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Past Proposals: 1980's

Grants Awarded 1980-1989

Date Proposer Description
11/10/89 Cathy Royal, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Vincent Avery Human Issues and Ethics Course
11/10/89 Diane Wood, Kathy Dalton Curriculum expansion for Asian-centered courses
11/10/89 Ed Germain Search and Rescue leadership manual
11/10/89 Hale Sturges Faculty workshop prior to China trip
11/10/89 Jorge Arteta, Sarah Warren Spanish audio tapes
11/10/89 Kelly Wise, Elwin Sykes Pilot program for Summer Interns
11/10/89 Leslie Ballard, Chris Kerekes, Temba Maqubela Faculty salaries for disposal of rejected laboratory reagents
11/10/89 Mary McCarthy Documentary video on Dakar Project
11/10/89 Michael Kuta Electrical stimulation until
11/10/89 Nick Kip Etymology course
11/10/89 Rebecca McCann Interactive teaching units based on Spanish television programs
11/10/89 Seth Bardo Films, speakers for English 508
11/10/89 Stephen Wicks American Journals videos
11/10/89 Susan Hess A history of Chinese students at PA
11/10/89 William Thomas, Christine Rubio, Midge Brecher   Production of Handel Opera - Esther
4/14/89 'Cilla Bonney Smith Human Issues Course
4/14/89 Agatha Giglio Nutrition education
4/14/89 Carol Israel Foodfright production
4/14/89 Cathy Royal Anti-racism training
4/14/89 Craig Thorn Teaching Competence book
4/14/89 Don Barry Math 38 course
4/14/89 Frank Eccles Junior humanities
4/14/89 Greg Wilkin Tennis racket stringing machine
4/14/89 Jan Lisiak Computer video training tapes
4/14/89 Kathy Dalton Women's Forum ('90)
4/14/89 Laura Bernieri Women at Andover - video
4/14/89 Peter Warsaw Chamber Music
4/14/89 Robin Crawford History 29 readings
11/11/88 George Dix Spanish workshops
11/11/88 Henry Wilmer Video Pedagogy (French)
11/11/88 John Maier Video Pedagogy (Spanish
11/11/88 Lydia Goetz Science supplies
11/11/88 Natalie Schorr Hypercard (software) exercise programs
11/11/88 Polly Duke Study Away Guide
11/11/88 Polly Duke French folk songs
11/11/88 Sara Bardo, Linda Carr Interim Year material collection
11/11/88 Temba & Vulyewla Maqubela Language learning workshop
11/11/88 Proctor's workshop
11/11/88 Choral music
11/11/88 Vic Henningsen, Jon Stableford House Counselor Handbook
11/11/88 Vincent Monaco "Finale" - music software
11/11/88 William Scott Precalculus software
11/11/88 Yuan Han Teaching materials/Chinese
4/15/88 Al Coons, Vic Svec Creation of computerized environment
4/15/88 Carl Bewig, Elizabeth Schoenherr College deferment
4/15/88 Cathy Royal Racism Awareness program
4/15/88 Craig Thorn, Lynne Kelly, Kevin O'Connor Book on teaching composition
4/15/88 David Cobb Academic program com.
4/15/88 George Best, Dick Lux Syllabus problem sets
4/15/88 Hale Sturges Summer workshops at Middlebury
4/15/88 Joanne Borland, Agatha Giglio Dietician'ssalary
4/15/88 Jon Stableford Proctor's workshop
4/15/88 Kathy Birecki, Nancy Boutillier Spectator boards
4/15/88 Marc Koolen PA Ornithological Society
4/15/88 Nick Kip Latin curriculum review
4/15/88 Paul Kalkstein Sports offerings video
11/20/87 Caroll Bailey Proposal to inventory campus of antiques and get an updated appraisal
11/20/87 Hale Sturges Workshop/computer on video tape
11/20/87 Lisa Svec Visual materials for German course
11/20/87 Lydia Goetz, Robert Llody Headmaster's symposium - transportation
11/20/87 Lynne Kelley Competence program
11/20/87 Robert Ryshke Science internship
11/20/87 Robert Ryshke Computers for Chemistry
10/17/75 William Thomas Music - Development of the music program and record library
4/24/87 Alexander Warren Computers in mathematics
4/24/87 Christopher Walter Choral music collection
4/24/87 David Penner 3D objects for Math
4/24/87 Joe Wennik Scholarship for exchange term in Germany
4/24/87 Kathy Dalton Faculty seminar on Women's Studies
4/24/87 Linda Demmers, Barbara Timken Abbot entrance to the library
4/24/87 Lydia Goetze, Robert Lloyd Headmaster's Symposium - Environmental Field  trips
4/24/87 Margarita Curtis Spanish 40 curriculum
4/24/87 Susan Lloyd Interdisciplinary course on the Renaissance
11/14/86 Charles Wu Chinese word processor
11/14/86 Charles Wu Table tennis equipment
11/14/86 Connie LeMaitre Fundraising expense
11/14/86 Craig Thron Video equipment English dept.
11/14/86 Derek Williams History curriculum revision
11/14/86 Ed Germain Electronic computer bulletin board
11/14/86 Kathy Dalton Women's Forum
11/14/86 Kelly Wise, Peter McKee     Science interns
11/14/86 Leslie Ballard Molecular models
11/14/86 Lydia Goetz Biology department workshop
11/14/86 Maggie Jackson Eating disorder training
11/14/86 Margarita Curtis Spanish film festival
11/14/86 Mary Minard Community service evaluation
11/14/86 Natalie Schorr French art history (NOTE: This grant was, in fact, a transfer of funds frrom the Theatre'de L'Instant project to the French Art History project.)
11/14/86 Nick Kip Latin reading materials
11/14/86 Norma Mabry Search and Rescue training
11/14/86 Philip Zaeder, Carolyn Skelton 80 copies 1982 Hymnal
11/14/86 Seth Bardo Furniture for Will Hall
11/14/86 Shirley Veenema, James Sheldon Video disk prototype
11/14/86 Tom Cone Biology equipment
11/14/86 Victor Young MS2 Conference
11/14/86 Vincent Avery Audio-visual materials for Rel/Phil studies
4/18/86 Christopher Shaw Parent Handbook
4/18/86 Donald McNemar Restoration of Sarah Abbot painting
4/18/86 Jean St. Pierre English curriculum workshop
4/18/86 Jeannie Dissette Visual Communications materials: Photographer, Contest, Parent Alumni Porgram, Faculty brochure
4/18/86 John Strudwick Summer Institute: Teachers of Talented Students
4/18/86 Jon Stableford Day Student Handbook
4/18/86 Judith Haupin IBM-PC training program
4/18/86 Leslie Ballard, Elaine Adams Art for the Chemistry wing
4/18/86 Louis Bernieri, Jean St. Pierre Urban Teacher's Writing Workshop and Computer metholdology and data collection
4/18/86 Marc Koolen, Leslie Martin Sanctuary Rejuvenation Plantings, nesting boxes, stipends.
4/18/86 Natalie Schorr Performance of L'Avare by Le Theatre de l'INstant and 2 day workshop
4/18/86 Ronald Speirs Pitch tracker
4/18/86 Shirley Veenema Video/film productions on Women Artists
4/18/86 Timothy Dempsey Machine language course
11/15/85 Beth Moore Social - Graham House Caf? expeditures
11/15/85 Bob Lloyd Bradley Arts Weekend - theatre purposes
11/15/85 Cathy Royal African American collection
11/15/85 Cathy Royal Travel/study in Dakar/Senegal
11/15/85 Donald McNemar Endowment for the Madame Sarah Abbot Award
11/15/85 E. Spatz-Rabinowitz Art library for classroom use
11/15/85 Hale Sturges Harbin - Student exchange
11/15/85 Hale Sturges Harbin -  Faculty exchange
11/15/85 Leslie Ballard Five day meeting on chemical reactions
11/15/85 Leslie Ballard Venting renovation of chemistry lab
11/15/85 Lew Robbins Computer loan - try before you buy program
11/15/85 Peter Washburn Rowing computer system
11/15/85 Richard Gross, Mary Minard Orphanage work in Haiti
11/15/85 Robert Moss Amateur Radio Club - Revival
11/15/85 Vicent Monaco Electronic music equipment
4/19/85 Jonathon Marlowe Social - Graham House - Second year of Caf?
4/19/85 Kim Heelan Andover Community Day Care fence and installation
4/19/85 Lew Robbins Faculty computer training reserved for Fall 1985 meeting
4/19/85 Lisa Rosen Fitness instructor's training program
4/19/85 Loring Kinder US Swimming Coaches College
4/19/85 Robert Burnham Student hiking and skiing trip
4/19/85 Robin Crawford Consultant for college counselors
4/19/85 Stephen Wicks Photographic essays - Travel and equipmental rental expenses
4/19/85 Susan Lloyd Urban studies enrichment
4/19/85 Thylias Moss Play adaptation of song of Solomon
11/16/84 'Cilla Bonney-Smith, Nat Smith Women - Math/Science female students
11/16/84 Craig Thorn WPAA equipment and installation
11/16/84 Donald McNemar Headmasters symposium - USSR/US Relations
11/16/84 Elwin Sykes. Jean St. Pierre English summer institute
11/16/84 Elwin Sykes, William Thomas Black Arts Weekend '85
11/16/84 Hale Sturges Harbin scholarship
11/16/84 Jack Richards Russian workshop
11/16/84 Jean Palmer DIALOG Library service: computer hardware and software and staff trainign and online time for an informational retrieval service
11/16/84 Jonathon Marlowe Graham House - weekend activites
11/16/84 Jonathon Marlowe Graham House renovations
11/16/84 Lydia Goteze, Barbara Hawkes Laboratory demonstrations (Upper level Molecular biology course)
11/16/84 Maggie Jackson, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith Speaker on eating disorders
11/16/84 Maggie Jackson, 'Cilla Bonney-Smith Eating disorders conference
11/16/84 Marc Koolen Portable plant containers
11/16/84 Marion Finbury Coeducation study of faculty
11/16/84 Myrna Santiago Latin Arts weekend
11/16/84 Richard Gross Community service - transportation and administrative expenses for local programs
11/16/84 Ruth Quattlebaum Phillips family papers
11/16/84 Steve Carter Math 47 to BASIC to PASCAL (Computer language)
4/6/84 Britta McNemar Summer Job Opportunities program
4/6/84 Jean St. Pierre, Elwin Sykes Funding of a summer English Study institute for teachers from Urban public schools. (Later known as the Andover Bread Loaf Institute)
4/6/84 John Gould Dickinsingers
4/6/84 Lydia Goetze Rehabilitation of the River Running Program - maintenance and acquisition of canoes and kayaks
4/6/84 Natalie Schorr Revamping of the French curriculum
4/6/84 Victor Young Minority Cousnelor
11/18/83 'Cilla Bellizia Continued support for residential health education: student leadership, lectures and films, group training, workshops and counselor training (20% of the Associate Dean of Residence salary)
11/18/83 Anne Harper, Jean Bussiere-Stephens Copyright permission for materials in their book Writing: What's the Point?
11/18/83 Donald McNemar Headmaster's Symposium
11/18/83 Elaine Adams Fudning of a summer project to prepare suitable materials for an Observational Astronomy Course
11/18/83 Hale Sturges Acquisition of a video monitor, tape recorder and tapes for foreign language instruction
11/18/83 Hale Sturges Partial sponsorship of students in the Chinese language course to travel to the Harbin Institute in China during the summer of '84
11/18/83 John McMurray Investigation into possible uses of the computer in developing students' compositional skills and aesthetic judgment, looking towards a computer arts course
11/18/83 Nick Kip Development of a computer program to tutor students in comprehension and use of Latin verbs.
11/18/83 Paul Kalkstein Creation of a Coaches Handbook, books for the gym library and visits from referees/umpires.
11/18/83 Ruth Quattlebaum Preserving ancient archival papers of PA which are historically important.
11/18/83 S. Lloyd, Kelly Wise Co-education committee for events such as lectures, forums, performances and art demonstrations on gender issues and to host a part to celebrate a decade of co-education.
11/18/83 Zab Warren Fudning for one full-time summer session salary and supplies for the purpose of revising the computer software presently used from BASIC-PLUS to PASCAL.
4/3/83 Harold Owen Portable TV camera for theater productions, English plays - to make a permanent record and to use as a teaching tool.
4/1/83 Donald McNemar Headmaster's symposium - request for continuation
4/1/83 Jennie Cline Funds to investigate the possibility of an on-site daycare center which would be run independently and serve the faculty and staff of Phillips Academy.
4/1/83 Seth Bardo Refurbishing of Williams Hall
11/19/82 'Cilla Bellizia Freedom from chemical dependency program
11/19/82 'Cilla Bellizia Health program - faculty to be taought to teach at cluster level
11/19/82 'Cillia Bellizia Associate Dean of Residence budget
11/19/82 David Cobb Commons lunch budget - for two terms to hire staff at lunch to free up Deans since students are unavailable to work
11/19/82 Georges Krivobok Russian audio-visual materials
11/19/82 Hale Sturges Chinese instructor proposal
11/19/82 Harold Owen Modernizing theatre lighting
11/19/82 Joshua Minor, III, Lou Berneri Minority student pamphlet - to be written by minority students, 1,000 copies
11/19/82 Katherine Bunnell, Anne Avery Oral history of women at PA
11/19/82 Kathy Dalton Women's film festival - 2nd annual
11/19/82 Mary Graham Play area equipment (swings, slides, etc.) on the West Quad
11/19/82 Peter McKee Abbot campus visiting committee
11/19/82 Peter McKee Outward Bound experience for faculty - faculty attending must be returning to PA, and should not have attended previous trip.
11/19/82 Richard Gross Chapel space renovations in basement space vacated by Music Dept.
11/19/82 Scott Apgar Physics 20 text proposal
11/19/82 Susan Lloyd Urban studies scholarships for 6-8 Lawrence High School students
11/19/82 Tom Hamilton, Tom Cone Biology Curriculum planning - 2nd year
11/19/82 High scholarship student visits
11/19/82 Budget increase for the Dean of Residence Office
11/19/82 Zanda Kubler-Merrill Needlework Project - tapestries to be hung in Cochran Chapel
4/2/82 Health Team Part time position to coordinate all activities on campus related to the promotion of physical, emotional, and spiritual health - attached to the Dean of Residence Office
4/2/82 Joshua Minor Funds to send Dean of Admission to United Auto Workers Summer Camp for recruiting purposes
4/2/82 Meredith Price Funds to develop extracurricular programs at the academy attentive to the active appreciation of the various ethnic cultures represented on campus.
4/2/82 William Thomas Black Arts: Funds for the departments of Art, Music, Theater, English, Chaplaincy, and Addison to put on the 2nd BAW.
4/2/82 William Thomas Music 19 curriculum development.
11/12/81 Carol Braverman The Margaret Ghost (play) - making a videotape of a student production of her play about the life of Margaret Fuller.
11/12/81 Christine Rubio Spanish dance project - to teach students a series of Spanish dances of cultural interest and to allow them to perform those dances publicly on a tour.
11/12/81 Clem Morrell Learning PASCAL and leading to teach PASCAL course at PA
11/12/81 David Cobb Freedom from Chemical Dependency
11/12/81 Dick Lux Faculty workshop in computers
11/12/81 Don Barry Invitational math competition - weekend program and contest
11/12/81 Donald McNemar Computer planning, evaluation and future use throughout the community.
11/12/81 Kathy Dalton To produce a slide tape and lectures for the History Dept. as an essay on women and men in recent US history/
11/12/81 Lynn Robbins Coping library - a collection of materials designed to help students cope with various streses/realities/
11/12/81 Roxanne Barry International folklore club with focus on folk dancing.
11/12/81 Tim Hillman Drama Festival to bring groups from other schols to Andover to perform one act plays and receive critique.
11/12/81 Tom Hamilton Biology curriculum adjustment for students not specializing in the sciences.
11/12/81 Vincent Avery Philosophy seminar for instructor development in courses on ethics.
11/12/81 Vincent Pascucci Chiese Proposal - part-time instructor in Chinese as a trial.
11/12/81 Zab Warren Developing APL - Computer programming/language
4/10/81 Al Coons To compile a computer program on all aspects of first aid.
4/10/81 Joshua Minor, III Funds for a study to recommend a program for more effective minority recruitment
4/10/81 Robin Crawford, Don Dunbar, Mary Stevens To broaden the awareness at some colleges of Andover, its programs and its graduates.
4/10/81 Zanda Kubler- Merrill Drop-In Coffee House for Women
12/12/80 Dave Cobb Third and final grant to solidify his efforts to improve relationships between day students and school
12/12/80 Dick Lux 5 day computer workshop for Math faculty
12/12/80 Dorothy Judd Collaborative undertaking with PEA to create a slide tape of Yucatan
12/12/80 Frank Bellizia Three year proposal to bring performing artists to Andover
12/12/80 Joe Wennik Lifeguard requests for community swims
12/12/80 Joshua Minor Admission "Kid person" program
12/12/80 Paul Kalkstein Rewrite portions of the English Competence Handbook
12/12/80 Phyllis Powell Funds to set up three day exchange between PA and Bryn Mawr of faculty to facilitate better understanding of secondary institutions.
12/12/80 Susan Lloyd Urban Studies Institute: direct scholarship for Lawrence students
12/12/80 Latin American Studies grant for instructor
12/12/80 Chaplains Request to recruit a female divinity student to serve as an outreach of the chaplaincy
12/12/80 Funds to continue a new venture in career education
12/12/80 Funds for consultants to work with departments on including the works of minority writers, artists, etc.
12/12/80 Training for the Dean of Faculty in how to handle insititutional racism, sexism, etc.
12/12/80 Commons: a gesture of appreciation for Chef George Lippi
12/12/80 Retroactiv egrant for the 1979 Summe Workshop on Curriculum Research
12/12/80 Victor Svec Enable needy students to join a tour to Russia summer 1981
12/12/80 Vincent Pascucci Pilot program in a new approach to the study of foreign language, Italian/
12/12/80 William Thomas Scholarship aid for needy memors of the Choir to participate in a spring tour to England.