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Past Proposals: 1990's

Grants Awarded 1990-1999

Date Proposer Description
11/12/99 Aya Murata Funds for a workshop which would provide PA faculty with information regarding the issues and challenges facing our Asian and Asian American students and how to work effectively, both in the classroom and beyond, with these constituencies of our Andover community.
11/12/99 Beryl Rosenthal Funds to take the Archaeology Club on a series of field trips and bring a guest speaker to PA; also to encourage students to understand the relationships between museums and native people on the interpretation of native culture, lifeways and history.
11/12/99 Campaign Pledge Funds toward the Abbot Gate renovation.
11/12/99 Don Barry     Funds for publication of a collection of mathematics prize exams given from 1984-2000.
11/12/99 Ellie Wilkin, John MacMurray, Greg Wilkin, Natalie Schorr, Peter Drench, Julia Harrison Funds to invite Mum Puppettheatre of Philadelphia to perform "Seance" (Robert Smythe '78) over Memorial Day weekend in conjunction with student performances as a grand finale to this year and an inspirational beginning to next year.
11/12/99 Joseph Maliekel, John Maglio, Alex Waldman To obtain funds to be used to create, advertise for, and maintain a spring compilation issue of The Andover International Review, with essays from Andover, Exeter, Deerfield and St. Paul's.
11/12/99 Judith Wombwell To present an inter-generational dance workshop in the spring term run by members of Turning the Wheel Productions led by PA graduate, Sarah Greico. This workshop will culminate with students traveling to Boulder, CO. to perform with groups from 9 other areas in "Confetti 2000."
11/12/99 Julia Harrison Funds to purchase a software program that enables students to design and draw three-dimensionally.
11/12/99 Margarita Curtis, H. Manning Curtis, Billy Murray Murray To fund the painting of a mural in the Common room of E. Stuart House by its resident students under the supervision of Noah Peffer, Art Department teaching fellow, and to frame student art work produced during the fall term as decoration for the large, empty corridors on the entrance floor.
11/12/99 Raj Mundra, Sarah Manekin To develop a supplement of educational articles and logistical information for the teaching fellow program.
11/12/99 Robin Mohapatra, Hadi Husain. Sam Antonaccio Funds to purchase software, hardware and accessories to produce the CD-ROM yearbook, The Phillipedia.
11/12/99 Susan Noble Funds to create a proper home for the photography collection donated by Kelly Wise in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.
11/12/99 William Thomas Funds to record on CD African American (William Grant Still & Florence Price) and Black composers (The Chevalier de Saint Georges) and write about their lives.
5/21/99 Carole Beaverman Funds to purchase an audio/video library to enrich a course in Jewish Literature which she is currently developing for the English Department.
5/21/99 Clyfe Beckwith Funds to upgrade the academy's aging observatory by adding several portable telescopes and cameras which will complement the current observatory and allow students the opportunity to learn more about the wonders of the universe first hand, regardless of previous experience.
5/21/99 Ed Germain To create a broadcast quality video documenting the Search & Rescue Program to be used by current students during orientation, by admission office for prospective students, by OAR for alumni and parents, by the college counseling office to offer a glimpse of Andover.
5/21/99 Ellen Hardy Funds to publish a book in full color which would be a visual time line of the histories of all the steps taken over the last 229 years at Phillips Academy. It would showcase many items currently stored in archives that many constituents have never seen.
5/21/99 Ellie Wilkin, John McMurray, Yuan Han, Chad Green and Aya Murata Proposal to create a collaboration between Community Service, the art department and the language division which would encourage students of Chinese language and students of Art to set up a semi-monthly Chinese program for Families of Children from China.
5/21/99 James Shea Funds to seed the inaugural issue of The Andover Review: a journal of scholarly student writing published once a year in the spring, featuring fine student writing in different academic disciplines.
5/21/99 Jennie Cline Funds to create an interactive web site for the Abbot Academy Association which would permit searching of past grants to stimulate new ideas, the downloading of the proposal form, and the ability to add historical (past and future) information about the association.
5/21/99 John Gould Funds to create an English grammar textbook suitable for the English 200 curriculum, which will include grammatical exposition (with pragmatic transformational-generative focus) and original narrative examples and exercises (illustrated with original art).
5/21/99 Loring Strudwick Funding for a revised complete and professional appraisal of the academy's antiques and artifacts and to update the current database accordingly. The last appraisal was in 1989.
5/21/99 Susan Stott, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Bobby Edwards     Funds for an alternative conflict resolution model at Phillips Academy, through revision of the peer mediation program, the teaching of basic conflict resolution skills to more student leaders and a select group of peer mediators.
5/21/99 Veda Robinson To investigate the transfer admission process at a select group of institutions. To look at the needs/concerns of those interested in transferring and see what we, as an office and as a community, can do to better serve them
5/21/99 Vincent Miccio Funds to acquire more sophisticated and updated electrical fencing gear.
5/21/99 Wendy Huang Funds to invite renowned filmmaker Renee Tajima-Pe–a to present her film My America...or Honk if you Love Buddha on campus in an effort to raise awareness of Asian American issues among the students and faculty.
5/21/99 William Thomas Funds to record on CD African American (William Grant Still & Florence Price) and Black composers (The Chevalier de Saint Georges) and write about their lives.
11/13/98 Christopher Walter Funds to create a video to promote the understanding and appreciation of orchestral instruments among students in the introductory music classes.
11/13/98 Corbin Lang, David Penner Funds to support the Math department's studying of ways to improve the teaching of geometry, including the creation of materials to enhance and supplement the current geometry curriculum, and to teach the members of the department how to use the materials.
11/13/98 Cynthia Isoh Funding for the publication and distribution of a multi-cultural newsletter, In The Mix, as well as an occasional snack at club gatherings.
11/13/98 Cyrus Rolbin Funds to complete and disseminate a series of profiles on people of Japan.
11/13/98 Frank Siu, Sam Jung Funds to help with the creation of a CD-ROM yearbook as a supplement to the existing Pot Pourri.
11/13/98 Jennifer Jackson, Candace Douglas Funds to create a Caribbean Heritage weekend which would aid in the education of the community about a culture that is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Specific costs include guest speaker, hosting of a formal dinner, custodial staff, workshops and DJ.
11/13/98 Judy Wombwell, Midge Brecher To facilitate the production of an inter-disciplinary project between the Art and Theatre Departments which will culminate in an outdoor dance/installation. (Partially funded by the art & theatre departments.)
11/13/98 Julia Harrison, Natalie Schorr Funds to create a puppet theatre which would involve both art and French classes.
11/13/98 Michael Ebner, Justin Yee To provide PA students, faculty and staff, local high school students and community members with the opportunity to work together to construct a park that will impact a local neighborhood in the city of Lawrence. (SEED Park)
11/13/98 Peggy Harrigan, Jim Ares Funds to facilitate a model workshop series for training of faculty and staff in electronic imaging software & hardware prior to the upcoming (2003) Lillard-Polk professional development program in electronic imaging.
11/13/98 Thomas Conlon, Cindy Skerry Funding for a program of Safety Education/Awareness for the PA community.
11/13/98 William Thomas Funds for costuming, staging and lighting for a musical/theatrical performance using the Book of Exodus as the source.
11/13/98 William Thomas Additional funds for the Andover/Lawrence string program for violins, teaching materials, transportation costs and refreshments.
5/15/98 Alice Purington, Jane Fried Consulting fee to bring Dr. Michael Thompson to the Admission-College Counseling Breckridge Retreat which will be held in June 1998/99.
5/15/98 Ellen Glover, Doug Kuhlmann Funds to purchase a Power Macintosh computer, with supporting statistical software and wiring to provide Internet access which will support the teaching of AP Statistics. This will provide a vital in-class teaching tool for student-directed data searches and data analysis.
5/15/98 John Gould Funds to design and develop a web site, "The Singing Muse," which will explore for classroom use the relationship between music and poetry.
5/15/98 Kevin Driscoll Funds to purchase a ProImage Poster Printer in an effort to provide additional means of communication of events and activities the student body. The machine would also be available to student clubs and departments.
5/15/98 Linda Carter-Griffith, Mark Efinger, Temba Maqubela, Vuyelwa Maqubela, Natalie Schorr, Chris Shaw To launch a pilot phase of an African Studies Institute and to provide funds for student scholarships in the summer overseas PA-African program within the Institute.
5/15/98 Liza Darnell Funds to support the second annual Community Service Coordinators Orientation.
5/15/98 Paul Marthers Funds to establish a pilot program to determine how a school like PA can implement a career component into the college counseling process. The program would take a voluntary group of uppers and seniors and assist them in learning more about themselves and career opportunities.
5/15/98 Susan Faxon Funds to support the production of an illustrated brochure to document Sometime, Someplace, Somewhere, Somehow, an installation by Christopher Cook who will be retiring this spring.
5/15/98 Veda Robinson To compile a bibliography focusing on the research that has been done on young black women and their self-perception/self-esteem and to gather articles found into a binder for the libraries of both the Brace Center and the Office of Community and Multicultural Development.
11/14/97 Aida Orenstein-Cardona Cardona Funding to bring together former and present members of AfLatAm in celebration of their 30th anniversary-to remember and reflect on the presence of students of color. Funds would be used to provide food, transportation, speaker honorariums and paper products.
11/14/97 Alice Purington, Aya Murata, Carol Israel Funding to work with an outside consultant to examine and assess the particular needs of our Asian and Asian-American students and how they might be better served in our community.
11/14/97 Chad Green Funds for a one day regional conference for high school community service programs (24) to further the dialogue surrounding the place of public service in education.
11/14/97 Charlene Sadberry, Abena Sanders Funding for the creation of a T-shirt for the Gospel Choir.
11/14/97 Christopher Walter Funds to commission Kevin Bleau, former music instructor at PA, to write a piece for the Chorus to perform next Fall. The text would be provided by a student poet.
11/14/97 Gail Ralston Funds for a plaque, to be placed in the Brace Center of Abbot Hall, in honor of the past presidents of Benevie.
11/14/97 Jennie Cline Funds to update and recreate the PA Prize Booklet, which was last printed in 1972, in an effort to inform the recipients of the history of their prize, facilitate community use of prize descriptions and enable students to thank prize supporters (if applicable.)
11/14/97 Lisa Svec To provide financial assistance for students who would like to participate on a 9 day trip during Spring Break 1998 to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
11/14/97 Marc Koolen, Tom Cone, Leslie Ballard, John Rogers Funding for equipment necessary to develop the technological dimensions of the Science Program
11/14/97 Mark Efinger Funds to help develop a future direction plan for the department of Theatre and Dance through meetings of dept. members and bringing in an outside evaluator.
11/14/97 Mike Ebner, Chad Green, Sonal Malpani Funds to enhance the spring community service trip to St. John's Island, SC, by creating a joint community service and chaplaincy retreat for 1998, which would involve additional construction materials, a guest speaker or musician and fees.
11/14/97 Sachiko Ozawa, Yuko Chitani Funds top bring a world renowned Japanese drummer to PA.
11/14/97 Susan Stott, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Bobby Edwards Funding to train student mediators in the second year of the Phillips Academy Mediation Program.
11/14/97 Tim Donahue Funds to provide students, faculty and staff with educational, professional and training materials via CD ROM towers which they could access from any location on the campus network.
11/14/97 Vincent Avery Funding for summer (1998) work of the Task Force on athletics by studying the athletic program and making recommendations concerning the program to the administration and the faculty.
11/14/97 Vincent Avery Funds to support curriculum review by department and division during the summer months of 1998 to prepare draft versions of the "written statements of purpose and philosophy" called for by the Steering Committee.
5/2/97 Agatha Giglio Funds to purchase computer equipment which will enhance her counseling by enabling her to access information on the Internet for herself and students, as well as creating a website off the Andover page.
5/2/97 Bobby Edwards Funds to refurbish the office of Community and Multicultural Development through the purchase of overstuffed chairs, double entry doors with glass, and book shelves.
5/2/97 Craig Thorn Funds to support the creation of two small chap books for the 97/98 academic year. These two volumes will recognize the work (poetry and fiction) of two seniors
5/2/97 Craig Thorn To create a glossary of terms for all senior electives so that faculty can cross-index our offerings ultimately on a hypertext program using our network. This project will promote multi- and inter-disciplinary teaching.
5/2/97 Elaine Bailey To pay for the reframing of the Travis Evolution Mural in Evans basement.
5/2/97 Henry Wilmer, Ed Germain To purchase 18 state-of-the-art winter sleeping bags to permit winter S & R to operate at full strength.
5/2/97 Judy Wombwell, Mark Efinger Final request for funding for the Nutcracker to be performed in late 1997.
5/2/97 Kathy Henderson, Steve Wicks To bring a unique musical show to campus that provides interdisciplinary opportunities for students in the fields of music, art and technology.
5/2/97 Michael Wall, Bob Lloyd To design and build a 7-hole portable golf course, using the talents of Bob Lloyd's architecture class.
5/2/97 Paul Murphy Additional pieces for the swim program scoreboard which would enhance the display for spectators and swimmers.
5/2/97 Sara Germain, Elaine Bailey, Susan Noble, Ruth Quattlebaum To restore and conserve the Stuart Travis mural "Culture Areas of North America" in the Peabody Museum, thereby completing the restoration of the three Travis murals on campus, and the mount a public exhibit at the museum on the work of Stuart Travis at Andover.
5/2/97 Seth Bardo To establish a comprehensive jazz and blues CD collection for the music library at Graves Hall.
5/2/97 Susan Faxon Funds to support the research and design of the "Campus as Exhibition" component of the multi-media exhibition project "Phillips Academy - A Legacy of Design." The "Campus as Exhibition" will engage visitors in its buildings and landscape through a series of maps, signs, information stations, and guided and self-guided tours.
5/2/97 William Thomas To establish a string program in the Lawrence Public Schools, where PA students serve as student teachers (of violin) to kids at the Leonard School and Lawrence Family Development Charter School.
5/2/97 William Thomas Funds to help with the recording and production of a CD of the works of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, a Black English composer. Additional funding has been granted through gifts and a partial Kenan grant.
11/22/96 Barbara Chase Request for support for (10) faculty to implement the recommendations of the steering committee over the period of two summer and intervening academic year
11/22/96 Christopher Walter Funds to create a 5-day music workshop for (40±) faculty and staff in June 1997 to expose them to the resources and curriculum of the Music Department, thus emphasizing the benefits of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study. (Based on the highly successful June 1996 Art Workshop.)
11/22/96 Clyfe Beckwith, Raj Mundra, Fei Yao, John Rogers, Trish Russell Funds to create a Center for Teaching in the science division for 97-98 academic year as part of the next stage in program planning/faculty development (from the STI) which focuses on clinical educational mentoring. Includes the creation of Mentor Teacher position, which, along with the Center for Teaching would move to a different academic department each subsequent year.
11/22/96 James Bradley, Lean Rosenmeier Funds to create a 2-day workshop for a group of PA faculty which would acquaint them with the resources of the museum, demonstrate methods of teaching with objects, encourage a broader familiarity with issues of human behavior and culture, promote ways of using the museum across the curriculum for inter-disciplinary learning.
11/22/96 John Strudwick Funds to provide improved support resources for female track athletes through books, videos and female track speakers.
11/22/96 Jonathan Pai Funds to enhance the fencing club through the purchase of equipment, providing transportation and offsetting the cost of lessons.
11/22/96 Judith Wombwell, Mark Efinger Funds for technical support (design and costume phase) of the biennial production of the "Nutcracker". Requests for additional funding from other sources continues.
11/22/96 Kevin Cardozo, Marc Koolen Request to purchase 12 easels and 12 bulletin boards to permit students to display their scientific posters in the lobby of Evans Hall and/or in classrooms.
11/22/96 Kevin Cline, Eric Limpaecher, Nick Wilson Funds to aid in the design and construction of a running scale model maglev (magnetic levitation) train as a senior physics independent project.
11/22/96 Michael Panich     Funds to upgrade and maintain the radio station equipment: record players, tape recorder, amplifier and microphones.
11/22/96 Pete Joel To create a board game based upon grammatical units of sentences in English.
11/22/96 Robert Lloyd, Susan Faxon Funds to create a brochure/catalog for a 3D design show of alumni/ae works to be held in the spring of 1997. The booklet would communicate the roots of the exhibit and the continuing importance of design in the PA curriculum. Additional funding for the overall exhibit is coming from various other sources.
11/22/96 Roxy Barry Funds to purchase an Interim Year computer program and to update current computer equipment to enable access to the Internet for student research of summer opportunities, jobs, and interim year options. Current office equipment is unable to do the above. College Counseling Office would benefit from this upgrade as well.
11/22/96 Susan Stott, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Bobby Edwards Funding to train 12-18 students and 6-12 faculty in mediation skills in order to establish a peer mediation program. Funds will cover outside trainers, manuals and other materials.
11/22/96 Tom Cone Funds to replace well-worn books in the PALS paperback library and to purchase new titles by popular authors and award-winning books.
11/22/96 Tom Hamilton To purchase two interactive software packages: the presentation of human anatomy (ADAM Essentials) and a problem oriented simulation of ecological changes in a lake (Lake Iluka)
4/19/96 Craig Thorn Funding for time to research and write a book demonstrating the literary, historical and pedagogical importance of ethnic-American and world literatures.
4/19/96 James Bradley To create site maps to help students understand the methods of archaeology and its significance in revealing the lives of Native American peoples.
4/19/96 Judy Hamilton, Jim Ventre Computer equipment upgrade for the loan library in order to track and expand the library services.
4/19/96 Laura McSpadden, Ian Barbard, John Pai, Vanessa Ho To create The Cooking Club where there is a structured, ongoing opportunity for people in the community to gather and enjoy informal communication while preparing and eating various cultural and ethnic dishes
4/19/96 Mark Efinger, Judith Wombwell Funds to create sets and costumes for an alternate-year production of the Nutcracker Ballet.
4/19/96 Rebecca McCann Funds to participate in a 2 week total-immersion program in Puebla, Mexico. This program includes a homestay and daily workshop sessions in language, culture and materials development.
4/19/96 Susan Lloyd Seed money to start the process of raising $4250 to design and print 800 copies of a revision and complete update of the Urban Studies "backgrounder": Growing Up Hispanic in Lawrence, MA.
11/10/95 Barbara Landis Chase Funding to support the newly created Steering Committee in the form of compensation/release time for committee members, travel expenses to visit model programs, costs to brings speakers and consultants to PA, and funds to cover printing and clerical support.
11/10/95 Carl Bewig Re submission of Nov. 1994 request to create a national symposium on the subject of academic and personal issues in the transition from secondary school to college.
11/10/95 Caroline Kane, Brooke Weddle Funds to increase awareness of issues of body image, nutrition and exercise by the Physical Health Information Team (PHIT) through the purchase of books, signs, snacks after presentations, conference fees, organizational materials.
11/10/95 Craig Thorn Equipment which would enable English teachers to project documents and cd-rom programs onto screens or TVs, enabling students and faculty to explore new methods in teaching and learning.
11/10/95 Cyrus Rolbin Support to spend the next two summers and some of the academic year developing an original, target language-based, culturally-rich program of instruction in Japanese.
11/10/95 Elaine Bailey Funding to complete the Washington Intern Research Project.
11/10/95 Ellen Glover Funding to support the teaching of statistics and data analysis in the math department required curriculum and in the data analysis elective through the purchase of books and periodicals and software.
11/10/95 Jason Hou Funds to bring the Nai-Ni Chen Dance company to campus for a community performance and a master class.
11/10/95 Jennifer Niles, Chad Green, Susie Margolin, Michael Ebner Spring outreach trip John's Island, South Carolina for 35 students and faculty to work together as colleagues renovating and repairing homes in rural US.
11/10/95 Katherine Hurwich Start-up costs for The PA Quiz Bowl Team, which is involved in academic competition with other schools.
11/10/95 Kathleen Dalton, Diane Moore Brace Center (Abbot Hall) start-up funds, continued salary for director, resource collection of books and periodicals, slide archive, support for student projects, basic office equipment.
11/10/95 Kevin Cardozo Funds to purchase molecular model kits to help students acquire the essential skills of visualizing molecules in 3 dimensions.
11/10/95 Lynne Kelly, Gina Rossetti Funds to sustain and develop the Writing Lab (which is currently a voluntary effort) and funds to expand and develop the collaborative, inter-disciplinary and celebratory aspects of the Writing Center.
11/10/95 Maggie Jackson Proposal to explore and discover the contributing factors of the painful struggle for some of PA's senior girls.
11/10/95 Rebecca Sykes Funding to train students and faculty on how to make race and other hard topics discussable.
11/10/95 Robert Lloyd Funds to offer an intensive workshop in visual studies, art and design to PA faculty, to enrich their lives as teachers, to share methods of teaching (including use of video and computer imaging), and to add to the energy of PA as a teaching/learning community.
11/10/95 William Thomas Commissioning of Gwyneth Walker (AA '64) to compose a work (5-8 min. long) for string orchestra based upon the tune "America".
4/26/95 Barbara Landis Chase Funding to support the newly created Steering Committee in the form of compensation/release time for committee members, travel expenses to visit model programs, costs to brings speakers and consultants to PA, and funds to cover printing and clerical support.
4/26/95 Carl Bewig Re submission of Nov. 1994 request to create a national symposium on the subject of academic and personal issues in the transition from secondary school to college.
4/26/95 Chris Gurry Proposal to create (by compiling, editing and designing) an inexpensive and appropriate historical atlas (maps) for History 30-31 since the current maps are limited and dated.
4/26/95 Hal McCann To organize and host a conference for International Student Coordinators from NE boarding schools, which would provide support and networking, and possibly lead to an annual event
4/26/95 Mark Efinger Funds to continue the Guest Artist Program for the last of 3 years of seeding. Department is currently 1/3 of the way to having endowed funds to support program on its own.
4/26/95 Natalie Schorr Re submission of the Nov. 1994 request for training for the members of the Foreign Language department in the use of the new equipment for the new Language Learning Center.
4/26/95 Yan Han Funds to create and distribute a Chinese cartoon series (entitled "Mr. Han") which will enhance the teaching of Chinese through "picture and talk" practice.
11/11/94 Beverly Henderson, Terry-Ann Burrell, Chrisanne Wilks Af-Lat-Am club room redecorating (upstairs in Cooley House).
11/11/94 Craig Thorn Multicultural curriculum development in English department by attending workshops, purchasing materials, inviting experts & advisors.
11/11/94 Elaine Bailey Restoration of evolutionary map in Evans Hall.
11/11/94 Ellen Glover Enhancement of Math 42 (Statistics & Data Analysis).
11/11/94 Inkeun Song, Aya Murata To support the activities of the Asian Society and create a better understanding of Asian culture.
11/11/94 James Bradley, Sara Germain Support for next exhibit: The Pecos Pueblo that would include student involvement in construction, community outreach, text translation.
11/11/94 Jan Lisiak Establish an Educational Research and Develop Lab where faculty and staff can begin to research and experiment with technology
11/11/94 Jason Ko, Vanessa Kerry, Luca Borghese, Jason Bovis, Francesca Antifonario, Dede Orraco-Tetteh, Henry Wilmer To create a campus bike system by refurbishing used bikes and making them available to all students.
11/11/94 Joe Wennik The indefinite funding of a Visiting Alum Fellow which constantly keeps the Abbot Academy Assoc. before the community and brings female alums back in living form!
11/11/94 John Rogers, Trish Russell, Lydia Goetze, Tom Hamilton Creation of Science Teacher Institute to promote cooperative, active, learning environments in the sciences.
11/11/94 Kate Dolan, Leon Modeste Physical education curriculum development.
11/11/94 Michael Wall, Jan Lisiak Adaptable video projection system which will allow quality, mobile reproduction of sight and sound for social events
11/11/94 Nancy Brother, Betsey Schoenherr To create a study skills manual.
11/11/94 Nancy Brother, Betsey Schoenherr Computer equipment for administration of the tutoring program.
11/11/94 Natalie Schoor, Vic Svec Training for Foreign Language teachers prior to Learning Center opening plus curriculum development for the Learning Center.
11/11/94 Paul Kalkstein INTERNET training and connections for 30 English colleagues.
11/11/94 Paul  Murphy To purchase plaques for 20 PA homes or dorms in celebration of Town of Andover 350th Anniversary.
11/11/94 Peter Warsaw, William Thomas     Young Composer's Workshop: bringing 2 visiting composition scholars to campus and hiring professional musicians to perform student works.
11/11/94 Rebecca Sykes Chairs and dolly for the Office of Multicultural Development where many student organizations and committees meet.
11/11/94 Thomas Balamaci, Cyrus Rolbin To fund the activities of the Hellenic Society, including a cultural weekend.
11/11/94 Walter Sherrill Development of MS2 outreach program - a collaboration between public schools and (MS)2 in New York, Louisville, Chicago and Arizona.
11/11/94 William Thomas, Midge Brecher, Mary Van Meter Funding for the winter term collaborative performance of Handel's dramatic oratorio Esther. Students involved would encompass Cantata, Orchestra, dance and theater.
4/22/94 Andy Cline, Craig Thorn, Kathy Birecki To create a cluster common room.
4/22/94 Carl Bewig To bring to campus (Fall '94) a group of admission officers from selected public universities.
4/22/94 Carolyn Skelton To continue and further develop a Music Enrichment Program at the Grace Church after school program in Lawrence.
4/22/94 Craig Thorn To complete the English Dept. library of critical texts.
4/22/94 Deborah Carlisle To investigate how gender issues influence science courses taken at Phillips Academy.
4/22/94 Diana Wood Fossils and artifacts for Social Science 10 and Biology 25.
4/22/94 Ed Germain 4 emergency radios for the Search & Rescue Course.
4/22/94 Heidi Elmendorf, Stephen Anderson To purchase equipment for advanced biology classes.
4/22/94 Henry Wilmer "Life Issues" resource book for Junior House Counselors.
4/22/94 Henry Wilmer "Life Issues" course for all Lowers.
4/22/94 Jeanna Bedell Displays in the lobby of Evans Hall which will identify and provide folklore about a different plant, fruit, flower or small ecosystem
4/22/94 Jennifer Niles Request to write an article exploring the relationship of community involvement and service at Phillips Academy.
4/22/94 Jock Reynolds, Susan Noble, Susan Faxon Provide students and faculty rapid and accurate electronic access to the unique and special reference collection of bibliographic items housed in the library of the Addison Gallery of American Art.
4/22/94 Kevin Cardozo, Leon Modeste To set up a sound system in the Ryley Room so that the community may listen to all WPAA broadcasts.
4/22/94 Margarita Curtis, John Maier, B. & H. McMann Pedagogical materials and teaching strategies for the implementation of changes in the Spanish curriculum.
4/22/94 Mark Efinger Theatre & Dance Guest Artist Program (Second of three requests - first was funded 11/93, FY 93-94)
4/22/94 Michael Muska Create a database of information for Andover students concerning resources and support available on issues of sexual orientation at the schools they are considering.
4/22/94 Rebecca Sykes, William Thomas Gospel Choir
4/22/94 Richard Keller An educational video lending library at Isham dealing with important health issues of adolescence.
4/22/94 Ruth Quattlebaum, Elaine Bailey Conserve and restore the Stuart Travis mural in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library.
4/22/94 Seth Bardo Travel to Vietnam.
4/22/94 Susan Garth Stott To send the three new Phillips Academy ombudspersons to the course "Ombudsman 101".
4/22/94 Susan Lloyd To create an orientation booklet for Habitat for Humanity volunteers and another booklet for Lawrence community workers and Habitat board members
4/22/94 Tom Hamilton Seminar on teaching strategies to encourage more girls to enroll in upper-level science courses.
4/22/94 Tom Hamilton Workshop on teaching critical thinking skills to members of the science division.
4/22/94 Tony Rotundo To hire research consultants to begin to plan and execute a study of attrition among African-American and Latino-American students.
11/12/93 Aggie Giglio Request covers cost of training and materials so that proposer can provide better nutrition counseling, especially as it relates to body image disorders.
11/12/93 Britta McNemar, Mary Ellen Nochimov Request covers cost of renting equipment, purchasing supplies and paying Nochimow's salary so that 20-30 students can weave a multi-cultural wall hanging to be displayed in the Office of Community Affairs.
11/12/93 Carl Bewig, Paul Mathers Request covers cost of producing and analyzing a survey asking alumni/ae of the class of 1992 about the colleges they are attending.
11/12/93 Chad Jennings Request covers cost of purchasing a CD ROM computer program and disk drive for charting galaxies and solar systems in astronomy and cosmology courses.
11/12/93 Don Barry Request covers cost of publishing 300 to 500 copies of a pamphlet of special projects by math students; pamphlet would be used to inspire current and prospective students.
11/12/93 Elaine Bailey Request covers Bailey's salary and supplies to research the effect of the Washington Intern Program on the 640 former interns from Andover and Exeter.
11/12/93 James Bradley, Sara Germain Request covers purchase of video recording and playback equipment that will be used to produce videos of Native Americans and local archeologists and also to incorporate purchased videos into exhibitions.
11/12/93 Mark Efinger First year of a three year proposal covering cost of bringing Guest Artists--probably alumni/ae--to campus to work on theater and dance productions with PA students.
11/12/93 Peter Drench Request covers cost of purchasing and installing a softball backstop for Isham Field.
11/12/93 Rebecca Sykes, William Thomas Request covers cost of hiring an accompanist for the Phillips Academy Gospel Choir; some funds would also be used for travel and purchase of music.
11/12/93 Tim Donahue, Jan Lisiak Request covers cost of purchasing portable computer equipment for faculty to use when working in remote locations.
11/12/93 Yarong Yang Request covers cost of books, videos and refreshments for proposer's lectures on Eastern philosophy and religion; transportation, lunch and speakers' fees for field trips; and transportation and tickets to Chinese language movies.
5/13/93 Bill Wood, Mike Breen Request for two years of partial scholarships for transportation, hotel accomodations and registration for students who want, but cannot afford, to attend Model UN conferences.
5/13/93 Carl Bewig Request for the purchase of computer hardware and software to maintain up to date financial aid information and resource information (scholarships, loans, grants, etc.).
5/13/93 Carroll Bailey Funds to refurbish the 24 Abbot Academy Chapel benches (currently in storage).
5/13/93 Ed Germain Funds for labor and supplies to create an equipment cleaning and maintenance room for S & R in on old bathroom in Evans Hall.
5/13/93 Joe Wennik Request for continued funding of the visiting alumni/ae fellow program which was launched by the Abbot Association in 92-93. Expenses include transportation and incidentals for 3 visitors.
5/13/93 Lana Lau Funding for a video editing-station for student use for academic related videos outside of the Art Dept.
5/13/93 Leslie Ballad Faculty libraries for each of the sciences; 12 graphing calculators (Chemistry Dept.).
5/13/93 Natalie Schorr Proposal for planning a Language Learning Center in Sam Phil.: workshops, foreign-language software, prospectus.
5/13/93 Patricia Edmonds, Marcy Botwick-Blumers Funds to help complete the renovation of Abbot Hall for use as a conference center which will house programs which focus on gender and women's issues.
5/13/93 Paul Murphy, Nat Smith Funds to support the redesign of the Algebra II course to incorporate the graphing calculator (salaries and printing).
5/13/93 Rebecca Sykes Funding a 5 day workshop (stipends, reimbursements, consultant's fees, food & babysitting) for 10 faculty & students to define the needs of a women's center in Abbot Hall.
5/13/93 Stephen Wicks Funds to cover time and materials for Wicks to create a slide-show and video-tape comparing photographic views of black culture in America.
5/13/93 Tom Cone, Mary Minard Funds to provide career education library resources (books and display shelves) which will strengthen the PALS program
5/13/93 Vincent Avery, Henry Wilmer Support for salaries for four faculty members, consultant's fees and supplies for a summer group to develop a coherent program of education in life skills.
5/19/93 William Thomas Request for 250 stackable chairs and dollies for Davis Hall to make it a better space for concerts/meetings. (The funds sought are matchable with a grant from the Abbot Women who gave to refurbish Davis Hall.)
11/12/92 David Cobb Commons lunch budget for two terms to hire staff at lunch to free up Deans since students are unavailable to work
11/12/92 Chris Kerekes Request covers proposer's time and cost of materials for producing a handbook of chemical demonstrations that would be made available to all chemistry faculty.
11/12/92 Craig Thorn Request for the printing and advertising costs for a combined issue of Mirror and Chrysalis, the student poetry and fiction magazines
11/12/92 Henry Wilmer Costs for a second intensive 5-day workshop for House Counselors: stipend for participants, food, consultant fees and staff time.
11/12/92 James Bradley, Sara Germain Purchase of equipment and acquisition of skills to document museum's exhibits with slides and video; a loan program would be instituted to make these materials available to interested groups throughout the region.
11/12/92 Kathy Henderson, Rebecca Sykes Request to cover costs of speakers and materials for a faculty/staff seminar on homosexuality and homophobia.
11/12/92 Ken Chen, Vikram Panumalli, Ada Fan, Lynn Wu Asian Arts Festival; covers cost of bringing speakers to campus, holding a reception, presenting various performances and decorating booths.
11/12/92 Marc Koolen Request covers costs of purchasing sound recording equipment for use in Biology labs; also covers proposer's travel expenses to attend a training workshop on this equipment.
11/12/92 Mary Graham, Craig Thorn Request to cover costs of purchasing collections of literary criticism to establish a library in the English Dept.
11/12/92 Maxin Grogan, Sue Hess, Britta McNemar Request covers cost of a day-long seminar for the Benevie Board members to develop strategies for increasing active participation of more members of the Academy community.
11/12/92 Mimi Ferrell Request for covering costs of remodeling the existing ballet studio in the Borden Gym so that it could be used as a studio and performance space.
11/12/92 Ore Owodunni, Hillary Koob-Sassen, Henry Wilmer Furniture and renovations for a student recreation room.
11/12/92 Pamela Brown, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith Request to send 3 student members of the Andover Drug Alcohol Awareness Committee (ADAAC) to the Freedom from Chemical Dependency Conference; also covers purchase of supplies for making non-alcoholic mocktails at social functions. (NOTE:$3,000 has been requested for FY94 to bring Dr. Jean Kilbourne to speak.)
11/12/92 Pamela Brown, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith Second year of a proposal to support the Andover Drug Alcohol Awareness Committee (ADAAC); request covers speaker's fee for a slide talk by Dr. Jean Kilbourne.
11/12/92 Rebecca Sykes Request covers cost of facilitators and food for a workshop to build student leadership; 2 students and a faculty member representing each student cultural organization would attend.
11/12/92 Shawn Fulford Request covers proposer's salary for developing and implementing strategies to encourage the full participation of girls (women / females) in the math curriculum; also covers the cost of bringing speakers to campus.
11/12/92 Stephen Wicks Purchase of films, videos, videop disks, 35 mm slides needed for teaching expanded visual studies reqmt and developing a multicultural curriculum.
11/12/92 Tom Cone, Mary Minard Purchase of tutorial supplies and LEGO kits for the PALS tutoring program.
11/12/92 William Thomas Request covers time for writing an article on the collaboration between the composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the poet Paul Laurance Dunbar.
4/24/92 Carl Bewig TV/VCR for new College Counseling resource center
4/24/92 Cathy Royal Second year costs of program exploring impact of racial/gender stereotypes within Latin/African American communities
4/24/92 Connie LeMaitre, Jean St. Pierre Computerization of past and future Abbot Association records
4/24/92 Ed Quattlebaum TV/VCR and supplemental material for 9th grade history course
4/24/92 Elwin Sykes To extend P.A.'s multicultural mission to Summer Session
4/24/92 Loring Kinder House Counselor handbook
4/24/92 Maggie Jackson, Max Alovisetti Three-day workshop on adolescent female psychology
4/24/92 Nancy Rainville Word Perfect Conference in Utah(Computer training)
4/24/92 Rosemary Curran Baricauskas On site study of traditional African Religions and culture
4/24/92 Shawn Fulford, Dough Kuhlmann, William Scott Text to utilize graphing calculators and develop teaching strategies which better motivate all math students, especially girls
4/24/92 Susan Noble, Peter Warsaw, James Bradley Retrospective conversion of existing biblio-records creating accessibility to satellite libraries on campus
4/24/92 Ted Gesing, Appleton, Tom Lyons Phillipian - Purchase of a new laser printer for the Phillipian
4/24/92 William Thomas Trip to England to research African/English composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
4/24/92 William Thomas Cost of editing score of piano quintet for performance
4/24/92 Yan Han Videotapes created by Chinese students
11/15/91 Cathy Royal Year-long program that explores the impact of racial & gender stereotypes within the Latin American African American community. (2 yrs.)
11/15/91 Christopher Cook Request for completion of project on women artists: purchase of important additional books (reallocation of unexpended 1990 funds)
11/15/91 Christopher Walter A concert for the children in the Phillips Academy Community (professional musicians, publicity and refreshments)
11/15/91 Ed Germain S & R installation of low/high ropes in the Sanctuary
11/15/91 Henry Wilmer Workshops, seminars, speakers for House Counselors
11/15/91 James Bradley Upgrade of Columbian Quincentennary Exhibit (matching fund request)
11/15/91 Joanne Borland Funds to purchase a computer for inpatient student use (computer, printer and software)
11/15/91 Joe Wennik Funding for a visiting Alumni/ae fellow
11/15/91 Judy Hamilton, James Ventre Purchase of computer (printer and software) in order to expediate record keeping and calculate costs in the Loan Library.
11/15/91 Kate Dolan Purchase of heart rate monitors for use in PE classes, thus increasing student awareness and understanding of cardiovascular fitness.
11/15/91 Michael Sze, Yuan Han Development of multi-media Chinese dictionary to supplement current text. (faculty & students)
11/15/91 Natalie Schorr Audio/video equipment to tape satellite programs
11/15/91 Pamela Brown Purchase of printer to go with Macintosh purchased by department.
11/15/91 Pamela Brown, Michael Brown Funds to establish a conference for New England prep schools on Homophobia
11/15/91 Pamela Brown, Michael Brown Curriculum development: Homophobia
11/15/91 Peter Warsaw, Eric Thomas Funds for the purchase of a set of 20 African drums which will start a new ensemble devoted to African drumming.
11/15/91 Richard Gross, Mary Minard Provide tutorial supplies which will strengthen the PALS program
11/15/91 Stephen Wicks Purchase of video equipment for motion media curriculum
11/15/91 Temba Maquebela, Walter Sherrill, Edith Walker Stipends for 3 speakers re: contributions of people of color in the fields of math & science
11/15/91 Tom Cone, Mark Koolen Preservation framing of 33 canvas wall charts used as teaching
11/15/91 Tom Lyons, Ed Quattlebaum Planning team-teaching 6 sections of History 30
4/20/91 Ada Fan Video disc player for English dept.
4/20/91 Carole Figgins Planet materials
4/20/91 Doug Kuhlmann Graphing calculators and course materials
4/20/91 Eric Thomas Contribution of women to Western music
4/20/91 Everett Gendler Second Jewish cultural weekend
4/20/91 George Dix Audio-visual materials for Spanish dept.
4/20/91 Hale Sturges Scholarship fund for all off-campus language programs
4/20/91 Leon Modeste StairMaster machine - second purchase
4/20/91 Paul Murphy Junior class trip - September '91
4/20/91 Peter Watt Seismograph
4/20/91 Richard Gross Islamic civilization and culture series
4/20/91 Steve Anker-Mylon Computer hardware and software for science division
4/20/91 Xiao-min Ni Chinese cultural materials
11/9/90 Craig Thorn WPAA - Repairs to the school radio station
11/9/90 Carl Krumpe Writings of women in Latin
11/9/90 Christopher Cook Purchase of art books: female artists
11/9/90 CY Huang Exercises in advnaced mathematics
11/9/90 Diz Bensley, Lolo Hobausz AV editing station
11/9/90 Elwin Sykes, Kelly Wise Institute for Recruitment for Teachers
11/9/90 James Bradley Peabody museum
11/9/90 Jennifer Hickman Matching funds for Presidential Award in Teaching equipment
11/9/90 Karen Kennedy Video equipment for athletic dept.
11/9/90 Leon Modeste Aerobic workout equipment: StairMaster 4000 PT
11/9/90 Marc Koolen Children's playground at Commons
11/9/90 Max Alovisette Date Rape Prevention Program
11/9/90 Nat Smith 3 classroom math computers
11/9/90 Nat Smith 2 classroom math computer
11/9/90 Nick Kip One term Greek/Latin course
11/9/90 Nina Scott Andover Cookbook II start up funds
11/9/90 Peter Warsaw CD-ROM music program development
11/9/90 Susan Hess Continued research on PA students from China
11/9/90 Susan Noble Consultant/librarian for special collections
11/9/90 William Thomas Scott Joplin Opera for Black Arts Weekend
11/9/90 William Tolan Incorporation of photography into Andover/Breadloaf
11/9/90 Xiao-min Ni Chinese cultural materials
4/20/90 'Cilla Bonney-Smith Campus speakers: Homophobia
4/20/90 Christopher Walter Children's concert
4/20/90 Ed Quattlebaum History dept. maps
4/20/90 Everett Gendler Jewish cultural weekend
4/20/90 John Strudwick, Jan Lisiak Compute rhardware to integrate technology into history/social science teaching
4/20/90 Mary McCarthy Additional funding for Dakar video
4/20/90 Max Alovisetti Asian-American Workshop
4/20/90 Nat Smith 2 computers and software
4/20/90 Peter Gilbert Shakespeare audio tapes
4/20/90 Sally Slade Warner Summer Carillon Concert
4/20/90 Vincent Monaco Rewrite PA and Abbot songs