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1970s Proposals

Grants Awarded 1973-1979

Date Proposer Description
11/30/79 Tom Hennigan, Jean McKee STI - Short Term Institute - third and final grant for scholarships
11/29/79 Carol Tappan, Mary Gendler Day Student/Community liaison (previous AA funding created Day Student Council, Day student locker space, and energized parents group.)
11/29/79 Dorothy Judd Spanish instructional slides
11/29/79 Frank Bellizia Faculty - Theatre workshop - thorough exposure to enrich other faculty in the details of theatre
11/29/79 Kelly Wise English seminars, visiting lecturers
11/29/79 Lolo Hobausz Audio-visual conversion - preservation of old films onto videocassettes and recording of TV programs for playback.
11/29/79 Maria Van Dusen Women in Science and Math
11/29/79 Mike Peterson Library instructional and faculty area
11/29/79 Robert Lloyd Curriculum Study proposal
11/29/79   Admissions Project - using alumni representatives
11/29/79 William Thomas Music - Scholarship aid for spring performance by Cantata and Ensemble
5/4/79 Joshua Miner Admissions - "Kid Person" Program
5/4/79 Kelly Wise English Seminars
5/4/79   Day student quality of life
5/4/79   Study Skills Workshop
5/4/79   Latin American Studies Instructorship
5/4/79   Curriculum Committee Summer Workshop
5/4/79   Faculty - Visual Studies incentive ($4,000 added by action of the Exec. Committee - overwhelming response by faculty).
5/4/795/4/79   Math teaching fellow to develop computer trainingHealth Education Course development
5/4/79   Lifeguards
5/4/79   Typewriter - portable for student loan (Removed to 78-79 budget since they had already been purchased.)
5/4/79   Study Skills staff - 1/2 for two fellows
11/17/78 Hale Sturges Academic - Initiating French winter term program in Antibes
11/17/78   Lifeguard during free swim periods - winter term
11/17/78   Music - Jazz Band for mutes, amplifiers and music stands
11/17/78   History placement test development
11/17/78   STI - Short Term Institute Scholarships
11/17/78   Latin American Studies instructorship, first of three grants.
4/29/78   Graham House - Funds to permit Mary Gendler to become acquainted with Graham House
4/29/78   Leadership - to increase participation in the Leadership Training Program
2/24/78   House Counselor Workshop
2/24/78   Kirkland play - Moliere
2/24/78   Graham House program during Zanda Kubler-Merrill's sabbatical
2/24/78   Admission Dept. "Kid Program"
2/24/78   Library - additional funding for social area - an accounting technicality
11/18/77   Language Skills Specialist
11/18/77 Kelly Wise English department
11/18/77 Ted Sizer, Phyllis Powell Library - Decorations for the library study area
11/18/77   Bicentennial Fund donation
11/18/77   Study Skills Project

  Academic - Materials for the Language and Mathematics Skills Program
Leadership training program
11/18/77   Up to $1,000 to commission Virginia Powell to do an etching of approx. 10 buildings on the Abbot Campus and to arrange printing of 500 - proceeds from the sale to be credited to the Abbot Academy Fund.
11/18/77   Cluster President's Bicentennial projects
4/28/77 Mary Van Dusen Language Skills Program - Hardware and instructional personnel - towards the development of an Academic Skills Center
4/28/77 Phyllis Powell Study Skills Pilot Project
4/28/77   Use of Time study
4/28/77 Zanda Kubler-Merrill Leadership program creation
2/25/77 Abbot Association Development of a sound coeducational program at Phillips Academy - New Director: Joe Wennik
2/25/77 Abbot Association Salary for present Abbot Academy Association teaching fellow Regina Nolan to become an instructor in Philosophy and the senior synthesis course as a specific exception to the stated Assoc. policy of limiting grants to a 3 year period
2/25/77 Abbot Association Teaching Fellow - Add a 4th Abbot Academy Association teaching fellow - over and above the present Phillips Academy instructional budget for teaching fellows
10/22/76 Academic Services Committee Study and socializing center in the library
10/22/76   Music - Development of the music program and a record library
10/22/76   Hiring of Dr. Robert Masland, Chief of the Adolescent Unit of the Children's MC as consultant to Graham House
10/22/76   Use of Time Study
10/22/76   Ice Hockey equipment for Girls' Ice Hockey
10/22/76   First of three grants for The Abbot Academy Association Teaching Fellow(s)
4/23/76 Ted Sizer Senior synthesis - Further development of Senior Synthesis Course, specifically for Stephanie Perrin's salary - supplemental grant to 10/17/75
4/23/76   Chaplaincy - Support for a pluralistic Chaplaincy - one-year grant supportive of a new concept and not intended as part of a 3 year program.
10/17/75 Ted Sizer STI - Evaluation of the Short Term Institutes Program
10/17/75 Ted Sizer Senior synthesis - Summer work study for Senior Synthesis Course
10/17/75 Ted Sizer Human Biology and Physical Education trial course (First aid, sex ed., drug & alcohol ed., nutrition, PE etc.)
10/17/75   Social activities on weekends
10/17/75   Philosophy department
10/17/75 William Thomas Music - Development of the music program and record library
4/4/75   Cluster - Unallocated funds from FY76, not less than $10,000, be granted to the Headmaster in support of the Cluster concept.
12/12/74 Jerry Foster, Dr. Wilson Complementary Schools Project for the development and evaluation of a week-long ed. program for alumni families (1975). "Alumni College"
12/12/74   House counselor discretionary fund for dorm entertainment
9/27/74 Fred Peterson Funds to cover printing costs for the "Phillips Academy Merger Study."
9/27/74 Laura Wells Broaddus, Christopher Finn New School - Supplies for the New School program
9/27/74 Ted Sizer Senior Synthesis - Development of a trimester course for seniors, which focuses on the process of synoptic thinking and of synthesis among disciplines.
9/27/74 Ted Sizer Short Term Institutes: enhancing the quality of life and support for students participation in the program and to attract qualified candidates who might not otherwise be able to attend.
4/1/74   Social activities on weekends
4/1/74   Cluster - Creation of the Abbot Academy Association Cluster Grant
4/1/74   Psych. - Creation of Sex Education Program under the department of psychology
12/1/73 Fred Peterson First year of Coeducation study
12/1/73 Mrs. Carl F. Floe Oral history - Compilation of history of the Abbot Association from recollections of certain older Abbot folks (women)
12/1/73 Ted Sizer Psych. - Creation of the Department of Psychology (NOTE: an exceptional and additional award & grant FY74)
9/28/73 Katherine Bastian Social activities on weekends: rec. use of pool & athletic facilities, woodworking, automotive mechanics, record listening, music practice and weaving.
9/28/73 Laura Wells Broaddus New School program - a grant not to exceed $300, to match funds raised by students
9/28/73   Cluster - $500 to each cluster to be used be each at the cluster council's discretion