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On Course

With more than 300 courses, the Andover curriculum is broad, deep and always evolving. Faculty, inspired by advances in their fields of study as well as contemporary approaches to education, continue to innovate in the classroom and engage students in new ways of thinking.

Writing and Teaching to Change the World

Lou Bernieri & Monique Cueto-Potts, Summer 2016

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A Sense of Place

Mark Cutler & Christine Marshall-Walker, Winter 2015

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Summer Session: CSI Andover

Rebecca Roy, Fall 2014

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History SS565: The Material Culture of Early America

Nile Blunt, Spring 2014

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English 511CC: The World in Pieces: Poetry and Cinema of the Avant-Garde

John Bird, Fall 2013

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Madmen & Maestros: So "Out of Tune"

Chris Walter and Marcelle Doheny, Spring 2013

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English 540: Post-Colonial India: Midnight’s Children and India in the 20th-21st Century

Stephanie Curci, Winter 2013

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Spanish 510-11: Community Engagement in the City of Lawrence

Mark Cutler, Fall 2012

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IP Seminar: Dylan

David Fox, Winter 2012

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Spanish 520: Modern Hispanic Culture and the Emerging Economy

Peter Neissa, Spring 2011

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Latin 600: Advanced Latin Authors

Elizabeth Meyer, Winter 2011

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Physics 600: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Peter Watt, Spring 2010

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The Literature of Travel Writing

Nina Scott, Spring 2009

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When Strangers Meet

Marcelle Doheny, Winter 2009

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Global Justice

Tom Hodgson, Winter 2008

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Gospel Choir, made up of at least 50 voices, sings at Kwanzaa, at the annual Gospelfest concert, and at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

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