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Heffner Adds More Guests for Next Two WPAA Live Political Broadcasts

WPAA to offer live coverage for the president's State of the Union Address (Jan. 28) and for Super Tuesday (Feb. 5)

January 24, 2008 — When WPAA goes on the air live next week with coverage of President Bush’s State of the Union Address, General Manager Alexander Heffner ’08 will be at his usual place behind the microphone. This will be the second of three scheduled live shows Heffner is planning. The first was the New Hampshire primary on January 8. Next Monday, January 28, Heffner will be live from 7 p.m. to midnight.

He has added 20 new potential guests to a list that already featured many prominent names in broadcasting and politics. Four PA alums are among them. They are:

Jonathan Alter ’75, Senior Editor and Columnist, Newsweek
Lincoln Chafee ’71, former U.S. Senator, Rhode Island
Anthony Quainton '51, former Presidential Advisor
William Reynolds ’60, former Assistant Attorney General, the Reagan Administration
Robert Semple ’54, Associate Editor, The New York Times Editorial Board

Additional new guests for The Political Arena with Alexander Heffner are:

David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute
Alan Brinkley, Provost, Columbia University
Ceci Connolly, National Staff Writer, The Washington Post
Matthew Continetti, Staff Writer, The Weekly Standard
Bob Cusack, Managing Editor, The Hill
Jennifer Duffy, Senior Editor, The Cook Political Report
David Eisenhower, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Wendell Goler, White House Correspondent, FOX News
Clark Hoyt, Public Editor, The New York Times
David Kennedy, Professor, Stanford University
Andres Martinez, former Editorial Page Editor, Los Angeles Times
John McCormick, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Chicago Tribune
John McWhorter, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Adam Nagourney, Chief Political Reporter, The New York Times
Dan Nowicki, National Political Reporter, The Arizona Republic
Russell Riley, Chair, Miller Center for Public Affairs Presidential Oral History Program
Rick Shenkman, Editor, History News Network
Bob Shrum, Senior Democratic Party Strategist
Greta Van Susteren, Host, FOX News
Ted Widmer, Director, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University
Adrian Wooldridge, Washington Bureau Chief, The Economist

Heffner’s third live broadcast is scheduled for the evening of the Super Tuesday primaries, February 5, from 7 p.m. to midnight.


WPAA Political Broadcasts to Feature High Profile and Public Affairs Personalities

January 8, 2008 — WPAA and its general manager, Alexander Heffner ’08, return to the Internet’s airwaves this winter to broadcast live political coverage of the New Hampshire primaries, the 2008 State of the Union address, and Super Tuesday’s decisive primary contests in New York and California, among other states. Heffner has continued his tradition of lining up well-known politicians, journalists, and public affairs officials for each of the three five-hour broadcasts.

Heffner will kick-off WPAA’s online political coverage on the night of New Hampshire’s Democratic and Republican primaries, January 8 from 7 p.m. to midnight.

Following his coverage of the first-in-the-nation primary, Heffner will report on the 2008 presidential election and national political headlines during the State of the Union Address on Monday, January 28, and Super Tuesday, February 5.

The last Internet special broadcast of his program, The Political Arena with Alexander Heffner, aired a year ago on the student-run WPAA Radio Network. Heffner also broadcast special online coverage of Election Night 2006 and of the 2007 State of the Union Address. All three programs, as well as three years of interviews on the campus radio network, featured a roster of distinguished guests.

The line-up for the winter 2008 broadcasts includes:

Mike Allen, Chief Political Correspondent, Politico
Andrew Cline, Editorial Page Editor, The New Hampshire Union Leader
Gail Collins, Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times
Matthew Cooper, Washington Editor, CondéNast Portfolio
E.J. Dionne, Columnist, Washington Post
Ron Fournier, Online Political Editor, Associated Press
Ed Henry, White House Correspondent, CNN
Brit Hume D.C. managing editor, FOX News
Michael Isikoff, Investigative Reporter, Newsweek
Bob Kerrey, former U.S. Senator, Nebraska
James Leach, Director, Institute of Politics, Harvard University
Mark Mellman, Senior Democratic Party Strategist
Mike Murphy, Senior GOP Strategist
Alan Murray, Assistant Managing Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Frank Newport, Editor-in-Chief, The Gallup Poll
Norah O’Donnell, Chief Washington Correspondent, MSNBC
George Packer, Staff Writer, The New Yorker
Richard Prince, Columnist, Maynard Institute
Jake Tapper, Senior Political Correspondent, ABC News
John Walcott, Washington Bureau Chief, McClatchy Company
Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor, New Jersey
Sean Wilentz, Professor, Princeton University
John Zogby, President, Zogby International
Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report


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