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Guidelines For Grant Recipients 2015-2016

Congratulations on receiving an Abbot Grant. Abbot grants have been awarded since the merger of Abbot and Phillips Academies in 1973. They are designed to make the school a better place to live, study and work; to extend the wisdom that has been accumulated from the nearly 400 years of Abbot and Andover educations beyond 01810; and to memorialize the contributions that Abbot Academy made to the education of women.

Below are the guidelines for you to follow before, during and after the activities of your grant.  We are delighted to be able to fund your proposal, and look forward to hearing about your project and its success!

General Guidelines

  • Grant funding may be used only for the purpose(s) designated in your proposal.  A change in purpose must be approved by the AAA board of directors.

  • All items purchased with grant monies becomes the property of Phillips Academy.

  • All Abbot Academy Association grants must be credited in accordance with the guidelines outlined below.

  • A Final Reports must be submitted as soon as the project is completed.

Accessing Your Funds

*Identify the Name of Your Grant on All Paperwork.  Each grant is assigned its own account number.  Contact Liz George or Tina Rioux for this number.

*Students requests for access of funds must have the faculty advisor associated with the the grant sign the paperwork before it is submitted.

*Faculty/administrators/staff should use the Chrome River application when possible.

There are four types of funds requests.  Please select your type(s) and submit accordingly:

  1. Check Requisitions: If you are requesting payment for an organization or an individual not employed by Phillips Academy, please complete a Check Requisition Form. You will need a full name, complete address, and a tax ID or social security #. Please write “Abbot Grant,” the name of the grant, and the purpose of payment on the form. Please sign the form and submit it to Tina Rioux, Comptroller’s Office (2nd floor GW) for processing. This form is accessible on PA Net-Faculty/Staff Tab and in the Comptroller's Office, 2nd floor GW.
  2. Invoices: If you are requesting payment of an invoice, please write on the invoice “Approved for Payment,” and sign and date the invoice. Please also write “Abbot Grant” and the name of the grant on the invoice and submit the invoice to Tina Rioux, Comptroller’s Office (2nd floor GW) for processing.
  3. Reimbursements: If you are requesting reimbursement, please complete an Expense Report Form, attach receipts, and write “Abbot Grant” and the name of the grant on the form. Please sign and date the form and submit it to Tina Rioux, Comptroller’s Office (2nd floor GW) for processing.  This form is accessible on PA Net-Faculty/Staff Tab and in the Comptroller's Office, 2nd floor GW.
  4. Stipends: If your Abbot Grant is considered a Payroll Stipend (faculty and staff only), please e‐mail Tina Riouxl ( stating that you have completed your work and request that your stipend be processed and included in your paycheck. Please include the name of the Abbot Grant in your e‐mail.

If you have any questions or are having a problem accessing your funds, please contact Liz George at or 603-382-6349.

Acknowledgments and Credits

Crediting Abbot for your grant is not only a way to say "thank you," it also spreads the word about the Abbot Academy Association, the work it does for the school, and the opportunities it provides for members of the Academy like you.  All grantees must credit the Abbot Academy Association with the following acknowledgement at every possible opportunity:

(Insert name of event / performance / publication, etc.) is made possible (in part, if applicable) through a grant from the Abbot Academy Association, continuing Abbot's tradition of boldness, innovation, and caring.

The following is a list of specific verbal and written acknowledgement requirements, as it applies to your grant:

  • verbally, at the beginning of each event, performance, or broadcast
  • printed materials including posters, fliers, pamphlets and other handouts
  • any time the project is covered in the following:
    • The Phillipian
    • Andover, the magazine of Phillips Academy
    • The Gazette
    • (distributed electronically)
    • Pot Pourri
    • WPAA

All grants that are for physical products or involve creating physical product(s) shall have a plaque, sticker, or print affixed to the product(s) acknowledging the AAA and may simply say, "Made possible (in part, if applicable, by the Abbot Academy Association".

If you have any questions regarding appropriate acknowledgement of the Abbot Academy Association, please contact  Liz George or Abbey Siegfried.


Please be advised that you must submit all expenses related to your grant prior to June 30 of the fiscal year of your grant award. After this date, any unexpended funds will revert back to the Abbot Academy Association.  The AAA board will consider a written request to carry over funds into the next fiscal year in the following circumstances:

  1. The specific project funded has not been completed,
  2. The project has been completed but still has expenses outstanding.

All carryover requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, should be submitted no later than June 30, and must be approved by the Board of Directors before proceeding.  A carryover request is considered an exception and may be approved based on explanatory documentation.

If you are requesting a carryover, please complete the form, FINAL GRANT REPORT, on this website, which includes a section on Carryover Requests.  If you have any questions about this processs, please contact Liz George at  or Abbey Siegfried at

Interim Updates

Throughout the grant period, we encourage grantees to provide the Board with photographs, videos, links to online photographs and videos, CDs, DVDs, etc. of their events and projects. Additionally, if your grant involves an event or performance of any type, the Board kindly requests notification, as far in advance as possible, of the date(s) and time(s) of the event(s). Board members who live in the area or are able to come to campus always welcome the chance to attend the events that we fund and experience the impact of our grants first–hand.

All documentation and calendar information should be forwarded to Liz George at

Final Grant Reports

You are required to submit a final grant report to the Board of Directors. When you have finished your project, please go to the website of the Abbot Academy Association‐‐‐‐and complete the electronic “Final Grant Report Form.” It will automatically be sent to Liz George. Please include the results of the project as well as the specific impacts it has had on you, the campus, and beyond.  Attach relevant backup documentation  including photos, videos, awards, and press mentions (both on and off campus) that you have received. If you have any questions about filing your final grant report, please contact Liz George at