnoli

1956 Harvard soccer All-American goalie [1959]

James B. Benedict

1956 Geologist & archeologist; specialist in tundra environments; head, Center for Mountain Archeology

Robert Berlind

1956 Painter & art critic

Edwin H. “Toby” Clark II

1956 Secretary, Delaware Department of Environmental Control [ca.1990]; member, President’s Council on Environmental Quality; senior fellow, Earth Policy Institute

Frank Converse

1956 Actor, in television series “Coronet Blue” [1967], “NYPD” [1967-69], “Movin’ On” [1974], & on stage “The House of Blue Leaves” [1971] & in revivals of “Philadelphia Story” [1980], “A Streetcar Named Desire” [1988]

John Francis Curley Jr.

1956 President, Paine Webber [1977-80]

Charles H.P. Duell

1956 Historic preservationist; as owner of Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark, creator & president of the Middleton Place Foundation [1974-]

Jim Fisher

1956 Report & columnist, Kansas City Star [1960-2001], essayist & commentator, MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour, PBS [1984-2001]

A. Bartlett Giamatti

1956 English & Italian Renaissance poetry scholar; president, Yale University [1977-86]; president, National League [1986-89], commissioner, Major League Baseball [1989]; recipient, Fuess Award [1987]

Trevor Grimm

1956 Principal legal advisor to and attorney for Howard Jarvis in fight to pass California “Proposition 13” [1978], the spearhead of a nation-wide taxpayer revolt culminating in “Reaganomics” in the 1980s

G. Robert Hanke

1956 President & CEO, Polaris Arts, London-based film & theatre production company; executive director, New York Repertory Theatre; co-producer, “Orlando” [1992]

Henry T.J. Irwin

1956 Archeologist, specialist in Paleolithic sites, especially in the American West; co-director, Hell Gap site excavations, Wyoming [1961-68]

Langley C. Keyes Jr.

1956 All-American, Harvard soccer [1959]; Rhodes Scholar [1959-60]; professor of city & regional planning, MIT; specialist in affordable housing

Douglas “Bunker” Kitchel

1956 Vermont dairy farmer [ca.1960-1987] & state senator [1965-72]

James F. Knupp

1956 Cofounder, Ennis Knupp & Associates [1981-], investment consulting firm

Mollie Lupe Lasater

1956 Vice president & then president, Forth Worth School Board [1978-88]; organizer & chair, I Have a Dream Foundation, Fort Worth [1988-]

John P. McBride

1956 Member, US National Hockey Team [1961]

Marsh McCall

1956 Stanford Classics professor; recipient, Dinkelspiel Award [1991], Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award [2000], Lyman Award [2006]

Tim Meyer

1956 Race car driver; Sports Car Club of America National Champion [1961], winner, Kimberly Cup [1962], Cooper-Climax Formula One Grand Prix Team [1964]

David S. Paresky

1956 Travel-industry innovator; cofounder, Crimson Travel [1965-]; owner, Thomas Cook Travel; philanthropist

Elizabeth Parker Powell

1956 Cofounder, treasurer & chair, Diamond Machine Technology [DMT]

Charles Ruff

1956 Attorney; special prosecutor, Watergate Scandal [1973-]; White House Counsel, Clinton Administration, defending president during impeachment proceedings [1999]

Myong-Hyon Sohn

1956 Korean foreign service officer, ambassador to Singapore [1993-96], ambassador to Sweden & Latvia [1998-2001]

Brooks Stoddard

1956 Historic archeologist; leader of excavations at the Carolingian Abbey of Psalmodi [c.1200-], Languedoc, France [1970-]

Oscar Tang

1956 Founder & head, Reich & Tang, investment managers [1970-93]; philanthropist; chair, China Institute in America; president, Phillips Academy Board of Trustees [2004-]; benefactor of cultural and educational institutions; recipient, Fuess Award [1991]; refugee from war-torn China in 1949

Edward C. Tarlov

1956 Neurological Surgeon, Lahey Clinic [1977-], specializing in acoustic neuroma, tic douloureux & spine surgery; president, Neurological Society of America [2005]

William R. “Tim” Timken

1956 Chairman, The Timken Company [1975-2003]; ambassador to Germany [2006-09]

Susan W Wagg

1956 Architectural historian; author “Percy Erskine Nobbs: Architect...” [1982], “Money Matters: A Critical Look at Bank Architecture” [1990]

Lewis M. Walling Jr.

1956 First of 8 alumni killed in Vietnam [February 1962]

Thomas Bullene Woodward

1956 Episcopal priest, peace & migrant worker activist; secretary, Episcopal Executive Council Committee on the Status of Women; author “To Celebrate...” [1973], “Turning Things Upside-Down...” [1975]

Roswell Angier

1957 Documentary photographer; author, “A Kind of Life: Conversations in the Combat Zone” [1976], “Train Your Gaze...” [2006]

John H.M. Austin

1957 Radiologist; professor of radiology, Columbia [1973-]; expert on lung diseases

William Babcock

1957 Professor of church history, Southern Methodist University [1971-]; director, Graduate Program in Religious Studies [1990-]; recipient, SMU Distinguished Teaching Award [2001]

James Blackmon

1957 Engineer & inventor; director of technology development, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing; developer of solar & other innovative power generation technologies

Robert C Darnton

1957 Rhodes Scholar [1959-60]; cultural historian, Princeton [1968-2007], specializing in the history of books & Enlightenment France; author, “The Forbidden Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France” [1996], winner, National Book Critics Circle Award; president, American Historical Foundation [1999]; director, Harvard University Library [2007-]; recipient, MacArthur Fellowship [1982-]; Chevalier, Légion d’honneur [1999]; founding member, Steering Committee, Digital Public Library of America [2010-]; recipient, Fuess Award [2013]

John Douglas

1957 Filmmaker & photographer; with NEWSREEL, films documenting civil rights, anti-war movement, radical politics [1960s]; co-director with Robert Kramer, “Milestones” [1975]

Elizabeth Enders

1957 Painter

Theodore Forstmann

1957 Senior founding partner, Forstmann, Little & Company [1978-], private equity firm specializing in leveraged buyouts; chairman, Washington Scholarship Fund [1997-]; cofounder & chairman, the Children’s Scholarship Fund [1998-]; CEO Parents in Charge, etc.

Elon Gilbert

1957 Agricultural economist, Africa & Southeast Asia; advisor, Ghanaian Ministry of Agriculture [1960s]; head, West Africa Agricultural Development Program, Ford Foundation [1970-77]; land conservation activist, Maui, Montana [ca.2000-]

Charles Grigsby

1957 Member/chairman, Massachusetts State Board of Education [1973-82 / 1977-80]

Frank Incropera

1957 Mechanical engineer & researcher; specialist in energy conversion; professor, Purdue [1966-98] & dean of mechanical engineering [1989-98]; mechanical engineering dean, Notre Dame [1998-2006]; author “Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer” [multiple editions], “Liquid Cooling of Electronic Devices” [1999]; recipient, ASEE Roe Award for Excellence in Teaching [1983], Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior Scientist Award [1988]; elected to National Academy of Engineering [1996]; named one of the 100 most frequently cited engineering researchers globally [2001]

Gerrit M. Keator

1957 Headmaster, Chestnut Hill Academy [1972-79], Pomfret School [1979-89]; president, International College, Beirut [1989-2000]

W. Jay Kingwill

1957 Theatrical manager, Broadway shows & touring companies, including “Hello, Dolly,” [1964-], “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” [1978-], “Sugar Babies” [1979-]

Roland Kuchel

1957 Diplomat; US ambassador to Zambia [1993-96]

Rudolph Loeser

1957 Computer programmer, Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory [ca.1965-2005]; developer of “Pandora,” a general-purpose, non-LTE program for calculating stellar atmosphere models and spectra, developed for Eugene Avrett for study of the solar atmosphere

Cecile Erickson Mactaggart

1957 Collector, Chinese paintings & textiles; “Brilliant Strokes: Chinese Paintings from the Mactaggart Art Collection,” Royal Ontario Museum [2009]; recipient, honorary degree, University of Alberta [2006]

Sidney Magee

1957 Architect, architectural theorist; author, “Simple Building” & “The Open System” [2009]

Michael S. Mahoney

1957 Professor of the history of science, Princeton [ca.1967-2008]; specialist in the history of mathematics & the development of computing; author of monographs on Rene Descartes, Pierre de Fermat, Isaac Newton, et al; chair, National Faculty of Humanities Arts & Sciences [1994-2001]

Peter Mattern

1957 Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory [1965-71]; scientist-director, Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories [1971-96]

Richard Nordhaus

1957 Architect & architecture professor, University of New Mexico, & director UNM Design & Planning Assistance Center [1969-2001]

Lance Odden

1957 Headmaster, Taft School [1972-2001]

Hope Hamilton Pettegrew

1957 Cofounder & publisher, Cobblestone Magazine [1979-85], history & social science periodical for schools

Valerie Ogden Phillips

1957 Television actress [1974-99]

Rostislav Rostislavovich Romanov

1957 Great-grandson of Tsar Alexander III, Prince Rostislav Romanov was a London banker

Roland Scott

1957 Member, Virgin Islands Olympic Pistol Shooting Team [1984]

Fred Shuman

1957 Founder, Archstone Partnerships [1991-], a fund of hedge funds

Harold Sox

1957 Internist, professor of medicine, author & editor; chair, Department of Medicine, Dartmouth [1988-2001]; editor Annals of Internal Medicine [2001-2009]; author “Medical Decision Making” [1989]; chair, American College of Physicians Institute of Medicine Committee on Comparative Effectiveness Research Priorities [2009-]

Peter Sprague

1957 Photojournalist, Hungary, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan [1956-65]; chairman, National Semiconductor [1965-95]; chair, Advent, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, Wave Systems Corp. [1988-2003]

Edward D. Spurgeon

1957 Dean, U. Utah Law School [1983-90], U. Georgia Law School [1993-98]; executive director, Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging [1998-]

William W. Sterling

1957 Rhodes Scholar [1961-]

Leo Ullman

1957 Attorney & real estate entrepreneur; chairman/CEO/’president, Cedar Shopping Centers [1998-]

Daniel Wexler, aka “Daniel Heydon”

1957 Astrologer & numerologist; columnist; author “Numerology” [1978/86], “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Numerology” [2005]

George M. Whitesides

1957 Chemist & nanotechnology pioneer; Harvard professor & researcher in biochemistry, materials science, catalysis & organic chemistry; involved in founding biotech firms; recipient, National Medal of Science [1998], Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology [2003], Priestly Medal [2007], Dreyfus Prize & Benjamin Franklin Medal [2009], Fuess Award [2013]

Gregory Wierzynski

1957 Journalist with Fortune, TIME; director, Radio Free Europe [1986-]

Joyce Finger Beckwith

1958 Director, Foreign Languages, Wilmington, MA Schools; president, American Association of Teachers of French [2005-07]

A. Lawrence Chickering

1958 Research fellow, Hoover Institution; author; founder of policy institutes; founder & president, Educate Girls Globally [2000] centered in Rajasthan

Marshall P. Cloyd

1958 Founder & chairman, InterMarine, Inc. [1982-], Houston-based specialty cargo shippers; philanthropist supporting many institutions and causes

Carol Donnelly

1958 Environmental activist; founder & chair, York Rivers Association; recipient, Tom’s of Maine First Annual Prize for River Stewardship [2002]

Paul E.M. Fine

1958 Professor, epidemiology & communicable diseases, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine [1976-]; director, epidemiological research, Malawi [1978-2006]

Alfred J. Griggs

1958 Chair, Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts [1997-]; chair, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center [2002-]; recipient, New England Healthcare Assembly Trustee Leadership Award [2006]

William Hamilton

1958 New Yorker cartoonist [1965-], satirist of the American upper classes; recipient, Fuess Award [1979]

Jon B. Higgins

1958 Ethnomusicologist & 1st Western singer to master South Indian classical Karnataka music; professor of music & director, Center for the Arts, Wesleyan University [1978-84]

John Huntington

1958 English professor, University of Illinois, Chicago; expert on Renaissance poetry & science fiction; author “Rationalizing Genius: Ideological Strategies in American Science Fiction” [1989], “Ambition, Rank & Poetry in 1590s England” [2001]

Emmett B. Keeler

1958 Mathematician & health sciences professor, RAND Graduate School [1968-], UCLA School of Public Health; specialist in health services research; member Institute of Medicine, National Academies [2006]

Charles W. Kellogg II

1958 US Olympic Ski Team [1968]; member, US Ski Team [1968-73]

Paul Kelly

1958 Houston attorney, specialist in oil & gas government relations; chair, Dept. of Interior Outer Continental Shelf Policy Committee [1994-96]; member, US Commission on Ocean Policy [2001-], Joint Ocean Initiative [2005-]; president, Gulf of Mexico Foundation

David Kleinberg-Levin

1958 Philosopher, educator & author in the field of phenomenology; philosophy professor, Northwestern University [1972-2005]; author “The Body’s Recollection of Being” [1985], “The Philosopher’s Gaze” [1999], “Gestures of Ethical Life” [2005]

John O. Ledyard

1958 Economist; chair, Caltech Division of Humanities & Social Science [1992-2002]; president, Public Choice Society [1980-82]; fellow, National Academy of Arts & Sciences

John P. Leonard

1958 Diplomat [1965-99]; US chargé d’affaires, Nicaragua [1988-90], ambassador to Surinam [1991-93]; recipient, Department of State Distinguished Service Award & Career Achievement Award [1999]

Bayard U. Livingston IV

1958 President, Heifer International [2003-]

Nicholas J. Nicholas Jr.

1958 President, Time, Inc. / Time-Warner [1986-92]; chairman, Environmental Defense Fund [2002-09]

Anne Nielsen

1958 Photographer; photographer/curator “Catching Shadows: a Tintype Portfolio of Native the 21st Century” [2009]

David L. Page

1958 Professor of Pathology, Vanderbilt School of Medicine [1972-], specialist in breast cancer diagnostic criteria

John Rockwell

1958 Critic, classical, pop music & dance; director, Lincoln Center Festival [1994-98]; editor, Arts and Leisure Section, New York Times [1998-2004]; author, “Outsider: John Rockwell on the Arts” [2006]

Ann DiClemente Ross

1958 Founder & co-owner, Leggiadro International, clothing & accessories producer & stores [1985-]

Daniel B. Rowland

1958 Captain of Boats, Shrewsbury School, England [1959-60], winner, Princess Elizabeth Cup, Henley [1960]; Russian history professor, U. Kentucky [1974-], director, U Kentucky Gaines Center for the Humanities [1996-2008]

Malcolm S. Salter

1958 Professor, business administration, Harvard Business School [1967-2006]; president, Mars & Company; author, “Innovation Corrupted” [2008]

Michael Slote

1958 Philosopher, educator & author in the field of virtue ethics; professor of ethics, University of Maryland [1985-2001], University of Miami [2002-]; author, “From Morality to Virtue” [1992], “Ethics of Care & Empathy” [2007]

Dane F. Smith Jr.

1958 Ambassador to Guinea [1990-93], ambassador to Senegal [1996-99]; president, National Peace Corps Association [1999-]

David Stare

1958 Founder, Dry Creek Vineyard [1972-] & leader in development of Sonoma wine industry; initiator, appellation status for Dry Creek Valley [1983]

Larry Stine

1958 Senior Principal Engineer, MITRE Corporation [1963-2000] working on NASA Gemini & Apollo programs, development of the ARPANET, precursor to the Internet

Dickran Tashjian

1958 Art historian & author; “The Art of Early New England Stonecarving” [1974], “American Dada” [1975], “Surrealism & the American Avant-Garde” [1995]

Christopher Wadsworth

1958 Headmaster, Nichols School [1969-79], Belmont Hill [1979-93], Robert College, Istanbul [1993-2001]

Manch Wheeler

1958 Outstanding College Player [1961], National Football Hall of Fame; quarterback, NFL Buffalo Bills [1962-64]

W. Philip Woodward

1958 Co-owner, Chalone Vineyard [1972-], cofounder & CEO, Chalone Wine Group [1984-2001], instrumental in creating an international reputation for California wines; chair, American Vintners Association [2001-]

Nathalie Taft Andrews

1959 Executive director, Portland Community Museum, Louisville [1978-]; recipient, Preserve America grant [2006]

Judith Agor Aydelott

1959 Defense attorney specializing in medical malpractice; Westchester Democratic candidate for Congress [2006]; Obama campaign [2008]

Keith Barbour

1959 Folksinger; member, New Christy Minstrels [1967-69], solo act [1969-] with Top 40 hit “Echo Park” & album [1969]; member, Beaujolais [1993-]

L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer III

1959 Diplomat; assistant to Henry Kissinger [1972-76]; deputy executive secretary, Department of State [1979-81]; executive secretary to Alexander Haig [1981-83]; ambassador to the Netherlands [1983-86]; ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism [1986-89]; chairman, National Commission on Terrorism [1999-2001]; US administrator of Iraq [2003-04]; recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom [2004]

Constance Brinckerhoff

1959 Molecular biologist specializing in matrix metalloproteinases; professor, Dartmouth Medical School & associate dean of science [1991-]; recipient, National Institute of Health Merit Award; master, American College of Rheumatology [2008]

Arthur Burnham

1959 British perfumer, founder, Burnham + Partners; creator of fragrances including Inis, Paul Smith Men, and Parfum V1, the world’s most expensive perfume @ $84,000/bottle; rower at Andover and beyond, member Cambridge 8 that won “The Boat Race” vs. Oxford [1965]

William A. Butler

1959 Attorney, specialist in environmental law; general counsel, Environmental Defense Fund, vice president & general counsel, National Audubon Society

Christopher Costanzo

1959 CIA clandestine service [ca.1965-1991]

Basil Cox

1959 Vice president & general manager, Family Communications, producer of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” [ca.1971-]

Chester A. Crocker

1959 Educator & diplomat; director, Georgetown University Foreign Service School [1972-81]; assistant secretary of state for African affairs [1981-89], architect, policy of “constructive engagement” with South Africa, credited with settling terms of Namibian independence [1988]; chair, United States Institute for Peace [1992-2004]; author “High Noon in South Africa...” [1993], coauthor “Taming Intractable Conflicts...” [2004]

Carlos de la Cruz

1959 Chairman, CC1 Companies; chair & senior trustee, University of Miami [1999-2001]; recipient, United Way Alexis de Tocqueville Award, Silver Medallion, National Conference of Christians & Jews, Simon Wiesenthal Foundation Award, Humanitarian Award, American Red Cross

Wade Ellis

1959 Mathematician & educator, expert on use of technology in teaching math; math instructor, West Valley College [1975-84], president, Faculty Senate [1979-80]; coauthor, “Mathematica, A Tutorial” ], “Maple V Flight Manual” [1992]; recipient, Distinguished Teacher Award [1980], Hayward Award for Excellence in Education [1990]

Laurie S. Fusco

1959 Art Historian; director, Getty Museum Photo Archives & Guest Scholars Program; coauthor, “Lorenzo de ’Medici, Collector & Antiquarian” [2006]

Mitchell H. Gail

1959 Medical statistician; senior investigator, National Cancer Center Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, director, Biostatistics Branch [1995-2007]; developer of AIDS epidemic tracking methods & the Gail Model, the standard risk assessment tool for breast cancer; recipient, Spiegelman Gold Medal for Health Statistics, Snedecor Award for applied statistics, Public Health Service Distinguished Service Medal

Dearing W. Johns

1959 Cardiologist, UVA School of Medicine, researcher on kidney control of blood pressure; chief, Preventive Cardiology Clinic

Kirby Jones

1959 Political organizer & Democratic Party activist; advisor, Kennedy & Lowenstein presidential campaigns [1968], press secretary, McGovern presidential campaign [1972]; named on the Nixon “enemies list” [1972]; founder & director, US-Cuba Trade Association [1975-82]; as PBS journalist, interviewed Fidel Castro [1986]

Jay Nelson

1959 National seniors squash titlist [1984-96]; recipient, Standing Award for Sportsmanship in squash [1978], Bigelow Award for Excellence in Competition [1977 & 1992]

William D. Nordhaus

1959 Economist & Yale professor [1973-]; member of Council of Economic Advisors, Carter Administration [1977-79]; author, “Managing the Global Commons: the Economics of Global Climate Change” [1994], winner, Publication of Enduring Quality Award, American Association of Environmental & Resource Economists [2006]

Lex Rieffel

1959 Economist; USAID, Indonesia [1971-73], Treasury Dept. International Staff [1975-92], Institute for International Finance [1994-2001], Brookings Institution Senior Fellow [2002-], expert on emerging markets & sovereign debt; author, “Sovereign Debt Restructuring” [2003], “...The Challenge of Military Financing in Indonesia” [2007]

Peter E. Rubin

1959 Physician & acupuncturist [1973-], full-time acupuncturist [1980-]

Sandy Ruby

1959 Mathematician & entrepreneur; founder, Tech HiFi [1964-], Computer City [1979-]

Gerald D. Secundy

1959 Attorney & environmental activist; executive director, Audubon California; president, California Council for Environmental & Economic Balance [2006-]; chair, California State Water Resources Board [2008-]

Susan Goodwillie Stedman

1959 National Council of Negro Women, Mississippi [1964]; UN & Ford Foundation [1966-75]; founder & president, The Goodwillie Group [1979-], consultants; executive director, Refugees International [1980s]; author, “Voices for the Future…” [1993]

W. Scott Thompson

1959 Rhodes Scholar [1962-]; White House Fellow [1975-77]; board of directors, US Institute of Peace [1985-2000]; adjunct professor, International Politics, Fletcher School, Tufts, Georgetown

Lee Webb

1959 Public policy analyst; founder & first president, Center for Policy Alternatives [1976], “of, by and for state legislators”; senior policy fellow, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, U Maine

G. Edward White

1959 Legal historian, professor, U Virginia School of Law; author, “The American Judicial Tradition” [1978], “Earl Warren…” [1986], “The Marshall Court…” [1988]

Jesse Colin Young

1959 Singer/songwriter; early 60s Greenwich Village folksinger; lead singer of the classic folk/rock band, The Youngbloods [1965-72]; “Get Together” a top-ten hit [1969]; solo artist [1972-]; environmental & peace activist [1970s-]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Robert S. Beale

1960 Physician, specialist in weight reduction [1970s-2004]; author “The Black Diet Doctor’s Solution for Black Women” [2004]

John Bissell

1960 Member, Shrewsbury School Eight [1961], winner of the Princess Elizabeth Cup, Henley; professor of neurology, UC Davis; chief of neurology, Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento; recipient, Cecil Cutting Award [2010]

Michael A. Burlingame

1960 History professor, Connecticut College, Lincoln authority; author, “The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln” [1994], “Abraham Lincoln: A Life” [2008]

Robert M. Cahners

1960 Ranked #1 in US Masters Track & Field weight & super weight championships [2007, 2008]

Moncrieff Cochran III

1960 Psychologist; professor of human development & family studies & director, Cornell Early Childhood Program, College of Human Ecology [-2008]; researcher on child rearing, early childhood education programs

Ruth C. Crocker

1960 President, World Association of Flower Arrangers [2009-]

John Darnton

1960 Journalist & novelist; Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent [1982], New York Times, London bureau chief [1993-96], cultural editor [1993-2002]; author, “Neanderthal” [1997], “Black & White & Dead All Over” [2008], “Almost a Family” [2011]

Jane English

1960 Photographer, book designer, founder/owner Earth Heart, Inc.; hot-air balloon pilot

Edward Parker “Ned” Evans

1960 Thoroughbred breeder & owner, ranked among top 10 breeders in the United States; owner Spring Hill Farm, Virginia [1969-2010]; major donor to Yale School of Management; namesake, Edward P. Evans Hall housing the School of Management[2014]

Mary Alice Feldblum

1960 Sociologist; director, Hofstra University Institute of Applied Social Science [1970s-80s]

Duncan Kennedy

1960 Legal theorist; professor; Harvard Law School [1976-]; critic of American legal education; author, “A Critique of Adjudication…” [1997]

Sheldon Leader

1960 Attorney, legal theorist & civil rights activist; professor, School of Law, University of Essex, UK & Essex Centre for Human Rights; chairman, Pallas Consortium of Universities for European Law; legal advisor, Amnesty International UK

Richard H. Masland

1960 Medical researcher; professor of neuroscience & ophthalmology, Harvard; specialist in neurome of the retina; director, Howe Laboratory, Mass. Eye & Ear Infirmary [2009-]; recipient, Hoopes & London awards in teaching, Brian Boycott Prize, research, Proctor Medal [2010]

Barry McCaffrey

1960 General & military analyst; division commander, Gulf War [1990-91]; commander, US Southern Command [1994-96]; director, Office of National Drug Control Policy [1996-2001]; professor of international security studies, West Point [2001-05]; named to US Army Ranger Hall of Fame [2007]

Christopher F. McKee

1960 Physicist, specialist in interstellar gases; professor of physics & astronomy, UC Berkeley [1974-], director, Space Sciences Laboratory [1985-98]; member, National Academy of Sciences

Henry “Tom” Mudd

1960 Founder, Cinnabar Vineyards & Winery, Santa Cruz Mountain appellation [1983]

John W. Nields Jr.

1960 Attorney; chief counsel, House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, Korea influence peddling investigation [1977-79]; House Select Committee, Iran-Contra Hearings [1987]

Margaret W. Noel

1960 President, Oregon League of Women Voters [2003-07]

Paulette Dufault Peden

1960 Fashion leader; advertising & promotion VP, Elizabeth Arden [ca.1980s-90s]

Joseph M. Prahl

1960 Engineering professor, Case Western Reserve, Department of Fluid, Thermal & Aerospace Sciences [1968-], chair [1992-2007]; co-director, NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship Program [1970-2003]; NASA Backup Payload Specialist, Microgravity Laboratory [1992]; recipient, Carl Wittke & Tau Beta Pi awards for excellence in teaching [1972, 1989-90], Zarem Education Award [2006]

William Bradford Reynolds

1960 Attorney; assistant solicitor general & assistant attorney general for civil rights, Reagan Administration [1981-88]; represented government before the Supreme Court in the Bob Jones University civil rights case [1982]

Michael Scharf

1960 Scholar & collector, early 20th century American modernist abstract painting

Phyllis Ross Schless

1960 President, Girls Clubs of America [1984-86], chair, National Child Labor Committee [1992-95]

William F. Seifert

1960 Journalist; as a member of the Longview Washington Daily News staff, Pulitzer Prize recipient for coverage of the Mount St. Helen’s disaster [1980-81]

William D. Sherman

1960 Attorney, specialist in corporate securities & stock offerings; voted one of “best lawyers in America” [1982-2009]

Nicholas C. Spitzer

1960 Neurobiologist; specialist in early neuronal development in the brain; distinguished professor & vice chair, Section of Neurobiology, UC San Diego [1972-]; coauthor, “Fundamental Neuroscience” [1982, 2002]

Handley M. G. Stevens

1960 British diplomat & government official, Under Secretary for Transportation [1980s]; coauthor, “Brussels Bureaucrats: the Administration of the European Union” [2000] & “Transportation Policy in the European Union” [2003]

Dorothy Tod

1960 Filmmaker; associate producer & film supervisor, Sesame Street [ca.1970]; producer/director, “What if You Couldn’t Read” [1980], recipient, DuPont-Columbia Citation in Broadcast Journalism; “Warriors’ Women” [1981], recipient, Grand Prize, New England Film Festival

Allen Mason Ward

1960 Classicist, professor of classicist, University of Connecticut; author, “Marcus Crassus & the Late Roman Republic [1977], “A History of the Roman People” [5th Edition, 2004]

Woodward A. “Woody” Wickham

1960 Vice president, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, specializing in grant making to human rights groups, independent filmmakers & PBS series [1990-2003]

Ward W. Woods

1960 CEO/president, Bessemer Securities [1989-1999]; chair, Stanford Management Company [2006-08]; donor, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford [2006]; chair, executive committee, Wildlife Conservation Society

Karl A. Ziegler

1960 London-based banker & founding member, Transparency International [1994] focused on auditing debt relief provided to 3rd-world nations; cofounder & CEO, Kinnerton Research Centre focused on corporate best practices in difficult business environments prone to corruption

Sid R. Bass

1961 Investor, philanthropist; vice chair, Museum of Modern Art

Eileen Christelow

1961 Children’s’ book author-illustrator, including “Henry & the Red Stripes” [1982], the “Five Little Monkeys…” series [1990-], “Letters from a Desperate Dog” [2006]

A. Bruce Cleveland

1961 Banker; founder, chairman, president & CEO, Presidential Bank [1985-] & Presidential Online Bank [1995], the nation’s first

Fulton Collins

1961 Tulsa businessman, leader & benefactor, Tulsa University; chair/CEO, Liberty Glass [1980-94], CEO Collins Investments [1994-2008]; chair, Tulsa University board of trustees [1997-2008]; donor, Collins Hall, namesake, Collins College of Business Administration, Tulsa U

William A. “Bill” Drayton

1961 Social entrepreneur; as EPA assistant administrator [1977-81], launched emissions trading; founder/president/CEO/chairman, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public [1980-]; chairman, American Environmental Safety Council [1981-85]; recipient, MacArthur Fellowship [1984-89]; Public Service Achievement Award, Common Cause [1999]; Fuess Award [2009]; Prince of Asturias Award in International Cooperation [2011]

Dick Durrance

1961 Photographer; Army Photographic Office [1967-68] working in Vietnam, National Geographic staff photographer [1969-76], advertising photographer [1976-]; voted Advertising Photographer of the Year [1987]

David H. Evans

1961 Ethnomusicologist; professor of music, University of Memphis; blues guitarist & singer [1962-]; recipient, Grammy Award, best album notes, “Screamin’ & Hollerin’ the Blues: the Worlds of Charley Patton” [2003]; recipient, University of Memphis Willard R. Sparks Eminent Faculty Award [2007]

Frederick Pollard Goff

1961 Director, North American Congress on Latin America [NACLA]; publisher, “Report on the Americas” [1966-2011]; cofounder & president, DataCenter; board president, Community Financial Resources

King W.W. Harris

1961 CEO, Pittway Corporation [1987-2000]; chairman, Harris School Visiting Committee, U Chicago; chairman, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago [2001-2006]

Judith V. Jordan

1961 Psychologist & co-developer, the relational-cultural model of women’s development; director, Jean Baker Miller Training Institute, Wellesley Centers for Women; coauthor, “Women’s Growth in Connection” [1991], etc.

Edward Gibson Lanpher

1961 Career diplomat [1967-99]; US ambassador to Zimbabwe [1991-95]

Karyl Charna Lynn

1961 Critic, authority on opera & opera houses; US correspondent, Opera Now; author, “National Trust Guide to Grand Opera & Opera Houses” [1996], “Italian Opera Houses & Festivals” [2005]

John Marks

1961 Founder & president, Search for Common Ground [1982-], an international conflict prevention organization, initially focused on US-Soviet cooperation; Search for Common Ground awarded the first US State Department Benjamin Franklin Ward for Public Diplomacy [2008]

W. Gage McAfee

1961 Attorney; member, Advisory Consultative Commission for the Basic Law of Hong Kong [1985-89]

George Pieczenik

1961 Biochemist in genetic research; associate professor, Rutgers; member, patent bar; recipient, Fuess Award [1980]

Thomas E. Pollock III

1961 US Olympic Rowing Team [1964]

Tony Robbin

1961 Theoretician, artist & author; developer of computer visualizations of four-dimensional geometry; painter & sculptor [1974-]; author, “Engineering a new Architecture” [1996], “Shadows of Reality: the Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism & Modern Thought” [2006]

James H. Rubin

1961 Art historian, specialist in 19th century European painting; author, “Courbet” [1997], “Impressionism & the Modern Landscape” [2008]

Daniel H. Saks

1961 Economist, expert on unemployment & the economics of education; Council of Economic Advisers, Carter Administration [1977-80]; director, National Commission on Unemployment Policy [1980-82]; professor, Vanderbilt [1982-]

Alan M. Tartakoff

1961 Medical researcher, cell biologist & pathologist; author, “Vectoral Transport of Proteins into & across Membranes” [1991]; professor, Case Western Reserve Department of Pathology [1994-]

William R. Torbert

1961 Professor & dean, Carroll School of Management, Boston University [1978-2008]; author, “Managing the Corporate Dream” [1987], “The Secret of Timely & Transforming Leadership” [2004]; recipient, David L. Bradford Distinguished Educator Award [2008]

Robert L. Trivers

1961 Evolutionary biologist & sociobiologist; professor, Harvard, UC Santa Cruz, Rutgers [1973-]; widely influential developer of theories of reciprocal altruism [1971], parental investment [1972]; author, “Social Evolution” [1985], coauthor, “Genes in Conflict: the Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements” [2006]; recipient, Crafoord Prize [2007] in bioscience

David R. Weaver

1961 Member, Eliot House Crew [Harvard], winner Thames Challenge Cup [1964]

Craig R. Whitney

1961 Journalist & organist; New York Times reporter, foreign correspondent, bureau chief & assistant managing editor, [1965-2009]; organist & historian; author, “All the Stops: the Glorious Pipe Organ” [2003], “The WMD Mirage: Iraq’s Decade of Deception...” [2005]; recipient, American Guild of Organists President’s Award [2004]

Stuart Wrede

1961 Director, Dept. of Architecture & Design, Museum of Modern Art [1987-92]; creator of environmental sculpture & landscape design [1992-]

John Zeisel

1961 Sociologist specializing in social research & design, especially for special-needs building occupants; founder, Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Family Foundation & Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Care; author, “Inquiry by Design: Environment / Behavior / Neuroscience in Architecture, Interiors, Landscape & Planning” [1984/2006]

Charles S. Abbot

1962 Admiral; Rhodes Scholar [1966-]; commander, aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt; commander 6th Fleet [1996-98]; deputy chief, US European Command [1999-2000]; deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the president [2001-2003]

Allen Andersson

1962 Entrepreneur & philanthropist; founder and funder, the Riecken Foundation [2000], creator of free public libraries in Central America

Jonathan Baron

1962 Professor of psychology, U. Pennsylvania, specializing in the decision-making process for moral and public policy questions; author, “Rationality and Intelligence” [1985], “Morality & Rational Choice” [18993], “Thinking & Deciding” [1988, 2008]

Charles J. Beard II

1962 Attorney & civic leader; authority on cable television law & regulation; chairman, Emerson College Board of Trustees [1999-2001]; chairman, Board of Trustees, WGBH Education Foundation [-2004]

Kenneth P. Bergquist

1962 Army officer & Pentagon official; brigadier general, specialist in counterterrorism; first president, Joint Special Operations University; US Central Command Special Operations Staff Director [-2002]

Fitzgerald B. Bramwell

1962 Professor of chemistry and biochemistry, City University [1988-95]; vice president for research and graduate studies, University of Kentucky [1995-]; recipient, Fuess Award [2000]

Keith H. Chiappa

1962 Rhodes Scholar [1964-65]; neurologist & professor of neurology, Harvard Medical School; director, EEG/EP Lab, Mass. General Hospital; editor, Journal of Contemporary Neurology; author, “Evoked Potentials in Clinical Medicine” [1983, 1989]

Edward Grew

1962 Geologist, professor, University of Maine Dept. of Earth & Climate Sciences; specialist in boron and beryllium; discover of several minerals; namesake of newly discovered minerals Edgrewite and hydroxledgrewite [2011]

Sally Mandel

1962 Author, best-selling romance novels; “Change of Heart” [1979], “Portrait of a Married Woman” [1986], “Out of the Blue” [2002]

David J. Smith

1962 Geography & social studies teacher, creator of geography curricula, education consultant; creator, “Mapping the World by Heart” [1991], “If the World Were a Village” [2002]; recipient, US Dept. of Education “Breaking the Mold” Award [1992]

Charles C. “Charlie” Stuart

1962 Writer, producer, director of television news stories & documentaries; senior producer, ABC News; recipient, five Emmy Awards, 2 DuPont Awards

Cathy Wilkerson

1962 Member, the Weathermen Underground [ca.1970]; author, “Flying Close to the Sun: My Life & Times as a Weatherman” [2007]

Edward Bass

1963 Philanthropist; lead donor, Biosphere II [1985-], Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies [1991] & Bass Performance Hall [1998]

Edward W. “Tad” Campion

1963 Rhodes Scholar [1967-]; senior deputy editor & online editor, New England Journal of Medicine [2001-]

Felicity “Flick” Colby

1963 Choreographer and dancer; founder & leader of the London-based, go-go girl dance group Pan’s People, a British television pop-culture phenomenon [1966-76], and later groups

William Damon

1963 Developmental psychologist & author; professor of education & director, Stanford Center on Adolescence [1997-], senior fellow, Hoover Institution [1999-]; author, “The Moral Child” [1990], “Greater Expectations: Overcoming the Culture of Indulgence…” [1995], “The Path to Purpose” [2008], “Failing Liberty 101…” [2011]

Deborah Fitts

1963 Journalist & preservationist; proponent of safeguarding Civil War battlefields; reporter, Civil War News [1989-92], director of communications, Civil War Preservation Trust [1992-94]

John Burt Foster Jr.

1963 Professor, comparative literature and modern fiction, George Mason; author, “A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism” [1981, “Nabokov’s Art Memory and European Modernism” [1993], “Transnational Tolstoy: Between the West & the World” [2013

Richard Nash Gould

1963 Architect; one of six New York designers and artists credited with the “Tribute in Light” -- twin beams of light illuminated annually to commemorate those lost in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Paul Hoffman

1963 Cox, US Olympic 8+ rowing team [1968, ’72], silver medalist [1972]

Tracy Kidder

1963 Author; “Soul of the new Machine” [1981], winner, Pulitzer Prize & American Book Award [1982]; “Home Town” [1999]; “Mountains Beyond Mountains: One Doctor’s Quest to Heal the World” [2003]

Paul Monette

1963 Writer; poet; AIDS activist; author, “Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story” [2004], winner, National Book Award

John L. Morrison

1963 US Olympic Hockey Team [1968]

Richard S. Pechter

1963 Investment banker, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette [1969-99]; Tony-award winning producer, “Titanic: the Musical” [1997]

Nicholas Prahl

1963 National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps [1970-2004], Rear Admiral & director, NOAA Atlantic & Pacific Marine Centers [1999-2004]

Henry Richardson

1963 City & regional planner & architect; professor of architecture & chair, department of architecture, Cornell; developer of plans for new cities in Africa, including Nasco Town, Lagos, Nigeria, Bui, Ghana; recipient, Faculty Innovation in Teaching Award, Cornell [2001]

Nicholas Z. “Nick” Scoville

1963 Professor of astronomy, Caltech [1986-]; director, Owens Valley Radio Observatory [[1986-96]; research focused on assembly & evolution of galaxies in the early universe

Jon Turk

1963 Sea kayak adventurer & author focused on spiritual quests; author, “Cold Oceans” [1998], “In the Wake of Jomon” [2005], “The Raven’s Gift” [2010]

Louis Wiley Jr.

1963 Television documentarian [1970-]; series editor, WGBH documentary series “World” [1977-83], executive editor, WGBH “Frontline” series [1983-92, 1999-2009], recipient of multiple Emmy, DuPont-Columbia, Pulitzer and other awards

Tadataka “Tachi” Yamada

1963 Physician, pharmaceutical executive, global healthcare funder; gastroenterologist; chair, Department of Internal Medicine, Michigan Medical School, & physician-in-chief, Michigan Medical Center [-1996]; president, American Gastroenterological Association; GlaxoSmithKline R&D chairman [1999-2005]; president, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Programs [2006-11]; chief medical and scientific officer & later president, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. [2011-]; coauthor, “The Textbook of Gastroenterology” [1991 et seq.]; recipient, Friedenwald Medal [2003], KBE [2007]

Mohamed Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke

1964 Chair, Somali Committee for Popular Democracy [2001-]; president, United Somali Democratic Union

Susan Almy

1964 Anthropologist & politician; specialist in social structures & nutrition in the developing world; Democratic member, New Hampshire House of Representatives [1996-], chair, House Ways & Means Committee

Richard H. Brodhead

1964 Chair, Yale English Department [1985-93], dean, Yale College [1993-2004]; President, Duke University [2004-]

Stephen B. Burbank

1964 Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School [1979-]; expert on federal court rulemaking, interjurisdictional preclusion, judicial independence & accountability; chair, American Academy of Political & Social Science [2004-07]; chair, American Judicature Society Editorial Committee [2000-08]; coauthor, “Judicial Independence at the Crossroads...” [2002]

George W. Bush

1964 Managing general partner, Texas Rangers baseball team [1989-94]; Governor of Texas [1995-2000]; 43rd President of the United States [2001-2009]

Robert J. Dieter

1964 Law professor, University of Colorado [1979-2005], director, Legal Aid Clinic; author, “Colorado Criminal Practice & Procedure” [1996]; ambassador to Belize [2005-09]

Jeffrey Garten

1964 Managing director, Lehman Brothers [1984-87], the Blackstone Group [1992-93]; under secretary of commerce for international trade [1993-95]; dean, Yale School of Management [1995-2005]; columnist, Business Week [1997-2005]; author, “A Cold Peace: America, Japan, Germany and the Struggle for Supremacy” [1992], “The Politics of Fortune” [2002]

José Gonzalez-Inclan

1964 Squash National Jr. Singles Champion [1965]; Harvard All-American in squash [1966, -67, -68]

Clay Johnson III

1964 Appointments secretary/chief of staff to Texas Governor George W. Bush [1995-2000]; assistant to the president for personnel [2000-2003]; deputy director, U.S. Office of Management & Budget [2003-09]

James B. Lockhart III

1964 Deputy director & CEO, Social Security Administration [2002-2006]; director, Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight [2006-2009]; director, Federal Housing Finance Agency [2008-09]

Seth Mydans

1964 Foreign correspondent; New York Times Southeast Asia correspondent & the International Herald Tribune [1996-]; recipient, Shorenstein Journalism Award [2009]

Peter Smith

1964 Lt. Governor of Vermont [1983-86], Republican congressman [1988-90]; founding president, Community College of Vermont [1970-]; founding president, University of California, Monterey Bay [1995-2005]; assistant director general for education, UNESCO [2005-07]

Laura Stevenson

1964 Cultural historian & writer of fiction; author “Praise & Paradox: Merchants & Craftsmen in Elizabethan Popular Literature…” [1974], “Happily After All” [1993], “Castle in the Wind” [2003], “Return in Kind” [2010]

Gwyneth Walker

1964 Composer for orchestra, chorus & chamber ensemble; faculty, Oberlin College Conservatory [1976-79]; recipient, Vermont Arts Council Lifetime Achievement Award [2000]

Dick Wolf

1964 Emmy Award-winning creator, producer & writer, “Miami Vice” [1984-89], “Law and Order” [1990-2010], television’s 2nd longest-running drama series; producer, “Chicago P.D.” [2013], Academy Award-winning documentary “Twin Towers” [2003]

W. Benjamin Barker

1965 Hardware engineer & team member for development of ARPANET [1969], precursor to the Internet

Mary Wilkes Eubanks

1965 Anthropologist & botanist; senior research scientist, Duke University; researcher on maize origin, evolution & improvement; author, “Corn in Clay: Paleoethnobotany in Pre-Columbian Art” [1999]; president, Sun Dance Genetics [2002-]; recipient, Fuess Award [2000]

Eugen Indjic

1965 Concert pianist; 2nd prize, International Arthur Rubenstein Competition [1974]; artist-in-residence, Prague Symphony [2013]

Jeffrey K. MacNelly

1965 Cartoonist; creator of the comic strip “Shoe” [1977]; recipient Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons [1972, -78 & -85], Fuess Award [1979], Overseas Press Club Thomas Nast Award [1985] for cartoons on international affairs

Mark H. Moore

1965 Professor, criminal justice policy, Kennedy School, Harvard [1979-2004]; professor & former chair, Hauser Center for Non-profits, Kennedy School [2004-]

Kevin Rafferty

1965 Documentary filmmaker; producer/director, The Atomic Café” [1982]; cinematographer, “Roger & Me” [1989], “The War Room” [1993], “Harvard Beats Yale 29:29” [2008]

John M. “Jock” Reynolds

1965 Artist & museum director; director, Addison Gallery of American Art [1989-98], Yale University Art Gallery [1998-]

David Roe

1965 Rhodes Scholar [1969-70]; attorney specializing in environmental law & advocacy; West Coast attorney, Environmental Defense Fund [ca.1980s]; primary author, California Proposition 65 [1985-88] re product safety and labeling; author, “Dynamos & Virgins” [1984]

Alexander Sanger

1965 President, Planned Parenthood of New York [1991-2000]; chair, International Planned Parenthood Council [2000-]; author, Beyond Choice: Reproductive Freedom in the 21st Century [2004]

Donald Shepard

1965 Health economist; professor, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy, Heller School, Brandeis; researcher on substance abuse treatment, the economic impacts of hunger; disease control in developing countries, etc.

Peter Vanderwarker

1965 Architectural & editorial photographer; recipient, Institute Honors, American Institute of Architects [1992]

Douglas P. Woodlock

1965 US District Court judge, District of Massachusetts [1986-]; authority on federal courthouse design; author, “The Peculiar Embarrassment: an Architectural History of Federal Courts in Massachusetts” [1989]

Michael M. Wood

1965 US Ambassador to Sweden [2006-09]

Blakeman Hazzard “Blake” Allen

1966 Director, Pakistani Educational Leadership Project [2006-]; coordinator, College of Graduate Studies, Plymouth State University

Daniel R. Bowler

1966 Rear admiral; surface warfare officer; commandant, National War College [1999-2000]

Peter V.R. Franchot

1966 Staff director, Representative Edward J. Markey [1980-86]; Democratic member, Maryland House of Delegates [1987-2007]; Comptroller of Maryland [2007-]; recipient, Association of Government Accountants, Distinguished Leadership Award [2008]

David S. Goldstein

1966 Medical researcher; senior investigator, NIH; founding director, Clinical Neurocardiology Section, NIH [1990-]; author, “The Autonomic Nervous System” [2001], “Sources & Significance of Plasma Levels of Catechols…in Humans” [2003], “Adrenaline & the Inner World…” [2006]; recipient, Yale’s Angier Prize, NIH Distinguished Clinical Teacher Award

John Hilley

1966 Economist; staff director, US Senate Budget Committee [1985-91]; chief of staff, Senate Majority Leader [1991-95]; White House director of legislative affairs [1997-]; chairman/CEO, NASDAQ-AMEX International [1999-]; author, “The Challenge of Legislation: Bipartisanship in a Partisan World” [2007]

William E. “Bill” Littlefield Jr.

1966 Journalist, sports commentator; host, NPR “Only a Game” [1993-]

David Ludden

1966 Historian, specialist South Asian development & globalization; professor & chair, Department of History, NYU [2007-]; author, “Peasant History in South India” [1985], “An Agrarian History of South Asia” [1999], “India & South Asia: A Short History” [2002, -12]; recipient, Fulbright Fellowship [2009]

Peter Purdue

1966 Historian, specialist in modern Chinese history; professor, MIT [1994-]; author, “China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia” [2005]; recipient, MIT’s Levitan Prize [1992]

Eric Redman

1966 Rhodes Scholar [1970-71]; staffer, US Senator Warren Magnuson [ca.1971]; author, “The Dance of Legislation” [1973, 2000]

Lucy Thomson

1966 Attorney & information technology security expert; editor, American Bar Association “Data Breach & Encryption Handbook” [2011]; chair, ABA Section for Science & Technology Law [2012]; winner, National Women’s Intercollegiate Sailing Championship [1967]

Anthony Alofsin

1967 Architect & architectural historian; architecture professor, U Texas; author, “Frank Lloyd Wright: the Lost Years” [2006][AIA monograph award winner], “When Buildings Speak: Architecture as Language in the Habsburg Empire and its Aftermath” [2007]

Julia Alvarez

1967 Prolific novelist, poet & essayist, including: “How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents” [1991], “In a Time of Butterflies” [1994], “Once Upon A Quincea–era” [2007]

Richard J. Balfour

1967 Rhodes Scholar [1971-74]; Toronto attorney, specialist in corporate law, IPOs

Joseph V. Canavagh Jr.

1967 All-American hockey player, Harvard [1969, -70 & -71]; US Ice Hockey Hall of Fame [1994]

Andre Maurice Davis

1967 Judge, Maryland District Court & Circuit Court [1987-95]; US District Court for Maryland [1995-09], US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals judge [2009-]; recipient, Benjamin A Cardin Public Service Award [2008]

Carroll Dunham

1967 Painter & printmaker

Ford M. Fraker

1967 Investment banker & diplomat; US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia [2007-09]; president, Middle East Policy Council [2013-]

Anthony Grafton

1967 Historian & essayist; history professor, Princeton [1975-]; chair, Council of the Humanities, Princeton [2002-2006]; author, “Defenders of the Text: The Traditions of Scholarship in the Age of Science” [1991], “What Was History...” [2007]; recipient, Balzan Prize [2002], Mellon Foundation Distinguished Achievement Award [2004]

Alex Harris

1967 Photographer; author, “The Old Ones of New Mexico” [1973], “Red White Blue & God Bless You” [1992]; founder, Duke University Center for Documentary Studies [1989-], coauthor “Why We Are Here: Mobile & the Spirit of a Southern City” [2012]

Ann McKeever Hatch

1967 Founder & director, Capp Street art installations project, San Francisco [1983-]; founder & board chair, Oxbow School, Napa, CA, high-school arts immersion program [1997-2005]; chair, Board of Trustees, California College of the Art [2005-09]

Mel Kendrick

1967 Sculptor

Wade Saunders

1967 Sculptor & art critique

Thomas Schiavoni

1967 Founder & director, Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts [1977-]; recipient, Fuess Award [1978]

Kenny Blake

1968 Jazz saxophone player, leader, 1990s Pittsburgh “Steel Town” fusion sound

Dorothy L. Cheney

1968 Primate researcher, baboon social behavior & language; biology professor, U Pennsylvania; coauthor, “Baboon Metaphysics” [2007]

Martin W. Daly

1968 Historian, especially Egypt & the Sudan; editor, “The Cambridge History of Egypt...1517-2000” [1999]; author, “Darfur’s Sorrow: A History” [2007], “Imperial Executor: Sir William Luce & the British Empire in the Middle East” [2014]

Peter Evans

1968 Actor, known for award-winning performances in plays by David Mamet, Tom Stoppard, Arthur Miller [ca.1975-85]

Philip F. Gura

1968 Historian, literary critic & musicologist; professor, American History & Culture, UNC Chapel Hill; author, “Theology, Literature & the New England Renaissance” [1981], “A Glimpse of Sion’s Glory: Puritan Radicalism in New England…” [1984], “America’s Instrument: The Banjo in the 19th Century” [1999], “Transcendentalism: A History” [2007]; Distinguished Scholar Award, Modern Language Association [2008]

Thomas H. Jackson

1968 Attorney, expert on bankruptcy law; dean, University of Virginia School of Law [1988-91]; president, University of Rochester [1994-2005]

David Ensor

1969 Broadcast journalist, NPR [1975-80]; ABC diplomatic correspondent [1980-98]; CNN national security correspondent [1998-]; appointed director, Voice of America [2011-]

Wendy Ewald

1969 Photographer; pioneer in photography collaborations with children around the world; founder, Literacy through Photography Program [1990]; Fellow, Duke Center for Documentary Studies; recipient, Lyndhurst Prize [1986], MacArthur Fellowship [1992]; “Wendy Ewald: Secret Games, Collaborative Works with Children 1969–1999” [2000]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2012

Thomas Mesereau

1969 Criminal defense attorney, best known for defense of Michael Jackson [2005]

James Shannon

1969 Democratic congressman from Massachusetts [1979-85]; Massachusetts Attorney General [1987-91]; recipient, Fuess Award [1983]

Mark Stevens

1969 Art critic; coauthor, “de Kooning: An American Master” winner, Pulitzer Prize for biography [2005]

Evan W. Thomas III

1969 Journalist & biographer; assistant managing editor, Newsweek [1991-]; author, “The Man to See: The Life of Edward Bennett Williams” [1991], “Robert Kennedy” [2000], “John Paul Jones” [2003], “Ike’s Bluff: President Eisenhower’s Secret Battle to Save the World” [2012]; recipient, National Magazine Award [1998]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Alex Donner

1970 New York band leader & cabaret singer

E. Grant Gibbons

1970 Rhodes Scholar [1974-76]; member, Bermuda Parliament [1994-]; Minister of Finance [1995-98], then shadow Minister of Finance; chairman, Public Accounts Committee [1998-2006]; Leader, United Bermuda Party [2001-06]; Minister of Education & Economic Development [2012-]

James B. Steinberg

1970 Foreign policy analyst & political advisor; director, State Dept. policy planning staff [1994-96]; deputy national security advisor [1997-2001]; director, foreign policy studies, Brookings Institution [2001-2005]; dean, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs [2005-08]; foreign policy advisor to presidential candidate Barack Obama [2008]; deputy secretary of state [2009-11]; dean, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University [2011-]

Theodore B. Thorndike

1970 Member, US National & Olympic hockey teams [1975-76]

Sandra “Sandy” Urie

1970 Chairman & CEO, Cambridge Associates [2001-], investment advisors to foundations & endowments; recipient, Women Who Make A Difference Award; [2005], National Council for Research on Women, 100 Women in Hedge Funds [2010]

William L. Ury

1970 Anthropologist, peace negotiator; coauthor “Getting to Yes…” [1981]; cofounder, Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard Law School

Charles van der Horst

1970 AIDS researcher & activist; professor of medicine, UNC Chapel Hill; director, AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, Chapel Hill Hospital [1989-]

Ernie Adams

1971 National Football League coach [1975-]; as research director, New England Patriots [2000-], instrumental in Super Bowl wins in 2001, 2003, 2004, & the Patriot’s 16-0 2007 season

Bill Belichick

1971 National Football League coach [1975-]; head coach, Cleveland Browns [1985-90], head coach, New England Patriots [2000-], with a perfect 16-0 season in 2007 & Super Bowl wins in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, and 2016; named NFL Coach of the Year 2003, 2007, 2010

John E. “Jeb” Bush

1971 Governor of Florida [1999-2007]

Richard M. Cashin Jr.

1971 Member, Harvard 8+ crew, winner, Thames Challenge Cup, Henley [1972] & national championship [1974]; member, US Men’s Olympic Crew Team [1976, 1980]; member, Charles River Rowling Association 8+, winner Grand Challenge Cup, Henley [1980]

Lincoln Chafee

1971 Mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island [1992-99]; Republican US senator [1999-2007]; independent RI Governor [2011-]

David Cuthell Jr.

1971 Executive director, Institute for Turkish Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University [2005-11]

Frank duPont

1971 Documentary filmmaker; cofounder, Winton/duPont Films [1988-]; specialist in video narratives portraying institutions and individuals; executive producer & director, Medal of Honor “Portraits of Valor” [2009]

Paul J. Finnegan

1971 Private equity investor; cofounder & co-CEO, Madison Dearborn Partners, Chicago [1992-]

Thomas C. Foley

1971 Ambassador to Ireland [2006-09]

Jameson French

1971 President/CEO, Northland Forest Products, specialty hardwoods producer; chair, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests [1995-98]; chair, Hardwood Trade Federation [-2013]; chair, Forest Stewardship Council

Peter R. Halley

1971 Painter of geometric abstractions; art critic; cofounder, Index Magazine [1996-]; director, graduate studies in painting & printmaking, Yale School of Art [2001-]

Susan McCouch

1971 Plant geneticist specializing in increasing rice yields; International Rice Research Institute [1990-95]; professor, plant breeding & genetics, Cornell [1995-]; recipient, Thai Golden Sickle Award [2007]

Rick Prelinger

1971 Film archivist, filmmaker, cultural historian & advocate for open access to historical materials; founder, Prelinger Archives [1983], partially acquired by the Library of Congress [2002]

Pierce Rafferty

1971 Film archivist & documentary filmmaker; cofounder, Petrified Films, Inc. [1984]; producer/director “The Atomic Café” [1982]

David Winton

1971 Documentary filmmaker; cofounder, Winton/duPont Films [1988]; producer/director, “Code Rush” [2000]

H. G. “Buzz” Bissinger

1972 Journalist, sportswriter, author; recipient, Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting [1987]; author, “Friday Night Lights” [1988], “A Prayer for the City” [1998], “Three Nights in August” [2005]

Daniel G. Bolduc

1972 Member, US National & Olympic hockey teams [1975-76]; NHL player, Detroit Red Wings, Calgary Flames [1978-84]

Marna Parke Borgstrom

1972 President/CEO, Yale New Haven Hospital & YNH Health System [2007-]; lecturer, Yale School of Public Health

George Church

1972 Molecular geneticist; co-developer, genomic sequencing & the Human Genome Project [1984]; inventor, molecular multiplexing and tags, DNA array synthesizers; initiator, Personal Genome Project & synthetic biology; director, US Dept. of Energy Center on Bioenergy & NIH Center of Excellence in Genomic Science; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2013

Nicholas J. Hadley

1972 Physicist; professor of high-energy physics, University of Maryland; member, Zero Experiment team that discovered the top quark, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory [2007]

John Hess

1972 Oil industry executive; CEO, Hess Corporation [1995-], chairman [1995-2013]

Maud Lavin

1972 Art & cultural historian; author, “The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch” [1993], “Clear New World: Culture, Politics & Graphic Design” [2001], “Push Comes to Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women” [2010]

Toby Lineaweaver

1972 Executive director, Penikese Island School, Cape Cod, Mass., for at-risk boys and juvenile felons [1996-2011]

S. Neil MacFarlane

1972 Rhodes Scholar [1976-77]; professor of government / international relations, U Virginia, Queen’s College, Canada, Oxford [1984-]; head, Department of Politics & International relations, Oxford [2005-10]; expert on international security, humanitarian aid & peacekeeping; coauthor, “Human Security & the UN” [2006]

Bruce Poliquin

1972 State Treasurer, Maine [2011-2013]; U.S. Representative, Maine 2nd district [2015]

Alexandra “Sandy” Reynolds-Wasco

1972 Set-decorator working with film directors Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson et al; “Pulp Fiction” [1994], “The Royal Tenenbaums” [2001], “Inglourious Basterds” [2009]

Doug Suisman

1972 Architect & urban planner, specializing in regional & transportation planning; author, “The Arc: A formal Structure for a Palestinian State” [2005]

Jonathan B. Tucker

1972 Specialist in chemical & biological weapons issues; senior fellow, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies [1996-2011]; author, “Biosecurity: Limiting Terrorist Access to Deadly Pathogens” [2003] & “War of Nerves: Chemical Warfare from World War I to Al-Qaeda” [2006]

Michael Beschloss

1973 Historian, specialist in the American presidency; author, “Eisenhower: A Centennial Life [1990], “The Conquerors: Roosevelt & Truman” [2002], “Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How they Changed America” [2007]; television analyst; recipient, Emmy Award [2005] for “Decisions that Shook the World”

Kenneth J. Cooper

1973 Journalist; recipient, Pulitzer Prize [1984] as a Boston Globe reporter; Washington Post Southeast Asia correspondent; Boston Globe National Editor [2001-2005]

Christopher Kimball

1973 President, California Lutheran University [2008-]

Guy Nordenson

1973 Structural engineer; professor, Princeton School of Architecture [1995-]; NYC Public Design Commission [2006-2015]; author, “Tall Buildings” [2003], “WTC Emergency Building Damage Assessment” [2004]; “Seven Structural Engineers” (2008) “On the Water: Palisade Bay” [2010]; “Patterns and Structures” [2010] “Reading Structures” (2016)

William F. Owen Jr.

1973 Physician; specialist in kidney disease & transplantation; chancellor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2005-07]; president, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey [2007-12]; CEO, Sidra Medical Research Center, Qatar [2012-]

Elisabeth Robert

1973 President/CEO, Vermont Teddy Bear Company [1996-2007], CEO, Terry Precision Cycling [2009-]

Cathy von Klemperer Utzschneider

1973 7-time US National Masters Cross Country champion; owner, MOVE [1993-], coaching for women

Christopher Willett

1973 Oncologist; specialist in gastrointestinal cancers; chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, Duke University Medical Center

Christopher Agee

1974 Poet & editor based in Northern Ireland; author of “New Hampshire Woods” [1992], “First Light” [2003]; founder & editor, “Irish Pages” biannual literary journal [2002-]

Bill Berkeley

1974 Foreign correspondent; author, “The Graves Are Not Yet Full: Race, Tribe & Power in the Heart of Africa” [2002]; adjunct professor, Columbia School of International & Public Affairs [2000-]

Bill Cunliffe

1974 Jazz pianist, band leader, arranger & composer; winner, Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition [1989], Grammy Award [2010]

Dana Delany

1974 Movie & television actress, including “China Beach” [1988-91], “Kidnapped” [2006-07], “Desperate Housewives” [2007-12]; “Body of Proof” [2011-13]; recipient, Emmy Award [1989, 1992], Prism Award [2009]

Karl Kirchwey

1974 Writer; director of Creative Writing, Bryn Mawr [2000-10]; director, American Academy in Rome [2010-13]; author, “The Engrafted Word” [1998], “The Happiness of this World” [2007]

Gary Lee

1974 Foreign correspondent, travel writer, Washington Post; recipient, Lowell Thomas Award [2002]

William M. Lewis Jr.

1974 Managing director & co-chair, investment banking, Lazard Ltd [2004-]; treasurer, National Urban League; national chairman, A Better Chance [1991-95]; chair, NAACP Legal Defense Fund; recipient, NAACP National Equal Justice Award

Jonathan Meath

1974 Children’s television producer, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” [1991-96], recipient, Peabody Award for Excellence [1993], Emmy Award [1995]; “ZOOM” [1999-2005]; “The Dot” [video], recipient, George Foster Peabody Award [1993], Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video [2005]

Sara Nelson

1974 Publishing industry executive, book reviewer & commentator; editor-in-chief, Publishers Weekly [2005-09]; editorial director, Amazon Books [2012-]; author, “So Many Books, So Little Time” [2003]

Alexander Stille

1974 Journalist; author, “Five Italian Jewish Families Under Fascism” [1992], “Excellent Cadavers: the Mafia…” [1995], “The Future of the Past” [2003]

Jonathan Alter

1975 Journalist with Newsweek [1983-2011], senior editor & columnist [1991-]; television political commentator; author, “The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days” [2006], “The Promise” President Obama, Year One [2010]

Ian Baker

1975 Himalayan explorer; scholar of Buddhism, photographer; author, “The Heart of the World: A Journey to Tibet’s Lost Paradise” [2006]

Tom Chapin

1975 Jazz sax player, band leader, composer [ca.1975-98]

Bill Kavanagh

1975 Documentary filmmaker & television producer; producer, “World in Focus,” “Manhattan Connection” & “Story Café” TV series; producer/director, “Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story” [2007]

Frank Lavin

1975 Ambassador to Singapore [2001-2005]; Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade [2005-2007]

Dana Mackenzie

1975 Mathematician & writer on science and math; author, “The Universe of Zero Words” [2012], winner, Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Communications Award [2012]

Peter Sellars

1975 Opera & stage director; recipient, MacArthur Award [1983], Lillian Gish Award [2005]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2012

Hope Barnes

1976 Captain, U Pennsylvania US Championship Women’s Rowing Team [1980]; member, US Women’s Olympic Rowing Team [1980, 1984]; namesake, Hope Barnes Memorial Fellowship in Medicinal Chemistry, U Washington, & Hope Barnes Award, Penn [1991]

Susan Chira

1976 Journalist, New York Times: chief, Tokyo bureau [1983-89], foreign editor [2004-11], assistant managing editor [2011-]

Christian Clemenson

1976 Actor; winner, Emmy Award, “Boston Legal” [2006]

Tim Draper

1976 Venture capitalist, founder and managing direct, Draper Fisher Jurvetson; founder, BizWorld Foundation, Draper University of Heroes

Sarah Mleczko Kasten

1976 Standout in field hockey, basketball, squash & lacrosse; 1st woman inducted into Harvard’s Varsity Club Hall of Fame [1996]

Dave Silk

1976 All-New England hockey player, Boston University; NCAA Championship [1978]; member, “Miracle on Ice” US Olympic Hockey Team, Gold Medal winners [1980]; NHL player [1980-86]

Peggy Stern

1976 Film producer & director; recipient, Academy Award, best animated short, “The Moon & the Son: an Imagined Conversation” [2006]

Heather White

1976 Founder & former executive director, Verité [1995-2005], NGO monitoring factory conditions & child labor

Francesca Woodman

1976 Photographer, active late 1970s, critically acclaimed since

William D. Cohan

1977 Journalist specializing in financial affairs; author “The Last Tycoons” [2007], named Financial Times Business Book of the Year, “House of Cards” [2009]

Charles M. Elson

1977 Professor & director, Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, University of Delaware [2001-]; vice chairman, ABA Business Law Section, Committee on Corporate Governance

Juan Enriquez

1977 CEO, Urban Development Corporation, Mexico City [1988-93]; Chiapas cease-fire negotiator [1994]; senior research fellow, then founding director, Harvard Business School Life Science Project [1996-]; chair/CEO, Biotechonomy [2003-]; author, “As the Future Catches You...” [2001], “The US: Polarization...and Our Future” [2005]

Robert T. “Bobby” Farrelly

1977 Of Farrelly Brothers, screenwriters & directors of comedies including “There’s Something About Mary” [1998], “The Heartbreak Kid” [2007]

Mimi Polk Gitlin

1977 Feature film producer, including “Thelma & Louise” [1991], “The Brown Version” [1994], “Amazing Grace” [2000]

Susanna A. Jones

1977 Head, Ethel Walker School [1999-2007], Head, Holton-Arms School [2007-]

John Barres

1978 Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington [2000-2009], Bishop of Allentown [2009-]

Lucy Schulte Danziger

1978 Journalist; founding managing editor, 7 Days weekly [1990-]; founding editor, Condé Nast Sports & Fitness for Women [1998-]; editor-in-chief, Self magazine [2003-]; president, American Society of Magazine Editors [2013-]

Martha Hill Gaskill

1978 Paralympics Giant Slalom bronze medalist [1988]

Byung-Kook Kim

1978 Political scientist & governmental advisor; professor of political science, Korea University; founder, Korea’s East Asia Institute [2002-]; member, Presidential Commission on Policy Planning; national security advisor [2008-]; author, “The Dynamics of National Division & Revolution: the political economy of Korea & Mexico” [1994], “Consolidating Democracy in South Korea” [2000], “Power & Security in Northeast Asia” [2007]

Christopher J.W.B. Leggett

1978 Interventional cardiologist, specializing in treatment of coronary & vascular diseases [1993-]

Seth Lloyd

1978 Marshall Scholar [1983-84; mechanical engineering professor, MIT [1994-]; specialist in design of quantum computers, quantum communication systems; director, Center for Extreme Quantum Information Theory; author, “Programming the Universe” [2006]

Matthew Salinger

1978 Actor, “Revenge of the Nerds” [1984], “Captain America” [1992], “What Dreams May Come” [1998]; stage producer, “The Syringa Tree” [2000], winner, Drama Desk Award [2001]

Stacy Schiff

1978 Biographer; “Vera…” [1999], winner, Pulitzer Prize [2000]; “A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America” [2005], winner, George Washington Book Prize [2006]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2012

Robert Smythe

1978 Founder & artistic director, Mum Puppettheatre [1998-2008]; recipient, Guggenheim Fellowship [1997-]

James Spader

1978 Screen & television actor; winner, Best Actor Award, Cannes Film Festival [1989] for “Sex, Lies & Videotape”; Emmy Award, “Boston Legal” [2005, 2007]

Jeffrey Swartz

1978 COO, Timberland [1991-98], President & CEO [1998-2011]; exemplar & advocate for corporate social responsibility

Carroll Bogert

1979 Southeast Asia correspondent, Newsweek [1986-88], Moscow correspondent [1988-93], editor & international correspondent [1993-]; deputy executive director, Human Rights Watch [2003-]

Helen Epstein

1979 Biologist, AIDS researcher, public health journalist; author, “The Invisible Cure: Why We Are Losing the Fight Against AIDS in Africa” [2008]

Ruth Harlow

1979 Attorney; civil rights advocate, lead attorney before the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas [2003]; National Law Journal, Lawyer of the Year [2003]

Rachael Horovitz

1979 Film producer, executive producer, “Grey Gardens” [2009], recipient, multiple Emmy Awards [2009]

John F. Kennedy Jr.

1979 Founder & editor-in-chief, George magazine [1995-99]

Brian Linse

1979 Movie producer & liberal blogger; producer/executive producer “Den of Lions” [2003], “Callback” [2005], “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” [2007], voted one of 10 best American films of 2007

Ranie Crowley Pearce

1979 Marathon swimmer, Straights of Gibraltar [2010], English Channel [2011], Catalina Channel [2013]

Neil Sheehy

1979 NHL hockey defenseman, Calgary Flames, Washington Capitals, et al [1983-92]; players’ agent

Dan Zanes

1979 Recording artist; founding member, Del Fuegos band [1981-89]; “Catch That Train!” Grammy Award winner, best musical album for children [2007]

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Name Class Areas of Note

Jonathan S. Adelstein

1980 Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission [2002-2009]; rural utilities commissioner, US Department of Agriculture [2009-12]

Michael Ain

1980 Johns Hopkins orthopedic surgeon specializing in skeletal dysplasia, especially achondroplasia [dwarfism]

Ian Bond

1980 Diplomat; deputy head of mission, UK Delegation to the Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe [2000-2004]; UK ambassador to Latvia [2005-07]; counselor, foreign security & policy group, British Embassy, Washington [2007-12]

Sarah Chayes

1980 Foreign correspondent, National Public Radio [1996-2002]; founder, Arghand, a market-based production cooperative in Afghanistan [2005]; author, “The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban” [2006]; senior associate, SE Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for World Peace; recipient, Fuess Award [2006]

Maro Chermayeff

1980 Documentary filmmaker & producer; “The Kindness of Strangers” [1998], “Julliard” [2003], producer & director, PBS documentaries “Carrier” [2008] & “Circus” [2010]; founder & chair, MFA Program in Social Documentary Film, School of Visual Arts; recipient, Emmy Award [2008]

Justin Cronin

1980 Novelist; recipient, PEN/Hemingway Award, Best Debut Fiction, for “Mary & O’Neil” [2002]; “The Passage” [2010], “The Twelve” [2012]

William “Trey” Ellis

1980 Novelist, playwright, screenwriter & critic; “The New Black Aesthetic” [1989], “Tuskegee Airmen” [1996, 2007], “Right Here, Right Now” [1998]

Jane Pratt

1980 Magazine editor & talk-show host; founding editor-in chief, Sassy & Jane magazines [ca.1985-2005]

Sally Van Doren

1980 Poet; recipient, American Academy of Poets’ Walt Whitman Award for “Sex at Noon Taxes” [2007]

Willow Bay

1981 Journalist; co-anchor, “NBA Inside Stuff” [1991-98], “Good Morning America Sunday” [1994-99] CNN anchor [-2000]; senior editor, Huffington Post [2007-]

Jim Herberich

1981 Driver, US Olympic Bobsled Team [1988, -94, -98]; secretary, US Bobsled & Skeleton Federation [2002-05]

Adam Namm

1981 Diplomat, US Foreign Service [1987-], ambassador to Ecuador [2012-]

Christina Fink

1982 Anthropologist & activist on behalf of human rights in Burma; author “Living Silence: Burma Under Military Rule” [2001]; professor, Elliott School of International Affairs, GW University [2011-]

Gordon Goldstein

1982 Director of Security Council and Nonproliferation Affairs, UN Association; author, “Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy & the Path to War in Vietnam” [2008]

Brian Henson

1982 Puppeteer; chairman, director & producer, Jim Henson Company; recipient, Emmy Award [1991, ’92, ’98]

Devin Mahony

1982 Cox, Harvard Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Crew [1984-86], 1985 National Intercollegiate Champions & winner, Henley Grand Challenge Cup

Ming Tsai

1982 Chef/Owner, Blue Ginger Restaurant [1998-]; television chef & host; cookbook author

Yalda Tehranian-Uhls

1982 Movie producer; “The Arrival” [1996], “Tree’s Lounge” [1996], “Critical Care” [1997], “Permanent Midnight” [1998]

Randolph B. “Randy” Wood

1982 Hockey player; All-American, Yale [1986]; NHL player, NY Islanders, et al [1986-97]

Macky Alston

1983 Documentary filmmaker; “Family Name” [1997], “Questioning Faith: Confessions of a Seminarian” [2002], “The Killer Within” [2006], “Love Free or Die” [2012]

David Keaton

1983 Mountain climber; youngest person to complete “Seven Summits” & “Fifty US Highpoints” [1995]

Robert C. B. Long

1983 Screen & television writer, producer; “Cheers,” [1990-93], “George & Leo,” [1997-98] “Sullivan & Son” [2012-]; host, “Martini Shot” KCRW Los Angeles; contributor, SLATE, National Review

Angela Lorenz

1983 Artist & author; creator of limited-edition artist’s books [1989-]

Philip F. Messina

1983 Production designer, “Erin Brockovich” [2000], “Oceans Eleven”…Twelve…Thirteen [2001, -04, -07], “The Hunger Games” [2012, -13]

Roslyn “Bunny” Rea

1983 Sailor; international 470, double-handed racing dingy specialist; All-American in sailing at Northwestern; winner, North American Women’s Sailing Championships [1987]

Warren Zanes

1983 Singer/songwriter; member, Del Fuegos band [1980s]; former vice president for education, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; solo CDs “Memory Girls” [2003], “People that I’m Wrong For” [2006]

Charles A. “Chas” Fagan

1984 Painter & sculptor, presidential portraitist; creator of Houston’s statue of George H. W. Bush [2004] & California’s statue of Ronald Reagan erected in the US Capital Statuary Hall [2009]

Jody Greene

1984 Rhodes Scholar [1989-]; professor of literature & women’s studies, UC Santa Cruz; author, “The Trouble with Ownership: Literary Property & Authorial Liability…” [2005]; recipient, John Dizikes Teaching Award [2008]

Katie McBride Puckett

1984 Skier; World Pro Tour [1990s], 6-time “24 Hours of Aspen” endurance event champion [1992-98]

Rosanne Adderley

1985 Historian, specialist in the African Diaspora; associate professor, Tulane [2002-07], Vanderbilt [2007-]; author, “’New Negroes from Africa’: Slave Trade Abolition & Free African Settlement in the 19th Century Caribbean” [2006], recipient, Wesley-Logan Prize, American Historical Association [2007]

Viva Ona Bartkus

1985 Rhodes Scholar [1989-]; management consultant, McKinsey & Co. [1993-03]; associate professor of management, Notre Dame [2003-]; author, “The Dynamic of Secession” [1999], coauthor, “Social Capital…” [2008]

Julia Trotman Brady

1985 Captain, Harvard Sailing Team; voted Outstanding Woman Collegiate Sailor [1988]; member, US Olympic Sailing Team & winner, bronze medal, Euro Dingy Class [1992]

Christopher A. Wray

1985 Attorney; assistant attorney general & chief, Department of Justice Criminal Division [2003-05]

Amy Zegart

1985 Professor of public policy, expert on intelligence analysis and national security; co-director, Stanford’s Center for International Security And Cooperation [2011-], senior fellow associate director of academic affairs, Hoover Institution; author, “Flawed by Design” [1999], ”Spying Blind” [2007]

Randall Batinkoff

1986 Film & television actor; “For Keeps” [1988], “School Ties” [1992]

Jon Bernstein

1986 Member, Harvard national champion 8-man crew team [1989]; stroke & captain, Harvard heavyweight crew, winner Henley Ladies Challenge Plate [1990]

Patrick Kennedy

1986 Democratic Rhode Island congressman [1995-2011]; health-care advocate; recipient, Society for Neuroscience, Public Service Award (2002), Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation Congressional Honors Award

Juan Mario Laserna

1986 Economist; general director of Public Credit, Colombia (1999 - 2002); director, Central Bank of Colombia [2005-09], member, Colombian Senate & chair, Human Rights Committee [2010-]

Matt Mochary

1986 Documentary filmmaker; co-director, “Favela Rising” [2005], winner, best feature, International Documentary Association Awards [2005]; “The Gloves” [2008]

Richard Chin

1987 Member, US National Squash Team [2006, 2007]; Olympic Committee Athlete Representative, US Squash Board of Directors [2004-12]

Jason Fry

1987 Journalist and writer; editor & columnist, [1995-2008]; baseball blogger [2005-]; author, young readers series, “The Jupiter Pirates” [2013-]

Janet McIntosh

1987 Marshall Scholar, Oxford [1991-93]; cultural anthropologist specializing in linguistic anthropology, focused on Africa; recipient, Walzer & Perlmutter Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Brandeis [2005, -06]

Travis Metz

1987 Cox, Harvard Heavyweight Crew [1989-91], winners, Eastern Sprints [1990], Henley Ladies Plate Challenge Cup [1990], San Diego Crew Classic [1990, -91]

Ed Ronan

1987 National Hockey League [1991-98]; with Stanley Cup-winning Montreal Canadiens [1993]

Jamie Rosenberg

1987 Founder & president, Adopt-A-Classroom [1999], providing direct assistance to public school teachers and students

Nicholas Beim

1988 Marshall Scholar, Oxford [1993-94]

Chris Bischof

1988 Founder & principal, Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto, CA [1996-]

David Goetsch

1988 Television writer/producer; “3rd Rock from the Sun” [1998-2000], “Game Day” [2004], “Big Bang Theory” [2007-14]

Duncan Sheik

1988 Singer-songwriter, composer; “Barely Breathing” [1996]; composer, Broadway musical “Spring Awakening,” winner Tony Award for Best Score [2007]

Scott Straus

1988 Professor of political science, University of Wisconsin; author, “The Order of Genocide: Power & War in Rwanda” [2006]; recipient, Distinguished Teaching Award [2009]

Keith Flaherty

1989 Medical researcher focused on molecularly targeted therapies for cancer, especially melanoma; director, Developmental Therapeutics, Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Atticus Lish

1989 Novelist; recipient, PEN/Faulkner Award for “Preparation for the Next Life” [2014]

Alexander Y. Walley

1989 Internist; assistant professor, BU School of Medicine; researcher on medical complications of drug use and addiction treatment

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Name Class Areas of Note

Jake Barton

1990 Founder & principal, Local Projects media design firm specializing in exhibitions & public spaces; designer, 9/11 Memorial Museum; firm recipient, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for interactive design [2013]

John Berman

1990 ABC News reporter, writer & commentator [2001-12]; co-anchor, CNN Early Start [2012-]; recipient, with ABC colleagues, Edward R. Murrow Award [2004]

Robin Hessman

1990 Television producer & documentary filmmaker; executive producer “Ulitsa Sezam” [Russian Sesame Street, 1995-99]; winner, Academy Award, Student Films [2004] for “Portrait of Boy; with Dog”; co-producer, PBS American Experience, “Tupperware!” & American Masters Series “Julia! America’s Favorite Chef” [2004]; producer, cinematographer & director, Peabody Award winning documentary “My Perestroika” [2010]

Todd Isaac

1990 Killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, September 11, 2001

Rahim Aga Khan

1990 Executive director, Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, the world’s 2nd largest private, non-profit economic development foundation

James Longley

1990 Documentary filmmaker; “Gaza Strip” [2002]; “Iraq in Fragments” [2006] nominated as best documentary, Cannes Film Festival; “Sari’s Mother” [2006], winner, Golden Gate Award, San Francisco Film Festival; MacArthur Fellowship [2009-14]

Tony Pittman

1990 All-American Penn State cornerback [1994]; co-host, Penn State Football podcasts [2004-]

Andy Frankenberger

1991 Professional poker player; winner, World Series of Poker [2011, 2012]

Erik S. Kristensen

1991 Navy SEAL; killed in action, Operation Red Wings, Afghanistan [2005]

Henry-Alex Rubin

1991 Documentary filmmaker; director, “Who is Henry Jaglom” [1997]; co-director & cinematographer, “Murderball” [2005], recipient, Audience Award, Sundance Film Festival

Hafsat Abiola

1992 Nigerian human rights activist; executive director, Kudirat Initiative for Democracy; recipient, Global Leaders of Tomorrow Award, Davos Economic Forum [2000]; Ashoka Innovators for the Public Fellow [2003]; PA Alumni Award of Distinction, 2013

Sam Endicott

1992 Singer-songwriter & instrumentalist; a founder & lead vocalist for The Bravery; record and music video director & producer

Ai-jen Poo

1992 Lead organizer, founder & director, Domestic Workers Union, New York [2000-] & National Domestic Workers Alliance [2010-]; named among the TIME Magazine 100 [2012]; founder of the Caring Across Generations campaign [2014]; recipient, MacArthur Fellowship [2014]

Samantha Appleton

1993 Photojournalist, working in Iraq, Africa [2000-], in New York following the 9/11 attacks [2001], Obama campaign [2008]; official White House photographer [2009-12]

Jon Coleman

1993 All-American ice hockey player, BU [1996, -97]

Jennifer Dowling

1993 Member, national championship Andover Girl’s Crew Team [1993]; member, Brown Crew, winner “the triple crown” of women’s crew, including national championship [1996]

Douglas W. “Doug” Friman

1993 Triathlete [-2008]; member, US National Triathlon Team; Triathlon Continental Cup [2003, -05, -06, -07], bronze medalist, Triathlon World Cup [2003]

Stephanie Johnes

1993 Documentary filmmaker; producer/director/cinematographer, “Doubletime” [2007]

Akash Kapur

1993 Rhodes Scholar [1999-2000]; expert on internet governance; author, “India Becoming: A Portrait of Life in Modern India” [2012]

Carter Marsh

1993 All-American lacrosse player, Princeton [1995, ’96, ’97]; Ivy League Player of the Year [1997]

Rebecca “Becky” Dowling Carter

1994 All-American, Naval Academy Women’s Basketball Team [1997, ’98], jersey number “32” retired [2013]; 1st female Top Gun fighter pilot [2004-13]

Katherine Hays

1994 Software innovator & executive; cofounder & COO/CFO Massive, Inc. [2002-06]; CEO GenArts [2008-]; recipient, Stevie Award for Women in Business [2011]

Jonathan Levine

1994 Film director & screenwriter; director, “Love Bytes” [2005], “All the Boys Love Many Lane” [2006], “The Wackness” [2008], “Warm Bodies” [2013]

Cyrus Massoumi

1994 Co-founder & CEO, ZocDoc [2007-], a free online service for patients seeking medical and dental appointments; listed among Fortune’s 2013 “40 under 40” rising entrepreneurs

Stacey Sanders

1994 Member, national championship Andover Girl’s Crew Team [1993]; killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks [11 September 2001]

Vanessa Kerry

1995 Physician; director, Global Public Policy & Social Change Program, Harvard Medical School; founder & CEO, Seed Global Health Services [2012], in partnership with the Peace Corps, bringing US health-care professionals to provide medical training in resource-deprived countries.

Darren Dinneen

1996 Middle-distance runner; Irish Jr. Champion, 800 meters [1995]; All-American runner & Harvard [1999, 2000], 800-meters & track team captain

Marco Gualtieri

1996 International Whistling Under-20 Grand Champion [1996]; judge, International Physics Olympiad [1997]; Canadian Rhodes Scholar [1998-99]; assistant professor of mathematics, University of Toronto [2006-]; author, “Generalized Köhler Geometry”

Miles Lasater

1996 Founder, Yale Entrepreneurial Society [1999] & the Yale Entrepreneurship Competition; founder, president & chairman, Higher One [2000-], banking services provider to college students

Sera Coppolino

1997 Member, University of Michigan NCAA national champion 8+ boat [2001]; crew coach, West Virginia, Bucknell

Ian Klaus

1997 Captain, Washington University soccer team & academic All American [1999]; Rhodes Scholar [2000-02]; author, “Elvis is Titanic: Classroom Tales from Iraqi Kurdistan” [2007]; member, policy planning staff, Department of State [2011-]

Seth Moulton

1997 Marine Corps officer serving in Iraq [2003-08]; op-ed commentator on the Iraq War [2006]; U.S. Representative, 5th District Massachusetts [2014]

Richard M. Powell

1997 Cofounder, managing partner, AP Capital Partners [2003-]; named Young Global Leader, Jamaica [2009]

Charles Forelle

1998 Journalist, Wall Street Journal; recipient, George Polk Award for Business Reporting [2006], Pulitzer Prize for Public Service [2007]

Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck

1998 King of Bhutan [2006, coronation 2008-]; continued transformation from absolute monarchy to democracy, including institution a constitution [2008] by Bhutan’s first elected parliament

Ben Goldhirsh

1999 Founder & publisher, Good magazine [2006-]; movie producer, including “Son of Rambow” [2007], “The Messenger” [2009], “By the People: the Election of Barack Obama” [2009]

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