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Past Proposals: 2000's

Grants Awarded 2000-2009

Date Proposer Description
 11/13/09 Octavia Abell ’10 and Claire King ’10
to purchase four replacement computers for Pot Pourri
 11/13/09 Jon Bakken ’12 and Ben Scharf ’12
to fund recreational downhill ski trips
 11/13/09 Jessica Blake ’10
to bring environmental activist Annie Leonard to campus to speak on sustainability in our everyday lives
 11/13/09 Jane Chen ’11
to host a one-day event for interested Lawrence elementary school students to come to PA and participate in a math competition
 11/13/09 Nick Dean ’10 and Julian Chernyk ’10
to improve the sound-proofing in the WPAA recording studio and to improve the microphones in the broadcasting studio
 11/13/09 Dominic DeJesus ’10
to bring gay rights and HIV/AIDS activist Cleve Jones to campus to speak on his experiences in the 1970s and 1980s and apply them to 21st-century activism
 11/13/09 Anna Fang ’10, Kimberly Kohn’10, and Sophie Fourteau ’10
to continue Amnesty International Club’s highly successful global letter-writing campaign while improving international awareness and fund raising for human rights causes in the PA community
 11/13/09 David Fox
to fund a four- or five-day retreat during the summer of 2010 for eight to 12 members of the Teaching and Learning Study Group
 11/13/09 Mohammed Harba
to create a classroom setting that can visually represent Arabic as a language and as a culture and help students learn more about Arabic-speaking countries
 11/13/09 Evan Hoyt ’11
to buy remote control airplanes and other learning equipment for an after-school community service program
 11/13/09 Carlos Hoyt
to purchase iClickers to add to the Academy’s current stock, to be used for PACE and Wellness Week and by other departments as needed
 11/13/09 Supriya Jain ’12 and Saloni Jain ’13
to host an interactive Indian Classical Dance workshop by bringing to campus acclaimed artist Mrs. Neena Gulati, accompanied by a live four-person Indian orchestra and trained dancers
 11/13/09 Jacqueline Lender ’11
to host a year-end barbecue in honor of her ARC Buddies
 11/13/09 William Lindsey ’10
to provide registration fees and transportation costs for Phillips Academy’s Model UN to attend regional competitions
 11/13/09 Shefali Lohia ’10
to send Andover Mock Trial participants to a statewide competition organized by the Massachusetts Bar Association
 11/13/09 Elliot Melaney ’10
to give the Science Club funding for a new buzzer set and prizes in order to host a PA Science Bowl
 11/13/09 Tristin Moone ’10
to create a student lounge in the Peabody Museum to reflect Native American culture
 11/13/09 Billy Murray, Mark Efinger, and Allen Grimm
to hire Fly By Foy, the preeminent fly company, to provide safe and secure flying capability to our actors as needed in our fall term production of the musical The Who’s Tommy
 11/13/09 Jung Hyun Noh ’12
to support Andover’s only multicultural magazine In The Mix
 11/13/09 Nikita Saxena ’10, Scott Fleming ’10, and Steve Kim ’11
to purchase popular/contemporary orchestral music to continue the growth of musicianship within PA
 11/13/09 Eric Sirakian ’10
to bring to campus Terezin, a powerful play about the Holocaust, thereby raising awareness of hate crimes
 11/13/09 Chand Sripad and Chris Walter
to bring to the Andover community the experience of an Indo- Jazz fusion music concert at Cochran Chapel in spring 2010
 11/13/09 Duncan Will
to underwrite the cost of providing each Senior Class woman with a long-stem red rose, which she will carry in the tradition of Abbot Academy during Commencement Exercises on June 6, 2010
 11/13/09 Judith Wombwell
to bring a master teacher in modern dance to teach one week of technique classes for the benefit of the more advanced students in the dance program and as professional development for the dance faculty
 11/13/09 Kira Wyckoff ’11 and Kristina Ballard ’11
to provide PA with a campus garden that would benefit both the school and local community
 5/7/09  Elizabeth Powell, Susan Stott
Funds to continue the conservation of the older cemetery markers.
 5/7/09  Vijit Kapoor '10 Funds to purchase athletic equipment for a new club, Andover Cricket Club.
 5/7/09  Younghoon Moon '10 Urban Shadows (2009), a group project aimed at shedding light on China’s migrant worker issue.
 5/7/09  Thayer Zaeder, Trish Russell
 Solid Waste and Recycling Task Force continues its work to improve the trash and recycling systems  on campus.
 5/7/09  Malin Adams '09, Alana Rush
Purchase hammocks  for student relaxation around campus
 5/7/09  Celia Lewis '10, Michael Scognamiglio '10 Crossing Borders Changing Lives seeks to create opportunities for social entrepreneurship and social change for high school students in  Andover and Lawrence.
 5/7/09  Kiara Brereton '09, Jessica Frey '09 Funds to improve the quality of costumes in The Dance Open.
 5/7/09  John Yang-Sammataro'10, Gustavo Tavares '09 Invite miicrofinance speaker, Jessica Jackley to campus.
 5/7/09  Luke Hansen '11, Jeremiah Hagler Funds for a new club, the Andover Science Seminar. 
 5/7/09  Jessica Moreno '10 Alianza Latina will invite Willie Perdomo, poet, to Andover during Latin Arts Weekend.
 5/7/09  Kelsey Lim '10, Caroline Gezon '10 Purchase cameras to loan to Pot Pourri photographers.
 5/7/09  Audrey Adu-Appiah'10, Margaret Bonaparte '10 "Start-up capital for the Andover Film Society.
 5/7/09  Kiara Valdez '12 Funds to invite Mark Crilly, artist of comics, to campus.
 5/7/09  Nicholas Serna '10, Scott Fleming '10 To expand both the range and depth of the Phillips Academy Drumline
 5/7/09  Maureen Ferris, Stephanie Donovan Funds for a wellness fair to promote employee health and wellness.
 5/7/09  Hillary Abe, Malinda Blustain Funds for  "Past, Present and Future of Indian Country" speaker series.
 5/7/09  Aya Murata, Michaeljit Sandu '09 Funds to bring James McBride, author of  The Color of Water, to address the community regarding the search for identity.
 5/7/09  Karina Hernandez-Guarniz, Ziwerekoru Fumudoh Af-Lat-Am will  bring Black Violin to campus to perform and host musical workshops during Black Arts Weekend.
 5/7/09  Michael Kuta, Catherine Golas
Funds to bring John Ratey, M.D., who  explores research-based results of exercise's positive influence, to campus.
 5/7/09  Carlos Hoyt
 To enhance Wellness Week workshops by adding ballroom dancing instruction as an option.
 5/7/09  Kevin Graber Funds to acquire technology to effectively coach and teach PA baseball pitchers and others.
 5/7/09  Senior Administrative Council  Funding  for scholarships to support three female students during their entire tenure at Andover.
 5/7/09 John Maier To provide student scholarship support for the Summer Study in Spain 2009 program
 5/7/09 Diane Sachs To purchase replacement backs and seats for 30 musician chairs in the practice studios at Graves Hall
 11/12/08 Chad Green, Alana Rush To fund a series of experiential service immersion seminars that bring students, faculty, and community partners together to examine social problems and their possible solutions
 11/12/08 Krystle Manuel-Countee ’09 To share, through a photo project, the summer experience of 16 Phillips Academy community members who traveled across the globe
 11/12/08 Ken Tharp ’11, Andrew Housiaux To bring Mr. Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea and executive director of the Central
Asia Institute, to campus to speak at an All-School Meeting
 11/12/08 Jane Thomas ’10, David Luan ’09 To fund the Energy Resources Awareness Council and Robotics Club, which are teaming up to build a high efficiency electric car to race at the Deerfield Electrathon Invitational and to encourage sustainable innovation
 11/12/08 Teruyo Shimazu To invite a professional Noh (Nohgaku) performer to campus both to perform and to lead a workshop for the students
 11/12/08 Valeria Fedyk ’10, Arun Saigal ’09 To conduct scientific research that the members of the U.S. team will present at the International
Conference of Young Scientists in Poland this April 2009
 11/12/08 Lisa Joel, Alana Rush To fund The Kitchen Table Project, bringing small groups of students and faculty together in a familial setting
 11/12/08 Chelsea Carlson ’09 To create an interfaith library in Cochran Chapel
 11/12/08 Andrew Housiaux To take all interested students from the Responses to the Holocaust class to the Holocaust Memorial Museum
 11/12/08 Elizabeth Patino ’09, JoelGonzalez ’09 To provide funds forAlianza Latina to sponsor an appreciation banquet for Commons workers
Charles Shoener ’10 To provide funds for The Courant to host a beatnik coffee house. Funding fromthe Craig Thorn IV Memorial Fund
 11/12/08 Eli Grober ’09 To fund a weeklong Comedy Improv Workshop with professional artist Tanner Efinger
 11/12/08 Lanita Foley, John Anderson To fund 15 scholarships for students on financial aid to participate in a supervised, week-long college
visit tour program either during spring or summer break
 11/12/08 Laura Mitchell ’10, Mary Krome ’09 To fund CAFE’s (Community Awareness for Everyone) request for facilitation training in order to continue hosting successful campuswide cross-cultural discussions
 11/12/08 Katy Svec ’10, Adam Tohn ’10  To fund the Andover Rock Climbing Society’s request to buy equipment
 11/12/08 Kelly Wise, Asabe Poloma, Fernando Alonso To grant Phillips Academy, on behalf of IRT and(MS)2, the request to design and deliver a survey that will enhance these programs to better measure and track their impact on education at all levels
 11/12/08 Barbara Landis Chase and the Head’s Council At the discretion of the administration to partially underwrite the expenses of summer and off-campus student programs during fiscal year 2009
5/8/2008 Robert Buka  '09 Funds for the Andover Mock Trial  to send a  team to the Massachusetts State Mock Trial Competition.
5/8/2008 Katherine Elgin  '10, Philip Oasis '10 Funds for Pot Pourri, the student yearbook. to buy photographic equipment.
5/8/2008 Bryce Frost  '08, Samuel Burwell  '10 Funds for PALMS to continue its usage of the Rosetta Stone program, for a small library of language textbooks and other materials.
5/8/2008 Emma Goldstein  '09, Daniah Missmar  '10 Funds for visit by Ambassador Dennis Ross who will speak to increase awareness about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
5/8/2008 Dhariana Gonzalez  '08 Funds for Alianza Latina to invite the Dominican writer, Junot  Diaz to All School Meeting and to host a writing workshop.
5/8/2008 Tina Kit  '09 On behalf of CAMD and the Asian Society, funds to invite Socheata Poeuv, director of the movie, "New Year Baby", to come and speak about Cambodia's past.
5/8/2008 Kevin Ofori  '09, Kyle Ofori  '09 Funds to refurbish the Rock Room (Segal Room) in Graves Hall with new drum equipment, a microphone, and two amplifies or microphones for guitars.
5/8/2008 Okyeraa Ohene-Asah  '09 On behalf of Af-Lat-Am funds to bring scholar Michael Eric Dyson to speak on culture and diversity.
5/8/2008 Tessa Pompa  '09 Funds to produce a documentary of my experiences on the Niswarth service learning trip in Mumbai, India.
5/8/2008 Aaron Sage  '09, Kaki Elgin  '10 Funds for The Andover Ethics Society, to bring more speakers and topics to the community's attention through club discussion and events.
5/8/2008 Arun Saigal  '09 Funds to bring Indian drum maestro to Andove to teach classes and make presentations.
5/8/2008 Vivian Wehner  '09, Jessica Siemer  '10 Funds to purchase more yarn and needles for the Andover Knitting Club. 
5/8/2008 Teruyo Shimazu, Stephanie Yu  '08 Funds for Japanese language and cultural reference books and online-subscription educational material membership.
5/8/2008 Becky Sykes Funds to engage a consultant to audit mailings to parents.
5/8/2008 Frank Tipton, Nette Oot  '09 Funds for The Andover Gay-Straight Alliance  to sponsor a one-day conference, an ASM speaker, and a pilot social history project in celebration of the groups' 20th anniversary.
5/8/2008 Susanne Torabi Funds for a questionnaire tailored to the international student population.
5/8/2008 Peter Merrill Funds for four significant programs for faculty and students in the transitional phase to a more fully developed institutional structure for global initiates.
5/8/2008 Elizabeth Aureden Funds to purchase musical equipment for student use.
5/8/2008 Shawn Fulford Funds for additional tulip planting at Eaton Cottage.
5/8/2008 Agatha Kip Funds to continue the sustainable-foods project through events.
5/8/2008 Carlos Hoyt Funds for a student and faculty discussion group focused on the exploration of the concept of identity.
5/8/2008 Jacques Hugon, Paul Murphy Funds for a four part grant request that will significantly improve the spectator experience at swim meets and improve the quality of the diving program.
11/9/2007 Shayna Sanderson  '08 Funds to reinstate the Spanish Club.
11/9/2007 Tom Kane Funds to bring Randall Dottin, an emerging and successful African American filmmaker, to campus.
11/9/2007 Emma Frey, Malinda Blustain Funds to augment the medieval weaponry unit developed for History 100, originally funded by the Abbot Academy Association.
11/9/2007 Billy Murray, Erin Strong Funds to hire a guest combat/fight instructor to coordinate, train and instruct students in specific fight sequences with the choreographer and the director for the spring production of Jungalbook.
11/9/2007 Valerie Roman Funds to begin a Tablet PC pilot program to support faculty technology professional development and experimentation, as well as support sustainability initiatives.
11/9/2007 Jean Fang '09, Caroline Colombo '09 Funds to allow Culinary Club participation to be free to its members. 
11/9/2007 Thomas Cone, Julia Morse Funds to create a detailed manual on how to set up a PALS Program for other schools or college students to replicate.
11/9/2007 Andrew Pohly ' 09 Funds to support the Kleats 4 Kids initiative, toward costs of website development, non-profit filing, printed material, as well as replacement cleats and laces.
11/9/2007 Alex Dehnert '08, William Koven '08 Startup funding for the robotics club to purchase equipment, including controllers, sensors, motors, and building material.
11/9/2007 Philip Oasis '09 Funds for the yearbook to purchase more cameras so students can cover more events.
11/9/2007 Brenna Liponis '10, Elizabeth Lavin '10 Funds for Twinkle Toes to provide an enriching creative movement dance class for little children in the surrounding area of our community.
11/9/2007 Ben Laccetti '08 Funds to replace the Chinese department's traditional lion costume with three smaller lion costumes, a dragon costume, and to fund a visit by off-campus performers for the Annual Chinese New Year Gala.
11/9/2007 Ellen Glover, Don Barry Funds to expand the Math Department library.
11/9/2007 Andrew Clay '08 Funds to buy four new team bikes for the PA Cycling Team.
11/9/2007 Philip Hofer '10 Funds for WPAA to purchase equipment to sponsor live music events on campus.
11/9/2007 Peter Ly '09 Funds for the Modern Music Production Club's first CD.  Fees include costs of studio time and equipment.
11/9/2007 Bryce Frost '08 Funds for PALMS (PA Language Mentors and Scholars), a new club, to purchase the Rosetta Stone language software.
11/9/2007 Kwon-Yong Jin '09, Radmila Dancikova '09 Funds for the Science Club to carry out three major projects to provide the student body with enjoyable, hands-on experiences involving science.
11/9/2007 Charles Clerc Funds to provide an educational summer program for Andover French students in Dijon, France.
11/9/2007 Cindy Efinger Funds to purchase lighting equipment for ambiance and events support in the skating rink, (temporary dining facility).
11/9/2007 Paul Joo '08, John Heroy '08 Funds for The Unaccompanied Minors (a student run orchestra) to have a reception each term after concerts, purchase sheet music and scores, and occasional snacks for students.
11/9/2007 Aaron Sage '09 Funds for The Andover Ethics Society to organize events, thus educating the community about current ethical issues.
11/9/2007 Cassius Clay '09 Funds to create an area for  Andover's debate team, Philomathean Society,  to protect and display awards and trophies.
11/9/2007 Jose Powell, Susan Mantilla-Goin Funds to support a visit by Native education, tribal & community leaders from the southwest region of the U.S. in order to increase the presence of Native students at PA.
11/9/2007 Simone Salvo '08 Funds for framing and publication costs to mount an exhibition at the Gelb Gallery of children's artwork created in rural villages in Thailand .
11/9/2007 John Maier Funds to  support scholarship needs of students to participate in summer study-abroad program in Spain.
11/9/2007 Adrienne Marshall, Joel Camacho '08 Funds for The PA Spanish as a Second Language program,  to build community by facilitating constructive interaction among PA students, Commons management, and employees. 
11/9/2007 Mark Cutler, Evan DelGaudio '08 Funds to add, replace and enhance challenge course elements to enrich the S&R experience, and to provide technical support and training for the S&R Faculty.
5/11/2007 Randall Peffer, Lanita Foley Funds to send 30 faculty and a full (6) student delegation to the NAIS People of Color Conference to be held in Boston.
5/11/2007 Scott Flanagan, Aggie Kip Funds to hire a sustainable food consultant.
5/11/2007 Paul Joo '08, Nancy Ann Little '08 Funds to purchase instructional DVDs, mats, and healthy snacks for members of the Yoga Club.
5/11/2007 Simone Salvo '08 To explore identity and gender issues in N.Thailand. Funds will be used to buy art materials to articulate these issues with women/children through art making, portraiture, and conversation.
5/11/2007 Don Barry Funds to place all prize exams in electronic form and stored on DVD's as well as on the PA Network and in the Archives.
5/11/2007 Jacques Hugon Funds to hire a freelance graphic designer to produce a consistent template for athletic brochures given by the admissions office (and coaches) to prospective student-athletes.
5/11/2007 Brian Allen, Maggie Adler Funds for The Addison Gallery to support dynamic public programming that will foster campus dialogue in connection with an upcoming photographic exhibition - Class Portraits.
5/11/2007 Stephanie Yu '10, Elizabeth Wilkin Funds to bring to Phillips Academy Ms Wang Chang-yuan, a renowned guzheng artist and composer, for a performance.
5/11/2007 Abby Colella '10 Funds to bring swing instructors Elizabeth Miller and Davis Thurber '00 to campus for workshops and a dance.
5/11/2007 Elizabeth Aureden, Diane Sachs Funds to purchase small round tables to provide 'pops' concert seating during student chamber music recitals.
5/11/2007 Cindy Efinger, Kennan Daniel Funds to improve the student orientation booklet and mail it to students over the summer.
5/11/2007 Daniel Glassberg '09 Funds to pay for several events to help fund the PA  STAND chapter.
5/11/2007 Vivian Wehner '09 To fund the start of a knitting/fiber arts club.
5/11/2007 Erin Strong, Judith Wombell Funds to provide our dance students with the opportunity to study the works of Jose Limon with his company and their artistic director, Carla Maxwell.
5/11/2007 Lisa Lian '08 Funds for the Asian Society to bring comedian Jo Koy to campus  for Asian Arts festival.
5/11/2007 Akosua Oforiwaa-Ayim '07, Carolyn Brown '09 Funds for The Student Council  to continue efforts in the GW Beautification Project.
5/11/2007 Chad Green, Jenny Savino Funds for Non Sibi Day,  to unite the entire Phillips Academy community through community service projects that will take place locally, across the nation, and around the world.
5/11/2007 David Fox Funds to enhance the international film collection of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.
5/11/2007 Shawn Fulford Funds for  holiday lights and flower bulbs at Eaton Cottage.
5/11/2007 Murphy Temple '08, Michael Discenza '09 Funds for The Phillipian photography department to purchase camera equipment.
5/11/2007 Charles Clerc Funds to explore the development of a summer program in France for Andover students.
5/11/2007 Malinda Blustain, Marcelle Doheny Funds to augment the Peabody Museum's endowment and fortify the financial base of the museum, while triggering a like amount from a challenge.
10/09/2006 Justin Chew  '07, Zhang Zhang  '07 Funds to purchase a buzzer system and for a trip to the Museum of Science for the Science Team.
10/09/2006 Tantum Collins  '08 Funds for optional student-faculty dinners to be held in Ropes.
10/09/2006 Lanita Foley, James Richardson Funds for a student survey and to bring an expert to an All School Meeting on how to beat the winter blues through a new project, Andover Warmth And Togetherness Can Help (WATCH).
10/09/2006 Henry Frankievich  '07 Funds to rebuild the GW Television computer system.
10/09/2006 Addison Godine  '07, Trevor Sanders  '07 Funds to explore the technical, political, and financial feasibility of building a windmill on campus to contribute to energy production on campus.
10/09/2006 Alexander Heffner  '08, Prateek Kumar  '07 Funds to assist The Phillips Academy Historical Review, a student-driven publication, in producing its second annual edition.
10/09/2006 Nancy Miller, Clara Wilder  '07 Funds to commission two sets of three banners for Interfaith Services and for Lessons and Carols to enhance "welcome" and enrich Chapel worship for students, faculty, staff, and community.
10/09/2006 Maura Mulroy  '07,  Akosua Oforiwaa-Ayim  '07 Funds for student council to add furniture in GW.
10/09/2006 Adrienne Sabety  '07 Funds to enable the Speech Club  to attend local speech tournaments.
10/09/2006 Hasan Siddiqi  '07, Helal Syed  '07 Funds to bring a contemporary Muslim artist to campus to educate the community in traditional art and give a demonstration of his own work.
10/09/2006 Jessica White  '07 Funds to attend World Debate Tournament.
10/09/2006 Clara Wilder  '07, Emily Lewis Funds to rent four harps for use by students through the Andover Harp Ensemble.
10/09/2006 Alyssa Yamamoto  '08 Funds for Micheline Slattery to speak at All School Meeting about slavery.
10/09/2006 Holly Barnes, Elisabeth Aureden Funds to bring Appalachian Trio featuring Mark O'Connnor to Phillips Academy for a three day residency.
10/09/2006 Travis Conley Funds to purchase Chinese computer software for the Language Learning Center.
10/09/2006 Sara Ciaburri, Elisabeth Tully Funds for The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and the Academic Support Center to purchase  a collection of over 200 audio books and iPod Nano and PlayAway portable music players.
10/09/2006 Emma Frey, Ethan Bennett Funds to bring the Higgins Armory educator to all sections of History 100 and to purchase equipment for related simulation exercises; to make purchased equipment available to the Physics Department.
10/09/2006 John Maier, Myriam Medrano Funds to support financial aid needs of students who will participate in the Summer Study Program in Burgos, Spain.
10/09/2006 Raj Mundra Funds to partially support the budget required to take 6 students and 1 faculty member for a three week service-learning program in Mumbai, India in June, 2007.
10/09/2006 Debby Murphy Funds To bring to campus 10 middle school guidance counselors who work with predominately students of color to show  the opportunities available to their students.
10/09/2006 Paul Murphy, Peter Warsaw To help fund the hiring of visiting artists for the summer of 2007.
10/09/2006 William Perkins, Debbie Martin Funds to include the PA community in "Project Bikes" a non-profit program that will donate bicycles to Lawrence Housing Project Youths.
10/09/2006 Tony Rotundo Funds to purchase a podium for the School Room.
10/09/2006 Donald Slater, Mark Cutler Funds for 2 student scholarships for attendance at the The Peabody Museum and Spanish Department's B.'A.L.A.M. Project next summer. 
10/09/2006 Susanne Torabi To fund a web-based course - German for Music Lovers.
10/09/2006 Maria Love, Chera Reid Funds for a retreat which will be integral to empowering the girls to consider their role in shaping PA YWCC.
10/09/2006 Shirley Veenema Funds for the Art Department to construct stanchions to allow expanded programming in the Gelb Gallery.
10/09/2006 Temba Maqubela Funds for ACE Summer Program,  math and science summer school in Colorado.
5/12/2006 Fernando Alonso Funds to purchase "Maple 10 (a software program) for use by (MS)2 and Phillips Academy
5/12/2006 Josh Anderson Funds to cover initial data entry of scholarships into the existing data management system - Naviance.
5/12/2006 Michael Blake Funds to create additional bookshelves and computer counter in the main lobby of OWHL.
5/12/2006 Malinda Blustain, Donny Slater Funds to prepare the books, serials and monographs from Dr. Richard Stockton MacNeish for cataloging.
5/12/2006 Rebecca Bogdanovitch, Maryls Edwards, Trish Russell, Aaron Jakes Funds to create a faculty sustainability coordinator who would direct and manage efforts to increase attention to environmental sustainability across the curriculum and to minimize campus resource use.
5/12/2006 Paul Cernotta, Aya Murata Funds for a faculty development seminar run by Kenji Yoshino and to host a student gathering.
5/12/2006 Tom Cone Funds to purchase 20 ukuleles and 12 chess clocks for the PALS program
5/12/2006 Susanna Flug, Linda Carter Griffith, Atima Lui '08 Training for the student leaders of CAFE (Community Awareness for Everyone.)
5/12/2006 Jane Fried Funds to support a campus visit by Whitney Laughlin, a consultant specializing in the recruitment and retention of Native Americans in schools and colleges.
5/12/2006  Linda Griffith, Jonathan Figueroa '06, Desmond Bonhomme-Isaiah '06 Funds to bring a performance of Machismo Redefined to campus and a workshop afterwards.
5/12/2006 Nancy Lang, Katie Morris '07 Funds to purchase motivational t-shirts for the girls cross country team.
5/12/2006 Raj Mundra, Linda Griffith Funds to pilot a CAMD scholar program.
5/12/2006 Ruth Quattlebaum, Ellen Hardy, Brooks Canaday '07, Sam Hall '06 Funds to support the creation of a Digital Image Library on campus.
5/12/2006  Tony Rotundo. Timothy Griffin Funds to install projection technology in the School room.
5/12/2006 Martha Schnure '06  Funds to purchase of an automatic timing system for the track team.
5/12/2006 Daniel Silk '07  Funds for campus decorations for Andover-Exeter weekend. (p)
5/12/2006 Chand Sripad  Funds to bring to campus authentic Indian classical music through music concerts.
5/12/2006 Susanne Torabi  Funds to creat a new song books for German language classes.
5/12/2006 Therese Zemlin Funds to purchase equipment for a new textiles course, and changes to an existing sculpture course that would expand the course to include Japanese papermaking.
11/4/2005  Fernando Alonso Funds to promote the (MS)2 program to high school guidance counselors and teachers.
11/4/2005  Don Barry Funds to cover the publication of Volume I of the PA Prize Exams in Mathematics.
11/4/2005 Charles Clerc Funds to create a 200 level French workbook.
11/4/2005  Jeff Cutts '06. Christa Vardaro '06 Funds to digitally record the two Andover a cappella groups and produce 500 copies.
11/4/2005 Kennan Daniel, Nick Cohn '06, Michelle Miao '06  Funds to write and produce a handbook for proctors and prefects.
11/4/2005 Megan Evans '06  Funds to cover the shipment of soccer balls to Gugulethu, South Africa.
11/4/2005 Chad Green, Susie Flug, Becky Bogdanovitch  Funds to offer a 2-day faculty development workshop focused on the pedagogy of service-learning.
11/4/2005  Song Kim '07, Olivia Wang '07 Funds for Andover Modern Abolitionist Society (AMAS) to bring a speaker to campus to talk on the issue on modern slavery.
11/4/2005 Peter Merrill, Lisa Svec, Henry Wilmer  Funds to promote social language use of 9 modern languages by means of special desserts and internet-based information and language support.
11/4/2005 Virginia Sweeney '06, Susan Ho '06, Parag Khandelwal '06  Funds to create a collaborative literary/art magazine (Clandestine) with work from students from Andover and Exeter (and possibly other schools).
11/4/2005 Craig Thorn  Funds to create a new publication that features poetry and fiction by PA students and students attending public schools in the Merrimack Valley.
11/4/2005 Nandini Vijaykumar '06, Thereza Osias '06, Jennifer Meacham '06  Funds to bring master teachers to teach Persian dance, hip-hop and Flamenco.
11/4/2005 Jason Zhu '07, Allen Cai '07, Robert Sun  Funds to create the Andover Composer's Society which hopes to promote the growth and development of student composers.
11/4/2005 Donald Slater, Mark Cutler, John Maier  Funds to offer two student scholarships as part of a 10-student linguistic, cultural and archaeological expedition to Mexico and Belize.
11/4/2005 Ali Siddiqi '06, Faisal Kassam '06, Nayeb Khan '08  Funds to bring speakers to campus who can enlighten the community regarding Islamic spirtuality and the Muslim World. [P]
11/4/2005 Emma Ellis '07, Naomi Jiang '07, Morgan Abraham '06  Funds to expand the Chess Club program.
11/4/2005 Arash Ushani '07, Thao Nguyen '07, Amy Chen '07 Funds to help the Mock Trial Club register for competitions and to invite a guest speaker.
11/4/2005 Peter Warsaw, Paul Murphy, Maxine Grogan Funds to hire visiting artists for the Summer Session Music Performance Program.
5/13/2005  Tracy Ainsworth, Jeffrey Domina Funds to extend by one year the in-service professional development seminars for teachers who are interested in learning more about issues of race, gender and class, and who are committed to improving their ability to engage and deal successfully with the manifestations of these issues in their various work at PA.
5/13/2005 Barbara Chase, Margarita Curtis, Temba Maqubela Funds for program development over the next three years as part of the Strategic Plan.
5/13/2005 Cindy Efinger Funds to purchase a new video game for the Ryley Room, called "Dance Dance Revolution."
5/13/2005 Mark Efinger Funds to cover travel (land) costs for 4 local South African drummers from Gugaletha SA to join the 30 PA students who are already scheduled to go to South Africa to perform "Things Fall Apart" at the Grahamstown Arts Festival. -- conditional on execution of releases in form satisfactory to the Academy's counsel.
5/13/2005 Ellen Glover, Don Barry Funds to revitalize the department's bookshelves, as a way of stimulating discussion and aiding in our goals of curricular reform.  
5/13/2005 Marc Koolen, Tom Cone Funds to refurbish an additional 28 birds that are part of the Green-Smith Collection.
5/13/2005 Kendall Massengill '06, Carol Israel Funds to create a "cookbook" from the experiences and research of the PHIT team.
5/13/2005 Fahad Missmar '06, Carole Braverman Funds to create the Young Arab and American Leaders at Andover (YAALA) group. Start up funds are needed to create a Middle Eastern video library, Arabic teaching materials, and organize activities for an Arab Awareness week (speaker possibilities).
5/13/2005 Aya Murata Funds to invite write Chang-Rae Lee to campus.
5/13/2005  Tess Scott '06, Cindy Efinger Funds to purchase 5 digital cameras for the Pot Pourri board.
5/13/2005 Don Slater, Mark Cutler, John Maier  Funds for preliminary study (summer 2005) of the possibility of organizing a ten-student linguistic, cultural and archaeological expedition to Mexico and Belize during the summer of 2006.
5/13/2005 Chand Sripad, Judy Wombell, Raj Mundra Funds to bring a team of two talented artists from India who would conduct a classical Indian dance performance, workshop and interdisciplinary lecture on "Iconography of Ancient Hindu Temples."
5/13/2005 Catherine Tousignant Funds to organize and sponsor a Phillips Academy symposium celebrating Women in Writing Careers.
5/13/2005 Elisabeth Tully, Malinda Blustain   Funds to support the costs of completing the project of cataloging the library holdings of the Peabody Museum.
5/13/2005 Elisabeth Tully, Brian Allen Funds to support the completion of cataloging the library holdings of the Addison Gallery.
5/13/2005 Henry Wilmer Funds to create a 3-day workshop in June 2005 for 15 faculty on the use of technology, particularly training in the use of the school's new course management system, Blackboard. Giving participants a choice in mode of compensation.
11/5/2004 Lou Bernieri, Richard Gorham Andover Bread Loaf (ABL) requests three years of funding to help launch the ABL Student Writing Leaders Program, a year round program for high school students from Lawrence and Phillips Academy who want to become leaders in enhancing literacy in Lawrence and other cities in the U.S.
11/5/2004 Elaine Crivelli, Shirley Veenema Funding to create a kiosk to present media projects (computer and video) in the Elson Art Center corridor gallery space. The kiosk will include a computer, DVD player and flat screen monitor.
11/5/2004 Chad Green, Kit Leckerling Funds to coordinate a series of professional development opportunities for members of the P.A. faculty that will focus on the pedagogy of service-learning and the integration of public service and academic learning.
11/5/2004 Linda Griffith, Todd Kwao-Vovo '06 Funds to establish a Phillips Academy drum-line. (p)
11/5/2004 Krishna Gupta '05, John Tincoff '05 Funds to travel to England to gather source materials for a historical documentary for an Abbot Scholars project.
11/5/2004 Comfort Halsey Funds to support four master classes to be hosted by the Phillips Acaademy World Dance class which will include inviting master drummers and dancers.
11/5/2004 Yuan Han Funds to prepare a series of placement exams for students of Chinese.
11/5/2004 Adam Holt '05, Cassandra Ornell '05 Funds to build a trailhead near the entrance to the bird sanctuary and create a 10-stop informative "ecology" trail.
11/5/2004 Richard Keller Funds to purchase anatomic models, updated videos on health topics, wall charts, pamphlets and other educational materials for Isham Health Center.
11/5/2004 Maria Lechtarova '06, Luke Cahill '06 Funds to purchase 3 Taiko drums for the Andover Taiko Drumming Club and to sponsor visits from the drumming instructor.
11/5/2004 Peter Merrill, Lisa Svec Funding for the third year of a three-year pilot program providing need-based financial aid for in-country summer language study: Germany, Japan and Russia.
11/5/2004 Juli Min '05, Miles Canaday '05 Funds to record, mix and master an album in the spring, featuring two acappella groups: Azure (female) and Yorkies (male).
11/5/2004 My Khanh Ngo '06, Elizabeth Ryznar '06 Funds for Amnesty International to bring David Roosevelt to address human rights in the United Nations and to raise awareness about the crisis in Sudan.
11/5/2004 Leah Okimoto, Bruce Bacon Funds to bring Judy Kuhn, a distinguished singer-actress and Jeffrey Klitz, Broadway and jazz music director/arranger/pianist for workshops and a performance.
11/5/2004 Milbry Polk-Bauman '06 Funds to bring Micah Garen and Marie-Helene Carleton, journalists who have spent considerable time in Iraq for an all-school meeting.
11/5/2004 Lindsey Shaw, Natasha Midgley '05 Funds for Women's Forum to hold the 2nd annual "Take Back the Night and to bring a professional female DJ for a student dance.
11/5/2004 Teruyo ShimazuMilbry Polk-Bauman '06 Funds to prepare materials for Japan Bowl and transportation fees to the event.
11/5/2004 Susan Zhou '06 Funds for the Cartooning Club to bring professional cartoonists to campus.
5/7/2004 Tracy Ainsworth and Jeffrey Domina Funds to create a series of in-service professional-development seminars for teachers who are interested in learning more about issues of race, gender and class.
5/7/2004 William Allen '05 Funds to purchase the raw materials to construct sets for an interactive haunted attraction/interactive play space for the enjoyment of the PA community. Volunteers will develop skills in lighting, costume, set design and construction, acting and script writing.
5/7/2004 Malinda Blustain and Craig Thorn Funds for events to bring Native American and PA communities together. Three events to be held over 15 months.
5/7/2004 Mark Efinger Funds for a one-week residency for two actors to conduct character mask exercises with the theatre and dance faculty.
5/7/2004 Chad Green Funds to develop and implement a leadership development curriculum designed for the student coordinators of the community service program.
5/7/2004 Tom Hodgson Funds for 21 sessions of Faculty/Staff squash for the 04-05 school year.
5/7/2004 Joy Karugu '05 and Derek Nnuro '05 Partial funding to start a research-based journal (Attack/CounterAttack) that will be a venue for debating issues that affect America's minority groups.
5/7/2004 Caroline Kemp '04 and Shauni Deshmukh '04 Funds to develop the content of the magazine, In The Mix, and increase its publicity.
5/7/2004 Eugene Kim '04 and C. Ruben Han '04 Funds to present a concert of Korean Music by Isang Yun performed by pianist Jeewon Park, cellist Edward Aaron and violinist Jae Won Choi. In addition to this concert the performers will give a master class in which they will discuss the characteristics of Korean music.
5/7/2004 Marc Koolen Partial funding to modify and expand the bird blind in an effort to maximize its benefits.
5/7/2004 Corbin Lang Funds to correct, update and maintain the track and field record board.
5/7/2004 James Paolino '05 Partial funds for materials to complete a current Engineering Club project that will be used as a halftime show during sporting events next year and in the future.
5/7/2004 Elizabeth Powell and Maureen Nunez Partial funding to be used to research, document and enhance the Chapel Cemetery.
5/7/2004 Paull Randt '04, Ling Ling Wei '04, Elissa Harwood '05 Funds for PAIRS (Phillips Academy International Relations Symposium) to bring 6 speakers to campus next year.
5/7/2004 Andrew St. Louis '05 Funds for the start-up and development of a library of contemporary a cappella music for use by the student-run a cappella groups and to defray the cost of attending the 2004 East Coast A Capella Summit in Boston.
5/7/2004 Meng Tan '05 and Kendra Allenby '04 Funds for 4 table tennis tables and associated equipment.
5/7/2004 William Thomas Partial funding for the development of a libretto/story-line outlining a dramatic presentation of a meeting of Harriett Beecher Stowe and Sojourner Truth. Funding would also support the commissioning of 2-3 compositions that will serve as new works towards the completion of this project.
5/7/2004 Craig Thorn and Cindy Efinger Funds to purchase equipment for musical performances and concerts.
Andrew Yoon '06 and Lynette Lee '06 Funds for equipment for the badminton club.
5/7/2004 Susan Zhou '06 Funds to introduce students to the art of cartooning.
11/14/2003 Ada Fan, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Kathy Dalton, Susan Faxon, Mary Fulton and others Restoration of the Secret Garden in the Abbot woods.
11/14/2003 Christian Leckerling, Rachel Shack '04, Andrew Liao '04 Funds to enhance the resources available to the student tutors who work with Commons workers interested in improving their English language skills.
11/14/2003 Maria Lechtarova '06 Funds to purchase craft supplies to start a Crafts Club.
11/14/2003 Ann Harris Funds to create a booklet to inform the Abbot alumnae of the many ways Abbot Academy lives on at PA, similar to one created in 1997 during the rededication of the Abbot campus.
11/14/2003   Maggie Jackson, Marlys Edwards Funds to bring two nationally known educators to speak to Uppers about issues surrounding sexual assault and to purchase educational materials that would aid in the revision of the in-house date rape prevention program.
11/14/2003 Aya Murata Funds to bring to PA guest lecturer and author Frank Wu.
11/14/2003 Clyfe Beckwith, Vic Svec, Cindy Efinger Funds to create an outdoor recreational space for faculty, staff and students.
11/14/2003 Chlo Hurley '05 Funds to create a reference guide map of the campus (both in print and on the web) which would highlight access points and restrooms for those with mobility impairments.
11/14/2003 James Hightower Funds to plan and host a program which would invite a group of 15 admissions reps from various historically black colleges and universities.
11/14/2003 Tom Cone, Marc Koolen Funds to complete the construction of display cabinets, finish refurbishing the specimens and move a large portion of the Green-Smith Bird Collection from Evans Hall to the Kendrick Gallery of the library.
11/14/2003 Alexandra Cornelius, Kelly Wise Funds to augment the IRT endowment--providing strong support to a new phase of fund raising.
11/14/2003 Comfort Halsey, Anne Zuerner Funds to facilitate an artistic collaboration between the PA and Hope St., Lawrence communities through Dance 400 by studying several examples of creative expression.
11/14/2003 Cristian Chun '05, Stephanie Chan '05 Funds organize various science competitions such as the Science Bowl and the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.
11/14/2003 Peter Ramsey Funds for the Richard L. Gelb Science Center.
4/25/2003 John Anderson Funds to initiate a one-day program (with speakers and facilitators) for parents of Uppers as a "kick-off event to mark the beginning of the college counseling cycle.
4/25/2003 Bruce Bacon Funds to bring the Weston Playhouse professional players to campus to perform their production of August Wilson's "Fences.
4/25/2003 Malinda Blustain Funds to purchase a digital camera and color printer (plus accessories) in order to increase access to the museum's resources and to facilitate cost-effective displays.
4/25/2003 Brian Buce '05, Krishna Gupta '05 Funds to improve the school's Math Club.
4/25/2003 Tom Cone, Marc Koolen Funds to construct 6 display cases for a portion of the Green-Smith Bird Collection that will be relocated from Evans Hall to the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.
4/25/2003 Robert Edwards, Kathryn Geoffrion-Scannell, Dave Hegarty, Jorge Allen Funds to develop an automated database linking the current CAMD library inventory to the Oliver Wendell Holmes electronic information system.
4/25/2003 Lois Kelly Funds to replace the current CPR manikins with currently accepted simulaids, according to OSHA guidelines.
4/25/2003 Robert "Scout Kingery '04, David Coit '04, Kevin Gordon '04, Nick Pappadopoulos '04 Funds for recording student music that is not normally recorded; to purchase updated recording equipment for student musicians.
4/25/2003 Marc Koolen Funds to replace the current CPR manikins with currently accepted simulaids, according to OSHA guidelines.
4/25/2003 Doug Kuhlmann, Sue Buckwalter Funds to purchase a classroom set of 15 TI Voyage 200 calculators that can run Geometer's Sketchpad plus a projection system.
4/25/2003 Deborah Martin, Maureen Ferris Funds to add a computer work station to the personnel office so that faculty and staff can have access to the computer and web-based benefits information.
4/25/2003 Peter Merrill, Martha Fenton, Debbie Martin Funds to purchase electric fencing equipment.
4/25/2003 Paul Sonne '03, Sam Levenback '04, Jeremy Beecher '04, Elisabeth Polk-Bauman '04 Funds to establish a monetary base for Frontline (Andover's political magazine) to ensure it's future: publication costs, technology updates and web site upkeep.
4/25/2003 Susan Garth Stott Funds to prepare and map a chronological history of Phillips Academy property acquisitions, based on the deeds for all academy related land transfers in the town of Andover.
4/25/2003 Alex Thorn '04, Susannah Gund '04, Emily Guerin '04, XiLing Wei '04, Paul Sonne '03 Funds to support the radio station's (WPAA) move to Morse Hall, its transition to a webcast station and the upgrading of some equipment.
4/25/2003 Alex Thorn '04 Funds to support the radio station's (WPAA) move to Morse Hall, its transition to a webcast station and the upgrading of some equipment.
4/25/2003 Emily Weston '04, Elisabeth Polk-Bauman '04 Funds to create a web site that would increase awareness, educate and develop communication within the PA community about pertinent environmental issues, local and global.
4/25/2003 Elizabeth Wilkin, Yuan Han, Ruth Quattlebaum, Thayer Zaeder, Aya Murata, Alvin Yu '04, Winnie Liu '03 Funds to bring to Phillips Academy Qianshin Bai, an art historian and brush calligrapher to give a lecture and demonstration and visit classes to work directly with students.
4/25/2003 Elizabeth Wilkin, Yuan Han, Gregory Wilkin, Alvin Yu '04, Winnie Liu '03 Funds to organize and compile a book of learning materials generated by the PA students through the Andover Chinese Cultural Outreach program.
4/25/2003 Judith Wombwell Funds to outfit the dance studio/wrestling room in the Borden gym as a flexible dance performance space.
4/25/2003 Therese Zemlin Funds to update and improve the art studios and classrooms on the ground floor of the Elson Art Center.
11/8/2002 Elizabeth Aureden Funds to cover the cost of cataloging the complete instrumental music collection and assistance in the completion of cataloging the orchestral music collection.
11/8/2002 Julie Bramowitz ?03 and Kate Takvorian 03 Funds for both a keynote speaker and female musician for the Women's Forum winter weekend.
11/8/2002 Maria Cataldo and Katheen McGowan 03 Funds to support the Catholic Student Fellowship dinner discussions and seminars.
11/8/2002 Jennie Cline Funds to bring Hawk Henries, a member of the Nipmunk Nation, a flute maker and player, storyteller, educator, facilitator and comediaon to campus during Winter 2003. The hope is for Hawk to vist Jeff Wessler's flute class in Lawrence, perform on campus and offer a dialogue on diversity.
11/8/2002 Tom Cone Funds to replace and add new books to the PALS library collection.
11/8/2002 Margarita Curtis, Teruyo Bourne, Peter Merrill, Lisa Svec Funds for a 3-year pilot program to provide need-based financial aid for summer language study in less commonly taught languages: German, Japanese and Russian.
11/8/2002 Peter Drench and Mary Mulligan Funds for 3 LCD projectors, mounted on carts for portability, which will allow web-based and intranet-mounted educational materials to be presented in the classrooms.
11/8/2002 John Dugan and Jesse Bardo 03 Funds to publish a lacrosse program to be shared with alumni, fans and prospective applicants.
11/8/2002 Martha Fenton Funds to refurbish the athletic trophy case in the entrance of the Borden gym.
11/8/2002 Cotton Harrold 04, Seth Stulgis ?04, Alex Thorn 04 Funds for the purchase of two grills to be used by the Andover Barbeque Society (ABS) and the school at ABS, school and cluster events.
11/8/2002 James Paolino 05 Funds for the Engineering Club to provide opportunities for hands-on experience with construction and design of a wide variety of projects.
11/8/2002 Alex Thorn '04 Funds toward the purchase of two computers to facilitate the overall upgrading of the radio station.
11/8/2002 Hao Wang 03 Funds to bring a guest speaker to campus who will speak about his experience in a Chinese labor camp.
11/8/2002 Jennifer Wong 03 Funds for Amnesty International to be able to pay for postage of letters to leaders of countries around the world that are experiencing human rights injustice.
5/10/2002 Don Barry Publishing costs for 1000 PA Prize Exam books.
5/10/2002 Teruyo Bourne Funds to travel to Doshisha Internatinal High School (Japan) to evaluate the department's off-campus program in it implementation phase.
5/10/2002 Ryan Coughlan '02, Emily Kumpel '02 Funds to continue the creation of the social justice resource center the purpose of which is to provide students and faculty wit the necessary tools to be conscious and active citizens.
5/10/2002 Mike Ebner, Mike Koehler, Rebecca McCann Funds to cover the expenses of chaperones for the Summer Session Dominican Republic Service Learning/Hispanic Culture & Language program, and to thus help provide scholarship aid to some participants.
5/10/2002 Shawn Fulford Funds to do research on different learning styles, teaching techniques that are effective for each of the different learning styles and specific strategies for the math classroom. A presention to the math department would occur in the fall.
5/10/2002 Ellen Hardy Funds to create a hard-bound full color book: A Visual Timeline of Phillips Academy, 1778 to Present and Abbot Academy, 1829-1974.
5/10/2002 David Hegarty, Chris Hughes Funds to preserve past issues of the Phillipian onto microfilm from 1992 and to digitize the entire collection. Currently there are 25 reels of issues from 1878-1992.
5/10/2002 Jacques Hugon Funds to create a large format pictorial history of boys' and girls' swimming and diving at PA and Abbot, from archival photographs. This pictorial would be displayed on the upper deck wall of the pool.
5/10/2002 Aggie Giglio Kip Funds to do research and gather information on nutritional supplements to be better qualified to advise students about them.
5/10/2002 Christopher Shaw, Michael Williams Funds to complete the fleet of sea kayaks and associated equipment upgrades in the coming year.
5/10/2002 Jeffrey Wessler '03 Funds to introduce a beginning flute (woodwind) program to Lawrence Elementary students to be taught by Jeffrey.
5/10/2002 Elizabeth Wilkin, Yuan Han, Elizabeth Aureden, William Thomas, Aya Murata Funds to bring Xu Ke, an erhu player, to Phillips Academy for a traditional Chinese music performance.
5/10/2002 Judith Wombwell, Bruce Bacon Funds to provide an opportunity for PA dance students to perform works created by choreographer Trisha Brown and to study Brown's impact on modern art while creating their own original video performance art.
10/26/2001 Jim Ares Funds to proceed to the second phase of transfering PA and Abbot historical films to digital video and eventually to DVD.
10/26/2001 Malinda Blustain Request for a challenge grant to help keep important work moving forward and demonstrate support for the museum during this year as the long-term future relationship between the museum and the academy are discussed.
10/26/2001 Barbara Landis Chase, Stephen D. Carter and Vincent B.J. Avery Funds to develop the Abbot Academy Association Faculty Development Institute, which will provide faculty the opportunity to develop programs and to attend summer institutes or workshops and coaching clinics.
10/26/2001 Ryan Coughlin '02, Emily Kumpel '02 Partial funds to create a social justice resource center on campus.
10/26/2001 Elaine Dimopoulos, Elizabeth Korn Funds to assist with the development and implementation of a curriculum for a 4-session tutorial on writing literary analysis.
10/26/2001 Eric Liu '02 To bring author and speechwriter, Eric Liu, to speak at an all-school meeting in the spring which will kick off Asian Arts Week.
10/26/2001 Kathy Pryde Funds to purchase a wireless weather station for Evans Hall.
10/26/2001 Vivien V. Mallick Funds to produce a comprehensive Tour Guide Manual for the Andover Ambassadors Club.
10/26/2001 Henry Wilmer,
Margarita Curtis
Funds for tuition and modest stipends for 4 division teachers to attend a 5-day intensive seminar on the uses of technology in language teaching.
10/26/2001 S. Thayer Zaeder Funds to replace/rebuild an outdoor kiln (which originated from Abbot Academy). The new kiln will allow students a wider experience of firing techniques.
5/11/2001 James Ares, Stephen Wicks, John McMurray Funds to transfer historical 16mm films of Abbot and Andover to DVD format. The 16mm films are beginning to corrode and need to be preserved.
5/11/2001 Tom Cone, Marc Koolen Funds to purchase the second of two flat file cabinets to house the laminated Biology posters.
5/11/2001 Patricia Davison Funding to take graduate level course work in order to receive a certificate in School Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
5/11/2001 Kevin Driscoll Additional funds for the Ryley Room renovations
5/11/2001 Shawn Fulford Proposal to continue compiling notebooks for the precalculus and calculus courses. The notebooks will contain group exercises, real-life examples, hands-on problems, lesson plans, tests and quizzes and will give further resource information for history of math applications.
5/11/2001 Jeremiah Hagler, Lydia Goetze Funding to support 15 independent student projects in the biological sciences, as well as the purchase of needed scientific equipment.
5/11/2001 Judy Hamilton Funding in order to complete the Antiques and Artifacts database with digitally scanned images and the necessary equipment to make this possible: a Jaz drive and disks to store the data and a digital camera for collecting images.
5/11/2001 Carol Israel, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Mike Ebner, Bobby Edwards, Marlys Edwards, Richard Keller (Community Health Team) Request for funds to hire Dr. Wesley Perkins, Dr. David Craig and the Hobart William Smith Alcohol Education Project to work with us to construct and carry out a survey of our total student population on student risk taking behavior (substance use and sexual activity), and to consult with us as we use the survey results to review and revise our health education program.
5/11/2001 Lois Kelly, Richard Keller Funds to give a face-lift to the inpatient rooms at Isham Health Center.
5/11/2001 Sarah Lau '02 Funds to host an on-campus performance and workshop by Odaiko New England and to purchase Taikodrums (Japanese drums) for the PA community.
5/11/2001 Diane Moore Request for funds to support the Faculty Fellows Program by providing release time for fellows to develop and pursue gender related research projects in curriculum or program development.
5/11/2001 Jung-Eun Shin '02, Nicole Schwartzberg '01 Funds to create a new fine arts magazine.
5/11/2001 Craig Thorn Funds to conduct research in preparation for a four-year study of student writing, following the work of 12 juniors as they move through the English department's curriculum.
5/11/2001 Christopher Walter, Elizabeth Aureden, Hilary Cumming, Holly Barnes Funding for the recording of several works of the British composer Kenneth Leighton and the production of compact discs for distribution.
5/11/2001 Stephen Wicks Proposal to create a 30 minute DVD multimedia program about the creation and evolution of LIFE magazine and its impact on American history and culture. The piece will explore and express how LIFE informed, engaged and inspired its viewers with the power and magic of the photographic essay as a modern form of storytelling.
11/3/2000 Abbot Academy Association Donation toward the renovation of the Abbot Gates.
11/3/2000 Ariel Axelrod-Hahn Funds to design a system to hold a video camera to a kite and then take a "kite's-eye view" of the campus.
11/3/2000 Margaret Cohen, Susan Alovisetti and Sandy Abbott Funds to enhance the OWHL youth book collection by completing our holdings of the Newbery and Caldecott Medal books.
11/3/2000 Tom Cone, Marc Koolen Funds to laminate, thus permanently preserving, over 60 biology posters. In addition, the size of many of the posters will be reduced and standardized for convenient handling and storage.
11/3/2000 Kevin Driscoll Funds to improve the entertainment services to the student body by beginning a revitalization of the Ryley Room, initially through updating the technical capabilities and furnishings.
11/3/2000 Mark Efinger, Judy Wombwell Request funds to bring the Hoipoloi Co. back to PA to work with Judy and the cast to create the show which will be the next entry in the American High School Theatre Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
11/3/2000 Shawn Fulford Funds to create a collection of precalculus work-sheets, real life applications, group exercises, long-term projects, inductive learning assignments, and tests.
11/3/2000 John McMurray, John Rogers, Clyfe Beckwith, Travis Pantin, Rob MacInnis, Spencer Willig, Ariel Axelrod-Hahn, Lyzzy Shepperd, Kelsey Peterson Funds for materials to start a robotics program for applied physics and imaginative design.
11/3/2000 Teresa Morgan, Christopher Walter To educate students, faculty and staff about the Alexander Technique and its beneficial benefits for performance and daily tasks.
11/3/2000 Henry Wilmer, Margarita Curtis To encourage language teachers to tap more fully the power of technology by establishing a "Laptop Pioneers" program. Colleagues serving as "pioneers" will, in exchange for a year-long loan of an Apple G3 laptop, use technology in their teaching and will report back regularly to the Division and Dir. of Technology.
5/5/2000 Alice Purington, Deborah Merrill Towards the renovation of the Abbot Gates
5/5/2000 Aya Murata Funds for two workshops (an introductory and a level two) focusing on the issues and challenges facing our Asian and Asian American students and how to work effectively with these constituencies both in the classroom and beyond.
5/5/2000 Beryl Rosenthal Funds to implement a faculty survey and focus group to assess ways in which P.A. faculty have used Museum resources in the past, needs and desires regarding potential use of Museum resources in the future, and to determine the most effective ways in which the Museum can best serve the P.A. community.
5/5/2000 Bobbie McDonnell, Jim Ares Funds to provide assistive listening devices for hearing impaired students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests in 3 large group theatres, and to begin improvements in the noise level in Commons for the benefit of all.
5/5/2000 Bobby Edwards Funding which would provide a stipend to allow faculty coverage of newly added responsibilities supporting the academy's multicultural building efforts.
5/5/2000 Campaign Pledge Towards the renovation of the Abbot Gates
5/5/2000 Ed Germain Funds to restore the grave marker for Dudley Fitts, renowned instructor of English.
5/5/2000 Ed Germain, Chris Shaw Funds to build an interior climbing wall for the P.A. community in conjunction with the move of the program (and all its equipment) out of Evans Hall and into a new facility.
5/5/2000 Ginger Fay Funds to develop and create a list that would consolidate 25 web sites offering the best information on researching and applying for need- and merit-based financial aid. The list would be distributed via a disk to the entire class of 2001.
5/5/2000 James Sonne '02, Al Dahya, Ehi Oviasu Funds to guarantee the continued sucess of The Academy Review, P.A.'s first and only political magazine.
5/5/2000 John Simeone '02, Brian Yates and Chris Walter Funds to send student and faculty to Scotland, the source of Celtic and Highland culture, to further their study in the arts of Highland piping and Gaelic song. Thus heightening student and faculty awareness of and interest in Highland bagpiping and Scottish and Gaelic cultures.
5/5/2000 Marc Koolen, Susan Stott Funds to help provide education and training in the on-site preservation of some of the birds from the Green Smith Bird Collection which currently resides in Evans Hall. The collection lease from Harvard has been renewed for another 99 years and a portion of this collection will be moved into the new Gelb Science Center.
5/5/2000 Michael Ebner, Chad Green Funds to explore the possibility of expanding the education service learning program with a spring break trip to the Dominican Republic. At the core of the Alternative Spring Break Trip would be the creation of a community of faculty and students working side by side with local residents on community projects with the hope of gaining a greater understanding of international outreach needs.
5/5/2000 Michael Ebner, Ryan Coughlin (student) Funds to complete the SEED Park being constructed by P.A. faculty, students and local Lawrence children. The park will serve as a rest & retreat area for a neighboring nursing home, a gathering space for a local church and a neighborhood center for picnics and small concerts.
5/5/2000 Nina Scott Funds to write an extended travel essay/monograph on the experience of P.A. faculty at work in the remote region of Gligit, Pakistan as part of the International Academic Partnership (IAP) exchange (research, interviews, photographs, field notes.)
5/5/2000 Samuel Lai '00 Funds to purchase new equipment for the the Table Tennis Club (table, nets, balls and rackets) and to continue to educate the community about the sport and its ties to different cultures around the world.
5/5/2000 Seth Bardo Funds to find practical solutions to issues concerning a Senior Capstone Project (set forth in the Steering Committee and Grade Task reports) in order to integrate the Capstone into Andover's curriculum.
5/5/2000 Shawn Fulford, Nikki Cleare Funds to investigate how well the math department is serving the population of students mentioned in the Richard T. Greener Study (black and Latino), through a process of interviewing alumni of PA and (MS)2.
5/5/2000 Spencer Willig '02, Luitien Pan '02 Funds to build a zero/low emissions motor by the Applied Physics Club.