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PBS Television Interview

Barbara Landis Chase Appears on PBS to Discuss Andover's Mission to Teach Goodness and Knowledge

Head of School Barbara Landis Chase joined host Richard D. Heffner on Public Broadcasting's “The Open Mind” to talk about how schools actually go about teaching goodness and knowledge. The show aired first on Saturday, March 29, 2008, on Channel 13 in the New York City area and was then made available to other American Public Television stations across the country to air at various times.

Heffner, who founded the program in 1956, is an historian, an author, and a professor of communications and public policy at Rutgers University in New Jersey. For 20 years, he headed the ratings board of the Motion Picture Association of America. He is also a master interviewer. He had invited Ms. Chase to become part of enlightening discussions on public television that have featured many great thinkers over the past 50 years, including Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret Mead, Dr. Benjamin Spock '21, Rev. William Sloane Coffin '42, Thurgood Marshall, Elie Weisel, Malcolm X, and Mario Cuomo.

Teaching goodness and knowledge," Ms. Chase said in answer to his opening question, "goes right to the heart of Phillips Academy's venerable mission."

She discussed Andover's approach to working with the whole child, its Puritan belief in hard work and academic excellence, its long-standing emphasis on service, its deep commitment to multiculturalism, and its goal of producing thoughtful and contributing citizens of the global community.

 “Certainly they [Andover students] are going to be leaders,” she said, “but we also want them to be servants of the public good.”

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The Academy’s constitution states that Andover’s doors should be “ever equally open to youth, of requisite qualifications, from every quarter.”

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