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Past Grants: 2010's

Grants Awarded 2010-

 Date Proposer(s)
 Grant Awarded
5/20/2016 Technovation Team Thrively Brings Wellness App to PA Campus Miriam Feldman '18, Lila Brady '18, Other Members of Team Thrively
5/20/2016 VEX Robotics Program Jocelyn Shen '18, Alex Reichenbach '18, Jeffrey Shen '19
5/20/2016 Andover Aviation Club Ruide Wang '18, Spencer Davis '18, Nigle Barrow '18
5/20/2016 Bystander Training for Gender-Based Violence Sarah Carmichael '18, Katherine Hartzell '18, Daniella Valverde '18
5/20/2016 Monthly Trips to El Taller's Open Mic Dakoury Godo-Solo '17, Rosie Poku '17, Chaya Holch '17
5/20/2016 WPAA Recording Studio Equipment Nathan Goldthwaite '18, Chase O'Halloran '18
5/20/2016 Orbis: New Club Bridging Politics and Humanitarian Aid Nicolette Joe '18, Anushree Gupta '18
5/20/2016 Real World Design Challenge (RWDC) Kunal Vaishnavi '18, Roshan Benefo '16
5/20/2016 Sykes Scholars Pilot Group Grace Ann Limoncelli '18, Hannah Zhang '18, Clementene Clayton '18, Fredericka Lucas '18
5/20/2016 hort Film to Guide Aspiring Scientists and Engineers Natalie Warren '18
5/20/2016 Astronomy Solar Spectrograph for Introductory Astronomy Classes and Public Outreach AnnaMaria Dear '16, Sabine Nix '16, Caroline Odden
5/20/2016 "School Ground"- Website for Creating Study Groups Kevin Sun '18, Tom Cherukuri '16
5/20/2016 Lincoln Douglas Debate Tournaments Tiffany Chang '19
5/20/2016 Quiz Bowl Tournaments H. W. Tucker Drew '17, Piper Winkler '17, Emily Goss
5/20/2016 Studying and Living Entrepreneurship at Techstars Moe Sunami '17, Hugh Jones '17
5/20/2016 Large Locker Room Towels Taryn Gangi '16
5/20/2016 Student Diversity Leadership Conference William Ross '17, Abdurahman Donka '18
5/20/2016 The Belltower: An Anthology of Student Work Liza Oldham
5/20/2016 Costume Designer for 44 Plays for 44 Presidents Allen Grimm, Billy Murray
5/20/2016 PA Campus - Short Documentary Featuring Tom Cone Christine Marshall-Walker, Leon Holley, Rachel Andersen
5/20/2016 Digital Publishing, Curation, and Conversion of the Abbot Collection Paige Roberts, Leslie Hendrix '73
5/20/2016 Nuts, Bolts & Code: Intro to Robotics Initial Setup Carolina Artacho Guerra
5/20/2016 Phillips Academy OWHL Research Competition Piper Winkler '17
5/20/2016 Sewing is Making, Making is Sewing Claudia Wessner, Mike Barker
5/20/2016 Cultural Change and Gender Equity Beyond the Classroom Emily Goss, Skylar-Bree Takyi '16, Andrew Wang '16
5/20/2016 Guest Artists Candice Hoyes and Nicholas Ward Holly Barnes, Leah Okimoto
5/20/2016 Leadership Retreat and Mentoring Program for New Day Students Raj Mundra, Dean of Students Office
5/20/2016 Collection Digitization Project at the Addison Gallery James Sousa, Judith F. Dolkart
5/20/2016 Brace Center: Reclaiming our Roots and Advancing Gender Forward Flavia Vidal, Tasha Hawthorne
11/12/2015 Alessandra Allen '16, Adrienne Allen '16
BOSS Magazine - Free Issues
11/12/2015 Alexander Emerson '17, Andrew Lin '17
Moviemakers Club Equipment
11/12/2015 Reed Findlay '18
Adventure Film Festival-Andover Explorers Club
11/12/2015 Amanda Li '18
blue moon: a STEM magazine
11/12/2015 Jocelyn Shen '18, Jeffrey Shen '19, Eric Lee '16
VEX Competitive Robotics Program
11/12/2015 Carra Wu '17, Zoe Sottile '17
Author and Feminist Speaker Roxane Gay
11/12/2015 Terrence Xiao '16
Integrated Aquaponics System
11/12/2015 Wendy Zhang '17, Claudia Meng '18, Diva Harsoor '18
Community Political Engagement Initiative
11/12/2015 Thomas Choi '16, Rohan Dixit '16
Engineering Research and Independent Projects
11/12/2015 Rugang Feng '16, Christian Milotte '16
Andover Economics Review
11/12/2015 Tevis Vitale '16, Robbie Morris '16, Emma Taylor Brill '16
Climbing Gear for Outdoor Pursuits and Andover Rock Climbing Society
11/12/2015 Cameron Wong '16, Sarp Orgul '16, Karen Xia '16, Zhaocheng Tan '17, Yatharth Agarwal '17
Public-facing Student-run Cybersecurity Competition
11/12/2015 Gabriel Mahaniah '16
Clowning Seriously
11/12/2015 Brittany Amano'16
The Future Isn't Hungry; Lawrence Food Bags
11/12/2015 Tiffany Bauman '16, Myioshi Williams '17, Justice Robinson '18
Hip-hop Dance Class
11/12/2015 Nikolas Skrivanos '17, Andrew Cortner '17
Dear Sam:Multimedia Student Health and Wellness Initiatives
11/12/2015 Skyler Sallick '17, Hannah Berkowitz '17, Mofopefoluwa Olarinmoye '16
Culture in Words Meeting Supplies
11/12/2015 Leah Hamann '17, Peter Rossano '17, Peter Heckendorn '17
Faces of Andover Book
11/12/2015 Michael Najem '16, Tamar Sifri '16, Oona Singh '16
"One Story Problem": Middle-Eastern Identities
11/12/2015 Lisa Joel, Faculty, Olivia Brokaw '18, Payton Jancsy '16
Healthy Relationships - SLUT: The Play
11/12/2015 Mike Barker, Faculty, Aggie Kip, Faculty, Amy Patel, Faculty
OWHL Pop-Up Cafe
11/12/2015 Kassie Archambault, Faculty
Female Wrestling National Tournament
11/12/2015 Mike Barker, Faculty, Celeste Dascoli, Staff, Claudia Wessner, Staff
Silence is Golden: Noise-cancelling Headphones
11/12/2015 Paul Tortorella, Faculty
Team Building for Boys Under Pressure
11/12/2015 Lani Silversides, Faculty
"My Strong is Beautiful: Empower & Inspire Girls"
11/12/2015 Amy Patel, Faculty, Aggie Kip, Faculty
"Wellness Education Student Outreach "
11/12/2015 Kevin Graber, Faculty
"Bunting" (flags) for Baseball Diamond
11/12/2015 Bonnie Sousa, Staff, Marla Taylor, Staff
Archival Boxes for Peabody Museum Collections
 5/20/15 Leslie Hendrix '73, Paige Roberts, administrator, Kristine Tomlinson '73 Processing of and Outreach for the Abbot Academy Archives
 5/20/15 Sandra Lopez-Morales, faculty, Keton Kakkar '15, Paulina Munn '15 Student Mentorship for New Uppers
 5/20/15 Avery Jonas '16, Isabella Oliva '16, Tucker Drew '17 Student Attendance at The Student Diversity Leadership Conference
 5/20/15 Jennifer Elliott, faculty, Tracy Ainsworth, faculty, Leon Modeste, faculty Active Bystander Training at Phillips Academy
 5/20/15  Angellica Lara '16, Karen Xia '16 Costuming Club Creation
 5/20/15 Carol Israel, faculty, Amy Patel, administrator Empathy and Balance Curriculum Development Project
 5/20/15 Nile Blunt, faculty Photographing the Art & Antiques Collection
 5/20/15 Donald Slater, faculty Historical Currency and Hands-on Learning
 5/20/15 Raj Mundra, faculty PA LOVED - Student Program for Seniors to Build Community
 5/20/15 Angellica Lara '16, Israel Montiel '16 Commons Workers' Appreciation Event
 5/20/15 Y. Thomas Cherukuri '16 Re-defining Masculinity in the Tech Industry
 5/20/15 Niko Skrivanos '17, Rosa Morona '16 Meet Andover: Online App Tool to connect Andover International Community.
 5/20/15 Billy W Murray, faculty, Judith Wombwell, faculty "The Nutcracker", Supplemental Costumes
 5/20/15 Terrell Ivory, faculty Sports Analytics for 7 Andover Sports Teams
 5/20/15 Richard Howe, administrator A New School Song for Andover
 5/20/15 Lilia Cai-Hurteau, faculty Creating a Collaborative Learning Space
 5/20/15 Jenny Huang '16, Moe Sunami '17, Sloane Sambuco '16 New Phone App that Tackles Negativity and Exclusivity on Campus
 5/20/15 Celeste Dascoli, staff, Michael Blake, administrator, Michael Barker, administrator Quiet Study in the Library
 5/20/15 Marcello Rossi '16
Creation of Andover Mentorship-Internship Network
 5/20/15 Viraj Kumar '17, Kastan Day '16, Alex Davenport '17 Motorsports Club Scale Models
11/13/14 Eun Jae (EJ) Kim '15, Sina Golkari '15 Genetic Analysis of Anatomical Specimen: The Prussian Mercenary
11/13/14 Cara Cavanaugh '15, John MacWilliams '15, Laura Bilal '15 Fitness Center Upgrade: FIT Strength and Conditioning Equipment
11/13/14 Whitney Findlay '16 Explorer's Club Speaker: Jon Turk
11/13/14 Angellica Lara '16, Michaela Hagler '16, Milena Silva '16 Andover Baking Club
11/13/14 Ashok Aggarwal '15, Alex Jiang '15, David Todd '16 Chess Club: Nationals and Tournament Support
11/13/14 Bryan McGuiggin '15, John Gibson '15, Sergio De Iudicibus '16 Art Music Society Trip to Boston Symphony Orchestra
11/13/14 Tucker Drew '17, Piper Winkler '17, Cindy Ling '15 Quiz Bowl : Events and Competition
11/13/14 Jair Kornegay '15, AJ Augustin '15, Hanover Vale '15 Gender-Inclusive Bathroom Signs
11/13/14 Christopher Li '15, Alexandra Houle-Dupont '15, Felix Lui '15 Andover Global Health Initiative Speaking Series
11/13/14 Akhil Rajan '17, Kory Stuer '15, Rhaime Kim '15 STAND Educational Speakers
11/13/14 Rebecca Somer '15, Claire Jacobson '15, Nathaniel Redding '16 Mental Health Speaker from "Active Minds"
11/13/14 Carrie Ingerman '15, Patricia Davison, Susanne Torabi No Shame in the Name: Celebration of Disabilities
11/13/14 Jordan Swett '15, Bennett Slibeck '17, Andrew Lin '17 Props for LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) Society Campus Events
11/13/14 Thea Rossman '15, Alba Disla '15, Devontae Freeland '15 Participation in White Privilege Conference to Further On-Campus Dialogue on Race
11/13/14 Theodore Lasry '16, James Flynn '16, Alex Leibovitz '16 Publish The Loon Humor Magazine
11/13/14 Sasha Newton '16 Melissa Seidemann: On the Road to Gold
11/13/14 Emma Taylor-Brill '16 NEW iGEM Team
11/13/14 Jason Young '15, Nya Hughes '15, Camille Little '16 Justin Simien Interacting with Students On Race
11/13/14 Carol Israel, Amy Patel, Rebecca Somer '15 Light Box Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder
11/13/14 Peter Drench Alumna Mentor, Softball Spring Training Trip
11/13/14 Anne Gardner U.S. Flag Purchase
11/13/14 Carlos Hoyt, Amy Patel Health and Wellness Animated Videos for Community Education
11/13/14 Erin McCloskey Digital Literacies Integration into Instruction across Disciplines
11/13/14 Erin Strong, Vivian Liu '15, Elizabeth McGonagle '16 Guest Teacher and Choreographer for Andover Dance Group
11/13/14 Billy W Murray Guest Speaker/Technician in the field of Automated Stage Lighting
11/13/14 Raj Mundra Development of a Student Leadership Mission Statement and Design of a Pre-Orientation Leadership Program
11/13/14 Linda Griffith, Susanne Torabi, Thea Rossman '15 Social Justice Leadership Institute
5/15/14 John Mayer '16, Haley Tomaszewski '16 New Literary Magazine for Fantasy and Science-Fiction
5/15/14 Lauren Luo '16, Kelly Xia '15, Ho Eun Lee '16 Art Exchange Club
5/15/14 Sydney Alepa '15, Zoe Chazen '14 A new Sukkah to promote Jewish Education on campus
5/15/14 Esha Bansal '15 MusicMDs: Student Musicians Offer Interdisciplinary Patient Care in Healthcare Settings
5/15/14 Thomas Burnett '15 Bringing St. Paul's Choir School to Andover
5/15/14 Angela Hui '16, Bach Hoang '15, Monica Traniello '15 Lion Dance Performance for Chinese New Year
5/15/14 Ellie Simon '15 Female Comedic Improv Group Visits Andover
5/15/14 Caroline Shipley '16 Hydration Stations to Replace 4 Water Fountains
5/15/14 Olivia Picchione '16, Lily Augus '16 EAT. Club's Initiative to Decrease Food Waste on PA's Campus
5/15/14 Scott MacDonald '15, Sean Burkitt '14 Drumline Upgrades and Expansion
5/15/14 Rani Iyer '15, Alex Westfall '15 Faces of Andover Book
5/15/14 Alexandra Barr '15, Justine Wang '15, Elisabeth Tully Andover Book Club's Book Fund
5/15/14 Michaela Barczak '15, David Benedict '15, Emma Kukielski '15 Drama Classroom Renovation
5/15/14 Stephanie Wong, Chris Capano Susie's Patio Improvement
5/15/14 Anne Ferguson College Counselor Education Workshop
5/15/14 Lisa Joel Post-Graduate P.A.C.E.: an ongoing orientation to life at Andover
5/15/14 Mark Cutler Funding to support the growth ISEEN, a PA-sponsored educators network.
5/15/14 Lilia Cai-Hurteau Phillips Academy Yoga Teacher Alliance
5/15/14 Shawn Fulford Abbot Association Morse Hall Map Exhibit Narratives
5/15/14 Carmen Munoz-Fernandez Weekend in NYC by Spanish 620 Class: Latinos Remaking America
5/15/14 Tracy Ainsworth Film Screening and Speaker on Masculinity from The Representation Project
5/15/14 Peter Drench, Sarah Boylan '09 "40 Years of Coeducation at PA" Softball Game Jerseys"
5/15/14 Caroline Odden, Jordan Bond '14, Laurent Joli-Coeur '15 Scientific Camera for the Phillips Academy Observatory
5/15/14 Philippine Kugener '15, Abby Czito '15, Andi Orben Personal Safety and Assertiveness Training
Seho Young '15, Michael Huang '15
Phillips Academy Makers' Club-3D Printer
Samuel Zager '15
Challenger Baseball Community Service Program
China Kanter '15, Eleanor
Jewish Student Union to Host Comedian Gary Gulman
Antonia Leggett '15, Kory Stuer '15, Rachel Muree '14
Mock Trial Training Conference at Harvard
Stephanie Hendarta '14, Sierra Jamir '14, Claire Jacobson '15
Southeast Asian Food Truck at Asian Arts Weekend
Sierra Jamir '14, Stephanie Hendarta '14, Aaron Teo '15
South East Asian Club Annual Fiesta
Junius Williams '14, Farris Peale '14, Kory Stuer '15
STAND: Peter Eichstaedt Lecture at Phillips Academy
Rosalyn Chen '14, Angela Hui '16
Harry Shum, Jr. - 25th anniversary Asian Arts Festival Keynote Speaker
Emily Graue '15, Ben Del Vecchio '15, Karina Keus '15
Andover Film Club to Further Campus Cultural Enrichment
Isabel Bolo '14, Harvey Wu '14
Classical Music Concert in Boston for Art Music Society
Janine Ko '14, Jordan Boudreau '14
Clutch Summit 2014 on Social Entrepreneurship at Yale
Juline Kim '14, Meghan Tao '14, Charlotte Berry '15
Expansion of Art for Expression
Madeleine Lippy '14, Farris Peale '14, Zoe Chazen '14
Women's Forum Speaker, Grace Brown
Katherine Vega '14, Eunji "Julie" Kim '14, David Benedict '15
Two New Flutes and New Music for PA Flute Ensemble
Willa Tellekson-Flash '14
Female Leadership Workshops for Andover Students
Carrie Ingerman '15
Eliminate Ableism at Phillips Academy
Nick DiAdamo '15, Matt Alpert '15
Disc Golf Course
Caroline Chen '14, Graydon Tope '14
Andover Global Health Initiative Conference & Speakers
Gail Ralston
"Reserved" Pew Signs for Cochran Chapel
Kevin Graber
Pitching Machine for Baseball Teams
Lani Silversides
Dribble Team for Faculty and Staff Kids 
Ying Schmitt, Lilia Cai-Hurteau
Yin Yu Tang (China House) at Phillips Academy
Thayer Zaeder, Peg Harrigan
Exhibition Celebrating 40 years of Co-education in the Visual Arts at Andover
Joel Jacob, Shawn Fulford
Collaborative Artwork in Morse Hall
Mark Cutler, Christine Marshall-Walker
Creating an Outdoor Classroom on Academy Hill: A Sense of Place
Mark Cutler
Oral Histories for Phillips Academy and the Greater Andover Community
Judith Wombwell, Erin Strong
Rennie Harris Puremovement Performance
Judith Wombwell
American Civil Rights Trip
11/8/13 Michael Barker
A Social Intranet for Phillips Academy 
11/8/13 Caroline Nolan, Trish Russell Andover Institute Pilot: Supporting Faculty Engagement and Project Development
11/8/13 Louis Bernieri
Andover Bread Loaf Haiti Project- II
11/8/13 Nile Blunt, Annette Bridgewater, Heather Thompson
Art and Antique Collection Evaluation
 5/7/13 Michael Michiue '14, Chayakorn Pongsiri '13
World War II Plastic Model Building Club
 5/7/13 Alexandra Barr '15, Kai Kornegay '14
Student Diversity Leadership Conference
 5/7/13 Isabel Taylor '15, Sina Golkari '15, Kayla Thompson '15
Scale Model of the Andover Campus
 5/7/13 Elizabeth Rao '14, Katherine Tobeason '14, Bridget Higgins '14
Bat Houses for the Cochran Sanctuary
 5/7/13 Bonnie Sousa, Dr. Ryan Wheeler, Marla Taylor
Collections to the Classroom: Peabody Museum Online
 5/7/13 Eden  Livingston '15, Emmie Avvakumova '14
Startup Materials for Fashion Photography Club
 5/7/13 Amy Zhao '14, Kaitlin Simpson '14
Former PA Swimmers Connect with Swim Team
 5/7/13 Clara Isaza-Bishop Latin American & Latino Film Series
 5/7/13 Paige Roberts Digitization of Phillips Academy Publications
 5/7/13 Laura Bucklin '14, Myracle McCoy '14
African Student Union Presents Paul Rusesabagina 
 5/7/13 Lilia Cai-Hurteau Yoga Classes for the Andover Community
 5/7/13 Diane Moore, Others in Brace Center
Brace Personal History Project
 5/7/13 Kevin Cardozo Free Interactive Online Chemistry, Part II
 5/7/13 Anne Gardner, Linda Griffith
 5/7/13 David Fox London: Harbinger of Modernity
 5/7/13  Joey Salvo '14 Digital Communication in the Systems Age
 5/7/13 Tadeas Nemec '14, Claire Carroll '14
Build a Hovercraft in Robotics Club
 5/7/13 Anne Gardner, Adele Bernhard '14, Meera Bhan '14
Cochran Chapel Double Feature
 5/7/13 Asabe Poloma, Malissa Brennan
IRT TedX Talk Video Series
 5/7/13 Russell Stott, Susan Stott, Elizabeth Powell
Restoration of Southwest Entrance of Cemetery
 5/7/13 Rebecca Sykes, Debby Murphy
Donna Brace Ogilvie Video
Christiana Nguyen '13, Patricia Russell, Mike Giampa
Borrow-a-Mug from Paresky
 11/15/12 John Perkins '13, Shin-Jae Lee '13
OptiShot Golf Simulator
 11/15/12 Junius Williams '14, Farris Peale '14, Sung Woo Hong '13
Sudan Crisis Expert-Lecturer: Scott Sutton
 11/15/12 Derek Yau '15, Dylan Mott '15, Matt Alpert '15
Enigma Dance-Men in Masks Hip/Hop
 11/15/12 Kevin Newhall '13, Ali Belinkie '13
Archaeology and History Club Speaker- Brophey Toledo
 11/15/12 Lydia Godo-Solo '13, Ben Yi '14 Andover MovieMakers' Club Film Festival
 11/15/12 Haonan Li '13, Djavaneh Bierwirth '14, Tyler Olkowski '13
National Debate Tournament
 11/15/12 Noah Hornik '15, Caroline Lu '15 Music Publication Start-up
 11/15/12 Abigail Keller '14, Graham Johns '14, Jeremy Chen '13 Model U.N.Attendance at the High School Nationals
 11/15/12 Se Hwan Kim '13, Sarah Coghlan
YDO - SSAT Prep for Lawrence Students
 11/15/12 Skanda Koppula '13, Gregory Young '13, Matthew Simon '14 Chess Club Materials
 11/15/12 Jonathan Thompkins '13, Babetunde Bello '13 Andover Motorsports Club Materials
 11/15/12 Suzanne Wang '13, Elaine Sohng '13, Jordan Boudreau '14
Clutch Collaborative - Spring Conference
 11/15/12 Kevin Newhall '13
WiFi for Ice Rink
 11/15/12 Elisa Benedetto '13, Marcello Rossi '16
Italian Language Table
 11/15/12 John Little '15
Origamido Workshop
 11/15/12 Farris Peale '14, Zoe Chazen '14, Madeleine Lippey '14
Poster Girl: Documentary Film
 11/15/12 Aya Murata
Pentatonix Visit and Performance
 11/15/12 Paula Driscoll, Sherri Gray
Experience Cuba - A Virtual Field Trip
 11/15/12 Susanne Torabi, Linda Griffith, Caroline Chen '14 Out Of The Blue Anthology Publication
 11/15/12 Michael Ebner
National Association of Broadcasters Conference 2013
 11/15/12 Carlos Hoyt
Student Leadership Enrichment Forums
 11/15/12 Margaret Harrigan Monday Meditation Practice
 11/15/12 Erin Strong, Bruce Bacon
Broadway Theatre Trip
 11/15/12 William Scott, Elisa Joel Host Discussion of the Future of New England Prep School Soccer
 11/15/12 Christopher Walter
Commission Composer Kevin Siegfried to set student poetry to music.
 11/15/12 Claire Gallou, Nile Blunt, Ryan Wheeler Piette Program, Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Program in France
 11/15/12 Richard Gorham Phillips-Lawrence Urban Scholars Program
 5/4/12 Susannah Abbot, Allison Kemmerer, Jamie Kaplowitz
Addison Gallery: The Innu Project
 5/4/12 Sharyn Bahn, Patricia Diodati, Dianne Cruz
MS2 Alumni Database Update
 5/4/12 Djavaneh Bierwirth '14, Kai Kornegay '14, Tyler Olkowski '13
Human Trafficking Conference
 5/4/12 Christopher Blackwood '12, Benjamin Yi '14, Chien Hong L Png '13
Andover Moviemakers Club Equipment
 5/4/12 Lilia Cai-Hurteau, Lixia Ma
Whiteboards and Mobi Tablets in Chinese Classrooms
 5/4/12 Kevin Cardozo Creation of Free Interactive Online Chemistry Textbooks and Practice Exams
 5/4/12 Elizabeth Davis, Jeremiah Hagler, Patricia Russell
Moncrieff Cochran Sanctuary Natural Resources Assessment
 5/4/12 Jeff Domina Coordination of the Modern Language Assoc . Convention with Curriculum Discussions
 5/4/12 Jennifer Elliott Abbot Cluster Resident Faculty Collaborative
 5/4/12 Anne Gardner, Linda Griffith
Outliers Club Outings
 5/4/12 Martha Fenton CrossFit Training
 5/4/12 Leislie  Godo-Solo Just Move 'n Groove II Aerobic Dance Classes
 5/4/12 Gregory Hosono '14, Kailash Sundaram '15
d.Andover: Design Thinking Workshop
 5/4/12 Susannah Hyde '13, Eliana Kwartler '12, Erin Strong
Exploring Theatre:  Workshop and Performance Series
 5/4/12 Graham Johns '14, Adele  Bernhard '14
Website for 'Flash,'  PA's Fashion Magazine
 5/4/12 Abigail Keller '14, Isabel Elson '12
 Art at the Addison" for Lawrence Schoolgirls
 5/4/12 Angela Leocata '13, Haonan Li '13
"Voice" - Andover's Foreign Language Magazine
 5/4/12 Madeleine Lippey '14, Jared Newman '15
Creative Writing Conference for Andover Students
 5/4/12 Iman Masmoudi '14, Oscar Chim '13, Junius O. Williams '14
Lecture on the Arab Spring
 5/4/12 Michael Michiue '14 World War II Plastic Model Building Club
 5/4/12 Diane Moore, Christopher Jones, Deborah Chase
Coeducation at 40 and Beyond
 5/4/12 Miki Nagahara '13, Kristine Pelley '13
Another Octave for the Handbell Choir
 5/4/12 Caroline Odden NASA Research Experience-Student Travel Grants
 5/4/12 Elizabeth Oppong '12, Larry Flynn '13, Andrea Yepez '14
Celebrating the Cultural Legacies of Catholicism Part III
 5/4/12 Jennifer Powers '14 PHIT - New Fitness Club
 5/4/12 Donald Slater, Mark Cutler
Relocation of the B.A.L.A.M. Project from Mexico to Peru
 5/4/12 Anna Stacy '13 Experimental Music and Technology Instructional Program
 5/4/12 Elisabeth Tully, Elizabeth Tompkins OWHL Young Readers Collection
 5/4/12 Shirley Veenema
Equal Access to Cameras for Advanced Video Students 
 5/4/12 Judith Wombwell Dance for the Camera: "FLOW"
 5/4/12 Judith Wombwell, Billy Murray, Erin Strong
"Mother Ginger" Costume for The Nutcracker
11/10/11 Min Jae Yoo '12, Chris Walter Sound System Improvement for A Capella Groups.
11/10/11 Apsara Iyer '12, Max Block '12, Eve Simister '12 New York Times Print Subscriptions to be available in Paresky Commons.
11/10/11 Diondra Peck '13
Af-Lat-Am REACH Community Service Project in Roxbury, MA.
11/10/11 Ceylon Auguste-Nelson'12, Aya Murata
PKN student and faculty outing to Skateland.
11/10/11 Tyler Dillard '12
Students will build an electric moped-scooter to promote “A Greener Blue.”
11/10/11 Samuel Khalandovsky '13, Claire Carroll '14, Alexander Davidson '12
Purchase VEX Robotics Kits for use by the Robotics Club.
11/10/11 Molly Engel '13, Patrick Niedzielski '13
Trial of a new website – “Andover Answers”, a forum-based question and answer site.
11/10/11 Jay Reader '13, Larry Flynn '13, Francis LaRovere '13
Start-up funds for The Andover Forum, an online outlet for community members to share their works in literature and art.
11/10/11 Kevin Jiang '12, Melissa Wattana '12, Tahir Kapoor '12
New Intra-YDO Science Olympiad competition for Lawrence middle school students.
11/10/11 Claudia Shin '12, Sofia Suarez '12
An interscholastic science fair at PA – The GOT SCIENCE Convention.
11/10/11 Seyoung Lee '12
Third Culture Kid Introduction Booklets for distribution to incoming international students.
11/10/11 Charles Horner '12, William Jennings '12, Uday Singh '12
Conference costs for Model UN members to attend a national conference.
11/10/11 Hyun Woo Kim '13, Won Woo Kim '15
Haiti Arts Relief Project: Anthony Bogues, professor at Brown University to speak about social issues and artistic beauty in Haiti.
11/10/11 Tailor Dortona '12, Fatima Liaqat '12, Charlotte Aaron '14
Jewish Student Union and Muslim Student Union to bring Jewish and Muslim comedians to campus to perform together for the community.
11/10/11 Neil Evans, Jeff Rask
Attend South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, TX.
11/10/11 Hope Tucker
Hope Tucker, visiting artist, will exhibit her works in the Gelb Gallery.
11/10/11 Chris Capano
Purchase new cluster flags and flagpoles.
11/10/11 Jaime Love, Mike Kuta
Purchase a digital SLR camera for the athletic department to use for sports photography.
11/10/11 Margaret Harrigan
Sarah Kramer of the New York Times will conduct a master class on The Art of the Interview, and will present her Emmy Award-winning narratives.
11/10/11 Peter Drench, Abigail Chung '13, Kayla Maloney '13
Challenge Grant for the Andover Softball Dugout Project.
11/10/11 Anne Gardner, Christopher Walter
Pew cushions for Cochran Chapel.
11/10/11 Raj Mundra
Support for the Niswarth Summer Program for three years.
11/10/11 Jeff Domina
Outdoor Classroom at Bulfinch Hall, in honor of former Abbot and Phillips English instructor Jean St. Pierre.
 5/17/11 Jon Bakken '12, Ben Scharf '12
To fund an annual ski trip for students at PA through the Andover Ski Society.
 5/17/11 Dianne Cruz To offer Princeton Review SAT Prep to MS2 students.
 5/17/11 Sofia Duque '11, Katie Vozeolas To offer CPR/AED classes for students, faculty and staff.
 5/17/11 Fay Feghali '12 To bring Arabic culture to PA through entertainment by a musician.
 5/17/11 Leislie  Godo-Solo To offer a series of aerobic dance classes for students, faculty and staff.
 5/17/11 Daniel Gottfried '12, Tailor Dortona '12 To host the first Invitational Mock Trial Tournament, Fall 2011.
 5/17/11 Carlos Hoyt To fund breakfast and conversation with individual students.
 5/17/11 Supriya Jain '12, Marilyn Harris '11 To publicize the Andover Dance Group and theater production, Hot Grog, at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
 5/17/11 Hayato Lee '12 To promote the game of Quidditch on campus. 
 5/17/11 Jacqueline Lender '11 To create a better environment for the entire community within OWHL by placing doors on the Garver Room to create an area of silent study.  
 5/17/11 Fatima Liaqat '12 To purchase a plaque for CAMD with names of previous and future presidents of the Muslim Student Union.
 5/17/11 Fatima Liaqat '12, Amina Gomez '12 To fund the visit of The Spoken-Word performance duo, Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. 
 5/17/11 James Lim '12, Jonathan Sze '12 To purchase equipment to initiate a school-wide badminton program.
 5/17/11 Heather Menar '12 To fund a performance of Salsa y Control, Afro-Caribbean dance, during Latin Arts Weekend
 5/17/11 Elizabeth Oppong '12 To fund Part II of Cultural Legacies of Catholicism, a project that highlights and celebrates the cultural diversity of the Catholic Church. 
 5/17/11 Na Young Park '12, Alex Schneider '12, Vidush Mahansaria '12 To publish a magazine of the International Club's Collected Works, to distribute on campus.
 5/17/11 Malachi Price '13, Clark Perkins'14 To bring to campus a performance by "The Dean's List".
 5/17/11 Patricia Russell To fund a one-year position of a Community Sustainability Intern.
 5/17/11 Uday Singh '12, Brianna Barros '12, William Jennings III '12 To purchase laptop chargers which can be used while working in the library.
 5/17/11 Zachary Sturman '12, Christopher Nanda '12, Terrence Arjoon '12 To fund buses for Abbot cluster during fall orientation for a trip to Richardson's Ice Cream, building relationships among new students and student leaders. 
 5/17/11 Zachary Sturman '12, Jaclyn Higgins '12, James Rullo '12 To fund T-shirts for WPAA's Battle of the Bands.
 5/17/11 Annie Tillman '12, Melissa Wattana '12 To start a career interest club called Medicine Society that would educate students about health-related professions and spark interest.
 5/17/11 Frank Tipton, Cindy Efinger To renovate the West Quad Playground, home to many families with young children.
 5/17/11 Susanne Torabi To purchase flag holder brackets, to allow for a permanent location of the flag collection in the library, representing Youth from Every Quarter of the Globe.
 5/17/11 Julia Torabi '12, Molly Levene '12 To purchase a set of speakers for use on the pool deck. 
 5/17/11 Susanne Torabi, Linda Griffith, Vidush Mahansaria '12 To fund leadership training including  Summer Read of "Speak Up! Anthology" for  CAMD Club Board Members to create an Inclusive campus for all students; and to create a PA  Speak Up publication. 
 5/17/11 Caroline vonKlemperer '12 To purchase supplies for a new campus group - Architecture Club.
Judith Wombwell To produce a Dance for the Camera that serves as a cornerstone for a workshop on the Creative Process by Judith Wombwell and Stephen Wicks.  
 11/16/10 Chris Batchelder '11, Jakob Rohwer '11, Mark Hanson '11
To establish a Grassroots Soccer program to spread AIDS awareness in Africa.
 11/16/10 Ijeoma Ejiogu '11
To fund Jonathan Dent’s performance, Mr. Glass, which tackles the issues of growing up as a black male in the US.
 11/16/10 Michael MacKay '11, Uday Singh '12
To fund Big Blue Bikes, a community biking program.
 11/16/10 Andrew Mitchell '11, Kerry Lanzo '11, Jeremy Hutton '11
To fund conference fees for the Model UN Club.
 11/16/10 Alessandra Powell '11, Thurston Smalley '11, Hector Kilgoe '11
Ray Suarez will address the community on international matters such as immigration, demographic change and religious freedom.
 11/16/10 Christopher Blackwood '12, Nick Camarda '12, Jeannine Anderson '11
To purchase movie-making equipment to expand the film community on Andover's campus and allow more students to make film-festival quality movies outside of the classroom
 11/16/10 Stephanie Liu '11, Kevin Song '11 Science Exploratorium is a new community-oriented initiative that aims to raise awareness about various topics in science among PA students and beyond PA.
 11/16/10 Elizabeth Oppong '12
The African Student Union will invite Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to be keynote speaker for the African Festival. Her speech and workshops will amplify the club's message of tolerance. 
 11/16/10 Zachary Sturman '12, Kastle Jones '12, Gabriel Cordero '12
To form a non-profit organization to champion the education of children worldwide. Emphasis is devoted to pioneering a high school model for US kids to help kids at impoverished schools abroad.
 11/16/10 Sung Woo Hong '13
To invite guest speaker, Mr. David Hawk, a leading expert in the field of human rights particularly in Cambodia and North Korea to Andover.
 11/16/10 Sofia Duque '11, Seyoung Lee '12, Linda Griffith
To fund students' attendance at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. 
 11/16/10 Lisa Joel, Eric Yoon '11, Alex Smachio '11
To take all Abbot Cluster students, faculty, and faculty children to see a private showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows to promote cluster unity.
 11/16/10 Aya Murata, Seyoung Lee '11, Xiaoxiao (Elisa) Li '11
Asian Society will organize and host the first Asian and Asian American High School Conference for students attending independent schools in the New England area.
 11/16/10 Bruce Bacon
To fund travel with 20 students and 4 faculty to New York to see War Horse at Lincoln Center. 
 11/16/10 Hafida Bourote
To build and nourish our Arabic language program at Phillips Academy.
 11/16/10 Anne Gardner
Lydia Smith, documentary film maker, will come to campus for a private screening of her latest film on El Camino de Santiago, the 400+ miles ancient pilgrimage path across Spain.
 11/16/10 Peter Cirelli, Michael Crouse
To purchase a new sound mixing console for the Chapel
 11/16/10 Peter Cirelli, Michael Crouse
To improve communications and acoustics in the Chapel during concerts between Cloister, Choir Room, backstage area and Chapel Office.
 11/16/10 Anne Gardner, Linda Carter Griffith, Karina Hernandez-Guarniz
To bring together members (students) of the Outliers with various faculty for dinner and fellowship.
 11/16/10 Peg Harrington, Christopher Shaw
This first 8-schools conference at Choate on human rights seeks to explore the topic of water.  Each school will send 3 students and 3 teachers to present a research project on human rights relative to a particular watershed.
 11/16/10 Lani Silversides, Leon Modeste
To purchase a basketball shooting machine which will benefit our girls’ and boys’ basketball programs. 
 11/16/10 Elisabeth Tully
To fund a Book Scan Station in the OWHL, to replace the public copier, permitting users to scan materials that they would otherwise have photocopied.
 11/16/10 Susanne Torabi
To purchase replacement international flags and flagpoles to display at various campus events.
 11/16/10 Elizabeth Davisson, Michael Berube '11
To fund a collaborative project between Philips Academy and Lawrence High School students.  Through leadership training, dialogue, and service, students will regularly engage with one another in a unifying manner.
 11/16/10 Stephanie Curci, Lou Bernieri
The Andover Breadloaf (ABL) project seeks to expand the ABL experience to Haitian teachers, transforming educational opportunities in Haiti while also offering educational opportunities to PA faculty and students.
 11/16/10 Diane Moore, Seth Bardo, Chad Green
To incorporate more opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching and learning in fulfillment of the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan. The grant will fund a three year pilot to test a replicable and sustainable model.
 5/20/10 Mariana Budge '12
To invite Capoeira Brasil Boston to perform and hold a workshop in collaboration with the African Student Union.
 5/20/10 Stephanie Curci To bring award-winning Haitian-American writer, Edwidge Danticat, to campus to visit classes and speak to the community.
 5/20/10 Cindy Efinger, Bethany Leahy, Kate Chaviano '12
To create a student-run, campus resale shop called And-Over Again,  to recycle and purchase gently used clothing and goods.
 5/20/10 Lanita Foley, Khadjiah Owens '11 To fund scholarships for Uppers to tour colleges. Request is for two years.
 5/20/10 Shawn Fulford
To create three extensive, comprehensive notebooks for Math 330, 340, 350 that will contain content, strategies, creative problems, and review.
 5/20/10 Anne Gardner, Sascha Strand, 10, Meredith Rahman '10 To walk "El Camino", a 500-mile pilgrimage path across northern Spain tol develop pilgrimage/retreat opportunities for PA alumni, students, faculty, and staff.
 5/20/10 Shirley Gao '11, April Liang '11 To  purchase Chinese hot pots and related utensils for the Chinese Taiwanese Student Assoc. to promote Chinese culture within the community.
 5/20/10 Vic Henningsen, Mike Kuta To purchase of a second camera for the electronic timing system used in both winter and spring track.
 5/20/10 Midori Ishizuka '11 To bring gender equality activist and speaker Jackson Katz to Andover during Wellness Week.
 5/20/10 Aazim Jafarey '11 To bring the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, to speak on campus.
 5/20/10 Eliana Kwartier To bring "Two Men Talking," a personal storytelling performance, to campus for a performance and workshop.
 5/20/10 Bill Leahy To provide outreach, training and support for Andover Alumni ambassadors to aid in identifying, attracting, and enrolling youth from every quarter.
 5/20/10 Fatima Liaqat '12 To fund a visit and performance by  Muslim comedian Azhar Usman.
 5/20/10 Anna Mikowski, Catherine Tousignant, Maria Litvin To fund start up costs for the Alumni House Green Dorm Pilot, which will serve as a test laboratory for residential sustainability.
 5/20/10 Aya Murata To invite author, Lisa See, to campus to speak, visit classes, host a master class and meet with students.
 5/20/10 Deborah Murphy To fund a summer internship for a recent graduate to research and update alumni contact information.
 5/20/10 Elizabeth Oppong '12, Mary Kantor To highlight the cultural diversity of the Catholic Church, showing  cultural contributions from around the world. 
 5/20/10 Kelsey Phinney '11 To fund a new organization, tentatively called Phillips Academy Historical Tours.
 5/20/10 Alessandra Powell '11 To bring Deogratias Niyizonkiza, a survivor of the genocide in Burundi, to speak and to visit classes.
 5/20/10 Erin Strong, Mark Efinger, Billy Murray To fund a residency with the acclaimed musical string band The Red Clay Ramblers in preparation for the spring musical.
 5/20/10 Rabbi Michael Swarttz, Sarah Stevens '11, Shelby Centofanti '11 To bring Erin Grunwell, President of the Freedom Writers Foundation and subject of the movie Freedom Writers, for an All School Meeting and to meet with members of the community.
 5/20/10 Emilie Tanski '11, Hannah Finnie '11, Matt Llold-Thomas '12 To bring Carl Wilkins, the only American to stay in Rwanda during the genocide, to speak and  raise awareness in our community about global humanitarian problems.
 5/20/10 Elisabeth Tully, Debby Murphy To add images contributed by Class of 1960 alumni/ae to the OWHL online digital repository associated with Academy history.
 5/20/10 Nicole Villar '12, Isabella Uria '10 To draw students into the festivities of Latin Arts Weekend with a performance by comedian Andrew Kennedy.
 5/20/10 Kellie Walsh '11, Martha Fenton
To provide the girl's' varsity field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse teams  a locker room music system.
 5/20/10 Chris Walter
To  commission a work for the P.A.Chorus, a setting of Dylan Thomas's poem "Death Shall Have No Dominion" by Abbot Alumna Gwyneth Walker.
 5/20/10 Joann Wang '11, Judith Wombwell, Allen Grimm To build a stage set during the summer for a fall performance.